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NOTE: Spoilers ahead.

  • If Yado's entire plan to take over Olathe depended on Buddy, why did he just abandon her in the middle of nowhere? Seems pretty stupid to put an integral component of your plan in unnecessary danger.
    • It somehow specifically involved Brad raising her. Brad may have not been the best father of all time, but considering how she ended up, he certainly could've done worse.
  • Why did Buzzo turn into a Joy Mutant? The Joyless ending clearly shows that he knows about the long-term effects of Joy, why would he take any?
    • The pain from losing Lisa was so great, Buzzo would rather live knowing that he will turn into a mutant than with the pain.
    • It's possible that Buzzo didn't mutate, and Buddy was just hallucinating so badly that she thought he did, and killed wounded Buzzo.
  • Why does perfume revive fallen party members? Are the men of Olathe so desperate that the scent of a woman wakes them up instantly? Is it supposed to function like smelling salts?
    • That's the assumption; when they are fallen they are unconscious (compared to the few enemies that can outright kill party members), so it wakes them up.
  • How was Buddy going to end up saving the world? Sure, Brad is villainized by the game, the world at large, and even his own party members for wanting to protect Buddy instead of letting her be used for this noble purpose of saving humanity, but in Brad's Defense, genetics means that having only one person attempting to repopulate an entire species is going to result in inbreeding and thus cause a number of genetic defects and other issues. Using Buddy for this purpose was not only a heavy burden to put on anyone, but also ultimately pointless, and humanity would be screwed regardless.
    • Inbreeding isn't an instant death sentence. While humanity would be unhealthy for a while the adverse effects could be kept to a relative minimum with careful planning, strict enforcement, and a fair amount of luck. Assuming normal logic applies there's still a good chance humanity won't survive, but it's a chance they didn't have before Buddy was found.
    • There's also the implication from Buzzo, very briefly, that there are in fact more women out there, somewhere, but this also makes the point clear that the world's future really doesn't depend on Buddy alone, whatever most of the world may think.

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