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    Gala Adventurers 
  • Gala Sarisse sets the bar for Gala adventurers, as she is considered to be one of the best flame bow characters and one of the most broken Flame DPS adventurers in the game when she was released. For starters, she has both 100% stun and sleep immunity, making her one of the most versatile DPS adventuers in the game that makes her viable in both High Midgardsormr and Imperial Onslaught respectively and especially against Volk due to him afflicting both statuses. On top of that, her first skill fires additional shots to enemies in front of her based on how many different buffs are stacked onto hernote  and a synergistic 2nd skill that boosts her party's strength and then defense if used for a second time. She also has the 12th highest HP of all ranged adventurers. On top of that, she even has passive abilities that synergizes with her kit such as increased buff time, increased user strength and critical rate for every 20 hit-combo and an increase to energy for every 20-hit combo which all work amazing with her first skill. Considering the Flame element tended to lack strong ranged DPS adventurers until Mana spirals were released, she is arguably considered the one of the best ranged DPS adventurers the Flame element can get. She has, however, suffered from Power Creep with Mana Spiral Xania and Chelsea in terms of raw damage, but she is still relevant in Volk Agito fights, as her dual resistance allows her to be very versatile in this fight (especially when taking the red and green bombs that inflict stun and sleep respectively providing that she doesn't get plagued).
  • Gala Cleo is flat out Merlin-level broken, considered to be one of the best adventurers in the game thanks to her Magical Modification ability and skills. To start with after she uses her Ancient Ray skill, which hits 3-5 times depending on which phase of skill shift it's on for a lot of damage, her next force strike creates a buff field that substantially boosts the strength of everyone inside it by 25%, and can stack with other buff fields. Her second skill, Faith of the Elders, first decreases the defense of any enemies hit by 10% for 20 seconds; then an additional 5% decrease to strength the next time you use the skill and after a third time you use the skill provides continuous healing for 15 seconds. Combined with a 100% resistance to Blindness and Paralysis, a free 100% skill prep and a Shinobi, any content involving light enemies will shatter like glass. Her damage output is so absurd, she was even more effective at some non-light content than superior element teams, e.g. some High Dragon trials were done faster with 4 Gala Cleos then the best of their respective elemental weaknesses, such as a full water team against High Brunhilda. It was to a point where endgame content, for a period, introduced mechanics to counter Gala Cleo tactics or came with absurd amounts of HP so enemies wouldn't melt as quickly, and quite possibly the entire existence of the Mana Spiral system to help other Shadow adventurers to catch up to her.
  • Gala Euden. His first skill grants a 20% Strength boost along with hitting everything in a large area around him, which works great with his second skill Exalted Glory, which buffs both his team's attack and defense, inflicts paralysis, and grants the Shield buff to everyone as well. He also increases Dragon damage and the amount of time in shapeshift, and a 20 second passive regeneration buff for every shapeshift as his Co-Ability and Co-Ability Chain respectively, along with an ability that slows the rate the dragon gauge depletes as well as buffing the attack speed of the dragon as well, and gets an ability that grants a dragon charge if they drop to 30% health during a quest. Basically put he is built around using dragons and uses them he does.
  • Gala Alex manages to rival Gala Cleo in terms of sheer power. She sports a noticeably unique attack string, being notably much more fluid and consistent than the other sword users. With two Punisher passives (Reduced defense and poison), she's guaranteed to dish out massive damage very quickly, with the unique way her skills charge up (she has a gauge that fills up to 3, letting her use her skills up to 3 times in rapid succession), as well as an incredibly fast charge rate on both of them. And just like Gala Cleo, Gala Alex is so powerful that she sees a lot of use in off-element content. The only true drawback when using her is learning how to make the most out of her immense damage potential.
  • Laxi may well have been one of the worst Flame units released in the game to date, due to a combination of a Glass Cannon build and an unfavorable second ability that locks the user in place to heal when past a certain HP threshold. Gala Laxi, however, lets these robots prove they can be part of the Flame creme de la creme too (and that they're most definitely not a coat rack.) They sport two attack strings, both with a long range; one, used by simply mashing the screen, delivers faster damage, and the other, activated by tapping when a spark flashes in their first combo, hits the same amount of times, but doesn't teleport onto the enemy, and gives higher SP gain and charge gauge fill. Their second gimmick is the charge gauge, which grants a 20% boost to defense and 15% boost to skill damage and strength when it's all the way filled. While these don't seem like much, but with the sheer amount of times they'll be hitting, those relatively tiny buffs make a world of difference. They also have the Critical Frenzy ability, which eventually ramps up to a 12% increase in critical rate and a whopping 40% increase in critical damage; given the blistering speed of both of her attack strings, this should be easy as pie. But the real cake topper here is Eden Mode. For 20 seconds they summon Fig, which attacks a whopping three times a second, turning what would normally just be a blazing fast attack string into a stream of nigh-constant damage. It also dramatically powers up their skills. Code 14: Conviction is turned into Eden Code 5: Gevurah, which turns it into a flurry of heavy-hitting slashes that inflict burning. Eden Mode 1 is transformed into Eden Code 1: Keter, which brings a ga-Laxi's worth of pain to whatever it hits, plain and simple. Overall, they're a mean machine that can even manage to squeak past Marth in terms of DPS. As an added bonus, they have the dual resistances common to all Gala adventurers, which means that they're viable in all Wind content.

