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With its RPG mechanics and mostly multi-player gameplay, some obtainable characters and items from the game tend to stand out from the rest, to the point that they could make some aspects of the game trivial, as well as being copied and emulated by the competitive players until the individual game-breaking parts combine and gradually evolve into a Metagame.

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    General Metagame 
  • Summer Zooey combined with an Enmity-based weapon grid can destroy any Omega or most event/raid bosses in a few turns, which resulted to the "Zooey Meta". Enmity is a weapon skill that buffs characters' attack based on how much percentage of HP they're missing. In most cases, trying to get the most of the skill presents two major drawbacks. 1) It might take some time to get party members' HP at a low-yet-manageable percentage (around 60%), which in a raid the boss might be defeated before the player's party is buffed enough 2) It's harder to keep party members alive fighting with low HP. With Summer Zooey's Conjunction skill, those two drawbacks no longer matter. The skill reduces party members' HP to 1, so they're getting the maximum possible attack boost from that skill, makes the party immune to damage for a turn, and for 4 turns party members can get up to 15% of their HP back by attacking the boss. Generally, the Enmity/Zooey Meta is a risk-and-reward gameplan that encourages the player to defeat the boss as fast as possible while your characters are in a near-death state, since high healing trades away your damage output, unlike the Stamina Meta. While this works for a majority of the early-to-midgame content, having low-health characters is quite risky in end-game raids such as Ultimate Bahamut or Lucilius, since these bosses have a wide number of gimmicks that can remove Conjunction's invulnerability buff or outright kill near-death party members with Non-Elemental Damage.
    • What generally makes the Zooey Meta a game-breaker is the fact that mid-game builds for the Dark and Wind elements are usually Enmity based and are easily accessible to everyone through grinding, or by purchasing them from the shop. With the Celeste Claw Omega and the Tiamat Bolt Omega, players who own Summer Zooey early on can easily take advantage of her capabilities even by just collecting six of the aforementioned weapons each. To elaborate, both weapons have Medium Attack Boost and Small Enmity passives that contribute well enough to the game's damage formula. And since they are technically farmable from the Omega raids, one can accomplish such grids faster than end-game builds. The fact that Summer Zooey ends up being in another elemental team such as Wind for an "Enmity Enabler" makes her shake the meta a bit.
    • So as stated above, the Celeste Claw Omega provides Medium Attack Boost and Small Enmity passives, right? Well, there is another weapon that directly upgrades those passives! Gisla provides Big Attack Boost and Medium Enmity passives. However, making the most benefits out of the weapon also requires having the summon Hades, as Gisla uses a Normal modifier as a counterpart to Celeste Claw Omega's Omega modifier. If the Celeste Omega summon boosts Omega modifiers, Hades is the counterpart for Normal Modifiers. Lastly, getting both Hades and Gisla requires luck, or several draw attempts, as both only are obtainable from the gacha. Those who are extremely lucky or have spent a lot of time, effort and money are usually the ones who own these two game-breaking items.
    • The aforementioned Summer Zooey and other factors of the Dark element like the wide variety of weapons usable compared to other elements and most enemies lacking an elemental resistance to it makes the whole element a game-breaker to the point where parts of the game are getting rebalanced and/or deliberately designed to blunt its power and encourage players to use other elements. In fact, several bosses have access to party-wide Plain Damage attacks that can completely ignore the invulnerability buff of Summer Zooey's Conjunction, so at least players would be forced to think of the timing or prepare Auto-Revive abilities in advance before casting Conjunction.
  • The year 2018 gave rise to the Ougi-centric meta with the release of Vajra, the Kengo class and 4★ Bonito, mostly for elements like Water which is known to have several characters (i.e. Yngwie, Lilile, Altair, Silva) that instantly fill (or increase the rates of gaining) Charge Bar boosts for themselves or for the entire party. The combination of the three were later dubbed and memed within the entire Granblue playerbase as the "Kengonito Meta"note . With the number of Vajra's multi-attack buffs and the Double Strike buff, she can easily refill her charge bar. And for every Charge Attack that she unleashes with the Loyalty Eternal passive, succeeding Charge attacks get increased damage. Being a Katana user also gives her 200% Charge Bar allowing her to cast multiple Limit Breaks in a single turn. The Kengo class is built around Charge Attacks with the No More Doubt and One With The Blade abilities essentially turning the Player Character into a stronger Vajra. The final uncap of the Bonito instantly grants 200% Charge Bar upon calling, greatly benefiting Katana users.
