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Small Genres and Unclassified Literature

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Literary works that don't seem to fit into any genre categories currently existing on the wiki, or which fit into a genre category that's too small to get its own page.

Some definitional notes:

  1. A genre qualifies as "small" if there are fewer than 10 works pages about it. Upon reaching this threshold, a genre should be split off into its own page.
  2. Please only list a work as "unclassified" if to the best of your knowledge it genuinely doesn't fit any currently-existing genre page, and remove it from the "unclassified" list if you find a genre page where it actually does fit.
  3. If a piece of literature is 'a genre unto itself' then it should be placed on the Lit Fic page.

Artist's Books

Collaborative Novel

Joke Books

Kids' Literature

Reference Books


Textnovel (Cell phone novel)