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Narm / Bleach

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Our antagonist, ladies and gentlemen! A mulleted drag queen with butterfly wings!
As such a long runner series, there are MANY moments in Bleach that are supposed to be dramatic or tense... yet you can't help laughing.


  • When Byakuya kills the Espada Zommari, Zommari loses it and starts yelling for Byakuya to... er... "Take my love from me!" It makes more sense if you know that he had a voodoo-based power called "amor," which is funny to begin with. This was a holdover from the manga.
  • Zommari in general was one big narm, from his immobile pumpkin-like release to his "BANZAI! AIZEN-SAMA!" upon death. He was colored pink, which didn't help matters.
    • Making it even worse, one translation of that part had the line as "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, AIZEN-SAMA!"
    • What you get when you cross Byakuya's pink flower petal bankai with Zommari's pink pumpkin sea urchin release is this truly epic image from a dead serious fight.
    • Things get downright silly when the black Espada tries pulling the Fantastic Race Card.
  • Ichigo's Image Song, "Number One". Whenever Ichigo's about to kick major ass, this song starts up. It's sung in English, and it sounds like an R&B track from the Disney Channel. The only time it fits is when it's played during the episode with Don Kanonji because he's comic relief. Maybe Ichigo hears it in his head, and that's why he's frowning all the time. It doesn't help that the song sounds like it's more about dancing than fighting.
  • The episodes that go into Nel's backstory as the third Espada lose drama because Nel retains her high-pitched kiddy voice even after she switches to her adult form. It's impossible to take the story seriously when she sounds like that.
    • It sounds a little better in the dub. The child and adult forms have the same voice actor, but her voice sounds appropriately more mature (although still high-pitched).
  • The opening Shoujo S is one of those openings that has a lot of dancing, like what Kyoto Animation has done. The problem is it looks like they based the dances off strippers, and it hardly fits Bleach at all.
    • Making it worse is that it's treated seriously, and while one could argue for Rangiku, Rukia and Orihime are completely out of character.
  • Episode 155 has Espada 9, Aaroniero Arraruerie, disguised as Kaien, giving Rukia instructions to kill her friends. Rukia is kneeling down as in awaiting orders from her former lieutenant, and Aaroniero walks right up to her with his crotch-area practically in her face.
  • When Ichigo transforms into a shinigami for the first time, he screams "Feel the WRATH of my BLADE!"
    Ichigo: Fiskfejs! Så här går det... när man fuckar med min familj! (Fish face! This is what happens... when you fuck with my family!)
  • Big Bad Aizen's transformations have steadily increased the Narm factor; he's gone from Bedsheet Ghost Aizen (leading people to joke that Kubo's finally let the assistant responsible for backgrounds design a character) to Mullet Aizen (the only difference between his normal self and this form is a mullet and inverted eye colors) to Butterflyzen.
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  • Tousen's first words after he uses his resurrection are already hard to take seriously. The anime decides to make his voice high-pitched when he says them. Seriously, one almost expects him to shout "HELP ME, HELP ME!"
  • From the English dub's recap before episode 187:
    Narrator: Renji delivered Makoto's Bakoto to Head Captain Yamamoto.
  • The scene during Aizen's Breaking Speech toward Ichigo, where Isshin suddenly shows up. It's awesome, until it then cuts to Ichigo making a weird face.
  • Butterflyzen was already going to be a laughingstock once he was animated. So of course, the animators decide to make him even more flamboyant. How? By making him sparkle every time he flash-stepped.
    • The English-dubbed episode 309, while magnificent during Aizen's sealing, screwed up Aizen's first Villainous Breakdown. His "Impossible! This is ridiculous, it is absurd!" screaming (which itself is little better) is replaced with "No no no no no NOOOO!!!" The problem here is that he keeps his quiet, low-key voice, which doesn't work with the intimidating appearance of his final transformation.
  • The fight between Ichigo and Ginjo becomes hilarious thanks to the latter's... dragonfly wings. Which are also pink.


  • Chapter 349 may well have set a record for the longest Big "NO!" in a manga, going on for two pages and forcing the speaker to take a breath before concluding it. Granted, the event in question is extremely traumatic, but Big Nos are seldom effective.
  • One moment toward the end of the Soul Society arc was turned into a Narm by sub-par amateur translations of the manga chapter. As Aizen advances on Rukia, who's practically paralyzed by his spiritual pressure, he tells her, "You must be paralyzed by my overwhelming power." Seriously, everyone knew he was a narcissist, but...
