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Some characters, when in situations of psychological or physical stress or pain, have the tendency to externalize their suffering by moaning, crying or even screaming out loud. However, in this particular case the noises made by the victim are mistaken for sounds of sexual pleasure by other characters. This trope is applied mostly to female characters, although it has been used by male characters too, it's just rarer. If she really is enjoying it, she's Too Kinky to Torture or a Combat Sadomasochist. If both combatants are (ahem) doing it, it's Orgasmic Combat.


Naturally, this can be prime fetish potential. Associating the sounds with the act that causes them can even create fetishes for some impressionable viewers. In harder pornographic works (and a lot of Hentai), this trope can be deliberately invoked, possibly to ease the guilt of the viewer.

Can either overlap with or invert Abuse Mistake.


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  • Inverted in Baccano! by Nice Hollystone. When her explosives lab blow up in her face, her scream does not sound like pleasure. Yet she fondly reminisces on it.
  • Hellsing: Rip Van Winkle's death, while violent and excruciating, had connotations of a rape scene. To many fans, her blush along with her cries made it seem as if she was getting off from it, though her experession made it obvious she wasn't.
  • Karin from Naruto can heal people by having them bite her. While this is draining for her (and leaves painful-looking teethmarks on her body that never heal) the way she reacts comes across as dangerously close to orgasmic. Taken Up to Eleven by the anime adaptation. Since the only instances where she was shown using this technique were to heal Sasuke, the object of her extreme crush, it is possible that she only gets aroused when she is bitten by Sasuke.
  • Death Note: Light writing in the Death Note typically involves a lot of sweating, panting, shouting, and giggling in sadistic glee and unadulterated happiness. Fan Art ensued.
    • Mikami takes it even further, to the point where he appears to actually reach an orgasm while using the Note at one point.
  • El Hazard: The Alternative World: The final episode takes place at the Holy Spring of Arlaman, where Fatora and Allielle disguise themselves as two of the bath attendants to sexually molest Shayla, Nanami, and Afura. While it was clear that Shayla and Nanami weren't comfortable with being felt up, the same couldn't be said of Afura. Despite her protests, not only did she offer little in the way of resistance, she seemed to be getting into it. At least, until Parnasse blew Alielle's cover. Then all hell broke loose.
  • Maken-ki!:
    • Takeru certainly thought so, while watching Yan-Min activate her "Reilii". During which, the ends of her Jingu enter her body, causing her to arch her back and moan as if she's getting off from it.
    • In the flashback panel, near the beginning of chapter 57 which shows Yuuka "healing" Takaki, one of her hands is between Takaki's legs. She's seen with her back arched while biting down on her finger, as light radiates from where Yuuka is touching her.
  • Shimoneta: Done for comedic effect in chapter 9. Tanukichi mistakes Oboro for a member of Gathered Fabric and wrestles her to the floor, with his foot pressed between her legs. Which is when he realizes she's really a guy, but he double-checks just to be sure. In the next panel, Oboro's back suddenly arches, before relaxing again with a full blush and empty eyed smile — right as Ayame walks in. She takes one look at the scene and immediately bolts back out of the room!

     Comic Book 
  • This is what happens when Dirk Anger finally kills himself in Nextwave. He accidentally hangs himself while shut in his room, which causes two Office Ladies, standing outside the room and listening to his strangled grunts, to think that he's looking at naughty websites.



  • In Urban Legend, the heroine stumbles across her goth roommate getting strangled in her bed. Due to the darkness and her roommate's grunts and groans, she assumes that her roommate is having sex (which is explained by an earlier scene in the movie where she walked in on her having sex and was angrily told to "turn the fucking light off") and leaves her to die. This sets up the "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light" scene.
  • Snakes on a Plane, after a couple having sex in an airplane bathroom are attacked by snakes, they're being listened in on by two flight attendants.
    [thumping and screaming] "he's good" [silence a few seconds later] "maybe not that good."
  • In Mel Brooks's High Anxiety, the protagonist calls up the heroine moments before getting attacked by a strangler. She immediately concludes that it's an anonymous dirty phone call.
  • In Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, the protagonist's sister screams in pain from a kidney condition. Her neighbors assume her screams are moans of pleasure.
  • In The Dirty Dozen, Maggot points his knife at a terrified woman and tells her "scream." When she does, the Nazi officers in the lounge have a good laugh about how much she is enjoying the moment.
  • In The Joy Luck Club, a pre-teen boy in an arranged marriage shows something to his new bride... she lets out a startled scream, and the boy's mother, listening at the door, chuckles and leaves, thinking the marriage is under way. It was nothing but his pet lizard.
  • Inverted in the original short film version of D.E.B.S. in which a group of secret agents are rushing to rescue a colleague whom they believe is being tortured. She is in fact Dating Catwoman.
  • Joan Collins' character in The Devil Within Her is supposed to be experiencing an extremely painful and difficult birth to a Fetus Terrible. However, the way she looks more resembles the best sex she's ever had than agony.
  • In the 1982 kung fu parody They Call Me Bruce, two Action Girls are fighting each other, smashing up the motel room Bruce is using (Bruce is in the shower unaware). Next door his friend Freddy is with a High-Class Call Girl who's impressed with all the noise Bruce is apparently making, and tells Freddy to get Bruce to call her next time. Freddy goes next door and finds Bruce coming out of the shower and two women unconscious from exhaustion in his bed. He decides his friend has had enough Destructo-Nookie for one night and insists they leave.
  • In Lizzie Borden's Revenge, Ashley and Leslie are making out in Ashley's room, and their orgasmic moans are disturbing the other girls in the lounge. Leslie leaves and Ashley goes to take a shower. In the shower, she is attacked by Lizzie and hacked to death. Her screams are interpreted by the other girls as she and Leslie enjoying a second round.
  • Discussed trope in Murder, She Said. Inspector Craddock suggests to Miss Marple that what she saw might have been two honeymooners getting amorous. Miss Marple derisively replies that she might be a spinster, but she knows the difference between horseplay and murder.


