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Senior Creep

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That doesn't look like a sane and friendly grandma.

"How do we get home, to the past when you were young and not so gross and wrinkly?" note 

There's many kinds of old people out there. We've got the chill and nice ones, the grumpy ones, the perverts, the villains, the female counterparts of some of them...

...And then there's these guys.

When it comes down to a Senior Creep, his or her defining trait is usually being a not-so-beautiful old person with an unsettling or unfriendly demeanor that would make other characters loathe them (whether or not they react that way or at all). The first thing that may come to mind concerning physical looks is bad dental hygiene; he or she will most likely have nasty, rotten teeth (or maybe false teeth or no teeth at all) as a result of taking poor care of them. They may also have a wrinkly skin, a big nose, a balding head, scars and/or other physical traits that make a person unpleasant to look at, though not all of them are necessarily hideous or even remotely ugly.

Their behavior usually isn't any better than their looks, either. Said behavior may exhibit hostility, insanity, suspicious solitude, a creepy voice tone and enjoyment of morally questionable acts (like stalking someone else, whether they love them or not) among other things. They might as well be Obviously Evil as a way of reflecting their ugly looks, though at times chances are they're neutral or good instead. Feebleness may or may not be present.

Bonus points if other characters comment on their behavior and/or looks (usually negatively).

If the given circumstances are right, a Senior Creep may also be a resident of the Uncanny Valley and a source of Nightmare Fuel and Nausea Fuel.

See also Wicked Witch (for evil witches), and Gonk (for the general, over-the-top stylistically ugly characters).

Compare (and may overlap with) Grumpy Old Man, Dirty Old Man/Woman, Evil Old Folks and I Was Quite a Looker.

Contrast Cool Old Guy/Lady and Silver Fox.

Not to be confused with a senior creeping.


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  • Isle of the Dead: The painting depicts so many old men with extra or deformed body parts that stare right at the viewer's soul.

    Comic Books 
  • Gargamel from The Smurfs, an old evil wizard who also literally creeps in his official artwork. He's got a balding head, a nose typical for a villain, a saggy face and a rather sinister personality, and he has been called ugly multiple times (and "the dreaded man of the forest" in one episode of the cartoon show, by Brainy). It's also been implied he smells really bad. His mother from the cartoon show is even more befitting of this trope. Gargamel also has an identical Good Twin brother named Gourmelin in the comic books.

    Fan Works 
  • Averted with Gargamel's depiction in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf series, as Tapper, a Christian Smurf, surmises that it's sin that has caused people like Gargamel and Hogatha to age faster than normal for humans. Gargamel's Mirror Universe counterpart in "Smurfed Behind: The Other Side Of The Mirror" is depicted as having a full head of hair and looking much younger for his actual human age.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Emperor's New Groove: Yzma is an elderly lady who is described as "scary beyond all reason" and "proof that the dinosaurs existed". Most characters are repulsed by the sight of her, and we even get a few Gross-Up Close-Ups of her for extra Nausea Fuel.
  • Mr. Nebbercracker from Monster House is more than your average grouchy old neighbor across the street; he basically yells at and outright scares everyone who even sets foot into his yard, going as far as raging at DJ when he attempts to recover Chowder's basketball. He does these things to protect innocent people from his house that comes to life every Halloween.
  • The evil queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs disguises as a hideous old woman in a black robe to trick Snow White into eating the poisoned apple.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the live-action Asterix film Asterix and Obelix Take on Caesar, the heroes find Getafix's grandfather for the recipe of a secret potion. He's an incredibly wrinkly old man with a scraggly beard and a body all covered in dirt, bugs and mushrooms.
  • The title character of Nanny McPhee. She's an old Mary Poppins-esque woman with warts on her face, a thick nose, a face of a strict teacher and a tooth that sticks out of her mouth who disciplines children in rather unusual ways using magic (with good intentions). She does become beautiful after children learn their lessons and become well-behaved, averting the trope at the end of the movie.
  • Momma from Throw Momma from the Train, who is Owen's abusive, paranoid, freaky-looking and impolite mother that suffers from dementia. And as such, Owen fantasizes about killing her.

  • The old pawnbroker from Crime and Punishment, who's described as a shabby, rude, withered and unscrupulous old woman who cheats people out of their money and abuses her sister Lizaveta. Raskolnikov decides she deserves to be killed because of that.
  • Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. He's a crabby and greedy old man who doesn't care about a single other human being and strongly despises Christmas (although he wasn't always that way). However, he changes his ways when he gets visited by the Christmas Spirits.
  • In Shadow of the Conqueror, Lyrah views all old men this way, with the implication that they remind her of Dayless.

    Video Games 
  • In the first Splatoon, when you first reach Inkopolis and get a brief tour on it, the last part takes note of an elderly Inkling citizen (Cap'n Cuttlefish) suspiciously peeping from a manhole, prompting the game to remark: "Who's that creepy old dude?" Subverted once you go down the manhole, where you find out Cap'n Cuttlefish isn't just some peeping creep — he's a Retired Badass who's been keeping tabs on the Octarian Army.
  • Dark Souls II: Merchant Hag Melentia is an elderly, partially hollowfied merchant who wears tattered rags, cackles wickedly, and inflicts the Curse status effect on you if made hostile. Her merchandise is implied to be scavenged from the dead, includes the armor of every boss and NPC you kill.