  • In Chapter 356, Barragan explains that each Espada embodies an aspect of death. While most of them are serious, he reveals his to be old age. Although it is an aspect of death, it seems out of place and breaks the serious tone.
    • In Real Life, society has tried to decouple death from old age for a long time. Thus, this is like the Mobile Suit Gundam anime's salt shortage.
  • The title of Chapter 363 - "Superchunky From Hell".
  • When everyone is fighting against Aizen all at once, Hitsugaya says he wants to "do violence" to Aizen. It's a line victim of a "Blind Idiot" Translation.
  • In chapter 393, it was revealed that Wonderweiss - as in the dopey, childish arrancar - exists solely to counter the abilities of Yamamoto. It did not help that Wonderweiss' new form looks like a butterfly.
  • Chapter 403. What's supposed to be an awesome moment for Aizen is ruined by his RIDICULOUS new form.
  • In chapter 403, Ichigo's reaction upon seeing Aizen's new form. "What... the fuck... is that..."
  • The Heart. This phrase gets an entire page to itself. That might be overkill.
  • The series has spent the past 2-3 years building up to Aizen using a super-powered plot device to... grow himself a mullet.
    • And before that, we got the penultimate form of all evil in the universe, a tube sock, or as other people have called it, "the walking condom".
    • For what it's worth, Kubo finally managed to nail the One-Winged Angel thing in the iteration after that. Eldritch Abomination Aizen is genuinely terrifying.
    • Aizen's always been a smooth talker. His interaction with Ichigo in Chapter 388 has him talk about how he could easily stab Ichigo through the heart. But he lays it on so thick that it sounds more like he's hitting on him than threatening Ichigo with death.
    • The panel focusing on Aizen's finger as he tells Ichigo "Don't raise your voice like that, Ichigo Kurosaki."
    • Bondage Aizen. That is all.
  • A scene with Riruka pointing a weapon to Tsukishima's back would be more dramatic if not for the focus on the aggressor's legs and how her weapon looks like a fucking toy gun.
  • Chapter 456: The fight between Ichigo and the brainwashed Chad goes from a very tense one to pretty much narm once Chad attempts to both fight and talk to Ichigo, pretty much repeating the lies implanted by Tsukishima in his mind. Good going, Tsukishima, now Chad almost sounds like a mix between a broken record and a complete moron.
  • Chapter 457: Moe's appearance would be a Moment of Awesome (and is still kinda is)... if not for how you can't help recalling the huge Idiot Ball he had glued to his hands when he appeared. The contrast is so stark that it makes his most recent scenes freaking weird.
  • Chapter 459: The chapter stops being dramatic when Ichigo looks like he's giving Ginjo head all out in the open and the injured Ishida looks at them in envy.
  • Chapter 462: Ginjo's HORRIBLE new outfit. Did he take up fashion clues from Aizen?!
    • Also the Engrish title: "Why me sad".
    • Then there's the scene where Urahara knocks Orihime out and catches her so she won't fall to the ground... but the way it was drawn, it looks like he's about to grab her by the breasts from behind.
  • Chapter 463: It's not easy to take the Fullbringers seriously as they get ready to fight Ichigo and the shinigami... thanks to Riruka's Nice Hat looking more and more like bunny ears.
  • Chapter 468: What should be Ikakku's Moment of Awesome via giving Moe a speech in which he urges him to shake off his Undying Loyalty to Tsukishima is totally ruined when you notice that his face looks a LOT like his infamous Rape Face
  • Chapter 419, where Aizen enters the throes of Villainous Breakdown and begins shouting "Abandon your arrogance, human!" Also, his creepy Hollow form is made hilarious when we see that the skin of his face had been tied under his chin like a bonnet.
  • Komamura's reaction to Tousen-fly, telling him he is far uglier than he had imagined. Tousen previously being blind and Komamura having severe self-image issues.
  • Chapter 470, Rukia and Riruka's fight. It didn't start out particularly silly, but when Rukia starts monologing while still inside the stuffed animal, it becomes impossible to take it seriously. The Cat Smile just cinches it. NOT helped by the anime rendition. What the HELL, Studio Pierrot.
  • Chapter 476: Rukia looks like a sad puppy making the entire scene very hard to take seriously.