    • While the combo of Kengo, Vajra and 4★ Bonito is already powerful, there's one more character that can be added to make the combo even more broken, Summer Grea. Her main gimmick is her second skill, which gives both herself and one other character a buff that gives them even more powerful charge attacks along with a bit of healing and additional charge bar at the end of every turn, and there's no downtime and it can't be dispelled. Her third skill also gives herself and her linked partner guaranteed triple attacks with a high crit rate, which combos nicely with Kengo's or Vajra's multi-strike buffs. And to top it off, Grea isn't too shabby with dealing damage herself, especially if the opponent is afflicted with her signature Dracoforce debuff.
    • Lastly, the 4★ Upgrade of Drang's weapon, Blue Sphere and a weapon dropped by Europa, Tyros Zither also increase Charge Attack Damage. Combine all of these factors and one can just call Bonito, apply buffs and watch as the bosses die by back-to-back Limit Breaks.
  • As a direct counterpart to the Zooey Meta, the year 2019 brought the "Monkey Meta" with Andira having a synergy with Stamina-based weapon grids. If the Enmity status buff requires your characters to have low amounts of HP to benefit from attack boosts, Stamina requires your characters to maintain a high percentage of HP remaining. Andira's "Unborn, Undying" skill just so happens to restore your entire party to full HP with a single press of a button, allowing your team to recover while benefiting from Stamina grids at the same time. Not only that, the skill also restores 1000 HP to the parties involved in the raid. The only downside to this is that the skill has a 12-turn cooldown, making it more of an emergency button. Her 5★ uncap upgrades in 2019 just also happens to make all of the buffs provided by her second to fourth skills become undispellable by your enemies. Her "Tricumulo" skill provides a Unique "Loop" buff which in itself is a combination of several offensive buffs. And with a 6-turn duration and a 7-turn cooldown, Tricumulo is spammable. Lastly, the debuffs provided by her "Multi-Decree" skill last indefinitely and can't be removed. To prevent it from outright weakening the boss for everyone else, Multi-Decree is a local debuff, applicable only to your party. All of these, (despite turning into a meta) require you to put some effort and level Andira to 100. The damage output for Stamina Meta is not as strong as the Enmity Meta since the turn-based system of Granblue ensures that your party would slowly lose health the longer a boss fight runs. But with Andira's ability to completely restore HP, Stamina Meta tends to shine more on end-game raids where survivability is prioritized over quick boss killing.
    • The end-game Omega II Raid of Grimnir may drop a Stamina-based weapon named Last Storm Harp, which makes a synergy with Andira even more. While its initial stats are weaker than the Tiamat Bolt Omega of mid-game wind grids, the harp makes up for it with the "Verity" weapon skill that boosts Critical Hit rate.
  • In 2021, with weapon grid power having grown much stronger over time, endgame damage considerations all ultimately revolve around circumventing the Damage Cap, since modern teams are easily going to hit the base damage cap if they go without significant cap up options. Many of the modern damage-centric examples listed here are likely going to either feature one or more such cap-breaking mechanics, such as Assassin buffs, supplemental damage, bonus damage on autos, or outright damage cap up buffs, or otherwise enable cap-up options, like multi-hit nukes synergizing with supplemental damage buffs.

    Character and Weapon Synergies 
  • Korwa is another one, even after getting nerfed. While a bit tricky to set up (you need 7 turns and her actually getting attacked once for most of them to work), once you get her buff/charged attack cycles going, she will bestow buffs beyond almost any other character and keep them going. Even though she's a wind character, her effectiveness isn't reduced for most other elements. The fact that she doesn't synergize well at all with Summer Zooey/Dark Enmity builds prevents a combination of the two from absolutely wrecking the game. With the rise of 5★ Niyon and Kokkoro, more prevalent enemy uses of Dispel and Korwa's need of ramping up, she has fallen out of this status.
    • And this is AFTER being nerfed. Release Korwa lasted 24 hours, during which strong players that were lucky enough to roll her could defeat bosses designed for coordinated groups of rank 101+ players solo due to stronger buffs and longer buff extensions from her Limit Break. While nowadays a player has to have a little luck to break even on Korwa's buff extensions, during this time it was possible to see buff durations exceeding 60 turns.
