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Narm / Berserk (2016)

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Due to lack of production values in certain areas, all too many of the show's attempts to be really badass and horrifying fall flat and instead produce giggles for one reason or another, which is why several of them have become memes.

  • The rabbit that Guts kills with a throwing knife, which dies with such a stiff and silly animation and a completely deadpan expression.
  • A major source of narm is the sound effects (CLANG!) for the Dragon Slayer striking enemies, which have been variously compared to knocking over a stack of pots and pans, hittings something hard with a frying pan, or beating a garbage can with a metal pipe. This contributes to the narmiest moment in episode 1: Collette's dead body has been possessed by a ghost, and she comes out of the wagon holding her father's severed head. Guts is paralyzed with horror as she approaches him, the music is building, and even as Puck begs him to snap out of it he cannot move. Images of a smiling, innocent Collete flash in his mind. She stabs him, their faces are juxtaposed in split screen...and the camera zooms out as he chops her body in half with a ringing metallic CLANG. This sound and the abrupt cut of animation absolutely kills the drama of that moment by making the viewer laugh, since it sounds so completely unlike a squishy human body being chopped in half with a sword and makes the action look more like a baseball player hitting a ball out of the park. This moment basically set the tone for all subsequent parody and mockery of the show, and no review or meme video is complete without it.
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  • The second episode shows a pair of Holy Iron Chain Knights mourning the death of one of their comrades with melodramatic cries of "Oh Tonio! He was a good man!" right when sad music starts playing, as if to dramatize the death of a completely Faceless Red Shirt. It didn't help that the line was included for the episode's preview for really no reason. To make matters worse, this scene was actually connected to a series of events in the manga. With the mourning knights attacking a defenseless Guts in retaliation, and with Azan chewing them out for it. Azan then proceeded to give a speech on the duties of a knight that gave a very good insight to his character. Without all that, the event just comes off as pointless.
  • The Rape Horse scene in episode 3 is even more ridiculous than in the manga or Berserk and the Band of the Hawk because of the deranged low-quality 2D animation and how the camera lingers on the most lurid, creepy parts—especially the Lecherous Licking. As if that weren't enough, the sound when Guts beheads him is the exact same CLANG from when he cut Collette in half!
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  • Given the subject matter that's being depicted on screen, including horrible torture sequences and human beings being hacked apart every time Guts swings his sword, the shows tendency to depict female characters lacking nipples, is just outright bizarre and distracting. This is especially true for episode 5, which involves two characters having sex on screen, and yet sticks to this practice. It may be due to the TV censorship regulations, but it doesn't make it any less weird, given the other stuff shown on screen.
  • Nina gets a spanking from Luca, with a dramatic 360 degree camera view!
  • When Guts stops the Great Goat from assaulting Casca by cutting off one of his hands, Casca's dress billows up in the wind so that we're treated to a view of her naked behind that lasts almost four seconds and kind of distracts you from the sight of the monster getting cut. There's nothing like a gratuitous Panty Shot at such a dramatic moment to make you giggle and shake your head at whoever thought that was appropriate.
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  • The scene where Mozgus cries tears blood in his Apostle spawn form is a bit hard to take seriously. The exaggerated amount, along with the poor animation, makes it look like his eyes just exploded.
  • The monstrous beast Zodd has an unconvincing fuzzy fur texture so that he looks like a giant teddy bear, and his color is also oddly purplish.
  • In episode 13, Guts' reminiscing about Griffith is accompanied by Sexophone music. Then, when he approaches Griffith, his brand suddenly squirts out blood that looks and sounds like ketchup. There's also the hot dog arms meme, and perhaps funniest of all the way Guts is thrown back a ludicrous distance at an equally ludicrous speed from being hit by a falling rock when he's trying to save Casca. It looks less like he was blown away and more like some powerful force yanked him backward at 300 miles per hour, and then he immediately gets up not even stunned after being smashed against the wall at a speed that rightfully should have squashed him like a bug!
  • Episode 21 has multiple examples:
    • Skull Knight performing a Diagonal Cut on an Apostle while it's still in mid-air leaping at Guts, and after a second it starts spurting crappily-rendered High-Pressure Blood while jerking rapidly back and forth like a videogame physics glitch.
