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As expected of a gacha game, there are several, but if you think you'll have easy access to them, you'll have to roll the gacha for them first and cross your fingers for the best.

Individual Servants

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  • Merlin is what happens when you really want an insanely powerful support servant. He provides 20% NP charge and 20% attack to the party with his first skill, his second skill is full party invulnerability, star gen up and enemy crit chance down with a moderate cooldown and the third skill provides 50% Buster up for 3 turns, 3000 Max HP increase and a staggering 100% Critical Damage bonus for a turn. He has a passive that generates 5% NP per turn and at NP1 provides 1000 healing, 5% NP charge and 5 critical stars to the party per turn for five turns. As a result, if you have two Merlins on the field you can have anywhere from four to six of his NP going at any one time. Believe it or not, his playable version actually comes after a nerf from the NPC Story Support in Babylonia, which also provided a 3000 direct heal on top of the heal per turn. As a result, he basically defined the metagame for a really long time, with various gimmicks seemingly targeted directly at stopping him, such as a Saber Alter Memorial Battle where she's programmed to attack Casters exclusively before any other target, or explicit Buster Card-resistance on some bosses. These things have considerably crippled him, but really, it's nothing too painful to deny the potential he offers. He brings the pain with superpowered Buster crits, and has great sustain to go with it. To top it off, unlike many of his fellow supports, he has great versatility, synergizing just fine within non-Buster Crit oriented teams, with his heavy sustain and NP charge working perfectly for enabling the Arts meta. He is so broken that he has extremely few pickups, and while he's one of the featured Servants during Summer 2019, players can only try and roll for him for three days. What few weaknesses he has are primarily the fact he's an Arts focused character, which can cause some card issues with Buster Servants, and that his party-wide NP battery isn't big enough to justify using two of him in farming, but even then he is still strong enough that even with other Caster supports released after being tailor made to support Quick and Arts cards, Merlin is still considered top tier, to the point that he's one of the few pure support focused characters pre-Caster Altria to not have been buffed at all.
  • While an Assassin might seem like a poor suit for a support servant (since that field has traditionally been dominated by elite Caster servants), Koyanskaya of Light is so horrifically strong that she overcomes this bias to carve a niche all her own. Part of this is due to her overblown kit, filled with literally anything a Buster servant could want. 50% NP Charge, a buff to increase a servant's NP gauge when they make an attack with a Buster card, Critical Star production... etc. But her final skill, "NFF Special A" is where she becomes incredibly strong. It's a traditional 50% Buster superbuff the likes of which are seen on Merlin and Nightingale, but hers comes with two powerful caveats- Buster Crit damage up (granted, it's about half as potent as Merlin's, but makes up for that by lasting for three turns while retaining the same cooldown) and Buster Card Star Absorption up by 5000%. The massive Star Weight gain on this buff alone opens up a ton of doors to all sorts rather insane party compositions, since many Buster servants lack the Critical Star weight to reliably hold onto Critical Stars. Hercules, Kintoki, Gorgon, and so on are now significantly more powerful via this buff, to say nothing of the traditional Buster Crit powerhouses like Jalter, Super Orion, Musashi, and First Hassan. Even better, Koyanskaya can actually drop all of these monstrous buffs onto herself, since she has a Buster AOE Noble Phantasm that charges her NP by 10% per level of overcharge. A Max-Limit Broken Kaleidoscope CE (or the second Append Skill which gives up to 20% starting charge paired with a normal K-scope) is all that's needed to suddenly take this overblown support and turn her into a veritable farmer in her own right, which means that Koyanskaya is arguably the first servant in FGO history that can completely support her entire gameplan singlehandedly. Most broken of all, her first skill also reduced the skill cooldown of its target by 2, allowing Buster AOE attackers with skills (most importantly NP charge skills) that had a cooldown of 6 turns of lower to use their skills twice in 1 run with 2 Koyanskayas, which means either double NP charge or double attack buffs, enabling them to either let off 3 NPs in a row reliably, supercharge their NPs and attacks with their own buffs twice, or even both. Even more so, unlike using Skadi or Castoria for Quick-farming and Arts-farming respectively where it's genuinely preferred to have three enemies on the field for NP gaining, using Koyanskaya for Buster looping doesn't require you to have three enemies on the field for three-turn farming. Whether it's singlehandedly letting the entire Buster meta farm efficiently or being a solid Buster omnifarmer herself, Koyanskaya is easily one of the best servants to be released in the entire 2021 run of the game and is a fantastic choice to roll for any account.
  • Altria Pendragon began life as one of the first SSR servants released, and remained as one of the worst for several years due to an underwhelming kit and lackluster damage. Beginning with the Cosmos in the Lostbelt content, DW slowly worked on buffing Altria several times over to match her in-universe Story-Breaker Power, and the results have landed her firmly on this page. While her first skill is a slightly underwhelming Charisma, her second two skills are excellent. In particular, her second skill, Dragon Reactor B, is a self Buster buff and NP damage up with the unique ability to turn all of her currently drawn facecards into Buster facecards, as demonstrated here. This makes her into one of the more reliable Buster servants in the game, and compliments her third skill, a 30% NP Charge and Critical Star gain. Lastly, her Noble Phantasm went from one of the weakest to being one of the strongest thanks to an NP Strengthening Quest, with an added bonus of giving her 20% NP charge at the first level of Overcharge. Her ability to generate 50% NP Charge in one turn all by herself is nothing to sneeze at, and her high compatibility with the best supports in the game made her into both a reliable farming servant and a dangerous Challenge Quest DPS all at the same time. And all of this got even better with the release of Koyanskaya of Light, with whom Altria synergizes with arguably the best among the myriad options available. All in all, Altria has come a long way from the bottom of the tier list, and her reliable, straightforward kit earns her a reputation as one of the most consistent and well-rounded servants in the game.
  • Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) was, for quite some time, considered the best overall damage dealer in the game. With her Avenger class packing a natural 1.1 damage modifier that is currently resisted by only Moon Cancer class, consisting of five Servants (BB, Summer BB, Ganesha, Summer Kiara, and Arcueid Brunestud), Jalter can actually hit harder than some servants even without class advantage thanks to having the highest attack stat in the game at 13,244. Being an Avenger, Jalter has several passives like increased crit damage and natural NP generation to set herself up, meaning she's surprisingly self-sufficient. In terms of skills, Jalter is basically the textbook ideal offensive servant, having a Charisma to boost her damage output, Self-Modification a skill that massively improves her already solid critical damage, and a Mana Burst that doubles as a defensive skill, offering invulnerability for the turn it is used. Her cards have good hitcount, solid NP generation and respectable star generation, and her Noble Phantasm is Buster type with a nifty side effect of blocking the first buff applied to the target. At the time of her release, Jeanne Alter was the gold standard of offensive servants, being able to quickly nuke down bosses regardless of class. The release of Merlin made her even stronger, and Jeanne Alter stayed as one of the best offensive servants years after her release until better options for single target Class Counter caught up to her, and even then she outdamages many of her contemporaries thanks to her Buster critical hits. Jeanne Alter was the second Avenger released and the gold standard to which every other member of the class strives to live up to, with her insanely high damage output solidifying the direction the meta would take for several years. The 6th Anniversary campaign gave her not just a NP damage buff to ensure additional damage, but also generates critical stars as well, and it's just enough to ensure that she will crit hard on the next turn if her opponent isn't already dead.
    • Her welfare Berserker form is no slouch either. This form is geared with attack and Buster buffs and an NP charge, and with her high natural attack and ease to NP5 she can deal solid amounts of damage. That said, with some support from Mystic Codes, Craft Essence, Shakespeare and friend's Merlin, she can nuke bosses to oblivion in just one turn regardless of class with cheap setup which is extremely useful for events with raids.
  • Heracles, while already a solid Berserker on his own, reaches this status thanks to his Bond CE - Castle of Snow, which grants him three layers of Guts. Because of the way Guts works, if your last remaining Servant revives via Guts, then the turn immediately ends without a chance for the opponent to finish you off. As a result, triple Guts combined with Herc's own Mind's Eye/Battle Continuation combo means that Herc is guaranteed to last for five or six turns if he's the last Servant you have. Combine this with great attack even for a Berserker, plus the NP charge he gains from being hit, and Herc can easily take an otherwise guaranteed defeat and turn it around into a victory. He's also not that difficult to get if you know what you're doing, having appeared in several free giveaways as well as being available in the Start Dash gacha (meaning you can just reroll accounts until you have a Herc at the very beginning, giving you all the time in the world to level up his Bond). And after his Rank Up Quest for the Fifth Anniversary, this has only been magnified since Heracles can now stack Guts as well as gain a Buster buff for five turns if a Guts is activated, meaning by including Herc's bond CE, he can gain an maximum of 80% Buster buff for several turns.
  • BB (Summer) at first might not seem like much, her stats being somewhat middling for an SSR Servant and Moon Cancer only being able to deal effective damage to Avengers, which are uncommon enemies at best. Her first skill is Self Modification, which while at EX rank is pretty powerful and helps her damage quite a bit isn't too mindblowing. Her second skill is where things start tipping more towards the broken side. Golden Pig Cup at max rank gives her (and yes this is all one skill): An NP gauge charge of 50%, a 3,000 hp heal, 20% Buster up for 3 turns, 50% NP damage up for 3 turns, and a one time evade just to cap it all off. At 7 CD at level 10. While this is more than most Noble Phantasms can accomplish in one skill, it is somewhat justifiable by her aforementioned stats and class, with it ultimately just allowing her to keep up with other offensive Servants damage wise rather than surpassing them. So why is she listed here? Three words, and her final skill: Faceless Moon EX. This is, without question, one of the best skills in the entire game, allowing BB to "lock in" the current hand of cards for three turns, meaning that another new hand will not be drawn in that time. This is, frankly, beyond ludicrous and allows for terrifying synergies. Are you annoyed that your Merlin and Jeanne Alter team is too reliant on RNG for those glorious Buster Brave chains? BB has you covered! Maybe you'd like to have as many Arts cards as possible when using a Servant like, say, Hokusai so you can debuff the enemies defense into oblivion? No problem! Want an Assassin like Jack to always have three Quick cards, thus guaranteeing 50 stars for three turns, while also going through enemies like a chainsaw if you have Skadi? Your kouhai is here to serve. And the real kicker? At level 10, the cooldown is only six turns. The downsides which prevent it from becoming a full-blown Game-Breaker is shuffling the deck or swapping out party members (such as any deaths) will prematurely cancel the skill, and waiting for a good hand to lock with the skill is also time-consuming (sometimes probably life-threatening) with the RNG mechanic, but it's still too good for making every possible builds even stronger for three turns, and the possibility to subvert fundamental game mechanics.