    • With her rebalance in early 2021, Summer Korwa eclipses her original self to an obscene degree, becoming the best enabler in modern Wind. Her first skill "Ligne d'Ete" grants an ally a massive Wind attack and DATA buff with an indefinite duration, as well as Dual Strike and an obscene 50% cap up buff for a turn, making her the best damage enabler in Wind. Her second skill "Sole Elegante" grants an ally another indefinite buff to defense, Armored damage reduction, and 100% debuff resistance; given enough time, this buff can be applied to the whole party and make them all ridiculously tanky, allowing clears of some of the hardest content in the game with minimal effort. Her third skill "Croquis d'Ete" grants the entire party a much coveted assassin buff, and finally her ougi gives partywide bonus damage on autos and passively increases the party's charge attack specs with each use of it. This is quote-unquote balanced by each of her skills costing stacks that generate over time and not working in full auto, but for manual play S. Korwa starts with enough stacks to still be unparalleled at what she enables even at Turn 1.
  • Earth De La Fille. While an improvement (a good buffer for Earth), the game breaking part comes from her passive skill that has a 20% chance to drop casino coins ranging from double digits to over millions per activation at the end of every battle. Goodbye Scrappy Mechanic!
  • For a duration of about half an hour after release, the Elysian class was the most broken thing in the game's history, due to one of its skills that massively debuffed the enemy's resistance to status effects. It doesn't sound that amazing until someone found out that the list of said effects included Lethal Hit... by accidentally murdering a Proto Bahamut Impossible raid in one shot. The class's newfound ability to quite literally kill any enemy in the game in two clicks made quite the uproar and ended up very quickly patched out.
    • Among the characters who can provide the Lethal Hit debuff, Tweyen of the Eternals is an easy candidate as she is free (obtainable via grinding) and her second skill can inflict 13 Status Ailments (including Lethal Hit) with a rather high success rate.
    • As seen above anything able to quickly kill a high level raid like Proto Bahamut Impossible will most certainly get patched in a hurry.
  • With the release of the updated Arcarum in the late 2017, the Ground Zero skill of Threo becomes one. In this mode, the enemies have a high health pool, with a majority having a high resistance to damage. Add the fact that you only have 100 Turns (Normal) or 50 Turns (Hard and Extreme) for completing an entire expedition - Moving blocks, taking turns during battles, and even retreating will reduce the counter. With Ground Zero however, Arcarum battles end up as quickly as clicking a single button. To elaborate, it is a skill readily available at Turn 1 that can deal a massive amount of damage (up to a million) based on how high Threo's health is. Being a Plain-damage attribute, it ignores enemy defenses, while also allowing the player to one-shot almost all low-tier mobs on the Normal difficulty, while saving the remaining turns for the more challenging and difficult bosses at every 3rd expedition. However, any sources of Non-Elemental damage were Nerfed to deal only half of their supposed value in the mode's Extreme difficulty, as Cygames' measure to prevent Ground Zero from breaking all of the mode's content.
    • Any unit capable of copying Threo's Ground Zero also counts. And because of her Facsimile skill, even an R rarity character like Lunalu became a game-breaker. Note the above-mentioned Nerf where Arcarum Extreme halved Plain Damage values? That would mean nothing to Lunalu when she has the chance of making you unleash two Ground Zeroes in the same turn. She later received an SSR version where Facsimile is no longer chance-based, but guaranteed to succeed. This combo makes the tedious grind of Arcarum Extreme a piece of cake to those who have both characters.
    • Once upon a time, damage for Ground Zero was calculated in a way to quickly escalate to absurd levels, able to one shot Proto Bahamut, this got patched quickly into what we have today.
    • Threo is commonly used in Slime quests as her Ground Zero can easily bypass the absurdly high defense of the otherwise low-HP slimes, killing any of them in one hit. This even includes their "King" variants, which makes her very useful when it comes to Money Grinding or Level Grinding your other party members' levels and EMP.
    • Since the solo Slime Quests are composed of two waves, Threo may not be sufficient enough for farming as her ability can mostly clear out one wave. For that, any other character with Non-Elemental damage gets added to the party to clear the rest. Or if the player doesn't want to sacrifice other slots, any weapon with a Non-Elemental damage ability such as Disparia and Spiked Baseball Bat can be utilized by the Swordmaster or Glorybringer classes to farm slimes alongside Threo.