    Collab-Exclusive Adventurers 
  • Marth. He's the closest character to being Merlin-level Game Breaker in Dragalia Lost, as he's built specifically for High Midgardsormr (since he has 100% stun resistance), but to another level. For starters, his second skill, Fire Emblem, not only deals a huge amount of damage to the opponent, but if it connects, he buffs the team based on the current Skill Shift. While the first phase only buffs his attack, the second and third phase boosts the entire team's strength and the third phase also increase the attack rate of his allies in addition to the strength buff (meaning attacks will have less lag time). Being a Sword user, he's can already break the Overdrive gauge pretty easily and having an attack rate boost will allow him to break it even faster. His passive, Last Boost, is even better, as when his health drops below 30%, he charges the entire team's skill gauge fully. Since High Midgardsormr's first attack is an HP check skill that will most likely drop his health below 30%, he'll end up fully charging his party's skills after that attack, meaning a character that doesn't have a built in Skill Prep ability like Verica can use their heals immediately without needing to equip any Skill Prep wyrmprints. Oh, and he isn't going to die that easily, as his first skill, Flickering Flames, happens to be a self-sustain skill that doubles as an attack.
    • Post Mana Spiral he's gotten even better, to start: His skills not only got the standard damage boost but now his first skill causes the burn status, his second skill now also deals more damage against burned foes. Given the current Meta for flame often revolves around burning and dealing more damage against burning enemies he fits in perfectly. His Last Boost ability can now activate twice in a quest, he gets potent stun resistance and his flurry devastation now only needs a 10 hit combo instead of a 15 hit combo. Thanks to all these buffs he is currently the strongest Flame adventurer in the game as of this writing.
  • Veronica can, with her Mana Spiral, even out damage GALA GLEO of all people. Gespent dealing absolutely ludicrous amounts of damage when she's low on HP combined with a PERMANENT 30% skill damage buff the first time she hits 30% HP leads to unfair amounts of burst damage, especially after tanking HJP's opening blast.note  Furthermore, Nosferatu is an incredibly potent damaging skill that heals, meaning not only can she sustain herself, she can reliably heal herself out of the red zone after damaging down to activate Last Destruction. She also has skill charge, filling all skill gauges by 5% whenever she uses a skill, leading to skill chains, and this is without factoring in that Gespent charges itself by 20% if used above 50% HP (at the cost of 10% HP, which is good for making Gespent do even more damage). Her ability to burst down targets like HJP and unload unfair amounts of skill damage makes her one of the only units in the game capable of rivaling Gala Gleo.
  • Hunter Sarisse has quickly become one of the best water units in the game. To start with, thanks to Bow Expertise she gets a Force Strike that decreases the targets strength by 15% for ten seconds (but it doesn’t stack), has multiple charges to increase its power, and a 20-30% increase to force strike damage. Her first skill deals water damage ahead of her and increases the damage of her next Force strike by 60-100%. Her second skill increases her force strike charge speed by 20-30%. Together with a rare 100% Burn resistance, she can quickly demolish Overdrive gauges from Flame bosses like Brunhilda and Ayaha & Otoha without breaking a sweat.note  It has gotten to the point where Master High Brunhilda teams opt to run two Hunter Sarisses instead of two Lilies. She has also gotten better with the 6* Agito weapon, as the critical hit rate buff from the weapon allows her force strikes to critical hit even more often.
  • Tiki. While her co-ability of increased Standard Attack damage synergizes well with adventurers who use standard attacks a lot like Pipple, Valerio and Lily, she is also a hard-hitting monster. While her human form isn't as impressive, she has her own unique "Divine Dragon form" that synergizes well with her co-ability, as her standard attack combo hits very hard in her dragon form. Her first skill in her Dragon form, Breath of Fog, inflicts large amount of damage to enemies and inflict frostbite. Her second skill in Dragon form, Divine Dragon Blow, inflicts even larger amount of damage on frostbitten enemies. Not only that, she's also incredibly tanky in her dragon form, as any damage taken is reduced by 50%, meaning she can effectively tank several of powerful attacks from High Brunhilda and Ayaha & Otoha. The downside is that dragon related wyrmprints do not affect her since her Divine Dragon form isn't exactly shapeshift (more closer to the "dragondrive" mechanic on some adventurers), it takes a while to build up her dragon form, doesn’t benefit from the Dracoliths 50% dragon damage boost and she can’t use weapon or shared skills while in divine dragon form. But when she's in her Divine Dragon form, she'll be a hard hitting machine. This means she benefits more with critical hit damage wyrmprints (i.e. The Prince of Dragonyule and Levin's Champion) and Critical Hit Class dragons (i.e. Dragonyule Jeanne and Nimis) thanks to her co-ability and her Divine Dragon form, and greatly benefits from the 6* Water Agito weapon with the critical hit rate buff.
  • Peony is bar none one of the best buffers in the whole game. Her first skill Flower of Joy not only deals damage and paralyzes but it also has a skill shift, the second time using the skill increases her defense by 10% for 10 seconds, and on the third use it increases the entire parties attack by 10% for 10 seconds. Her second skill, Gentle Dream deals more damage against paralyzed foes but also increases her entire teams attack and attack rate by 10% each, and as detailed below Attack Rate up is a Game-Breaker of a buff. She also gives a passive 20% increase to Light damage thanks to her co-ability making it a must have on any light adventurers. But her claim to fame is her first ability Aid of the Ljósálfar, which grants a 20% Life shield to all allies and causes the Empowering Dreams effect every time she uses her second skill. Empowering Dreams causes different five effects: it increases the teams strength and attack rate by 10%, defense by 20%, adds 5% to shadow resistance and increases movement speed by 5% all for 10 seconds. But the biggest one, upon Peony using a force strike she will, excluding herself, increase the teams first skill’s gauge by 40%. The only downside is that the buffs don’t stack, and they take 20 seconds before all of these effects can be reapplied. But the sheer utility makes Peony a must have for anyone who has her.