  • Cu Chulainn (Alter) is what happens when you get rid of the Berserker class' Glass Cannon weakness. While his Lancer incarnation is merely Boring, but Practical, having great skills for survivability and endurance but low damage due to his rarity; His Alter form alleviates the low damage due to being a higher rarity and a Berserker. While his Protection from Arrows is a rank lower (lower defense buff and a 2 attack dodge compared to Lancer's 3), it's a small price to pay. He also trades Disengage for a new skill, Madness of the Spirits, which lowers the opponent's Critical Rate and Attack for 3 turns to give him and your team even more survivability. His NP even buffs his own Attack and Defense for a single turn before it activates. This makes him, along with the aforementioned Jeanne Alter, one of the best general use boss killers in the game, trading the latter's high burst damage for more endurance. The 6th anniversary also gave him a boost to his NP, allowing his to remove all defensive buffs, evasion and invulnerability from his target before he strikes, making it impossible to defend against. While it doesn't aid his survivability any, there won't be much of the enemy left after this anyway.
  • Minamoto-no-Raikou (Summer). For a 4-star unit, she can surpass even 5-star Lancers for being the best in class when it comes to sheer offensive power. While her regular Berserker version is one contender for game breaker status who is only held back by her squishiness, heh, Lancer Raikou retains a similar power level on a Lancer class. Both of Lancer Raikou's card damage boosting skills lasts 3 turns, with one being a generic charisma while increasing Star generation rate, and the other being a loaded 3 turn 40% Buster buff in addition to a debuff removal with 6 turn Cooldown (and it's targetable giving her some form of flexibility in usage). Her last skill is a simple 1 turn critical buff and Star absorbion, but since her Noble Phantasm produces stars in its own right, Lancer Raikou is able to easilly work around it. What truly pushes Lancer Raikou further is her cardset, while her Lancer esque(2 Buster, 1 Arts, 2 Quick) cardset is otherwise unremarkable, her Arts card is significantly better than normal allowing an Arts third card critical from her to quickly refill her NP gauge.
  • Ibaraki Douji (Summer) is basically Summer Raikou with her cards more slanted towards Quick, featuring 4.24 NP gain on Quick. This NP gain on quick card is further boosted by Demonic Magic (Water), essentially the exact same skill as Summer Nitocris's Purposefully Overpowered third. With it active, Ibaraki's Quick card is every bit as good as Okita Souji's Quick card allowing her to quickly generates NP gauge. While Ibaraki is decidedly considered worse than Raikou, thanks to weaker card damage, and less flexibility, her power is very much comparable to Raikou to the point of being nearly interchangeable.
  • Gilgamesh used to be a low end Tier-Induced Scrappy. In theory, his Noble Phantasm, Enuma Elish, is extremely broken, with a unique property of getting super effective damage against the vast majority of the entire servant cast thanks to the "weak to Enuma Elish" attribute. However, Enuma Elish was infamous for having the damage output of a wet paper thanks to the relatively low damage scaling of Buster AOE Noble Phantasms, and lacked a way to boost it further without outside support. His skillset was also fairly basic, with a Charisma for attack, a standard Golden Rule, and Collector EX for critting. He used to be extremely broken early in the game lifespan due to the wonky crit star mechanics, but as time goes on, said mechanic were changed to his detriment, and he was stuck as a servant who focused entirely on his relatively underwhelming Noble Phantasm. This all changed after an update gave him an overloaded Noble Phantasm upgrade: on top of the standard damage boosts, said upgrade also gave him a pre-casted 30% boost towards NP damage. Due to how NP damage boosts are calculated, the upgrade was so significant that a post upgrade Gil at NP1 would outdamage pre-upgrade Gil at NP5! With this upgrade, not only does Gil now have incredible damage output with his NP, it basically deals as much damage as a standard single target NP against Servants, which makes up the vast majority of difficult content in the game. Gil would later on be buffed further by changing Collector EX into Treasury of Babylon, which gave up to 30% instant NP charge allowing Gil to access his Noble Phantasm more quickly. The current version of Gil is commonly considered to be one of the most valuable damage dealers in the game, thanks to his powerful NP damage, and thanks to being an AOE who do as much damage as an ST servant, Gil is able to handle almost every situation, and a passable option for farming if you don't have a more competent option with shorter animation time. "King of Heroes" indeed.
  • Arjuna Alter is the fourth Lostbelt King, and like the rest of them, he's suitably powerful. He's one of the strongest, if not the strongest AoE Berserker in the game, having exceeded the damage potential of the similarly-powerful Raikou, who held the position as "best AOE Berserker" until his arrival. His first skill, Anti-Evil EX is where the majority of his damage comes from. It's a fairly normal Attack buff with a unique upside- with this buff online, Arjuna Alter deals an additional 50% damage to any enemies who have been debuffed. That's right, any and all debuffs. His Noble Phantasm happens to apply a Buster resistance reduction debuff to all enemies before his Noble Phantasm damage, ensuring that he deals a ton of damage to all enemies in his path. If the combination of Buster resistance down and Anti-Evil don't do you in, his kit still has a lot of other great elements to it. His second skill, Clairvoyance (Transcendent) EX is an on-demand NP charge skill, which doubles as a critical star absorption skill specifically for his Buster cards, meaning he's also very suitable on single target boss fights because of the aforementioned Buster debuff. Unlike Minamoto-no-Raikou, Arjuna Alter has access to a strong defensive option with his Bond Craft Essence, which bestows himself Invincibility for 3 attacks, and that's on top of his third skill that bestows himself Guts and HP regeneration per turn. If the player can feed him enough critical stars, he'll blast enemies to pieces with enough damage to kill them five times over. Pairing him with the aforementioned Merlin above, and he'll mow down any enemies that stand in his way, but pairing him with Koyanskaya of Light allows him to use his first two skills twice in 1 run, resulting in him being able to NP three times consecutively while doing massive damage by the third turn due to his first skill being stacked on top of itself. Not bad for the fourth Lostbelt King.
  • Fujino Asagami is considered to be the strongest 4* Archer in the game. Despite her naturally Glass Cannon stats, her Glass Cannon status is compensated with her third skill, which bestows herself a 2000 damage cut at max rank and Guts despite her third skill giving herself a 2000 maximum HP demerit. This means most of her opponent's normal damage attacks will mostly be doing single to double digit damage, even against Berserkers. And on top of that, her first two skills provide her a ton of damage as well as allowing to break through two layers of defense. Her first skill, Mystic Eyes of Distortion, amplifies her Buster card damage, increase her NP generation rate, and ignore Defense. Combined with her Territory Creation passive, this allows her to build up her NP bar fairly quickly as well as punishing bosses with defense up gimmick (especially when her Art Cards crits). Her second skill is her own unique Clairvoyance skill that applies Sure Hit to herself and gain critical stars, meaning her attacks not only punishes bosses with defense up, but also bosses that would try to survive her Noble Phantasm with an Evade. And speaking of her Noble Phantasm, her Noble Phantasm is not only capable of inflicting a ton of damage, but applies a buff block status and attack down debuff. This means not only her Noble Phantasm negates any nasty self buffs effects, but when combined with her defensive damage cut skill and the attack down effect from her Noble Phantasm, your opponent's normal attacks will almost be dealing zero damage. The rerun for the Servant Summer Camp gives a Rank Up quest for her Noble Phantasm, which not only increases its base power, but also gives it a Situational Sword effect of doing extra damage to Super Giant enemies. In fact, her damage output is so high that an NP1 Fujino will outdamage Chloe von Einzbern (a solid 4* Archer that the player can obtain to NP5! for free). When grailed to level 100, she'll even outdamage some of the 5* Archers in the game, including Gilgamesh and even Summer Altria.note  If the player manages to get her to at least NP2, she can even solo some of the hardest contents in the game thanks to her third skill providing her a lot of survivability. Pair her with the aforementioned Merlin, and she'll tear up anyone who opposes her in her path with lots of healing and protection from Merlin. Her biggest downside is that she is currently one of two severely limited servants in the game (the other one being Miyu Edelfelt) with only two rate ups, so if you couldn't get her, you're out of luck.
  • As befitting of his former title of Grand Archer, the aptly named Super Orion is without a doubt the strongest Archer in the game, and is the current contender for best Solo Servant in the entire game. His first skill is a monstrous 50% Buster buff for 1 turn that reaches 100% percent against a Wild Beast or Demonic enemy, of which there are many. His second skill is a powerful 3000 HP Guts coupled with a decent 20% attack buff and some crit stars, and his third skill is a Star Absorption skill mixed with a big crit damage buff and a special bonus for attacking with Buster cards, of which he has three. But what really pushes him over the edge is his extremely strong Noble Phantasm: Artemis Agnos. A self buff, Artemis Agnos gives Orion the following at Level 1 with 100% Overcharge: a 30% attack boost, Ignore Invincible, Debuff Immunity, ten crit stars per turn, and 100% crit damage buff all on three turns. That's more than some servants entire skillset, and since Orion has extremely good NP gain and hits like a truck with his crits, he's capable of rapidly stacking this buff ala Hozoin. With just two stacks, Orion can hit for close to 500,000 damage with a single Buster Crit as demonstrated here. And that's by himself- there's no telling what he can do with supports.note  While he needs to be Solo in order to really take advantage of his buffs (and he's quite a Glass Cannon for that), along with the fact that his NP card is Arts, meaning no trying to start with a Buster NP to initiate a Buster Brave Chain for even bigger damage, there's no denying that the damage he outputs is going to be extremely high no matter the situation.
