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Literature / Approaches to Science Fiction

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This 1978 Genre Anthology by editor Donald L Lawler is full of Conversational Troping, as Lawler breaks down Science Fiction Literature into five major parts; ur-examples of Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, "hard" versus "soft" science fiction, and Genre-Busting Speculative Fiction.

Each section is again broken down into popular aspects of their respective impacts on the genre, with Lawler describing how each category made an impact on the genre as a whole. Space Opera, Robots, aliens, the Utopia/Dystopia settings, and the way authors have begun to mix Science Fiction with other genres, including Sci-Fi Horror.


Works published in this Anthology:

Part 1: Nineteenth-Century Backgrounds

Part 2: Fantasy Science Fiction

Space Opera

Speculative Fantasy Science Fiction

Weird Science Fiction

Time Travel and Parallel Worlds


Part 3: Hard Science Fiction

Speculative Hard Science Fiction



Part 4: Soft Science Fiction

Speculative Soft Science Fiction

Utopias and Dystopias

Social Science Fiction


Part 5: Science Fiction Mixtures

Mystery and Horror Science Fiction

Comic Science Fiction

This Anthology provides examples of:


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