    Other Adventurers 
  • Halloween Mym. Not only does she retain all of her Gala self's basic abilities, she now possesses new, more powerful skills that benefit the whole team. The first skill deals flame damage and creates a 10 second debuff zone that lowers enemy defenses by up to 15%. Her second skill boosts the strength of flame adventurers for 15 second, while increasing her own critical rate by 5% with a special effect known as "Dream Boost". The same skill also increases her dragon form's strength while Dream Boost is active. She also now has a defense buff in dragon form as opposed to her Gala variant's strength buff, meaning she can't be forced out of dragon form by enemies easily, which when combined with the Dream Boost effect, effectively results in a much tougher dragon shift. Lastly, she boasts a brand new co-op ability that increases the team's critical damage modifier up to a whopping 30%. All this combined potentially results in both a Gala-strength level unit and a powerful DPS flame attuned team. The only downsides to Halloween Mym are the lack of Shapeshift extend and the high SP cost of her Skills, which can both be easily mitigated via the meta's most commonly used Wyrmprints.
  • Mitsuhide is one of the Light elements best adventurers with an incredibly synergistic kit with a focus on paralysis and combos. Her first skill Mouse’s Revenge not only hits up to 12 times but it can also cause paralysis. This skill alone synergies with her first and third ability perfectly, as they increase strength by 20% when the combo count is 15 or more and deals more damage against paralyzed enemies respectively. Her second skill Calamity Drop not only deals damage but increases her attack rate by 10% for 10 seconds, which, while a small value is an incredible assist because Attack rate up is a Game-Breaker of a status already due to it increasing how fast the user attacks and by proxy how fast their skill will recharge. In addition it deals 50% more damage when her combo count is over 30 and being a second skill on a dagger user means she’ll definitely be at that point when she’s able to use the skill. Combine with the classic Dagger crit rate up Co-ability and a rare Combo time up Chain Co-ability and she’ll be dealing damage as easy as she sleeps.
  • Pipple. This utterly adorable living vegetable quickly proves himself to be one of the best Water adventurers in the game, easily rivaling Hunter Sarisse. He has no damaging skills, having a defensive buff as his first skill, and a party wide energy booster as his second skill, but instead he packs the punch with his standard attacks, thanks to his first passive more than doubling the potency of his standard attacks. His third passive boosts his strength and critical rate up to an impressive 40% and 15%, respectively, depending on his energy levels. And since he lacks damaging skills, he gets to keep the powerful attack buffs throughout the quest once he's at max energy! That's not even getting into how well he synergizes with Wyrmprints like Odd Sparrows (provides a strength and an HP regen buff when a defense up buff is cast), further boosting his damage potential. Add Tiki's co-ability of increasing Standard Attack damage, and he'll become a hard-hitting monster with basic attacks. And the best part? He's only a 4-star adventurer, making him easier to pull than the other premier Water units. Pipple got even better when the Water Agito weapons were released, since their weapon skill alternates between a defense boost and a critical rate boost, which fit Pipple perfectly, and since Agito weapon skills charge very quickly, Pipple can trigger the doublebuff abilities of Wyrmprints even faster, which also makes Pipple more viable as an AI controlled adventurer.
  • Mitsuba is an impressive Critical Hit Class adventurer for her element with her two unique stances each bringing something incredibly useful for not only herself but her team. Her first skill Chef's Special is simple, it causes frostbite when in Sashimi stance or deals more damage against enemies against frostbitten enemies when in Tempura stance. Her second skill Hearty Helping buffs the entire teams critical rate by 10% and increases inspiration by two stages while in Sashimi stance, while in Tempura stance increases critical damage by 50% and increases inpiration by three stages. Inspiration works similarily to energy, when five stacks are gotten the user will instead be energized and their next skill will be a guaranteed crit. However, unlike Energy, which increases skill damage/healing by 50%, crits increase damage by 70% before factoring in any other outside buffs like Critical damage, and being a Dagger adventurer she has Critical Rate as a Co-Ability meaning she isn't forced to rely on inspiration for her crit's. Her Tempura stance also carries amazing SP gain so long as her combo is above 20, and thanks to Mitsuba being a dagger she can keep her combo up as easy as breathing. Speaking of comboing she also has Flurry strength as her ability 1, increasing her strength by 20% when her combo is above 15, and has Combo Time as an ability, letting her keep her combo counter up without issue. Bring along an adventurer that can cause a lot of frostbite like spiraled Xainfried, Fjorm, Lilynote , and Tikinote  while staying in Tempura stance and she'll become, bar none, the most powerful Water adventurer in the game, an element that is severely lacking in personal dps. Heck, she's even a major linchpin in cheese comps when against Ayaha & Otoha thanks to her sheer damage output.