  • Morgan is what you get if you sacrifice a bit of the raw AOE damage of Arjuna Alter, but add in the powerful utility of Altria Caster and Himiko. Her first skill is a beefed-up version of Charisma called Charisma of Desire, not only giving the party a 20% Attack Up, but also gives herself 30% NP Charge and gives out a 30% Defense Down debuff as well at max level. Her second skill can be described as a weaker version of Altria Caster's Protection of the Lake, but still potent to make up for it. Both her first and second skills combine to grant her 50% NP gauge right off the bat, which contributes to her incredible power. Her third skill, Beyond the Furthest End, not only gives her a Guts buff, but also increases Crit Star absorption and Crit Damage while giving herself a buff that reduces enemy Attack and Crit Chance while also granting Crit Stars, ensuring that she can not only survive a potential fatal hit, but also ensure she deals a critical blow. However, the most crucial part of her kit is her Noble Phantasm: firstly, it deals additional damage to enemies with the "Man" trait, of which there are a lot. (It also deals extra damage to "Round Table" or "Fae" enemies, which is a nice bonus.) But most importantly, the entire party gets a one-use buff that increases their NP Overcharge by 1 stage, which - crucially - can be triggered any time within three turns. The fact it lasts three turns and is tied to a Noble Phantasm (which can be spammed as many times as you have gauge) created a brand new "Overcharge meta" wherein Morgan could enable incredible new strategies for farming and high difficulty quests across the board (e.g. if you loop her, she can stack it on someone!!), to the point where quest strategy guides became divided into "with Morgan" and "without Morgan" sections. The release of Koyanskaya of Light - an absurdly good Buster support and attacker - further hypercharged Morgan's universality and ability to be slotted into any team or challenge, making her one of the best Servants in the entire game.
  • Oberon was hyped up as a very strong support servant upon his introduction, and he did not disappoint for being the first Pretender servant upon his release for the Avalon le Fae Conclusion Campaign, defining Difficult, but Awesome, but with the "Awesome" part emphasized. His first skill, Curtain of the Night EX grants a NP Damage buff and a flat 20% NP Charge to all current party members, but the "Difficult" part comes with his second skill Morning Lark EX, which charges a Servant's NP gauge by 50% and grants 20 Critical Stars at max level, at the expense of draining 20% NP the next turn. While this creates anti-synergy with Arts and (somewhat) Quick Teams, this is an absolute boon towards Buster Teams, because they're unlikely to generate their NP gauge with their Buster Cards including their Noble Phantasms. This combined makes for one of the strongest NP Charges at 70%, meaning that Servants with at least a 30% NP Charge can unleash three Noble Phantasms in three turns! His final skill, End of a Dream EX, is basically a Death or Glory Attack rolled up into one skill: At max level, it gives a 50% Buster Damage buff and doubles the potency of NP Damage Boosts, including those from Craft Essences such as Black Grail, ensuring that they will hit extremely hard, but at the expense of losing all their buffs afterwards and being hit with a PERMANENT SLEEP DEBUFF alongside a permanent taunt buff and unable to use Order Change on them. Of course, the debuff doesn't matter if it's the last wave and that there are a few enemies waiting to be finished off. Even better is that his Noble Phantasm, Wry Rhyme Goodfellow/Lie Like Vortigern, hits for basically single-target damage for an AOE Noble Phantasm thanks to his buffs, at the expense of giving the enemies Invincibility if they survive... In exchange for them suffering the Sleep debuff, and unlike Summer Abigail, it perfectly synchronizes with his kit as well as long as it'd placed last in a chain of attacks, meaning that much like Koyanskaya of Light, whom he synchronizes well with, he can support his own entire gameplan single-handedly, making him useful against the Knight classes (Saber, Archer, Lancer) and Alter Egos as well. The only downsides is that his ???/Anti-Human Order D passive causes Merlin's buffs to have a 20% chance of not working while he is on the field, though he gives a 10% Debuff Success chance to all party members except Foreigners, and as a Pretender, he deals less damage to Cavalry classes (Assassin, Rider, Caster) and that Foreigners absolutely demolish him, but with all his skills, it can be very hard to not roll for him, and is a must in farming in Buster teams.


  • Mash Kyrielight, your beloved kouhai that has been with you ever since you started the game, becomes one of the best support servants in the game after you clear Camelot. Her first skill goes from just a decent party defense boost to adding a massive 2000-damage cut for one hit with a short 5-turn cooldown. Her Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot, boosts your party members' Attack by a good 30% alongside a significant damage cut and defense boost too, and should she perform an Arts Brave Chain while her third skill is up (taunt and NP generation massively boosted), her NP can potentially be up again for the next turn, making your party nearly invincible for a couple turns! And to top it off, she has 0 cost, meaning she can be fielded in any party with ease. Unfortunately, if you're playing through the Lostbelt, her kit becomes significantly nerfed, and while she's still very much usable, it's not as powerful as her awesome defensive kit beforehand. This disadvantage only applies in Lostbelt stories, as you can use her pre-Lostbelt form at will in any other quest, and she gets her original kit back at the end of Lostbelt 6.
  • Zhuge Liang (Waver) is the best general support Servant in the game. His skills are all buffs and using each skill fills the NP bar of whichever party member he used it on. Two of his skills are party-wide general attack and defense buffs with damage plus and damage cut as a bonus respectively, making them the strongest and most reliable offensive and defensive buff in the game. His NP stuns the enemy, afflicts poison, lowers defense and — most importantly — reduces NP charge, which combined with his NP-filling skills and three Arts card deck can be easily spammed against the enemy. He doesn't even need a specific CE to function greatly in any team and his personal Bond CE is just the cherry on top of all the other buffs he provides. The NA version retains all of these updates from day 1, making him the most sought-out after Servant by newbie players due to his general usefulness on any kind of content, whether farming nodes or battling bosses. He also works extremely well with Merlin, Skadi, and Tamamo, and bringing him and any of the aforementioned three in a team makes general quests quite easy, and greatly eases the difficulty of hard bosses and quests.
  • Tamamo-no-Mae is one of the premier supports for Arts servants. She sports an extremely useful and powerful NP that can recover health (at NP1 provides 1000, 2000 after her First Interlude), reduce party skill cooldowns by one, and restore at least 25% NP for her team. Her skillset consists of Curse, a simple enemy charge drain, Morph, a massive Defense boost to greatly help her survivability, and lastly, one of her main selling points, Fox Wedding EX, a massive 50% Arts performance boost as well as a generous 2500 HP heal; on top of these, her Bond CE will also boost everyone's Arts performance for a further 15%. These allows her to drastically increase the utility of any Arts Servants on your team, whether they be single-target damage dealers (e.g. Archer Altria, Chloe, Dioscuri, Ryougi Shiki), multi-target damage dealers (e.g. Rider Mordred, Katsushika Hokusai, Murasaki Shikibu), debuffers (e.g. Shuten-douji), or supports (e.g. Nero Bride, Jeanne, Mash, Gao Changgong). Her presence in an Art-oriented team is so important that when she is combined with suitable Servants, they can form a team to prevent their foes from using their NP damn near forever, or forming up a Mighty Glacier which can slowly but surely grind their foe to death. And come New Year's 2019, she gains a strengthening quest to upgrade her Curse skill to also give her teammates a powerful 30% increase in Noble Phantasm strength, solidifying her role in the Arts meta. She brings the pain with superpowered Arts Noble Phantasms, with ridiculously amazing sustain to go with it. Her downside is that just like Merlin, she's mostly meant for longer and more difficult fights, with her farming capabilities being highly dependent on what Servants or Craft Essences the player has.
  • Altria Caster is easily the premier support for Arts servants, even beating out Tamamo in some areas. Just like Tamamo, her skill, Sword of Selection/Sword Creation, gives an 50% Arts Buff to any ally, but with the added effect of giving invincibility as well as a 50% special attack buff against enemies with the Threat Against Humanity trait. Her other skills are also absolutely fantastic. Her first skill, Charisma of Hope, gives the entire team a 20% attack buff and a 30% NP gauge increase, beating out even Merlin's own Dreamlike Charisma by 10% more gauge! Her second skill, Protection of Vivian/Avalon le Fae, also increases the NP gauge by 20% and NP gain by 30%, totalling out to 50% NP to any ally (rivaling such servants as Waver and Reines). These buffs make Arts teams ridiculously loaded, enough to rival Buster and Quick teams for both farming and difficult quests, as two Altria Casters almost ensure Arts-based offensive Servants with good NP gain can rinse and repeat their NP at their pleasure without outside help. And that's before her Noble Phantasm, Around Caliburn. Along with giving a 30% attack buff and clearing debuffs to all allies, its main selling point is Anti-Enforcement Defense, which negates Ignore Invincibility, making some of the boss fights you face that have enemies bypass Evade or Invincibility much easier to endure. Because so many of her buffs are team-wide, she also benefits from them and can actually become a semi-competent damage dealer, meaning she isn't even a complete Stone Wall. Her only real downside is her lack of healing, and Anti-Enforcement Defense can only block a single attacknote  in 3 turns, which can cripple your team if enemies follow up with other strong attacks, but her numerous buffs are more than make up for it, and her excellent compatibility with Tamamo (who does have healing) means that bringing the two along will make your team almost invincible.
  • Lady Avalon is often considered to be the Arts version of Merlin. Her first skill (a.k.a. "Light Upon That Hand") works the same as Merlin's Hero Creation skill, but instead of a Buster buff, she gives out an Arts buff. Her second skill (a.k.a. "Blooming Flower of Summer Nights") works the same as Merlin's Dreamlike Charisma skill, but it has an additional NP Overcharge increase by one. Her third skill (a.k.a. Succubus' Ridge) gives out a party-wide Invincibility for one turn as well as giving an unique debuff prevents enemies' NP from being charged for 1 tick at start of the next turn to all enemies, and charging her own NP gauge based on the number of enemies. With her latter two skills as well as her "High-Speed Divine Words (Bewitching)" passive skill which has her NP Gauge be at 20% for the start of the battle, she's actually one of the very few servanys that can fully get their NP Gauge at 100% at the start of the battle without any append skills, craft essences, or assistance from others; assuming that three enemies are present at the start of the battle. And speaking of her NP, it's pretty much the same as Merlin, but with a Max HP Increase instead of a heal. Over all, she's another incredibly good Arts support that we wouldn't expect any less from the female AU version of Merlin.
  • What's that? You don't have any of the super support Casters or failed to roll them?! Well, until you do manage to get them, and even once you do have them, Hans Christian Andersen has got your back! To note, his skills include a party-wide critical boost, as well as a skill that generates stars per turn. Given that critical hits in this game are already overpowered, this helps make your team crit harder and often. His second skill allows him to generate most of his Noble Phantasm gauge on the fly, with numbers much higher than other competitive values. His Noble Phantasm is based on chance, but if all his buffs hit, your party will obtain a sizable attack, defense, and crit star drop rate boost (which synergizes with his first skill, by the way) and a guaranteed heal per turn. With all this power, you would expect him to be rare, but nope! He is a 2 star servant you can obtain in the Friend Point gacha. Needless to say, you can count the number of F2P players that do not have this cute little author fully maxed on one hand, and even whales use him in certain setups due to the sheer versatility that Hans brings to the table. This power of his increased from a rank up quest that removed the debuff on his Innocent Monster skill and gave it a targetable NP gauge boost per turn, speeding up any team compositions using him without sacrificing defense.
