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When your own creator is said to be a troll by the fandom...

Format to use:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

  • The Loituma Girl cartoon Explanation 
  • NOBODY DIES IN BLEACH: Explanation 
  • QUALITY: Bleach frequently has bouts of Off-Model in a variety of ways. (Examples moved here)
  • Kubo is a Trolling Creator: Explanation 
    • In fact "author x is a troll" is a quick way to complain about things fans don't like in a work, with pictures being generated of Kubo teaching "X work's" creator how best to troll his fandom.
    • A popular manifestation is the all caps I LOVE MY LIFE stories about being in Kubo's shoes for a day that start with "SO THERE I WAS BEING KUBO" and end with "I LOVE MY LIFE"
    • Who ever said the Espada went from 1 to 10? Explanation 
      • "Who said the letters go from A to Z?": Explanation 
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    • An entire page dedicated to memes about Tite Kubo and THE HEART (see here) thanks to this.
    • "X just died, that means X/Y was canon!" is another Running Gag variation.Explanation 
  • The Worf Effect is common and several of the characters are used commonly.
    • Renji never wins a fight! Ever! (Him defeating an X-Cution member doesn't count because Fullbringers have their own Fail memes.)
    • "Where's Chad?" "Lying in a pool of his own blood.", " ______ won't let Chad win. Ever." In fact, Chad x Floor is a OTP meme.
      • It was joked that he might finally get to win in his You Shall Not Pass! moment in the final arc, because he was fighting stone warriors that rose up to block the heroes from Yhwach's throne room. In other words, his opponents were literally made out of the floor, and no one hits the floor harder than Chad.
  • TACO AIZEN: Explanation 
  • BAN... KAI!: Explanation 
  • Uryuu Ishida has become a Memetic Badass, to the point where he even has hardcore sewing memes: Explanation 
  • "All your opinions are rejected" Explanation 
  • "Are they still in Hueco Mundo?" or alternatively "Are they still in Mexico?" Explanation 
  • "Kool Aid Kubo": Explanation 
  • Kubo vs Nick Simmons Explanation 
    • "Animu and Magma" Explanation 
  • Rape, Kazeshini. Explanation 
  • "Since when were you under the impression/illusion [action]" Explanation 
    • If you have to know, ask Aizen.
    • The background artist finally got to design a character. Explanation 
  • Sexual Innuendo jokes consisting of "It's 13 Kilometers!" and "It's 500 times as fast as that!" Explanation 
  • "Aizen is Superman" and Superman is a dick. Explanation 
  • "Capton Condom". Aizen is Captan Condom and will get inside you, no matter what. Explanation 
  • Lol, Hogyoku. Explanation 
  • "Rukia Rocket", leading to Imma firin' ma Rukia!? jokes. Explanation 
  • "Titty Kubo" Explanation 
  • The panel focusing on Aizen's finger as he tells Ichigo "Don't raise your voice like that, Kurosaki Ichigo."
  • "Aizen has been watching [these memes] ever since they were born." Explanation 
  • Komamura is not amused: Explanation 
    • Some versions have Komamura presenting a mirror to this "new and improved" Tosen.
  • "Mullets": Explanation 
  • Aizen's transformations to various forms have resulted in the following:
    • "All hail Butterflaizen".
    • KKK!Aizen.
    • "Aizen has become Lady Gaga/Lady Butterfly!Gaga". The counter-response meme is "That's LORD Gaga to you!"
    • Gin's bankai should have been a flyswatter or a can of Raid.
  • Any attack being replaced with Momo on the receiving end. Explanation 
  • AizenxTeacup is tru canon lub!!!11!! Explanation 
  • Ichigo's costume changes. Explanation 
  • Ulquiorra is The Batman. Explanation 
  • Soul Society is the Worst Heaven EVAR!!1! Explanation 
  • Soul Society Is Watching. Explanation 
  • "Kurosaki-kun!" Explanation 
  • The Couch Behind The Man. Explanation 
  • Chapter 426: "Want some ramen?"
  • Everything is part of Aizen's plan.
  • Chapter 433: Riruka glancing at Ichigo's face and going "OMG He's a hottie!"
  • Kira Izuru is a complete gangster. Explanation 
  • Orihime wants doughnuts or hot dogs badly.Explanation 
  • Tsukishima's Retcon sword: Remember when Tsukishima helped to found TV tropes?
  • Kenpachi Fried Chicken
  • Gin is a pedophile.
  • Take it off! Here.
  • As Nodt is a troll. Explanation 
  • And then Rukia was a zombie. Explanation 
  • Ichigo is part everything.Explanation 
  • When in doubt, GETSUGA TENSHOU! Explanation 
  • "Your Stern Ritter Name" Explanation 
  • "Bye-Bye!" Explanation 
  • "Too much happens, fake." Explanation 
  • "WHAT THE HELL". Explanation 
  • "Hitsugaya-kun, denwa" Explanation 
  • Aizen's chair. Explanation 
    • Between Chair-sama and Couch Behind The Man, Aizen clearly has a thing for chairs.
    • Yhwach's horse.Explanation 
  • Bleach needs Maury Explanation 

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