  • Grace isn't as flashy as other Adventurers on this list, but she still has her uses. She's a rare breed of Staff user; one that doesn't specialize in healing her allies. To compensate for this, her skills grant a special shield called a Life Shield. Normal shields only nullify one attack that's less than a certain percentage of an ally's health, making them pretty useless in most boss fights for multiple reasons. However, a Life Shield is different; it basically gives the ally it was bestowed upon a metric ton of extra health, without having to suffer that pesky side-effect of certain Adventurers' efficacy falling if they go below a (usually very high) HP threshold. She can allow the two Shadow Dragondrive Adventurers, Bellina and Aldred,note  to pummel away at the enemy with pumped-up DPS without fear of keeling over, and she can allow Nefaria to keep her damage top-notch due to it relying on her being at full health. She's proven herself to be so hardy and versatile that she sees use in off element content such as High Mercury.
  • Forte has a dragon focused kit similar to Lathna, but more superior. First, her first skill, Dragonbrood Demonspear, is almost similar to Lathna with a poison punisher damage effect, but has a shorter animation frame, meaning her DPS output is significantly higher than Lathna. Her second skill, Flawless Formation, grants herself a 20% strength boost for 15 seconds and can reposition herself during the attack by changing direction, allowing her to avoid certain unavoidable attacks during the animation frame. Furthermore, both of her skills help fill her dragon gauge thanks to her own passive, allowing her shapeshift sooner than later. Unlike Lathna, most of her damage isn't dependent on poison. This is because she also has a Dragon Claws chain co-ability, which permanently grants herself strength up whenever she shapeshifts, meaning she does extremely well in longer-sustained fights like Master Kai Yan since it is very easy for her to shapeshift three times. Thanks to Forte's more synergistic kit, she ends up dethroning Mana Spiral Lathna as the best Shadow lance shapeshift focused adventurer. note 

    Post-Mana Spiral Adventurers 
  • Xania, post spiral, has become the premier option for both Flame ranged adventurers and for applying the Burn status. Both of her skills now cause the burn status, and her second skill, Pyre blossom, also received a boost to its modifiers. Her first ability also went from a pretty good 20% skill damage to an impressive 35% skill damage with no strings attached. Give her a dragon like Apollo or Sakuya and just enjoy the big numbers from her skills.
  • Euden has become one of, if not the, best units for shape shifting. His first skill, Blazing Circlet, can now increase the dragongauge by 5% letting him become a dragon faster and can cause burn status, his second skill also causes a 5% defense debuff. He also gains Dragon Claws IV which after three shapeshifts gives a permanent 40% strength buff, and his worthless Player EXP skill becomes Dragon Dominance which lets him remove a buff off of an enemy while attacking in dragon form, making him the premier choice for Master High Midgardsormrnote  and both forms of Volk thanks to his sheer damage output.
  • Ezelith, once a Tier-Induced Scrappy, has become a deadly Glass Cannon. Her passive skill Flurry Debilitator becomes Flash of Genius, which will also increase her critical hit rate by 20% when she uses her first skill twice, this, in combination of both her active skills dealing not only more damage but also a defense debuff on her second skill and a free 10% critical rate with her Co-ability has quickly shot her into the DPS role she was supposed to be.
  • Nefaria, once one of the worst adventurers in the game thanks to her Crippling Overspecialization becomes one of the best after her Mana spiral. Her first skill, Night of Antiquity, now causes the poison status and deals more damage when used against Blind and poison enemies.note  Her second skill can now also dispel buffs and boasts Insane SP values, letting her fire her first skill off immediately giving her insane burst damage and because it takes a moment for her force strike to land she can fire Night of Antiquity, have it and the Twilight Oblivion-boosted Force Strike hit, dealing more damage because they were poisoned and/or blinded, and be able to use Night of Antiquity again because the gauge was technically empty when the Force Strike hit the foe; to that end, her best combo for burst damage is S2->FS->S1->S1. In addition, her Blindness punisher also became Blindness/Poison punisher. However her damage falls off the longer the fight goes on because enemies will eventually gain a resistance to poison and Blindness. But thanks to her sheer damage output the odds of the enemy surviving that long aren’t likely.
  • Lathna has become one of the best shapeshifters in the whole game with one of the best dragonforms in the whole game as of this writing. To start: both her first and second attacking skills now deal more damage against poisoned foes letting her deal great damage outside of Dragonform. Her first passive, The Faceless God III, is what makes her so amazing though. By default it causes her to always turn into Nyarlathotep, a passive regeneration effect that lasts for 20 seconds and now gives her a constant 15% damage boost against poisoned foes that stacks with her skills poison punisher effects. But when she shapeshifts her damage boost against poisoned foes goes from a decent 15% to 215% and has her dragonforms auto attacks and All-Encompassing Darkness skill deal more damage(it also still poisons). Bring her into a team with someone that causes poison like Delphinote , and can help boost her dragon gauge faster like Audric and just enjoy the true power that a dragon can bring. Unfortunately, several months later after her Mana Spiral was released, she was significantly power crept by Forte, another dragon focused Shadow lance adventurer who does almost the same thing Lathna does, but far better.
  • Hawk received a buff similar to Nefaria. His first skill, Savage Hawk, now deals extra damage against poisoned enemies along with stunned enemies. But unlike Nefaria who will only receive a lone bonus Hawk will receive two bonuses if they're both stunned and poisoned. His second skill also causes poison and has the insane SP gain that Nefaria has, and when using the skill a second time will deal wind damage in a straight line that deals more damage towards poisoned foes. He also has an increased chance of causing stun and poison status thanks to his first passive skill, which now no longer has an HP conditional meaning it’s always working and his third passive deals 40% more damage towards stunned and 30% more damage towards poisoned enemies. His sheer damage output was so insane he saw use in non-wind content like Master High Midgardsormr, High Zodiark and High Jupiter thanks to the stun. The only weaknesses he has is fights that last for to long because of enemies eventually gaining a resistance to statuses like stun and poison. But that’s only if they survive that long.