  • Similarly, Euryale is an easy to raise 3* servant, and yet is one of the best Servants in the game for dealing with difficult content. Her kit is deceptively simple: a skill that attempts to drain a bar from the enemy's charge gauge while filling some of her own NP gauge, a skill that inflicts Charm on Males with a high degree of success, a three turn self-Arts boost, and a Noble Phantasm that inflicts scaling-with-NP-level Special Attack damage to Male enemies, with a chance to also Charm them and reduce their attack power. However, the key is that it all synergizes extremely well, both internally, allowing her to rapidly charge her NP while stalling the enemy, reducing their damage output and slowing their charge while denying them turns, and externally, fitting very well with many common Arts-based supports, not least of which is Mash, whom every player has access to. And the Special Attack scaling on her NP is incredibly generous, letting her hit well above her weight class while fighting enemy bosses, potentially shaving off entire Break Bars with a single use. Her major weakness is that her shtick only works on Male enemies, and works best when they are Male Sabers or Berserkers... but, from Gawain in Camelot to Megalos of Agartha, to even the Avenger of Shinjuku (especially when, at release, there were no Servants with class advantage over him and even now those who do are very rare), there are a lot of very difficult Male bosses, and Euryale can easily carry a team through them with comparatively little investment compared to other potential solutions by simply acting as the hammer in an otherwise-defensive stall team. Later chapters Epic of Remnant and Lostbelt attempt to hard counter her by introducing Charm-immune male Berserkers and Sabers, but Euryale's damage numbers still make her a valuable asset in those fights.
  • If you need a dedicated Arts damage dealer, look no further than Summer Altria (Archer), who comes out swinging with one of the most powerful Noble Phantasms in the entire game. Not only does she have a great HP and ATK totals at level 90, but her facecards are renowned for having some excellent return value. Her Arts cards restore great amounts of NP, her Quick cards generate a ton of stars and charge her NP quite decently, and even though she's Arts focused her single Buster card can absolutely destroy targets if she gets a crit off. That's not even getting into her skills, which are tailor made to make her almost entirely self-sustainable. Her first skill is a meaty 30% Arts buff with an AOE defense buff on top of it, her second skill heals her for a fantastic 5000 HP at max rank, and her final skill is a decent Charisma with some added critical star generation for Males. While this is all well and good, what pushes her from merely "strong" to "overpowered" is her fantastic Noble Phantasm: Excalibur Viviane. A whopping 10-hit Arts Noble Phantasm that not only hits like a truck but restores a massive portion of her NP gauge by itself, and thanks to her great facecards it's scarily easy for her to NP loop. On top of this it also has a 70% chance to drain an enemy's NP gauge. Combine this with her sizable heal (with it's only downside being a draining of her NP gauge), her multiple attack boosts and a solid defense boost, and Summer Altria secures herself as one of the premier Arts damage dealers in the game.
  • Qin Huang Di. On paper, he seems to be your usual Ruler, with lots of HP but low Attack, so naturally, he's nothing more than a glorified punching bag, right? Hahaha, NO. His Noble Phantasm grants him a boatload of powerful buffs, which are: a 50% Attack and critical damage boost at NP1, a 300% critical star absorption buff to help him dish out those powered up critical hits, and a 1 turn invincibility and taunt to tank whatever attack dares to hit him. His skills are also quite powerful, which feature an enemy wide charge drain plus a defense debuff, an enemy wide stun plus an additional 30% attack boost for Huang Di, and lastly, an NP battery which charges 50% of his NP gauge, removes his debuffs (letting him bypass pesky buff blocks and NP seals) and recovers up to 3000 HP. And since his Noble Phantasm is Arts-based, it's perfectly plausible for him to have his NP back up when he lands those crunchy critical hits with an Arts Brave Chain (albeit with some assistance from supports like Tamamo, Paracelsus, and Waver) or by using his third skill, letting him stack boost after boost to ramp his damage to truly ridiculous levels. Under the right conditions, Huang Di can have up to 150% Attack and critical damage at base NP level, and that's not counting the other buffs he may receive from supports. When built and used properly, this Chinese emperor can trivialize almost any Challenge Quest that events throw at him, and he's commonly run as a powerful anchor to clutch out seemingly impossible victories.
  • Chen Gong has a ton of extremely dangerous mechanics going for him. His second skill is a slightly weaker version of Waver's second skill, which is rather impressive for a measly 2* servant. His final skill is also rather impressive, being a 1-turn version of Merlin's third skill that only applies the Critical Damage boost if the target is a Berserker. This turns Chen into a budget Merlin of sorts, but his Noble Phantasm is easily his most unique feature- it's an AOE that does massive damage in exchange for killing one of your Servants on the fieldnote , allowing another one to take their place. This means Chen is a fantastic farmer, being a sort of "Inverse Arts Arash" who can sacrifice an ally for massive damage. But there's more: since his Noble Phantasm is Art-based, clever use of Craft Essences and Servants mean that this Noble Phantasm is spammable (and much easier to build than Skadi system, see below); and since Guts will still work as intended, combining it with Servant skills (like Nero) or Craft Essences will make sure those like Hijikata, Anne & Mary and Ashwatthama can unleash their most powerful attack almost immediately without the frustration to adjust their HP. Oh, but it gets better! Chen Gong's first skill is Scapegoat, which is a targetable taunt. The first thing it does is that it allows you to direct attacks to whoever you want. Want to protect your low HP units while their skills are on cooldown? Fill somebody's NP gauge? Direct an enemy NP? Activate an on-death effect? Here's the solution, and you don't even need to level this skill to get the most out of it. But of course, there's yet another function of this skill. Along with his Noble Phantasm, Chen Gong has two different ways to replace the servants on your front row. Yes, he is essentially the Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code without the cooldowns (which by the way, it's listed below in this page). This means that you can replace weak servants or those that have used up their skills with fresh ones ready to be used, while dealing massive damage and/or protecting the ones that are already out. ON DEMAND. Chen Gong has been rated as one of the most useful (if not powerful) Servants only hours after his release, and it's not without reason.
    • A ridiculous strategy involving him involves both him and the Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code. After getting the support servant's skills out, a Chen Gong with either a Kaleidoscope or another Craft Essence if the support servant's skills were party-wide/targetable would activate his Noble Phantasm to clear out the first wave and to sacrifice the first support servant, then in the next turn, the second support servant uses all their skills at once before switching either Chen Gong out or the second support servant out with a third one. Under the right conditions, this can effectively utilize every single party member's skills in a few turns, and when done right in farming nodes, can make even servants without an NP Charge skill unleash their Noble Phantasms within three turns! The only downside is that being a 2-star, any enemy that has enough HP to survive Chen Gong's NP will likely ruin the strategy on farming nodes, but Palingenesis can remedy some of his problems.
  • The Dioscuri Twins, Castor and Pollux, are one of the most potent single target Sabers in the game thanks to their incredibly synergistic kit. Their first skill, Stars of the Chief God, is one of their main selling points, which grants them a bonus 10% NP gauge when attacking with a Quick card, and 10 critical stars when attacking with an Arts card, which allows them to charge their NP gauge very quickly and generate loads of stars as long as they have an Arts or Quick card up. Their second skill, Guardians of Navigation, is a simple and effective NP damage and Attack boost for the party, as well as providing debuff immunity, giving them a good piece of utility. Lastly, while their third skill, Mana Burst (Light/Ancient) is a modest 20% boost to their Arts and Quick cards, it serves to add even more synergy to their playstyle, and also comes with an evasion buff to aid their survivability. Their Noble Phantasm, Dioscures Tyndaridae, is a powerful single target attack that ignores invincibility and also ignores defense buffs, letting them really bring the pain. And since it's Arts based, combined with their synergistic kit, this lets them easily build up more gauge to loop their NP over and over again! And as a little bonus, they have the Avenger's passive of Mana Replenishment (bonus NP gauge per turn) and a special type of Divinity that boosts their already great NP generation. And for the cherry on top, if their opponent managed to survive a hit from that souped-up NP, the victim suffers from a bare minimum 10% Quick and Arts Resistance down for three turns, making it even easier to finish them off with either further attacks or the second, nearly as powerful follow-up NP. Tellingly, no single target Arts Saber of their rarity has been released since, and the closest to them in design ended up being Melusine, a Lancer. All of this power on the very first permanent single-target SSR Saber in the game!
  • Don't have the Dioscuri twins? No matter, Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) can be basically described as a cheaper alternative towards them, and she trades off their main selling points (generating NP with Quick cards and Critcal Stars with Arts cards, granting party-wide NP Damage and Atk buffs for a single turn along with a single use of debuff immunity) in exchange for more raw strength with Supernatural Power (Ink) C granting her a small NP battery and a lot of Critcal Stars, with Father-Daughter Affinity B helping her take advantage of those by increasing her Critical Star Absorption alongside giving her a Guts buff, and Nom de Plume: Dragon-Crested Octopus B grants her a stronger Arts buff with an on-attack buff that increases her Critical Damage every time she hits the opponent. Most importantly, in exchange for her NP not having Invulnerability Pierce and ignoring defense alongside giving the opponent a Quick and Arts Resistance down debuff, she exchanges that with the ability to hit even harder with her NP giving her a one-time NP damage buff which can be increased even further when Overcharged, and due to her status as a Welfare, getting her to NP5 is much easier than the other servants. The only downside is that she's limited towards a event that has been rerun only once so far and isn't available in the Main Interlude section, and that the Dioscuri Twins are technically have more availability than her, though for those on a budget, she's an absolute no-brainer due to this.
  • Space Ishtar pairs up with Caster Altria the same way Edmond Dantes pairs up with Scathach-Skadi, being a powerful class-neutral AOE DPS that trades off the ability to crit very hard reliably for the ability to hit higher sustained NP damage with significantly lower investment. Her kit makes full advantage of Castoria's skills helping her NP spam, her first skill giving her a 20% attack buff and her allies 30%, her second skill increasing her own NP damage by 20% along with a one-time invincibility (and a gimmick feature of allowing her to change her NP type), and to top it off, a 50% battery in her third skill with a 20% chance-based buff to her Command Cards. Her Noble Phantasm is also very potent, buffing her NP damage before it hits depending on overcharge and giving her a boost to her extra card, ensuring that, between the NP effect and her first and third skills, her Brave Chains hit relatively hard as well. As a cherry on top, Castoria support not only lets her forgo the need of having a very high charge CE, but it also allows her to loop even with Black Grail and every Event Damage CE in the game!
