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  • Adventurers:
    • Gala Sarisse is considered to be one of the best bow characters and one of the most broken Fire DPS adventurers in the game. For starters, she has both 100% stun and sleep immunity, making her one of the most versatile DPS adventuers in the game that makes her viable in both High Midgardsormr and Imperial Onslaught respectfully. On top of that, her first skill fires additional shots to enemies in front of her based on how many buffs stacked onto her and a synergistic 2nd skill that boosts her party's strength and also defense if used for a second time. She also have the highest HP of all adventurers, beating out even the Lightning Bruiser Julietta. On top of that, she even abilities that synergizes with her kit such as increased buff time and increased user strength and critical rate for every 20 hit-combo. Considering the Fire element tends to lack strong ranged DPS adventurers, she arguably considered the best ranged Fire DPS adventurers the Fire element can get.
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    • Marth. He's the closest character to being Merlin-level Game Breaker in Dragalia Lost, as he's built specifically for High Midgardsormr (since he has 100% stun resistance), but to another level. For starters, his second skill, Fire Emblem, not only deals a huge amount of damage to the opponent, but if it connects, he buffs the team based on the current Skill Shift. While the first phase only buffs his attack, the second and third phase boosts the entire team's strength and the third phase also increase the attack rate of his allies in addition to the strength buff (meaning attacks will have less lag time). Being a Sword user, he's can already break the Overdrive gauge pretty easily and having an attack rate boost will allow him to break it even faster. His passive, Last Boost, is even better, as when his health drops below 30%, he charges the entire team's skill gauge fully. Since High Midgardsormr's first attack is an HP check skill that will most likely drop his health below 30%, he'll end up fully charging his party's skills after that attack, meaning a character that doesn't have a built in Skill Prep ability like Verica can use their heals immediately without needing to equip any Skill Prep wyrmprints. Oh, and he isn't going to die that easily, as his first skill, Flickering Flames, happens to be a self-sustain skill that doubles as an attack.
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    • Yaten may shift between either The Workaholic or Lazy Bum in story, but he's an outright Lightning Bruiser. His S1, Festival Rush is a charging attack that slices anything in his way with 4 hits and gives a stack of Energy. His S2, Bold Blade is a buff that gives up to TWO Energy to the party. When he has 5 energy, Festival Rush turns into Festival Blade which does an additional 6 hits and racks up the damage to the point he's been such a boon in Nightmare Shishimai.
  • Dragons:
    • Phoenix is considered to be one of the best dragons in the game due to her insanely powerful HP regeneration skill, which restores a massive amount of HP to everyone in the party and continues to heal them for that same amount for several seconds. Even if her special skill is nerfed along with other healing skills during raid battles, it still heals a substantial amount, which makes her invaluable for the higher difficulties. And to top it off, she's a 4-star dragon, which means she is not subject to the incredibly low rates of the 5-star gacha, making her a bit easier to obtain.
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    • Ifrit, Vodyanoy, Roc, Lindworm, and Juggernaut, the 4-star strength dragons, give a good 30% boost to Strength for their respective elements (45% when fully unbound, outperforming even the 5-star Strength dragons!), and have very good stats for their rarities, making them more accessible alternatives to players who don't have rare 5-star dragons.
    • Marishiten is one of the best dragons in the game, aside from offering a hefty 40% Strength boost to Shadow units (60% when fully unbound), her dragon skill inflicts the powerful Bleed ailment, which is completely unresisted by all enemies so far, and boasts fantastic range on all of her attack strings. Problem is, she's a limited dragon, which limits her accessibility considerably.
    • Freyja is an incredible Wind dragon whose skill is a powerful HP regeneration on par with Phoenix's, on top of granting a full 5 energy stacks to the entire party, which lets them deal boosted damage with their skills. She also grants a hefty 25% boost to Skill Haste (35% when fully unbound) and a decent 20% boost to HP (30% at MUB), making her absolutely fantastic for Wind healers, as it lets them charge their healing skills much faster.
  • Wyrmprints:
    • Heralds of Hinomoto is one of the best 5* wyrmprints, as it gives the character 20% Skill damage and 4% Skill Haste (capped at 30% skill damage and 6% skill Haste when fully unbound), making it one of the best wyrmprints to equip on a damage dealing character. In fact, when Eastern Embassaries banner was featured again late May 2019 with wyrmprints being available at the shop, many players were quick to spend their Eldwater to obtain extra copies of this wyrmprint and use their Golden Keys to max unbound it, since it's a limited time wyrmprint.
    • Jewels of the Sun is a viable alternative for a Skill Haste wyrmprint, as it bestows the player 5% Skill Haste and HP 70% or above = 5% strength (8% Skill Haste and HP 70% or above = 10% strength).
    • Chocolatiers is very comparable to Fate/Grand Order's Kaleidscope, as it bestows the player 100% Skill Prep when max unbound, meaning any character that doesn't have a natural Skill Prep passive can immediately use their skills when equipped with this wyrmprint. The only downside is that it is a limited wyrmprint from the Valentine's event.
    • Levin's Champion is another strong wyrmprint to equip on any Blade and Dagger character note  or any character that relies on critical damage, as it grants the player +6% Critical Rate (+10% Critical Rate max unbound) when at least 70% HP or above and a natural +10% Critical Damage (+15% when max unbounded)

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