  • Vice after his spiral has become an amazing option for shadow with damage comparable to Gala Cleo. With respectable damage post spiral which increases to such a high number when the enemy is poisoned. His second skill is also rather unique, not only can it now cause Sleep status, it’ll also cause his next force strike to cause poison not only giving him a source of poison but it also means he won’t cause so much poison the enemy won’t be effected by it anymore. In addition, he also has a higher critical rate thanks to him being a dagger, but he’s also a rare Blindness resistant characternote 
  • Sylas once a Junk Rare becomes a premier all around support option for Wind content. His first skill not only deals more damage against poisoned enemies but now has a 50% chance to cause a massive 30% strength debuff. His second skills values have not only been increased; strength, and defense to 25% for 15 seconds each and increase max HP to 20% for the remainder of the quest. There’s also a chance for all the effects to activate at the same time while still filling the teams skill gauges by 30% and now removing any afflictions. His Last recovery ability will also now activate three times per quest and is a useful Freeze resistant character. It’s to a point where considered a major linchpin for Autoing Expert Cielle comfortably.
  • Karina after her Mana Spiral pushes her into to a self sufficient Lightning Bruiser. While's already decent on her own, her Mana Spiral pushes her buff scaling effects of her first skill, Raging Tide, further by adding Frostbite damage. Her second skill, Black Flag, however, also adds a defense buff of 30% for 30 seconds. This not only synergizes well with her her first skill, Raging Tide, where the damage is scaled on how many buffs the user has, it also synergizes well with her Healing Doublebuff passive, which triggers whenever the user receives a defense up buff (which her health regeneration buff lasts for 25 seconds), meaning she's guaranteed to have increased damage with her Raging Tide skill, and her being almost unkillable with both her defense buff from her Black Fang skill and her Healing Doublebuff passive. Given that the water element is filled with strong teamwide buffers such as Gala Elisanne, Pipple, and Eugene, this allows her to easily abuse the buff scaling damage with Raging Tide. Throw in the Odd Sparrows wyrmprint and Gala Elisanne's shared skill note , maybe even the Water Agito weapon and she'll be a hard-hitting machine while being almost unkillable unless she is burned, but even then, with the right set up it’s still possible to out heal the burn damage anyway. In fact, with the right setup, a team of four Karina’s with a lot of team buffs can even melt Ayaha & Otoha in Expert difficulty within 1-2 minutes.



     4-star Dragons 
  • Phoenix is considered to be one of the best dragons for healers in the game due to her insanely powerful HP regeneration skill, which restores a massive amount of HP to everyone in the party and continues to heal them for that same amount for several seconds. Even if her special skill is nerfed along with other healing skills during raid battles, it still heals a substantial amount, which makes her invaluable for the higher difficulties. And to top it off, she's a 4-star dragon, which means she is not subject to the incredibly low rates of the 5-star gacha, making her a bit easier to obtain.
  • Ifrit, Vodyanoy, Roc, Lindworm, and Juggernaut, the 4-star strength dragons, give a good 30% boost to Strength for their respective elements (45% when fully unbound, outperforming even the Gen 1 5-star Strength dragons!), and have very good stats for their rarities, making them more accessible alternatives to players who don't have rare 5-star dragons.

     5-star Dragons 
  • Marishiten is one of the best dragons in the game, aside from offering a hefty 40% Strength boost to Shadow units (60% when fully unbound), her dragon skill inflicts the powerful Bleed ailment, which is completely unresisted by all enemies so far, and boasts fantastic range on all of her attack strings. She pairs exceptionally well with Ieyasu and Botan, two Dark-attribute Blade and Trident adventurers, respectively, who also specialize in inflicting Bleed. The only caveat is that she's mainly limited to the New Year's Tidings: Fortune From Afar summon pools, which limits her accessibility considerably.
  • To a slightly lesser extent Agni, Cerberus, Cupid, Leviathan and Zephyr are all Amazing dragons, each boasting a hefty 40-60% Strength boost to their respective elements. Despite the powercreep when it comes to dragons these six are still great options for any adventurer. In addition:
    • Agni’s skill deals massive damage in an area ahead of him.
    • Cerberus skill lets her deal damage to a target and any nearby enemies with a 5% attack and defense debuff.
    • Cupid’s skill can heal the whole party and increase the party's critical hit rate by 20-25% for 15 seconds along with an attack combo that hits for half a stage away and homes onto a target.
    • Leviathan’s skill can hit in a Gigantic area and afflict Bog status decreasing defense and slowing any enemies hit by 50% each along with one of the best attack combos in the whole game.
    • Zephyr’s skill can deal massive damage in an AOE around him and possibly stun any survivors.
  • Fatalis, AC-011 Garland, Daikokuten, and Andromeda boast some of the most powerful passive skills of any Dragon as of this writing. Each of them are able to increase their respective adventurers' Strength by a colossal 80% at MUB. However, they do have to be played in a certain way to get said 80% strength buff.