    Visual Novels 
  • In the first Paramedium game, Mrs Clansey initially seems nice and friendly, but is still quite disturbing in her appearance and her failure to notice the filth around her. Then her senility turns out to have gone further than was immediately apparent.

    Western Animation 
  • The Adventures of Figaro Pho: One recurring character is the old lady who runs the store. She is bald, and very wrinkly and saggy. In one episode, she tries to force people to tango with her - and Figaro is one of the characters who falls victim to this.
  • Mrs. Jötunheim from The Amazing World of Gumball is not very pretty-looking (imagine Yubaba with fangs and green skin) and appears to be making Hector's life boring (but in reality she's making his life calm so he doesn't trash the town), which Gumball and Darwin call her out on. In "The Castle", we also get this exchange:
    Mrs. Jötunheim: Ah, finally a place where I am not pressured by society to be beautiful.
    Hot Dog Guy: [drinking] You don't look that different.
    Mrs. Jötunheim: I haven't taken off my makeup yet.
    (Mrs. J. wipes her makeup off and reveals an even uglier face, prompting Hot Dog Guy to spit his drink back into his cup)
  • One episode of Ben 10 has our cast visiting Aunt Vera in a neighborhood of old people. At first only a few act creepy and weird (one of them, for instance, just hisses at Ben, cracks his neck and stares at him through the blinds), but eventually every single one of them turns hostile and attempts to attack Ben and Gwen when they try to get to the bottom of their suspicious behavior (including Aunt Vera and even Grandpa Max).
    Ben: What kind of vitamins are these freaky old people taking?!
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • Dexter accelerates his age in one episode, but due to Dee Dee messing around, he turns into a wrinkly, unsightly and feeble old man with bad teeth.
    • The episode "Got Your Goat" features an old and slightly shady-looking hag in a black robe holding a staff with a skull on it. She makes her entrance when the tribe that had captured Dee Dee and Dexter panics and scatters away in fear upon Dee Dee mentioning the Chupacabra (who is actually Dexter's pet Charlie for whom they went looking for) and tells them where to find it after cutting the rope they were bound with.
  • Mildew from Dragons: Riders of Berk, an ugly old Viking who lives with his pet sheep Fungus, away from the rest of the village. Apart from being a crazy hermit who isn't very popular among the rest of the Vikings (who built his house so far away for this very reason), he also spends a lot of time with Fungus and even has a picture of him hanging among his dead wives' portraits... which Hiccup finds creepy.
  • Herbert from Family Guy. While otherwise a frail and toothless geriatric old man with a creepy (but funny) sense of humor, he's also classified as a gay pedophile who hits on Stewie (calling him "sassy" and "feisty") and Chris.
  • In the Johnny Test episode "Sonic Johnny", Johnny and Dukey travel into the future and meet Susan and Mary Test, whose good looks obviously expired a long time ago. They're still the good old twin sisters they knew, if somewhat "gross and wrinkly" as Johnny points out.
    • The same episode also features an incredibly aged Hugh Test, who is now wrinkly (like the twins), balding, toothless and weak with very long fingernails.
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, being one of those shows that are filled with rather weird-looking characters, has a few characters like this.
    • The dock hag. She's an elderly, obese and irritable woman who enforces Stormalong's law and isn't so loved by the other characters due to her bitterness (especially K'nuckles, whom she sometimes gives tickets for no apparent reason other than "filling her monthly quota"). In one episode, she makes K'nuckles kiss one of her toes (with a Gross-Up Close-Up on her foot) after catching him and Flapjack in her home, and in another, she even forces a giant hair-fish monster who ran rampant to clean the harbor when it throws away a candy wrapper (though this one's an indirect heroic act that earned her temporary praise), further proving her law enforcement power.
    • "Footburn" features a downright hideous hag who came to be the way she is now after K'nuckles pushed her over the dock and got her eaten by a giant squid when they were both children. K'nuckles is repulsed by her, although Flapjack begs to differ.
      Flapjack: She's even more beautiful than I imagined.
    • Another episode also features an old and strict orphanage lady who forcibly takes Flapjack away from Bubbie when she deems her and K'nuckles unsuitable to raise Flapjack. She is married to a handsome adventurer, though.
    • There's also the kid whom Flapjack encounters and tells to grow up, only for the "kid" to reveal he's already grown up (though he's technically 38 years old in this case) and show an old, wrinkly face with just a couple of teeth left. Flapjack just stares at him and then walks away whistling.
  • Grampa Gruff from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, who is an old and (unsurprisingly) greedy bald-headed gryphon with dark eye bags and a scar across his left eye. He also shows signs of his age having somewhat negatively affected his health, as he coughs and falls over upon his entrance.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: In the episode "Chocolate with Nuts", Spongebob and Patrick try to sell their chocolate bars to an old lady fish. They don't seem to mind her, but then she calls in her mother, who is so old and shriveled that she resembles a worm more than a fish. SpongeBob and Patrick are visibly disgusted.