  • In Friday, the eponymous protagonist deals with torture-by-rape in this manner, creating the impression that she "just can't help herself" in order to convince them to give it up as useless, and also as a method of creating dissention amongst her captors and empathy towards her.
  • And inverted in The Last Wish, where Dandelion hears Yennefer moaning among the ruins (that she caused) and worries she and Geralt must be terribly hurt. Turns out, they just couldn't wait to celebrate their Relationship Upgrade and are merrily having sex then and there.

     Live Action Television 

  • Actress Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand) was unhappy about the last scene of a Star Trek, "The Enemy Within", in which a "leering" Mr. Spock asks Yeoman Rand if she enjoyed being slapped around a bit by the Evil Kirk.
  • Lampshaded in the Angel episode "Waiting in the Wings" when some of the heroes are searching a building and hear some noises.
    Gunn: Hear that? Sounds like someone's in pain.
    Fred: Either that or someone's in fun...
  • The penultimate scene of The Horror of Party Beach has an ...interesting moment when the heroine, who has injured her leg, is helped to a nearby car, leaving our good friends at MST3K only able to say, "Um... wow."
  • In an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dick was Bound and Gagged (long story) and called Mary's office for help. Judith picks up the phone and responds thusly to Dick's muffled cries for help:
    Judith: [Deadpan voice] Oh, yeah. [Muffled cry for help] Oh, baby. [Muffled cry for help] I'm hot now. [Muffled cry for help] Do me. [Muffled cry for help] Do me all night. [Muffled cry for help] I know it's you, Dick. [Hangs up].
  • Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, at the end of "Dollhouse".
  • Parker, Mac's roommate in season 3 of Veronica Mars. In the first episode Veronica sneaks into Mac's room to get their tickets to a movie. Both Veronica and Mac (who have their own sexual assault histories with Beaver) think Parker is having consensual sex. She is being raped by a serial rapist that was first introduced the season before.
  • There was also a very dark usage of this in Jonathan Creek, in which a videotape is found showing what appears to be a young woman having a screaming orgasm. Turns out the camera had tipped onto its side, and what everyone was seeing was her getting impaled against a tree by a large garden fork.

     Video Games 

  • Happens to Yukimura in Sengoku Basara, both in the anime and in the games.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, most people you use the Gust Bellows on tend to shriek and cower, as they do not like getting smacked in the face with hurricane-level winds. Pipit's mother, on the other hand, starts cooing. Justified because she loves a clean house, and the Gust Bellows are what you use to dust for her.
  • In the original Diablo, if you are killed while playing a female character, she sounds like she just went Out with a Bang.
    • In Diablo II, it's those corrupted Sisters who do this. In all fairness though, they are moaning in relief out of being released from a bondage to evil.
  • Female NPCs in Jagged Alliance 2. It's actually kind of creepy.
  • The grunts made by Vulcan Raven during his boss fight in Metal Gear Solid, especially in the remake sound suspiciously like this. Given the already copious amounts of Ho Yay in those games, it was probably very intentional.
  • Phantasmagoria 2: When Therese is being murdered in the bathroom of the S&M club, a few of the other patrons hear her screams. They think she's having sex with someone so decide to ignore her, as she's apparently known to use the bathroom for hookups (having previously done so with the protagonist).
  • The first two games of the Metroid Prime Trilogy have Samus gasp softly when taking damage, nothing objectionable there. Then the third game rolls around and adds a new voice clip where she lets out a loud moan that sounds like something really nice just happened between her legs.
  • In Tekken 4, Christie Monteiro exhibits this trope, particularly her loud moans after being defeated.
  • Tomb Raider (2013) became somewhat infamous for combining this trope with scenes of Lara Croft dying excruciating deaths.
  • When playing as a notorious evil-doer in Fable II, NPC's may scream and run away when they see you. Female NPC's will scream in a way that very much invokes this trope.
  • In Genshin Impact, Lisa's Japanese voice became an instant meme due to her vocal noises while climbing being a long string of gasps and moans that make it sound like she's having constant orgasms, to the point that even her voice actress had fun with it. Her moans when she takes damage aren't far behind either.


  • The entire dark elven race in Yet Another Fantasy Webcomic.

     Web Original 

  • In To Boldly Flee, Film Brain overhears Nostalgia Chick shrieking in fear/pain as Mechakara is assimilating her. He chalks it up to them having sex, as does everyone else (except for Obscurus Lupa).
  • Tales of the Blode: Said almost verbatim when the evil moon crab Mel Gibson (it's a coincidence) drinks a bottle of what turns out to be poison and staggers around wildly.
  • This trope has been combined with the extensive voicework and detailed character models of major games since about 2012 to make animations where... let's just say that whether she's enjoying it or not is much more obvious.

     Western Animation 

  • Inverted in Sealab 2021 when Dr. Quinn is taken away for questioning by Bizarro Debbie. After the sounds of torture give way to sounds of obvious intercourse, Murphy loudly proclaims "Good lord, she's killing him!"
  • In ReBoot, when talking about keeping Hexadecimal imprisoned and experimented on, Herr Doktor tells Megabyte that he has no idea how they've kept her contained so far, and says, "I think she likes it..."
    Megabyte: Let us not even think about that.

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