    • Fatalis can increase any Shadow adventurers strength by 25-30% and any adventurers strength by 45-50% no matter the element making Fatalis amazing for adventures who deal their damage via auto attacks or force strikes like Durant and Linnea. But shapeshifting will cause a curse status that'll remain for the rest of the quest.note 
    • Daikokuten will increase the Strength of any Light adventurers by 45-55%, but the remaining 20-25% strength can only be utilized when your combo count is at 15 or higher meaning slower attacking weapons like axes will struggle a bit while daggers and swords will shine.note 
    • AC-011 Garland will increase any Wind adventurers Strength by 35-50%, but the last 30% can only be gotten so long as you don't get knocked back from an enemy attack. He also gives a one time shield that will nullify any damage taken so long as it would have dealt less then 30%-40% of their Health. However if you can get past those hurdles then you'll have a powerful dragon available.
    • Andromeda will increase the strength of shadow adventurers by 30-40% by default, but the remaining 20-40% can only be gotten when the adventurer she is equipped to is below 30% HP. A position of health few adventurers want to actively be in just due to the risk of fainting or some passive skills with a few exceptions. However in exchange she’ll also give a massive 75-100% defense buff effectively doubling their defense making her the best dragon for adventurers like Valentines Addis, Belina and Aldred.
  • Freyja is an incredible Wind dragon whose skill is a powerful HP regeneration on par with Phoenix's, on top of granting a full 5 energy stacks to the entire party, which lets them deal boosted damage or healing with their skills. She also grants a hefty 25% boost to Skill Haste (35% when fully unbound) and a decent 20% boost to HP (30% at MUB), making her absolutely fantastic for Wind healers, as it lets them charge their healing skills much faster.
    • In a similar vain, Halloween Maritimus and Azazel both boast the same ability but for Water, and Shadow element respectively, making them great for supporters such as Patia, Grace (another Game-Breaker on this page), and both Ellisane and her Gala counterpart. In addition, Halloween Maritimus’ skill not only heals the party but also creates a Buff zone that increases skill damage by 20-30%. Azazel deals damage, causes the poison status and increases damage dealt against poisoned foes for the entire team by 10-15% with his skill.
  • Mini Mids and Mini Zodi while not as great as the above dragons, do have one thing going for them: Their buff is granted no matter what element the user is, making them a good welfare dragon as the +30% to both HP and Strength is a blessing in late game content.
  • Konohana Sakuya, Siren, Vayu, and Shinobi, the skill damage dragons, boast some of the highest damage in the game. While they only boost strength by 10% (20% when fully unbound), they also boost skill damage by 70% (90% at MUB), causing offensive skills to easily overpower the 5-star strength dragons. Shinobi in particular has a skill that damages the enemy and fully energizes the entire team. While their focus on offensive skills means they're not the best fit for every adventurer, adventurers with fast charging attack skills will become absolute powerhouses when teamed up with these dragons.
  • Since he was introduced in the Monster Hunter: Primal Crisis (Part II) summon, Dreadking Rathalos quickly grabbed the title of one of the strongest Flame dragons in the game. To start with, he gives a 45-55% strength bonus to Adventurers of the same Element; at MUB, that's a mere 5% weaker than older Flame 5-star dragons like Agni & Cerberus, and a 50-60% increase to force strike damage. This unique skill is already amazing: then there’s his second skill, which increases the user's skill gauge by 20-30% when their Force Strike connects. These abilities are wonderful boons on their own; together, they're absolutely divine. He has incredibly good synergy with Flame-attuned adventurers that benefit with good force strike kits (especially the ones that have access to Mana Spirals), such as Sword users (Euden, Naveed, Karl, Marth, and of course, Hunter Berserker)note , some Blade users such as Aoi and Nobunaga (with the later having a unique force strike gimmick of dispelling buffs), and even some bow users such as Chelsea and Joe (a weapon type that traditionally had bad force strikes). His only real drawbacks are a decrease to the rate his user depletes a boss's Overdrive gauge (though, with his sheer damage output, this isn't something that will be very noticeable) and him being Limited with a high probability of not reappearing again.
  • Gaibhne & Creidhne. Despite their silly appearance, these two dragons are quite powerful. To start: their abilities are 40-45% Strength and Skill Recharge 25-35%. At first the strength value is just the same as 4 star dragon Vodyanoy; but with their second ability, when an Adventurer uses one of their skills, they get a free 25-35% skill prep every time. This may not seem like much, but because you’ll need to attack less to fill up the skill gauge, this lets you fire off your skills much, much faster, rocketing everyone's DPS through the roofnote . This makes them great for any Water adventurers that specialize in buffs or debuffs, but also want to deal a ton of damage, like both Elisanne and her Gala version, Xainfried, Lily, or Lazry. In addition, their Skill also creates a buff zone that increases the skill gauge of any adventurers inside it for 10 seconds, allowing for even more rapid fire Skill hijinks.
  • Dragonyule Jeanne, she is a very powerful Water dragon for many Water DPS units that rely on critical damage (like blades and axes) or those who rely on basic attacks (Pipple and Tiki) or force strikes (Monster Hunter Sarisse) since she bestows the adventurer 45% strength and 20% critical rate when max unbounded, allowing their attacks to critical hit more often. Her dragon attack also inflicts freeze, which is a nice small bonus in hard fights. The only downside is that she's a limited dragon, meaning players can only pull her around the Christmas time.