  • Keeping your budget to a minimum? Then look forward to none other than Saint Georgios, who provides the most simple, yet most useful kit for Defense. For starters, his HP, when maxed out, is a whopping 9,200, with his kit taking full advantage of it, with Guardian Knight A+ not only providing a great defense buff for him, but also applies a Target Focus on him, ensuring that only he will be targeted by enemies. His second skill, Martyr's Soul B+ gives him a Mental Debuff resist, but also recovers his HP, which is useful for recovering from major attacks such as Noble Phantasms or Critical Hits. Finally, he has the very useful Battle Continuation A, which gives him a Guts buff to recover from a normally fatal attack from an enemy. His main selling point, however, is his Noble Phantasm: While Ascalon's ability to inflict Dragon Traits to an enemy is situational at bestnote , it's his overcharge effect which takes the cake: it grants him an already respectable 20% Defense buff without overcharge, but if overcharged, it provides up to a whopping 40% Defense. When combined with his skillset and a proper arts support, this means that he can basically tank even when under class disadvantage. Even better is that he's available at 2*, meaning that he is almost guaranteed to available from the get-go by simply rolling in the FP gacha, while also making levelling his NP less of an hassle. He's even better in Cosmos In The Losbelt: With his competition nerfed (such as Mash Kyrielight) or almost locked behind higher rarity, he is basically the game's premier tank alongside Jeanne D'Arc, allowing him to shine even further. It's worth telling that there has been never been an Rank Up quest for him, simply because he's that good.
  • Sima Yi (Reines) became this following her Interlude. Prior to that, she was seen as a decent support Rider, but nothing special. Post-Interlude? She's seen as a viable contender towards the best general support servant since Waver, primarily because much like Waver, her first skill Advice of the Strategist A gives a 10% NP Charge while also increasing defense, and her second skill, Emperor Xuan of Jin's Command A gives an ally an 20% NP Charge while also increasing their ATK at the expense of decreasing her own. Her Skill Upgrade which upgraded Supreme Mystic Code: Volumen Hydrargyrum from rank B to EX, aside from giving an ally a Invincibility buff for two attacks for three turns and increased debuff resistance, now gives out a 20% NP Charge at max level, fixing a major flaw that her NP Battery was below-standard for supports. Her Noble Phantasm, Unspoken Formation trades Waver's NP drain, potential stun and curse for the ability to give the party the ability to ignore class disadvantage while also removing her own debuffs and reducing enemy critical chances for three turns, enabling Berserkers within your own party to become Lightning Bruisers while turning enemy Berserkers into Masters of None in addition to allowing Foreigners to handle other Foreigners very well. While she has a few shortcomings compared to Waver, both can surprisingly work well with each other, and is a great option for generalists. The "Lady Reines' Case Files Plus Episode" later added an strengthening quest that made her NP more bonkers, as it now provides her party with an NP generation buff, but it also provides an overcharge buff, meaning that she can surprisingly fit in to the destructive Merlin-Altria Caster combo (see below for more details)
  • Senji Muramasa, fitting for someone whose vessel is Shirou Emiya, has been a highly requested NPC to be made playable since his debut and he does not disappoint. All three of his skills are loaded with power, including buffing all three card types, dropping several stars that he can instantly use with a built in crit star absorption buff, an ignore invincibility buff that also gives crit damage up to those using it, and an NP battery that boosts his NP gain on attacks up to ten percent. This makes Muramasa not only a powerful farming Saber, but also a powerful boss killer because he can almost instantly refill his NP from two hits from his Arts cards, and if the enemy tries to evade or use an invul skill, he can No-Sell it and actually damage them heavily for doing so. As if that wasn't enough, his NP, Tsumukari Muramasa, gives him a three turn NP damage buff, purges any offensive buffs, and the overcharge effect gives him a flat Arts card buff for three terms. With just his base kit, he can loop into another NP with an Arts Brave Chain, and almost do so again. What makes him even more powerful is his synergy with Altria Caster, who makes it possible for him to loop without needing to use some of his skills, meaning he can practically loop every turn if you use two of them to support him. His only downsides are his lack of defensive buffs, meaning he can be taken out if not protected, and that when his skills are on cooldown, he is a lot weaker, but considering all of his skills have low cooldowns save one, Muramasa will rarely need to worry about that, and his HP is high for a Saber, meaning he isn't at risk of being one-shot. He also has two unique to him passive skills, one that buffs the parties crit damage while he is on the field, and a passive damage buff to enemies with the King trait. Combined with his unique role as one of the few damage dealing AOE Arts NPs, and Muramasa quickly has earned a spot as one of the strongest Sabers released in the past few years.
  • Kriemhild has quickly cemented herself as one of the most powerful boss killers released. Aside from her class advantage against all but one class, her kit is also built for shredding bosses with ease. Her first skill has a party-wide NP gauge drain, defense and critical chance reduction, good for keeping bosses from using their NPs. Her second skill, meanwhile, has a three-turn Arts and Buster card buff, plus a damage boost against Chaotic-aligned enemies. Finally, her third skill adds a targeted taunt to an ally, heals her HP... and boosts her NP Gauge up to 50% at max. Tying it all together is her NP, where she removes defensive buffs before inflicting damage (even more against Dragon-trait enemies) and an Arts resistance down debuff on an enemy. On her own, the grieving widow of Siegfried is already powerful enough, but on a dedicated Arts team with supports and possibly a second attacker to take advantage of those debuffs? She's going to bring the pain. Her only true downside is that, due to low hits on her NP (4 hits), she doesn't get much refund from it and so looping her NP is harder than other Arts Servants, but as long as she can attack with her Arts card, she can quickly get her NP back.
  • Ibuki-Douji (Summer) was immediately seen as a ridiculously strong unit, with some even calling her an "Arts Morgan". On top of being a Berserker, which has an advantage against every class aside from Foreigner and Shielder, she possesses a very loaded kit as well: her S1 increases the attack power and critical hit strength of all allies, and increases NP gain for all Summer allies. Actually, no, allow us to elaborate: not only can she buff actual Summer units like Summer Tamamo and Summer BB with her S1, but she'll also buff Servants who are in their Summer Spiritron Dresses, letting characters like Mash, Caster Gil, and Asclepius in on that looping action! Her S2 targets an ally and upgrades their Buster and Arts effectiveness by up to 30% and reduces their cooldown by 1 turn as well, allowing flexibility in both Buster and Arts teams and allowing them to use their Skills more often. And lastly, her S3 is a direct upgrade of Summer Raikou's Summer Catastrophe, not only having the same effects but also giving herself up to 50% battery. This fact combined with the fact that she is also affected by her own S1 makes her a terrifying force to be reckoned with in solo battles. And then there's her NP, which allows her to flat-out remove Defense buffs to maximize her own damage, but also deal increased damage to Earth-attribute enemies, which are an extremely wide niche. To add insult to injury, she also reduces the critical hit rate of enemies by 20%. And that's not even getting to the passive skills, which reduce incoming damage by 550, passively increase her Buster effectiveness by 14% (Which when paired with her S2 becomes up to 44%), and increases Buff Removal Resistance by 20%. Out of all the Summer Servants Lasengle have released, Ibuki-Douji really is high up in terms of power.

  • Scathach-Skadi is the premier support servant for Quick-based servants. Her first skill, Primordial Rune, is one of her main selling points, being a massive 50% Quick card boost on par with Merlin's Buster and Tamamo's Arts, as well as a 100% critical damage boost for Quick cards as well. Her second skill, Freezing Blizzard, provides a potent 30% Defense debuff (effectively a 30% Attack boost, which is higher than Merlin's own Charisma!) and critical rate debuff to all enemies on the field, which greatly boosts her team's damage output. Lastly, her third skill, Great God's Wisdom, is a simple 50% targeted NP charge on one ally. This makes her absolutely amazing for farming teams. AoE-based Quick servants notorious for their subpar NP gain can take advantage of the NP gain from her buffs to refund at least 50% of their NP gauge, wherein it can be topped off with Skadi's third skill to let them reuse their NP the next turn. With this setup, most 3-wave quests can be cleared in only 3 turns, without even needing to rely on Order Change! Skadi is considered to be so good that the aptly named "Skadi System" (i.e, one AOE Quick servant, plus one maxed out Scathach-Skadi, plus another as your Support servant) was widely believed to be the best way to farm in the entire game until the release of Altria Caster. That's not even mentioning the large quantity of critical stars that get generated, which practically guarantees critical hits every time. And if you up against a boss, you can simply take already powerful Quick servants such as Rider Kintoki, Jack the Ripper, Kama, Lancer Scathach, and Okita Souji, give them a good dose of Primordial Rune, and watch them utterly destroy the boss in only a few attacks. Scathach-Skadi is widely praised as the saviour of the Quick meta, and it really shows with the potential she offers. However, her downside is Crippling Overspecialization as her Noble Phantasm is extremely situational and she has a very rare chance to use it since she can't take advantage of her own supports unlike other support-oriented Casters. Although, not having a very useful Noble Phantasm can be seen as a good thing, as it means you only ever need to roll her once to gain the maximum mileage from her.
    • Skadi's Summer version is easily just as good, if not even better when it comes to Quick support. Her first skill, Primeval Rune (Midsummer), provides the same huge 50% Quick buff like her original, albeit the 100% critical damage buff is for Buster cards only (which does make it beneficial for servants with an Quick NP and a QBBBA deck, such as Berserker Lancelot, Xiang Yu, and Summer Sei). Her second skill, Midsummer Ice Cream C, is an extra 15% Quick and Buster boost for the whole party, and also grants critical stars every turn. Her third skill, Dreaming in the Late Summer Night A+, is a direct upgrade from her original's third skill, adding in a Buster star weight buff and critical stars alongside the 50% gauge. Two Summer Skadis and Caster Skadi can be grouped together to form the Triple Skadi System that offers a humongous 180% boost to Quick, and additional NP batteries for easier looping. Additionally, unlike OG Skadi, Summer Skadi can take advantage of her buffs to serve as a competent DPS unit with her damaging Quick Noble Phantasm.
