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Trivia / Blue Comet SPT Layzner

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  • No Export for You: A particularly annoying example as Bandai Entertainment did license Layzner for America but received completely unusable master copies (damaged and blue-tinted) from Sunrise. They asked for replacements but never got any before the license expired in 2005.
  • Screwed by the Network: The last few episodes' noticeable problems of pacing and the show's Gainax Ending are the result of near-continuous budget cuts and reductions in the number of episodes. The network justified these measures with declining ratings, which were in turn the direct result of putting it in the same time slot as a Japanese cultural icon (among other reasons, like the one described below). Also, the main sponsor of the show (Sanyo) were involved in a scandal about defective products and had to scale down funding to fix the PR mess.
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  • Too Soon: One of the reasons why the series was cancelled was how the second part had Earth conquered and oppressed by a tyrannical and virulently racist Empire... whose actions were very similar to how Imperial Japan had treated Korea a few decades ago. Gundam had been doing it for years with Zeon, but the difference is that Gundam was at least a little more subtle about it.
  • What Could Have Been: The Layzner Mk.II. Thankfully SRW and ACE have both been very kind in that department.
    • The New Layzner add-on packs and the King Grados SPT, too. All of the above had to be scrapped in the series proper due to poor ratings causing a premature cancellation that necessitated a rewrite of the latter half of the story to fit.
    • The whole last quarter of the show has numerous pacing problems, sudden, out-of-the-blue character deaths, and severe animation and modelling problems that are almost certainly the result of the problems listed under Screwed by the Network. Fixed as well as it could be by the OVAs, when they gave the show an actual ending, though they couldn't fix the pacing problems in the leadup to the finale.

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