  • Nimis is a far more accessible alternative to Dragonyule Jeanne since, while his dragon skill isn't that impressive, the 45% strength and 55% critical damage boost makes up for it, and he's a more viable replacement for Dragonyule Jeanne should the player manage to get a 6* Agito weapon that bestows the player critical hit rate, especially with characters with strong Force Strike damage (Monster Hunter Sarisse) or characters with strong basic attacks (Tiki and Pipple).
    Gala Dragons 
  • Gala Mars, the first Gala Dragon sets the bar for future Gala Dragons. To start: he gives a natural strength boost of 40-70% by default for Flame adventurers with no strings attached. He also gives an extra 20% strength so long as the adventurer he is equipped to has their HP above 50%, not hard at all to keep up. His dragon skill also gives an additional 15-20% strength buff for 20 seconds, that can be used twice like Pop star Siren can. Finally upon exiting his dragonform the skill gauges of the adventurer he is equipped to is increased by an impressive 50-100%. His dragonform is also pretty darn good as well and is well worth staying in even without the skill. He's considered so good that he leaves nearly every Flame dragon save for Phoenix in the dust!note 
  • Gala Cat Sith is just downright insane. To start: Thanks to her first ability she gives a natural 120-180% skill damage boost in a stack of 15, which is double what the Game-Breaker Shinobi gives at MUB. Using any attacking skills decreases the stack by one and in order to increase it back up one of two things must be done: either get your combo to a multiple of 30 or 25 at MUBnote  which will increase the stack by 1 or by exiting her dragonform, which will increase the stack by 5 or 8 at MUB. And it's MULTIPLICATIVE making each skill deals even more damage then what’s listed meaning she’s amazing right out the box without a single unbound. Her skill hits 32 times and just as an added bonus she can cause the sleep status just by using normal attacks. Her only weaknesses is that despite having modifiers stronger then Leviathan her dragonform’s auto attacks isn’t very strong due to the lack of a strength buff and not everyone will benefit from her as much such as adventurers who don't use skills to damage the enemy like Patia (who functions as a Support Party Member and would prefer Azazel for his Skill haste ability or even Nidhogg), Linnea, or Durant (which the latter two would prefer Fatalis instead since Linnea's kit is built around her own force strikes while Durant is built around basic attacks), or Gala Alex who burns through the stacks too fast to recharge it via combo's (though when she still has at least three stacks, the skills she uses hit like trucks.)



  • Heralds of Hinomoto is one of the best general use 5* wyrmprints, as it gives the character 20% Skill damage and 4% Skill Haste (capped at 30% skill damage and 6% skill Haste when fully unbound), making it one of the best wyrmprints to equip on a damage dealing character. In fact, when Eastern Embassaries banner was featured again late May 2019 with wyrmprints being available at the shop, many players were quick to spend their Eldwater to obtain extra copies of this wyrmprint and use their Golden Keys to max unbound it, since it's a limited time wyrmprint.
  • Jewels of the Sun is a viable alternative for a Skill Haste wyrmprint, as it bestows the player 5% Skill Haste and HP 70% or above = 5% strength (8% Skill Haste and HP 70% or above = 10% strength).
  • Chocolatiers is very comparable to Fate/Grand Order's Kaleidscope, as it bestows the player 100% Skill Prep when max unbound, meaning any character that doesn't have a natural Skill Prep passive can immediately use their skills when equipped with this wyrmprint. The downside was that it was a limited Wyrmprint from the Valentine's event and at the time, the only way to get this Wyrmprint was through summoning making it heavily sought after. It became easier to obtain in its 2019 re-run due to Wyrmprints being purchasable in the shop and the 2020 rerun made it permanently available, ensuring that everyone has a chance of obtaining it.
  • Levin's Champion is another strong wyrmprint to equip on any Axe or Dagger character note  or any character that relies on critical damage, as it grants the player +6% Critical Rate (+10% Critical Rate max unbound) when at least 70% HP or above and a natural +10% Critical Damage (+15% when max unbounded)
  • Resounding Rendition is considered to be one of the best Wyrmprints in the game. It gives the equipped character an impressive 20-30% Skill damage and an HP 70% = Critical Rate 5-8%. At first it seems to just be a side grade to Heralds of Hinomoto but the HP 70% = Critical Rate 5-8% is what puts it ahead. Crits do an extra 70% damage and even the 8% increase to that rate is enough to push it to one of the best Wyrmprints in the game for a significant portion of the adventurers in the game.
  • United by One Vision is an amazing wyrmprint if you can keep the whole party alive. It increases the strength of any adventurer by 8% when HP is 70% or above, already pretty good. Then there's the second effect, an increase to the skill gauge fill rate by 2%, 6%, or 8% depending on if there's one, two, or three adventures alive. However it is available for the Fractured Futures Event, and after a single character is defeated it loses it effectiveness.
  • Give Me Your Wounded is one of the best Wyrmprints for healers. It can increase Recovery Potency by 8-13% and a Full HP = Defense 15-20% buff making it an amazing combination to help support any allies and keep them alive.
  • For healing Helpers such as H!Lowen or Verica Auspex’s Prayer is the best wyrmprint for them. Granting an impressive 20% recovery potency when you’re at full health, and because the mechanics of helpers mean that they’re always at full health this wyrmprint is practically built for them.