    • Schierke is inside the mansion looking for Flora, and she and Isidro trip and collapse in a heap. Schierke is disraught, and her actress is doing a valiant job of trying to make her fear and crying convincing, but the contrast between the serious emotion and the complete lack of realism in the scenery makes it funny. Serpico is talking about how using his wind sword against the fire would only fan the flames, but there's just a bit of smoke in the background and the orange background light is just a pleasant, steady glow instead of flickering and threatening, so there is absolutely no sense that the building is actually on fire or that they're in real danger.
    • When Zodd transforms, the Skull Knight tries to ride past him, but Zodd hurls the body of the henchman whose head he had just crushed for daring to question him, and the body flies through the air past Skull Knight in a completely unnatural and silly manner, while the Skull Knight's reaction includes severe interpolation between the key frames. Also just like in a crappy videogame, his cape jerks upward in a gravity-defying manner when he leans forward, as if it were stiff as a board.
    • Grunbeld striking his cannon makes the CLANG.
    • The Apostle who tries to break into the treasure chamber is so horribly cel-shaded and animated that the mere sight of him can make you stop taking this episode seriously.
  • Episode 22 continuing on a roll:
    • At about 2:46, Guts thrusts the tip of the Dragonslayer into the ground in order to vault himself into the air, producing not the sound of a BFS being stuck into soil, but—guess what?—the famous CLANG!
    • Guts strikes Grunbeld's shield with a great leap, and from 2:47-2:54 he stays hanging in midair while Grunbeld monologues in astonishment, as if Guts was holding himself up in the air by his sword. At 2:55 Guts backflips off of Grunbeld's shield and floats in place above the ground for several seconds before propelling himself back at Grunbeld. What he actually did in the manga was bounce off a tree branch above Grunbeld's head, but in the anime he suddenly learns how to fly like Superman.
    • At 3:10, Guts is lunging at Grunbeld as the latter raises his cannon. When he unleashes his Arm Cannon, instead of how it happens in the manga where the prosthetic hand separates from the armor's gauntlet and retracts down under to expose the muzzle, the bore simply clips through Guts' hand.
    • If you pay attention when Guts bends Grunbeld's hammer with a powerful strike, you'll notice the dent appears in the handle before the Dragonslayer actually hits it. It almost looks as if Grunbeld bends it himself and then blocks the strike with his bent hammer.
    • When Schierke is talking about how the armor killed the last person who wore it by piercing his flesh until he bled dry, the miniature image projected near her face is not of the armor as it looked when the Skull Knight wore it, but the dog-headed form the armor took after Guts put it on. This kind of continuity error is especially egregious because the shot is directly based on a manga panel in which the armor is clearly skull-headed, and it doesn't help that the High-Pressure Blood gushing from the armor's chest looks rather over-the-top.
    • The shot immediately after Guts' head emerges from the armor, bloodied and with a new Skunk Stripe in his hair, it's basically a colored manga panel with tons of detail, then suddenly cuts to a 3D shot of Isidro and Serpico running with the most hilarious look of terror on Isidro's face, with both of their faces horribly affected by cel shading artifacts.
    • When Guts leaps over a burning tree trunk, his legs obviously clip through the trunk.
    • One shot of Guts running with Schierke under his arm is a stiff, bouncing-around simulation of running like the wobbly walk animation from episode 21.
    • When Foss, Laban, and Company react to the giant crocodile bursting out of the water, there are several seconds where Owen's CG duplicate followers make a show of cowering in fright but act like there's something preventing them from RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES instead of standing there gawking at the toothy monster that's five feet away from them, which makes them come across as Too Dumb to Live. After several seconds pass they start running away, but they're animated as if they're all running in place rather than putting distance between themselves and the monster. Meanwhile, the discrepancy between 2D Foss and Laban, the crudely cel-shaded 3D men, and the realistically textured CG crocodile in the next shot further serves to deflate the terror the characters are supposed to be in through the absurdity of the presentation. This can be a gut-busting laugh-out-loud moment if you aren't expecting it.
  • Episode 23:
    • Guts cutting through the Makara's trunk is followed by High-Pressure Blood shooting out from a jagged staircase pattern line shaped nothing like the path he cut, looking very glitchy and fake.
    • While Guts is fighting on top of the giant crocodiles in the upper left corner of the screen while Isidro looks on, he and the crocodiles under him seem to be inexplicably bobbing up and down behind the horizon.
    • The red goo between the jaws of the armor looking like it's chewing on a tootsie roll.
    • Serpico slicing of the heads of the Kushan sorcerers with his feather sword, apparently using the actual blade of feathers rather than the winds created by the Sylphs.
  • Episode 24:
    • Captain Bonebeard looks like a badly rendered nutcracker, and if you look closely little bits of his hair and eyepatch inexplicably shrink out of existence by themselves.
    • The goofy, repeating animation of Isidro and Mule punching each other in the face.


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