  • Edmond Dantes went from a low end Tier-Induced Scrappy (compared to the other Avengers aside from Angra Mainyu) to being one of the most powerful AoE Servants in the game thanks to Scathach-Skadi's arrival. Dantes in particular is a stellar example of the things Skadi can do. He can combine his Golden Rule skill with two Skadis' Quick boosts to let him easily refund at least 50% of his NP gauge, in which Skadi can top his NP gauge off with her third skill to let him use his NP again on the next turn, making him an extremely powerful farming servant. Aside from farming quests in 3 turns with ease, since he's an Avenger with an incredibly hard hitting Quick NP with high damage scaling (while dealing at least neutral damage to 99% enemies on the roster), he can also chunk high health enemies pretty hard with his NP, and then destroy them with his super powered critical Quick attacks, which is pretty similar to Jeanne Alter, who destroys enemies with boosted Buster criticals thanks to Merlin's Hero Creation.
  • Sakata Kintoki (Rider), in part due to the massive advantage of being a free servant with extremely accessible NP5, is probably the main reason why Quick-based Servants weren't completely overshadowed by their Buster and Arts-focused counterparts (before Scathach-Skadi's arrival). With the insane amount of synergy he has with his attacks, NP gain, critical star gain, and a skill that charges half of his NP gauge you'll have him running enemies over repeatedly if he's ever given a chance. Unlike the reliance on Mana Burst-type skills on most Servants at the time, his Quick buff lasts for three turns on a competitive value, while his NP adds another Quick buff which can be boosted to a much higher amount when boosted with overcharge. Under optimal conditions, Kintoki Rider can run over a target with his Noble Phantasm for three turns, (the duration of his buffs). If you add in Skadi to the mix... hoo boy. Kintoki Rider is so powerful that he's speculated to be the reason why there haven't been a single SR rarity rider almost 3 years since his release (with the exception of Mordred (Rider) who was initially released a month after his event).
  • Jack the Ripper is considered as one of the best Assassins in the game due to her versatility. Her NP deals huge damage and gets even bigger if the target is female and the damage bonus is carried over in her next chained attacks. Her skill set are geared with Quick performance up, Evade, enemy buff removal and a healing skill with short cooldown. Her card deck is Quick-oriented which each Quick card generate lots of stars and NP gauge, which enable her to spam her already hard-hitting NP. And this isn't even taking into account Scathach-Skadi's buffs, too!
  • Kama is, bar none, the most broken Quick Assassin in the game thanks to her powerful kit. Her Noble Phantasm boosts her Quick performance for 3 turns before dealing damage, and carries a high chance to charm the target with no restrictions, which not only makes her one of the strongest Servants for the charm lock strategy, but also allows her to snowball in her damage output once she gets going. Her first skill grants her or an ally an overcharge level in their Noble Phantasm and heals Kama for an incredible 4000 HP, and while the demerit that comes with it (Max HP reduced by 1000) is permanent, it is often negligible. Her second skill gives her a simple and effective 30% Attack boost and a Guts buff that lasts permanently until it is triggered, greatly increasing Kama's survivability in longer fights, not to mention its very low cooldown for a Guts skill at only 6 turns. Her third skill, Mara-Papiyas, is quite loaded. Aside from charging her NP gauge by 50% and boosting her critical damage by 20%, it also decreases all enemies' Charm resistance by 40%, letting her land her NP's charm more reliably, and has the added bonus effect of giving her class advantage against Alter Egos, who are notorious for being a pain in the ass to face thanks to having no real weaknesses save Berserkers (at least until the release of the Pretenders class). Her NP gain is also pretty great, letting her spam her NP with more and more ease as she gains more Quick boosts. All in all, an incredible showing for Beast III/L. Kama is widely speculated to be the reason there weren't any new SSR Assassins released until Koyanskaya of Light, with the Assassin releases after her not being able to match her prowess.
  • Berserker Lancelot went from a low end Tier-Induced Scrappy to outright a must have 4-star unit after Skadi's release. What happened? He became one of the most reliable 3 turn farmers thanks to the Nordic goddess. To begin with, he got a Strengthening Quest (back then in 2017) that granted him a third skill, a buff to his NP generation rate. By using this skill in conjunction with Skadi's Quick buff (or two), Lancelot can easily fill 50% of his NP gauge back when using his NP (it would have to be a limit-broken Kaleidoscope for him to do this at the very first turn), enabling him to use his NP again on the next turn (and the turn after) with Skadi's NP charge skill. Now, the catch that Lancelot's NP grants him an ATK buff before activation... so on subsequent NP uses, he will stack those buffs like no tomorrow! Moreover, when facing an enemy with 100k+ HP on the 3rd stage of a node, Lancelot can just pop his first skill to absorb those gazillion critical stars generated from NP, enabling him to land crunchy critical hits buffed with 3 ATK buffs from NP and 2 Skadi Quick buffs. This all makes him a go-to unit in any farming node as he's a Berserker which doesn't care about enemy units composition. As a bonus, this composition also frees you to equip any CE in your other team member, as you only need a limit broken Kaleidoscope, letting your other party members to equip any event CE. That said, in order to really make him work, you need a fully-upgraded Skadi, preferably with at least an NP 2 Lancelot, and either a limit broken Kaleidoscope, a non-limit broken Kaleidoscope with a fully maxed out Mana Loading, or a limit broken Traces of Christmas with a decent Mystic Code to help him regain his NP, limiting his viability as a character piece for non-whales.
  • Parvati becomes one of the strongest Quick AoE servants in the game with the advent of Skadi. Parvati on her own is actually quite loaded. She's got impressive NP gain on her Quick cards at 3.24%, letting her generate NP gauge and stars pretty well. Her skills are very strong with great numbers and only have a 5 turn cooldown. Her first skill, Imaginary Around EX boosts her Quick performance and NP generation by 30%. Not only does this massively improve Parvati's looping potential, it also grants her a consistent boost to her damage output. Her second skill, Ashes of Kama is an incredible Mana Burst-type skill, boosting her Attack and Defense by 50%, and boosting her star generation and debuff resistance by 100% for a turn. Blessing of the Goddess, while it does cost her 10% of her NP gauge, is a good supportive skill that charges an ally's NP gauge by 20% and heals them for 3000 HP, or in Parvati's case, it gives her an extra 10% NP gauge to help her out in looping. Parvati's Noble Phantasm is also quite ridiculous, with a solid hitcount, a fantastic NP refill rate, and it even charges the party's NP gauge by 10% for even more ease in looping, with a 60% chance to inflict Charm being the cherry on top. Parvati's ability to loop her Noble Phantasm is so ridiculous that she's one of the few Quick servants capable of looping her NP even without Skadi's assistance. The only thing that balances her out is her rather low Attack stat for an SR servant, as well as her NP currently being unboosted by an Interlude/Strengthen, and even then, it barely deters her sheer power that competes with Berserker Lancelot and Edmond Dantes. As far as consistency goes, Parvati is the single most consistent Quick looper in the entire game, something that really comes in handy when farming nodes with Archers and Berserkers, which give greatly reduced NP gauge.
  • Ashiya Douman swiftly became one of the most desired servants in the game after his launch, and for good reason- he takes advantage of Servant Traits in ways no other character in the game does. He's a powerful semi-support who specializes in Critical damage for Evil and Chaotic Servants, which is a very powerful niche unique to him. He has a massively overloaded kit, with half a dozen powerful passives, excellent NP gain and Star generation, and solid Health and Attack values. His first skill is a massive debuff, slapping a 20% Attack down and a 30% defense down (the same value as Skadi!) malus on all enemies as well as inflicting the unique Terror and Confusion ailments. His second skill is a two-time, five-turn Guts that revives him with 3000 HP at max rank, while also boosting Critical Hit damage for all Evil and Chaotic party members by 50% for three turns. His last skill is a whopping 80% NP charge combined with a buff to Evil and Chaotic party members Attack for 20%. Finally, his Noble Phantasm is a Quick AoE that Curses enemies and has a solid chance to Instantly Kill foes. However, the Instant Kill effect activates after Douman does his damage, meaning he can actually refund a solid amount of his NP gauge and thus loop with the help of Skadi note . Since he's an Alter Ego, he can be brought into a variety of different farming nodes, and he can even farm nodes outside of his Class Advantage thanks to the aforementioned Instant Kill effect. While this is all quite good, Douman really shines when brought as a semi-support in a Chaotic Evil team. Since his buffs apply to both "Evil" and "Chaotic" servants separately, Chaotic Evil Servants have their damage output massively improved, to say nothing of their Critical Hit damage. In a nice bit of synergy, many of the best Critical Hit-oriented servants in the game are either Chaotic, Evil, or fully Chaotic Evil. In particular, Jeanne Alter, Edmond Dantes, Kama, Jack the Ripper, Atalante Alter, Summer BB, Kiara, Anne Bonny & Mary Read (Rider), Gorgon and Summer Ibaraki are all Chaotic Evil servants who focus around Critical Hits, and pairing them with Douman can cause them to deal absurdly high amounts of damage if they can crit. Thanks to Douman's Noble Phantasm, they can even have a steady supply of crit stars to strike with. As a final touch, Douman himself is Chaotic Evil, meaning he takes full advantage of his absurd buffs to be a damage dealer if you need him to be. The only downside to Douman is that his skills are on very long cooldowns even at max rank, but even then the incredible support he offers combined with his strong farming potential make him a fantastic servant.
  • Remember how incredibly powerful Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) was? Taira no Kagekiyo/Minamoto no Yoshitsune can basically be described as Jeanne Alter on steroids. Her first skill is a massive 200% damage bonus against Genji enemies, but its main selling point is its NP charge at 30%, a whopping 100% critical damage buff for 3 turns, and also lowers all other party members' star absorption by 100%, letting her use critical stars with ease. Her second skill, Kagekiyo Never Dies, is a very interesting skill. It grants her a 3 turn Guts buff that stacks with other Guts buffs, renders her immune to instant kills, and adds an effect that grants her a unique stacking buff, Thirst for Vengeance, that powers up her Noble Phantasm whenever her Guts buff triggers. And at max level, the skill's cooldown is 4 turns. You heard that right, a Guts skill with a cooldown of FOUR TURNS! This is already a fantastic boon to Yoshitsune's survivability, and she compounds it further with her third skill, Mist of Azamaru, with a 2 time Evade to go with a good 30% Attack buff. Her Noble Phantasm is a powerful 10-hit attack that removes the target's buffs before dealing damage, ensuring the victim doesn't get to avoid her immense wrath, and grows in power based on how many stacks of Thirst for Vengeance from her second skill she has. On top of that, she's Quick-based which means she benefits massively from Skadi, and also Chaotic Evil so she benefits massively from Douman listed above.

