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For a soundtrack made by one man in a trial version of fruity loops, LISA has some rocking beats.

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     LISA: The First 
  • Anger + Angrier, the songs that plays in the bar full of Martys. They manage to be creepy as all hell, with a grimy and disgusting tone, and yet still incredibly catchy.
  • Creepy Sax, the song that plays in the room with the giant blob Marty. It's reminiscent of, of all things, Five Nights at Freddy's and manages to be absolutely nightmarish despite its relatively short length.
  • Fear + Hunger, the songs that play in the caves with the Marty spiders. They're both frightening and catchy at the same time.

     LISA: The Painful RPG 
  • Die Die Die! plays during the battle with Hawk Hollywood, Kim Sex Machine, and The Crossbones. It was also used in the LISA 2014 Trailer. It's pounding, awesome battle music.
  • Summer Love, the song that plays in some towns and villages. It may start out soothing and relaxing but then those drums start appearing out of nowhere...
  • Burning Sunset, the song that plays while riding the motorcycle. It sounds like if the Drive soundtrack was influenced by Aphex Twin and it'd make for some great driving music.
  • Exploding Hearts, the song that plays when fighting Satan. It starts off as a soft, barely audible melody, but then quickly evolves into a pounding and intimidating battle theme.
  • The Highway King, the song that plays on the Joy Factory Road. A catchy and fitting level theme for jumping over gaps and avoiding barrel bros while riding a bicycle.
  • Go Home Johnny, an extremely emotional track that plays when you fight Terry (if you gave him to Columbo near the beginning of the game) and, later on, Sticky.
  • Bloodmoon Rising plays while climbing Bloodmoon Mountain, and it also plays when you battle the enemies in that area.
  • The End is Nigh, the Final Boss theme. That guitar.
  • The crowning achievement probably goes to "Goodbye Baby" that plays during the climax.
  • Live in Joy, the song that plays during the credits. Hollow and incredibly depressing, it manages to capture all the feelings one has after finishing LISA. The best part? It has the melody of the hymn 'I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy (Down In My Heart)'.
  • Work Harder can be described a single word...UH-HUH!

     LISA: The Joyful 
  • Brokentooth March plays during the battle against Dr. Yado. It's incredibly catchy and those trumpets are AWESOME AS HELL.
  • 666 Kill Chop Deluxe is simultaneously hilarious due to its usage of MLG airhorns.
  • Voices, the end credits music. Equal parts melancholy and subtly creepy, the kicker is the singer. If her voice doesn't make you feel sorrow, you probably have no soul.
    Another sunrise, I open my eyes
    Stains red on the ground
    No sound around
    I feel darkness, darkness, deep inside
    It speaks to me, it speaks to me now
    I can't hide
  • He's My Dad plays upon encountering a hallucination of Brad. It's a somber, melancholy look back on the fact that as poor of a father he was, Brad only ever put his best efforts into raising Buddy.
  • Roll the dice plays in the fights against Dice Mahone, his soldiers, and Poker Heat Johnson. The first 30 seconds or so sound like it's being played underwater... and then that siren kicks in. All of a sudden it becomes a badass battle song.
  • Arrow to the Head plays in the battle against Sindy Gallows. Pretty fitting for the man who's number two on the list and seemingly invincible. According to an interview, the song and the fight itself was made into the game the night before launch.
  • All American Badass Mastered plays during the fight with Big Lincoln. It's metal as fuck. It just works as the theme for one of the most challenging bosses in the game.


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