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Small Genres and Unclassified Literature

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Literary works that don't seem to fit into any genre categories currently existing on the wiki, or which fit into a genre category that's too small to get its own page.

Some definitional notes:

  1. A genre qualifies as "small" if there are fewer than 10 works pages about it. Upon reaching this threshold, a genre should be split off into its own page.
  2. Please only list a work as "unclassified" if to the best of your knowledge it genuinely doesn't fit any currently-existing genre page, and remove it from the "unclassified" list if you find a genre page where it actually does fit.
  3. If a piece of literature is 'a genre unto itself' then it should be placed on the Lit Fic page.

Artist's Books

Collaborative Novel

Joke Books

Reference Books


Textnovel (Cell phone novel)