  • Melusine a.k.a. Faerie Knight Lancelot is what happens when you compress several different playstyles into one Servant and then overtune her. Her stats are fantastic, boasting above-average HP and Attack, and all her skills have average to low cooldown. Her first skill boosts her NP gauge by a decent amount while also giving her a 40% attack boost, damage cut, and self-heal via max HP boost for 3 turns. Her second skill is a compressed version of Saber Lancelot's skillset with both a star bomb and a star generation rate with insane absorption that ensures all of it will go to her for the next three turns. Now, you're probably wondering why Melusine is placed here and not in any of the three card types above. It's because she has the privilege of having two different Noble Phantasms, which ties into her third skill. In her first two Ascensions, her NP is a single target Arts attack that gives her more critical stars while also boosting her NP refund for three turns. Support her with the double Altria Caster system and she'll be spamming her NP all over the place thanks to her two Arts cards and critical hits, ensuring that bosses will drop dead. Her second NP which is 3rd Ascension only is a Buster AoE attack that ignores invincibility and boosts Buster card effectiveness before the NP hits for three turns, making it a nuke that hits everyone hard while increasing the damage every time she launches it. And how does this connect to her third skill? If you're in her first two Ascensions, using her third skill will instantly transform her into 3rd Ascension while boosting her NP gauge by 100% at Lvl. 10, so she can fire off the nuke at will. And thanks to said NP Charge, she is one of the few Buster servants that can three-turn farm with any CE (including the Black Grail CE) while most other Buster servants need at least an 50% NP Charge CE to three-turn farm. And if she's already in 3rd Ascension? Then it makes the nuke even more explosive by trading the NP battery for NP damage up. Oh, and the skill always gives her 1-turn invincibility no matter what. Whether you want to make her an Arts boss killer by supporting her with Altria Caster and Tamamo, or a Buster omni-farmer with Merlin, Koyanskaya of Light, and Oberon, or even a mix of the two if you're feeling daring, this dragon faerie knight can do it all. Anything less impressive for the left hand of the greatest dragon Albion would be a disappointment. Her only downside is that her 3rd skill is a deadweight if you don't plan on using it for her first two Ascensions which is bad since her invincibility is tied to it, but if she's paired with Altria Caster then it won't even matter.
  • A significant amount of 4* Servants you can obtain for free via playing events also fit here. Even after three years, Shiki is still one of the absolute strongest Arts-based single target Assassins (with a recent Strengthening quest to her NP making her even more bonkers), Kintoki is still a hilariously broken Quick-based nightmare of a Rider (even crazier with Skadi), and Chloe is simply one of the best single target Archers in the game, bar none. While there are some welfare Servants that fall short like Assassin Scathach, the vast majority are extremely good in their designated roles, and can help any master who is trying to save their Quartz by providing them some good alternatives for Servants they may want to roll for.
  • The Follow system. For new players who have yet to complete Part 1, you can follow 3 players regardless of their approval that lets you borrow their Servant just like a friended player (which means they can use their NP). You can just look for a gigantic whale's (players with full NP5 SSR maxed Servants) Friend ID, Follow him, and let them carry you until you bash Goetia's face in. With this system, newbie campaign, and permanent 1/2 AP on Part 1, you can complete the game easily on just under 3 days, opening you to enjoy events which need Part 1 completion.


Other Strategies

    Mystic Codes and Craft Essences 
  • Mystic Codes:
    • Amongst all the Mystic Codes, the Chaldea Combat Uniform is far and away considered the best by a wide margin. Its Game-Breaker status derives from its unique third skill, Order Change, which allows you to swap one of your frontline Servants for one of your backups. It is the focal point of nearly every 3-turn grinding strategy out there (mostly by letting you swap in a Servant with a CE like K-scope or Imaginary Numbers), but also lets you summon a powerful defense skill on demand to counter an enemy NP (like Mash and Merlin's invincibility skills, or Achilles' Bond CE). Furthermore turns don't pass for servants in the backline so you can buff an attacker servant, swap them to the back and then wait for the buffer's skills to come off cooldown and apply another layer of buffs to that attacker. Alternatively, go straight for burst damage by activating all of a support Servant's skills to the main attacker before swapping that support Servant out for another one to throw on even more skills.
    • The Decisive-Battle Chaldea Uniform is basically a more offensive-focused version of the Combat Uniform, as not only does it have an Order Change skill, but it also provides an ATK and NP damage buff that stack together for a higher damage ceiling, and trades the stun for an offensive debuff cleanse to work around attempts to neuter a Servant's damage. The caveat is that it will take a huge amount of time to level up the Mystic Code, as it requires 155 million EXP to max, over twice as much as the Combat Uniform, which itself is several times more expensive than almost every other Mystic Code.
    • The Fragment of Year 2004 Mystic Code is one of the best Mystic Codes when paired with Arts and Quick based farming. It features a massive 50% NP damage buff to help defeat the last enemy wave and a hefty 50% NP gain buff to help with NP refunds. It's not as versatile as the Combat Uniform, but it works amazingly well in its role.
    • Anniversary Blonde is considered not just one of the best Mystic Codes for Buster Servants, but one of the most powerful ones period because of the solo potential it brings to the table. It provides a Mana Burst effect that scales up to 60%, an Instinct skill that at max drops 20 stars, and a Guts effect that revives at 4000 HP at max rank. All three of these effects are top notch for Buster Servants because they allow for them to potentially solo harder fights, while getting their Buster cards buffed, and getting free crit stars to throw out crits. Characters like Super Orion, King Hassan, and Musashi become monsters between all three effects, the former two especially becoming able to casually solo some of the games most infamous boss fights because of it. The only downside is the cooldown timer being high, but the abilities it provides are so good that it is worth it to use it for those situations where you need to ensure your anchor can secure victory.
  • Some of the earlier released Craft Essences were made when DelightWorks hadn't quite figured out what works and what doesn't in the game. As such, some of them are extremely powerful. This includes the following:
    • Kaleidoscope gives near instant access to a Servant's NP by granting them 80% starting NP (and it just straight up grants 100% at max limit break). This is a cornerstone in any three turn farming strategy. And with the second Append skill, you don't even need to max limit break it to get the 100% starting NP.
    • Wizard Marshal a slightly less powerful version of the very broken CE Kaleidoscope, gives 80% start charge but lacks the attack damage of Kaleidoscope, but instead gives you 750 extra health and when it's max limit broken you get both 100% start charge and 3,000 health. It will now confuse people rolling because it also features old man Zelretch, but he's facing forward instead of sideways. The CE is nicknamed the "Okayscope" for being a lesser version of the coveted Kaleidoscope. It is still just as rare to pull, so good luck getting either of the Zelretch Craft Essences.
    • The Imaginary Element sacrifices some starting NP charge (60% base, 75% at max) and stat focus (roughly 40% Atk and 60% HP) compared to the above two, but more than makes up for it by being more easily available (4* to Kaleidoscope and Wizard Marshal's 5*) and easier to run due to its cost while still giving enough gauge for an immediate NP with minimal usage of skills or Mystic Codes, especially after the introduction of Append skills. Many people were upset that it was taken from the general pool...only for Crystallization of Winter to effectively replace Imaginary Element as those two craft essences work exactly the same, and Crystallization of Winter is perhaps even better than Imaginary Element as Crystallization of Winter focuses solely on attack in comparison to Imaginary Element focusing on both attack and HP; meaning that servants with the Crystallization of Winter CE can launch even more NP power than they did with Imaginary Element.
    • Prisma Cosmos grants a passive 8% NP gauge generation per turn (10% at max limit break). Equip this to Merlin and enjoy 15% NP gauge per turn, with no drawback.
    • Fragments of 2030 gives 8 (10 when limit broken) Critical Stars per turn making it the focal point of various overpowered critical hit strategies.
    • Black Grail increases the damage of Noble Phantasms by a crazy high 60% (80% when limit broken) at the small cost of 500 HP per turn. Put this on practically any Servant with a damaging NP, load them up with Waver/Merlin/Skadi/Tamamo/Reines/Altria Caster/Koyanskaya of Light/Oberon (ESPECIALLY Oberon), and watch with glee as they deal an absolute crapload of damage!
    • Phantasmal Princess basically works just like the Black Grail CE as it has the same 60% (80% when limit broken) NP Damage Boost, but it only works on Berserkers, is somewhat less powerful that Black Grail (2000 ATK compared to Black Grail's 2400), and removes the small demerit of losing 500 HP per turn. While the uses are more limited than the Black Grail thanks to the class restriction, load it up on a strong Berserker servant (like the aforementioned Arjuna Alter and Morgan), and they will do a lot of damage with their Noble Phantasm without losing HP in a critical moment.
    • GudaGuda Poster Girl, which is only available in specific GudaGuda event gachas. On top of offering a 60% attack boost for the first 3 turns, this craft essence also applies a 3-turn taunt to the equipped unit. The biggest abuse of this Craft Essence comes from using it to force a unit death, which allows you to bypass the cooldown period of buffing servant and nullify up to 3 turn worth of damage. Put into perspective, every single copy of Poster Girl essentially becomes a stronger use of Plugsuit's Order Change when used properly. This is on top of other offensive utilities that a 60% attack boost and getting focus fired for NP gain can offer.
    • Knight's Pride boosts Critical Damage to obscene levels a whopping 50% when MLB'd (Even moreso than Gem Magecraft/Antumbra by 20% when MLB'd!) at the expense of a Defense Down debuff. Since there are numerous ways to bear with the debuff, not to mention some of the main users are Glass Cannons anyway, this turns any Critical Hit into either a nasty One-Hit Kill or leaving the enemy with barely remaining some HP worst. Pair it up with users that rely on crits, such as Superhuman Orion, and watch those digits fly up. All this in spite of being a 4* CE!
  • Some craft essences the player can obtain for free can be very broken as well:
    • Holy Night Dinner obtained from the 2nd Christmas event is considered to be one of the best Craft Essences the player can obtain, as it grants the equipped servant 50% starting NP gauge, 15% critical damage boost, and 15% NP damage boost when its max limit is broken. The servant pictured in the Craft Essence, Jeanne Alter, is the perfect candidate for the craft essence, as her kit is built around strong critical hits and having a powerful Noble Phantasm. Heck, any servant with both strong critical hits and Noble Phantasm (Miyamoto Musashi, Saber Lancelot, Rider Kintoki, Raikou, Sigurd, etc.) will love this craft essence, as the combination of both starting NP and increased critical damage and Noble Phantasm damage will push them over the top.
