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Chick Lit

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Chick Lit is the literary equivalent of the Chick Flick, referring to books written explicitly for an adult female readership, and meant to appeal to their (presumed) tastes. Rather than referring to books by women or about women in general, it has contracted to represent a specific genre.

The heroines are usually young, attractive professional women, and the book will often focus heavily on their relationships, careers, sexuality, shopping tastes and habits, fashion, and so on. The tone is usually light and humorous, possibly self-effacing. Chick Lit is notably different from the Romance Novel in themes and tone, though there often is a romantic element. Romance publishers often have separate Chick Lit imprints.

You'll find the term "chick lit" used in a derogatory sense, in a sort of grown-up version of the Girl-Show Ghetto — most often by people who don't actually read the genre.

Successful Chick Lit novels often yield multiple sequels, and several have been adapted for the big screen and/or television.

Compare with Josei and Shoujo Demographics.