  • In chapter 478, Tsukishima's intense and heartfelt mourning for Ginjo should be a Tear Jerker, but it'd be more convincing if it wasn't so overblown and the second page wasn't so oddly drawn. Thank God the anime fixed it.
  • Chapter 482: "Get off my bed." Nice to see your priorities are sorted, Ichigo.
  • Chapter 483: The newest nominee for the most horrible and/or laughable rapeface: Asguiaro Ebern!
  • Chapter 486: While it's a rather sensible idea to have the True Companions reunite themselves in Ichigo's room to discuss matters, when Pesche and Nel join in, it's so damn... distracting. Not helped by Pesche having a rather special arrival.
  • Chapter 489: Kirge's... enthusiastic and VERY bombastic delivery of his challenge to Ichigo is weird, to say it politely.
  • 491: Quilge Opie: quite the badass, very explosive... and owner of the ugliest shoes this side of Hueco Mundo. Seriously.
    • The shoes reappear in 492, where after Allon's rampage, we see Quilge's legs sticking out of the sand, like a kid buried head-first in it. Wha...?
  • 495: The fact that Komamura gets called "doggie dog" by Bambietta in the middle of a fight can be seen as this. Since Bambietta actually gets an older, more womanly design later on, the borderline Baby Talk just doesn't cut it.
    • Renji's fight against another Vandereich loses its seriouness the moment when the enemy that then gangs up on him turns out to be a freaking Masked Luchador.
    • ... Who the Hell calls a male character Nanana, Kubo? Huh? HUH?
  • 502. While Byakuya's apparent death is extremely creepy and heartbreaking, the fact that the Masked Luchador returns and drop kicks Renji to pretty much the other corner of the Seiteirei will likely leave you all "... what.". The fact that the Masked Luchador is later scolded by As for being stupid enough to not steal Renji's bankai makes the scene border in Black Comedy.
  • 506: As Nodt is suddenly given a MASSIVE Idiot Ball. And ends up torched to (almost) death by Yamamoto alongside Bazz-B and Nanana. How this happened to someone who until then had been totally stoic and badass reduces a good part of the scene's massive impact: sure, it's still awesome to see Yama melting three Stern Ritters without much hassle, but the ridiculous Out-of-Character Moment courtesy of As is very distracting.
  • 510: Twins named Loyd and Royd. Oh, Kubo-sensei, you are the gift to Engrish that keeps on giving.
  • Overall, the design of Vandenreich members. Sure, they're modernised Quincies, but they're far from Ishida family coolness.
    • Jerome, King Kong Quincy
    • Shaz Domino, in his pimp outfit.
    • Masked Luchador. Seriously.
    • Nanana and his horrible teeth.
    • Loyd and Royd.
    • Yhwach, Vandenreich leader, is undoubtedly badass, but he took too much shaving lessons from Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame.
  • As of 543, Kubo's character naming skills STILL need work. One of the weirdest is Mask de Masculine, the designation for the Masked Luchador, as well as "Bazz-B" for the guy with the mohawk. BG9's odd name ends up being a subversion, however, as it's meant to play up the ambiguity of whether or not he's a machine.
  • In 547, after the Vandereich attack the Shinigami again, Askin Nakk le Varr (another unusual name given to a Stern Ritter) takes the time to taunt the Twelfth Division over their inadequacies, and Mayuri Kurotsuchi steps in to counter him. What should be a really awesome entrance is completely ruined by Mayuri's absolutely RIDICULOUS outfit, and it's actually so bad that poor Akon ends up asking "w-what are you wearing?!"
  • Ichigo's new getup in 555, Rummage Sale Reject at its worst.
  • 561. Rose's bankai. WTF?!
  • 563. What appears to be Mask du Masculine's Vollstandig. Just... wow. Not even mentioning the fact that he appears to be housing what one hopes is a honeydew melon in his trunks.
  • 566. As Nodt finds Rukia. During their conversation, As opens his eyes so wide as if he is about to take a massive dump.
    • When As Nodt doesn't freak the everloving shit out of you, he's this through and through. Really: when he's calm and collected, he's really fucking scary... but if he ever goes beyond anything stoic, he zig-zags between genuinely terrifying and too grotesque to be taken seriously. More subtlety, Kubo, please.
  • In chapter 570, the appearance of the new Sternritter "V". With his bizarre appearance and repeating "I see you" all over again, he can easily fall into this category.