    • Golden Sumo obtained from the Onigashima event is even better, as the Craft Essence bestows the servant 50% starting NP gauge and +15% attack boost. The 15% attack boost in particular is incredibly good, as Craft Essences that passively boost attack are very rare. The raw power provided by Golden Sumo is so good in fact, that it's considered a universally good Craft Essence for any Servant, with the only exceptions being niche kit Servants like healers. It says something that since it's release, no other Craft Essence save for Anniversary Heroines has given a flat percentage increase in damage like it.
    • Aerial Drive, Dive to Blue and One Summer (obtained from respectively Halloween 2017, Dead Heat Summer Race, and the SE.RA.PH event). All three provide a buff to a single card type (Buster, Arts, and Quick respectively), but also give a flat 50% starting NP and NP damage. All three are incredibly powerful because they ensure that any offensively NP focused Servant gets not only double the damage on their NP, but also can quickly throw out their NP with even minimal support. Aerial Drive lets characters like Altria, Berserker Kintoki, and Gilgamesh become heavy hitting characters, Dive to Blue allows for characters like Sieg, Berserker Vlad, and Saber Lancelot to unleash powerful NP's that can almost loop, and One Summer allows Quick Servants like Rider Kintoki, Meltryllis, and Okita to loop alright with Skadi support while generating astounding numbers of Crit Stars for nigh-guaranteed critical hits. Of them, Aerial Drive tends to be placed a bit higher because it focuses all on increasing attack while the other two are more focused on either HP or being split, but both still are great and very useful.
    • Painting Summer, from the "Servant Summer Festival!" event. It provides an Arts card buff, increases NP gain, and gives starting NP charge. This works wonders for any Arts focused Servant because of the fact that an Arts focused Servant will effectively get double their normal NP generation when using an Arts card, allowing them to quickly gain their NP back. With supports that buff Arts cards, it can allow for back-to-back looping with ease, and helps Arts stall teams get their NP out quicker, such as Jeanne.
    • Traces of Christmas, from the 5th Christmas event, is basically like the Painting Summer CE for Quick servants as it provides a Quick card buff, increased NP Gain, and a starting NP charge. By using the right Mystic Code as well as this Craft Essence, it is actually possible to use effectively use the Skadi System without a Kaleidoscope. Even more so, unlike the Painting Summer CE, this one purely focuses on attack, meaning that Quick servants that can launch even more damage from this CE.
    • Fondant au Chocolat, from the Valentine 2016 rerun event. It gives a special attack buff when fighting Divine enemies, and starting NP charge. At max limit broken, this equals out to a 30% attack buff, and 50% starting NP. As a result, any time you know you are going to fight Divine enemies, it allows your primary damage dealer to deal high amounts of damage while also getting their NP out quickly. Characters like Karna, Archer Nobunaga, and Enkidu can become very powerful when fighting Divine enemies thanks to having either special damage modifiers against them, or for having special effects that tie in well against them. It also helps greatly with Servants who can attack other Traits as well; characters like Raikou, Euryale, and Penthesilea can use their skills to not only do their normal extra special damage, but add a powerful attack buff on top of it! Normally a powerful Craft Essence like this would be gone once it's event is over, but it was added to the Rare Prism shop, meaning that you can still get it if you have the Rare Prisms.
  • The Demonic Bodhisattva, introduced to the main gacha with the release of the Babylonia Singularity. Having a 60% NP Battery when MLB'd is good enough, but the main draw of this it boosts NP Overcharge by two stages for one Noble Phantasm. While its usability is debatable among various Servants, the Servants that gain major boosts from being Overcharged greatly appreciate it, such as Altria Caster, who can easily set up a three-hit Anti-Purge Defense, Merlin's increased amount of Critical Star generation ensuring that with the right servants, he can essentially NP alongside another Merlin to ensure that at least one Critical Hit is performed, allows Arash to Stella for even more damage, and even enables Hijikata Toshizo to deal Overcharge Damage much easier (he essentially deals more damage than what he would have with the aforementioned Black Grail!). The One who Desires Salvation Craft Essence, introduced to the main gacha with the release of the Atlantis Lostbelt, trades the ability to gain a NP Battery in exchange for boosting NP Overcharge by two stages for three Noble Phantasms (four if MLB'd), making it more useful in battles that tend to drag on for a long time.
  • While Divine Banquet basically has a Boring, but Practical effect of increasing NP Generation rate by 25% (30% if MLB'd), Azure Magical Girl is basically that but better: Aside from the same NP Generation rate increase, it also provides a very useful 40% NP Charge (50% if MLB'd). This makes it very useful for Servants that rely on spamming their NP as much as possible, especially if two Altria Casters use their second skills with hilarious results. This is perhaps the closest thing you can get to the Purposely Overpowered Story Support Craft Essences. The only downside is that they're limited, meaning you only have a window before it goes away for a long time.

    General Strategies 
  • The turtle team consisting of Mash, Merlin, and Jeanne (you can also slot in Reines, Waver, and Tamamo in there) cannot die. EVER. With massive DEF buffs, HP regeneration, debuff clear, two party-wide invulnerability, you can safely slog through million HP boss with more than 80% HP most of the time (whilst slowly whittling the enemy's HP). Although an invulnerability pierce is a problem, and the developers eventually began catching on to these strategies and began deploying counter-strategies to eliminate them. In particular most bosses after year one content tend to wash the player in debuffs, meaning most strategies revolve around killing the boss in 20-30 turns. That being said, there are some stall teams that can hit quite hard and thus avoid the constant debuffs that bosses love to dish out. Some of them include:
    • The composition of Qin Shi Huang, Merlin, and Tamamo can be very strong. The plan is, you use the emperor as a tank/damage dealer hybrid, stalling with Merlin's invulnerability and heal/cooldown reduction from Tamamo. After two stacks of Qin's NP, he'll fuck the poor schmuck's day up with six-digits of damage from his boosted criticals, while tanking all of your enemies' attacks thrown at the party.
    • Another possible setup for stalling with damage tactics is BB, Tamamo and a third support member. BB focuses as the damager through critical hits and her spammable NP which also charges party's NP gauge, as well as her supportive skills like heal with debuff cleanse and a stun which goes with evade/invincibility removal. Tamamo will drain the enemies NP gauge to buy more time as well as buff BB's Arts and NP power, and heals, charge NP gauge and reduce cooldown of skills of the party through her NP. The third member will fill in the additional supports like Zhuge Liang for party buffs, Merlin for more heals and party invincibility or Mash for almost permanent defensive buffs.
    • A truly ridiculous stalling setup is Altria (Caster), Himiko and Merlin. Himiko is both the damager through her critical hits as well and support due to her Noble Phantasm. Between Merlin and Altria (Caster)'s buffs and Noble Phantams there is fast NP gauge generation. What truly makes this setup insane is due to the one time partywide NP overcharge up by 2 for three turns effect of Himiko's NP, it's incredibly easy to ensure Altria (Caster)'s NP is at least Overcharge 3 which gives the entire party three time three turn Enforcement Defense which prevents the party from being damaged at all during the entire fight. Pretty much the only thing that balances out this absurd team composition is the fact that Himiko's Noble Phantasm is Buster-typed, which reduces the uptime that she can use her NP, and even then, that is incredibly minor in the long run.
      • After the release of Morgan, many fans consider her to be an alternative to Himiko. While her Noble Phantasm only provides an overcharge effect of one in comparison to Himiko's Noble Phantasm providing an overcharge effect of two, she exchanges that for providing more damage than Himiko.
      • After Reines' strengthening quest, she's considered alternative to both as well. While her kit has only supportive capabilities, her NP can provide an overcharge effect as well, on top of giving a buff that allows the team to ignore class disadvantage and NP generation buff as well, making it perfect for stalling out fights.
  • The Gorgon Sisters' Charm spam, even if it's bordering on Awesome, but Impractical, is an almost guaranteed method to stunlock any male boss without Magic Resistance (or at least with a low rank in it). All of the Sisters have a skill which will stun male enemies, as well as Euryale and Stheno having stun effects in their NPs (they also each have a skill to charge their NP); Lancer Medusa's Charm and NP will both reduce Quick Card resistance for Stheno and Medusa, while Gorgon's NP will provide 15% NP to everyone. High skill levels are almost required for the build, however, use their skills and NPs in the right order and you'll find their foes can't move a bit while you grind them to death. Unfortunately, the devs caught on and stealth-nerfed it, giving most Male and/or Saber bosses post-Shimosa Charm immunity.
  • Mass defense buff stacking strategies since defense buffs are stacked additively (as an "inverse attack buff" against foes). The extreme end of this results in taking 0 damage as defensive buffs climb to nearly 100%, and it's why stall-based teams featuring Waver and Mash are so strong and why there are numerous Servants and Noble Phantasms that specifically say they bypass defense buffs (and as demonstrated in the second run of Nero Fest, these effects turn out to "only" bypass 100% defense). Enemies can also abuse this tactic — besides the Siegfried challenge quest in Nero Fest, the common non-Servant Amazoness enemy has a skill that raises their defense by 20% for three turns, and due to how enemy turns work they may well spam this all the way to 100% defense! Meanwhile, there are numerous examples of Servants already packed with defense buffs outright soloing challenge quests, such as Ibaraki versus Tristan in Camelot or two hours of Mash wearing down entire waves of enemies in the "Chocolate Lady's Commotion" expanded rerun challenge quest.
    • On that same topic, mass attack debuffing strategies, which is the same idea except (usually) against a single target. The pioneer of this is Asterios, who can be used against the final story boss in part one among other fights thanks to his 6-turn 20% ATK debuff from his Noble Phantasm plus an additional 1-turn 40% ATK debuff. Once again, it's possible to debuff a 100% attack decrease, leading to enemies doing 0 damage. Nightingale also carves a niche in these strategies, trading in longterm debuffing for a crippling 1-turn 50% ATK debuff and a (multiplicative, not additive) 1-turn 50% NP damage debuff; any damage leaking through can then be healed by the rest of her kit. The tradeoff of this strategy is enemy debuff resistance, but now enemies can't remove or bypass friendly defense buffs — a key factor to this strategy being viable in the otherwise infamously difficult 0-Kiara-Punisher Beast III/R fight.