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Narm / Blue Comet SPT Layzner

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  • Gosterro is so ridiculously, obviously evil that sometimes he's more hilarious than scary. Same goes to the Demon Death Platoon, who go into downright Too Dumb to Live.
  • The REALLY weird Last Kiss between Anna and Eiji, almost at the end of the TV series. It's made odd by being very Off-Model and how for some reason Eiji does not take off his helmet or even raise his visor so Anna can kiss him.... No wonder the OAV replaced it with Eiji caressing awkwardly but gently Anna's hair and leaving the actual kiss for later. The former can likely be blamed on rushed editing due to the series being cut short, but still...
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  • When Ruu Kain kills Gresco in the third OAV, the faces he makes are so exaggerated that the until-then super tense scene becomes hilarious. Similarly, when Arthur confronts Roanne and tries to find out if he really is The Quisling or not, his stupidly goofy expressions totally kill the tension.


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