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  • The Iron Teeth's ghouls eat human flesh, preferably fresh. They hunt and ambush people for food. The protagonist Blacknail the goblin has also made several remarks about how human blood and flesh tastes.
  • Played for Laughs at the end of The Strangerhood, with Tovar. With his place back home filled by his Evil Twin, that makes "quantum crap", so it's said that they'll liquefy his DNA and drink it. It's okay because "genetic cannibalism is totally in, in the future."
  • Comes up a couple of times in Survival of the Fittest. Warning, not only spoilers here but excessively horrible.
    • Viktor Kurchatov cannibalises a corpse - and its genitals at that. Later the pregnant Mary McKay does the exact same thing to Guy Rapide, although the former is played as Viktor's fetish and the latter as symbolic. (It was Guy who got Mary pregnant.)
    • In Version Five, Summer Simms, after killing Naomi Bell does this in hopes of gaining favour with the terrorists, fearing retribution from her classmates due to Naomi's esteemed status.
  • The Music Video Show has turned this into a Running Gag as of season four. "Hey, Sugar. It's me."
  • Played for Laughs in ASDF Movie.
    Man: Excuse me, are you gonna eat that?
    *camera pans out to reveal a woman with a baby*
    Woman: No... (gives baby to man) You can have it!
    Man: Thank you! (walks away with baby)
  • Kirby in There Will Be Brawl is part Hannibal Lecter Expy and part Deconstruction of the normally-adorable hero.
  • There are numerous characters to whom this applies in Tales of MU. In fact, the punny title used here is directly referenced in Mack's second dream featuring the Man. Dragons (especially Embries within the story) can get away with this, no legal repercussions.
    • Humans also make up a chunk of the diet of merfolk, which Mack discovers to her disgust and continued terror.
    • Ogres do this, and Steff has partaken. When she tries to eat manflesh with Mack, however, she chickens out.
    • Mercy operates a shop to specifically cater to the many man-eaters of the setting.
  • Lund and Shanks in Doomsday Arcade had to eat a human NPC to get his knowledge. It worked.
  • The YouTube Poop Dinner at Ganon's ends with the CD-I cast eating Morshu for eating all the spaghetti.
  • Our People Are The Key Ingredient At Hardee's.
  • Cannibalism is just one of the many, many ways Good Thing You Can Heal! is used and abused in Bartleby Tales. Apparently, being eaten is actually quite pleasurable.
  • Eldritch Abomination Carmilla of the Whateley Universe was certainly human up until her first point-of-view story. And she has eaten people more than once.
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  • In Neopets, there are foods a user can buy that are (supposedly) made out of Neopets themselves, such as Grundo Stix or Meerca Pie. Neopets can eat nearly any food you give them, and will find it delicious by default unless it's classified as a gross food. Do the math.
  • Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged:
    Alucard: "BITCH I EAT PEOPLE!"
  • After an ill-advised creation of a "Spider-Tram" Tlf Travel Alerts discovered their error when it started devouring the commuters within it. Delays Due To Spider Tram.
  • In the Alice Isn't Dead episode "Omelet" by way of revealing his nature, Humanoid Abomination the Thistle Man invites the truck driver Narrator to "see sumthin' funny," then bites off hapless fellow trucker Earl's flesh at the site of an artery, and keeps digging more out from the wound to eat in a rote, automatic manner as poor Earl bleeds out. Making matters worse is the Narrator's realization that there's no element of biological necessity in this. The Thistle Man is simply showing off.
  • The now-defunct hoax website, was a site that purported to sell cuts of human meat to (vetted, exclusive) buyers. There was no way to actually order anything from the site...although quite a few did try.
  • In The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) the eponymous fictional radio variety show airs a story segment, "Goolsby and Rue" where an Englishwoman recounts discovering as a girl that her mother's employers, prominent barristers, indulged in secret cannibalism during celebratory dinners held after they exonerate truly vile, wealthy, guilty clients. They have their clients for dinner.
  • A Running Gag in Dragon Ball Z Abridged is how Yajirobe is considering invoking this trope: a deleted scene reveals he showed up during the battle with Vegeta because he smelled Yamcha's body cooking and almost considered eating him. Later, in the Androids saga, he agrees that Bulma's right not to hand her baby to him, as he's pissed and hungry, implying that he would eat baby Trunks. Later, he's confirmed to have eaten the fetal clones of Mrs. Briefs.
    • The talking pig Oolong is horrified when Krillin tries to serve him pork. Later, when Chiaotzu accidentally served him pork, he realizes to his own horror that he's delicious. In the Bad Future, Oolong tells Puar that he's 'made his peace' with the fact that at some point he'll have to eat pork, as all that's left to eat is pork rinds.
  • This happens in Dr. Crafty in episode 24 "Hocus Mansion". In that episode, Dr. Crafty and Nurse Worse resurrect the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. About a minute after resurrection, Mary and Sarah flock to Nurse claiming she'll keep them fed for centuries and call her
  • SCP Foundation
  • Jessica of Fat, French and Fabulous has an unsettling obsession with cannibalism, even owning a cannibalism cookbook titled "To Serve Man" signed by Mads Mikkelsen, despite the fact that she is, apparently, a vegetarian.
    "Technically, human is the only meat that can consent."
  • Dice Funk: Leon wonders aloud if the creepily kind townsfolk are feeding them human meat. Austin responds that it's not cannibalism for Anne, since she is a halfling.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Cecil has to share an announcement from the Sheriff's Secret Police about how no one in Night Vale is engaging in consensual cannibalism or the "definitely-not-increasing-popular" trend of "grill parties."
  • In Soylent Scrooge, surprising absolutely no one, Soylent Scrooge is made out of people. Scrooge also helps himself to a tin of Marley early on.
  • Mahu: In "Second Chance", the Thadrakos are a race of xenophobic cannibalistic Space Elves who consider the flesh of their own species as an expensive delicacy when compared to the meat of "inferior" races.
  • Deviant: The villain Marrow is a cannibal who gains the powers of those he eats. Unsurprisingly, this ability has invoked the wrath of many heroes in the story.
  • Danny Gonzalez:
    • "Girl Scout Cookies: Now made with real Girl Scouts!"
    • One line from "Yummy" involves him wanting to eat the girl's feet.
    • "Senpai wouldn't notice me... So I baked him into a Sen-pie."
  • 7-Second Riddles: Cannibals are a common occurrence in riddles, most often as a potential obstacle or threat standing in the protagonist's way. Occasionally the audience will be tasked with finding said cannibal, which often involves them using bones or body-parts in some way.
  • ERB YTP: A World Gripped in Terror by Aldrivers, Devourer of Cos (which is the third chapter of eight parts) has Joan Rivers being reported doing this to her slaves after they finished building her castle of darkness at the North Pole by Elon Musk. She then later turns up to interrupt his news broadcast to eat him, starting by biting off his groin. It's also implied she ate Mark Zuckerberg, who was for some reason near Elon Musk.


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