  • Chapter 575: the mind-controlling creepy bearded old Quincy, known among the fans only as Mr. Geh Geh Geh, is actually called... Pepe.
  • Chapter 580: Liltotto Lamperd's ability, in which her mouth stretches outward to eat enemies. The way it looks awful.
    • It's even funnier if you've seen Ranma ½ and recognize her ability as pretty much an Up to Eleven version of Picolette Chardin's fighting style.
    • Almost at the end, the Femritters gather around the severely injured Kenpachi and start discussing who should finish him. The scene is very creepy... until one of the girls suggests a "rock, paper, scissors" game to decide. And all the tension goes disappears.
  • Chapter 583: The four Femritters shoot arrows at Ichigo. The fact that each girl has personalised arrows is kinda fun to watch... until you see Giselle's shot. Wha...?
  • 585: Ichigo is now getting ganged-up by several Sternritters, after Yhwach appears and claims the Soul King's Palace is now fair game for at least 100 minutes. It's all very tense until Renji pulls a Big Damn Heroes to get Bazz-B away from Ichigo and Ichigo just HAS to make an almost Super Deformed face. Way to make a punchline before it's actually "Funny Times", Kubo.
  • 587: And yet another emotional/tense moment (Ichigo, Orihime and Chad discussing Ishida's defection, and Ichigo deciding to bring him back to their side even if he has to kick his ass) gets ruined by Ichigo making a REALLY stupid-looking face.
    • What really sells it is that Ichigo has never made that face until now. It's like Askin Nakk LeVarr switched hairstyles with Ichigo for a moment.
  • Yumichika corners Giselle and accuses her of being a man. Narm enough considering the context, but Yumi's reasoning is that Giselle "smells of semen". Yumichika can apparently smell what might be another man's crotch through blood, gore and explosion fumes.
    • Not to mention, judging by Giselle's reaction, he might [[Transgender may have somewhat of a point. We'll have to see.]]
    • It's even funnier when you apply Fridge Logic to it. Exactly why would Yumi know so well how semen smells like? Well? Huh? Huuuuuuh?!
  • For some rather darkly-minded fans, the scene where Giselle goes Bad Boss/Bastard Girlfriend and smacks a pleading Zombie!Bambietta around comes off as way more hilarious than it should be. It's actually rather dark and disturbing, but for those who've more than likely seen their fair share of Hentai or Doujinshi, it resembles something that's downright pornographic. Narm Charm may be in effect here.
  • 593: Mayuri's outfit gets more and more ridiculous. Nice... uh, shoes.
  • Almost anything regarding Pepe Waccadabra is this through and through:
  • 597: If Nianzol Weizol isn't gonna frighten you with his dramatic first impression and the fact that he resides in Yhwach's shadow, then you're looking at another stoner-faced Sternritter. Walleyed with two tongues!
  • 599: After Senshumaru defeats Nianzol, Yhwach and his Praetorian Guard show up. They appear wearing white capes, we see them up close and learn their names and titles... then we find out Askin is one of them. And as always, he makes a truly stupid face.
  • 610: Yhwach's new Exotic Eye Designs give him multiple irises and pupils in his eyes. Unfortunately for Yhwach, they're widely spaced enough that he just looks crosseyed and walleyed at the same time. It kinda cuts down on what the chapter itself dubs "the majesty of the King".
  • 613: Ichibei's "Nightmare Face of the Day" is now so ridiculously exaggerated that it goes beyond Nightmare Fuel levels and is downright hilarious.
  • 626: Yhwach gets another power upgrade again after fully absorbing the Soul King. Only his newest multiple eyes appearance look genuinely ridiculous.
  • Almost anything to do with Lille Barro's two One-Winged Angel forms is part Nightmare Fuel and part this. His second form in particular screams less "Messenger of God" and more "Arceus after Mega Evolving and fusing with an owl". And that's before what he does when he starts looking for Shunsui to finish him off.
    • It gets worse. His latest form is more akin to a flamingo than anything.
  • The return of Izuru Kira in 654 is, for some, Nightmare Fuel since he has a HUGE hole in his torso, with three rods propping it together. For others, however, that same detail makes the whole situation horribly hilarious.
  • Chapter 670: Hitsugaya's Next Tier Power-Up, clearly meant to be a Moment of Awesome, is negated by the fact that he looks almost exactly like Ichigo, just in a different outfit.


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