  • Odd Sparrows is a unique print that’s worthless outside of certain team comps but amazing within those comps. By itself it gives an impressive Healing Doublebuff which gives you a free regeneration of 1-3% of your total HP for 20 seconds and a Strength Doublebuff of 3-8% for 15 seconds. What’s the catch? It requires a defense buff from either a skill or a weapon to activate. Doublebuffs only activate if a defense buff has been used on the user in question. Without a defense buff it’s worthless. However bring along someone like Patia, Grace, Templar Hope or just about anyone who can bring a lot of defense buffs quickly. Then give this print to your whole party it is going to be much, much harder for them to die thanks to the sheer amount of Gradual Regeneration you’ll get. Mix it together with Valiant Crownnote  and just watch as your team refuses to die to anything outside of One-Hit Kill attacks while effortlessly defeating your opponents.
  • Me and My Bestie! is one that's made for Flame adventurers. Fully unbound, it gives 30% Burning damage while it always gives 1 energy charge each time a defensive buff is given. Considering how High Midgardsormr and Volk are played, this is basically a given.

    Shared Skills 
  • Durant's Biting Revenge skill is an amazing choice for any DPS such as the aforementioned Galex. It offers one of the highest Strength buffs in the game, at +40%, but decreases the user's Defense by 25% with an insane SP cost of over 14,000. While these drawbacks may seem like a tough pill to swallow, when used on an on-meta choice like Marth or Gleo, their damage output is greatly amplified, and they aren't horribly hampered by this due to being able to sustain themselves.
  • To a lesser extent than Durant’s skill, Karl's second skill Soul Ignition and Elisanne’s first skill Brave Bastion are both the most Boring, but Practical shared skills. At Level 3 they both increase the party’s attack by 20% for 15 seconds no matter what element they are. Soul Ignition has a cheaper SP cost than Brave Bastion meaning you can use it much faster. Brave Bastion, meanwhile, is available without the need for using Tomes which as of this writing are only available via real money.
    • Patia's first skill Sparrow's Guard at 70 Mana Spirals is also a good skill to share. While the party attack buff it offers is a bit lower (15% when compared to 20%), the skill point cost is also lower (5 when compared to 6 skill points). Not to mention, the 25% defense up buff is also a nice addition to the strength buff, especially when dealing with opening blasts from certain high dragon trials, certain Agito fights with unavoidable attacks (i.e. Volk and Ciella) or teams that use Doublebuffs to help keep their buffs active.
  • Ranzal's Tornado Bash post-Mana Spiral is a mainstay on many Adventurer builds. The skill has fairly high damage scaling, comes with a Status-Buff Dispel, which really helps adventurers who lack dispels, and can cause poison which is great for Wind and Shadow adventurers who have poison punisher but don’t have the ability to cause poison without outside help like Erik or Kirsty. Perhaps the best part is that unlike most other shared skills, Tornado Bash doesn’t need to be unlocked with tomes, which at the launch of the shared skill system were only available by purchasing Diamantium with real money.
  • Certain skills that give a hefty teamwide stat buff to certain elements are commonplace on endgame boss runs. Examples of these would be Emma’s Pom-Pom Pump (Flame/Strength buff), Gala Elisanne's Holy Accord (Water/Strength buff) or Templar Hope's Knight's Spirit (Wind/Defense buff.) While several of these Adventurers (save for the aforementioned Gala Elisanne) range from rather useless to horribly outclassed in the endgame, their skills most definitely aren't.
  • While their kits aren't as impressive as adventurers, the skills that Yue and Summer Luca share Wild Instinct and Summer Spirit bestow the user critical rate and attack rate respectively. Wild Instinct is more useful on many characters that are built around critical hits (most axe and blade adventurers) and is also useful for characters with self-sustain (i.e. Marth and Gala Cleo) since it also bestows the user lifesteal in exchange for significantly lower defense. Summer Spirit is also good on several characters that rely on maintaining their combo hit count (i.e. most Dagger users). Durant and Pipple, however, benefit with both of the said skills, as their kits are built around standard attacks and the increased critical rate and attack rate from the said respective skills will allow them to hit very hard with standard attacks (and the energize buff from Summer Spirit is a nice additional niche to Pipple). Since both skills cost 5 skill points, they can both be used at the same time even.
  • For more adventurers with strong dragon centric kits (i.e. Euden, Lathna, Forte, and Xainfried), many of these adventurers will benefit from Gala Mym's Dragon Claw, as it fills the character's dragon gauge and has relatively low SP cost and skill point cost for a shared skill.
    • To a lesser degree, Post-Spiral Euden’s Blazing Circlet also Fills the dragon gauge just with a smaller value, 3% compared to Gala Mym’s 5% and a higher SP cost, but in exchange can also cause burn making it useful for Adventurers who not only want to shape shift but also for adventurers who can’t cause burn such as Chrom, Ezelith, or Nobunaga. And it’s free!

  • The Shadow Agito weapons are bar none some of the best in the game. Not only do they have the highest stats in the game for Shadow weapons, their weapon skill is a permanent attack rate increase. Every single weapon benefits from a higher attack rate, since attacking faster increases damage output, fills skill gauges faster, and shortens skill animation. It doesn't help that the materials needed to make them are from Kai Yan, who's fairly easy to beat even on Expert due to how simple it is to exploit his Battleground ability against him. In fact, the Shadow Agito weapons are so strong that it's better to craft the Shadow weapon first over maxing the Shadow Tree facility instead (as opposed to the other way around for other elements where the element tree is prioritized over the weapon).

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