    • Ground Zero can also be used to annihilate the six Daily Hard Omega raids for farming their respective animas and fodders. Because almost all of them have HP values lower than the skill's soft damage cap of 1.2 million, it can be guaranteed that Threo can kill them with one press of a button. Among the six, only Celeste has a higher HP value which exceeds the skill's damage cap, but she can still be easily killed on Turn 1 with a follow-up Berserker's Forge, Arcarum Summon Call, or the Swordmaster/Glorybringer's Awaken Blade ability from the two aforementioned anti-Slime weapons Disparia and Spiked Baseball Bat. It is also worth nothing that while Yodarha's Ultimate Flash also deals up to 999,999 Plain Damage that makes these early game raids trivial, he requires a full Charge Bar and 3 Triple Shrouded stacks to use its highest possible damage. However, it is even inferior to what Threo's Ground Zero can do - up to more than a million Plain Damage in just one press of a button, readily available at the first turn with no other requirements.
  • Pick a 5★ Eternal. Any of them (albeit some moreso than others). They all have powerful abilites, a higher charge attack cap, and a powerful ultimate skill that can be used after turn 10 in case everything else isn't enough. While Power Creep started to catch up with them, the Eternals are the first characters in the game to be able to upgrade to a 6★ with a level cap of 150, potentially rendering them once again the strongest in the skies. Good luck getting there though.
    • Anre 5★ gets both a "nuke" skill with an insanely high damage cap, and an incredibly powerful buff that lets him deal insane damage for one turn, on top of all the defensive skills he already had, including his ultimate, which cuts all damage in half and then heals any damage that was taken. His charge attack also gives both a Stamina (increased damage the higher your health is) and Shield buff to the whole party. His kit is so powerful that he has been called Water's version of Summer Zooey.
      • While Anre's skillset is considered underwhelming nowadays, the release of Summer Lucio allows him to abuse Fleeting Spark to such degree that allows Anre to replicate Christmas Narmaya especially when combined with the EMP damage cap passive he gets from Transcendence. This combo between Summer Lucio and Anre is so infamous that its commonly joked that Summer Lucio is Anre's rebalance.
    • Tweyen 5★ gets improvements that make her a better auto-attacker, but what makes her really broken is her ultimate, which extends the duration of all debuffs by 90 seconds including her trademark minute-long paralyze.
    • Threo 5★ gets even more plain damage to Ground Zero and her Sword mode charge attack, as well as a slew of other buffs to her offensive power. And if the enemy isn't dead within 10 turns, her ultimate gives her four straight turns of full charge bar in order to murder it.
      • The second batch of Transcendence upgrade turns Threo into a complete monster. At level 120, Threo gets a passive that gave have a guaranteed triple attack and bonus damage as long as she have a quarter or lower of her HP left, which can be achieved by using Ground Zero. This passive works extremely well with her rebalanced Supernatural passive which gave her 300.000 supplemental damage on her third hit, and 3 stack of Undying effect. At level 130, Threo gets a massive upgrade to Ground Zero with higher damage cap, 1 less cooldown, and when casted while Threo have 25% or less HP, it gives Threo Triple Strike. The cooldown reduction puts it in line with Vorpal Rage, ensuring either a massive amount of heal with Axe mode, or insane damage output with Sword mode. The Triple Strike essentially turns low HP Ground Zero into an absurd amount of burst damage. Transcendence also gave her extra damage cap, 4 node worth of HP EMP, and resets the cooldown of her Berserk Forge after charge attacks. Transcendence Threo cranks up her offensive power to the point that she can output burst damage that is similar in power to Christmas Narmaya, while being nearly unmatched damage output on a consistent basis.
    • Feower 5★ is basically a Chaos Ruler with a Four-Sky Blade on steroids. He can inflict a slew of useful debuffs (including a unique defense down debuff that breaks the normal cap for defense debuffs), coupled together with powerful nukes, extend the duration of buffs, randomly reset his cooldowns after each turn (and after using a skill with his EMP) and give the entire party a multiattack buff on charge attack. Even better, his kit synergizes insanely well with Anre's. He's much less so of this nowadays, due to power creep and water being heavily oversaturated with really strong characters, however. Time will tell if he gets the buff his sister got.
    • Fif 5★ has incredibly powerful heals, can reduce damage from dark enemies and resurrect the entire party with her ultimate. Compared to everything else on this list, it doesn't seem like much, but in a Stamina-based grid where your damage depends on how high your health is, she's invaluable. A recent buff gives her a Stamina buff along with her heal, and turns her auto-revive into an absurdly powerful buff that still auto-revives.
    • Seox 5★ has insane damage buffs that ramp up incredibly fast, defensive buffs that protect him from damage (and losing his most powerful buff), additional damage whenever he has Mirror Image (which is easily provided by his charge attack) and his ultimate gives him four turns of invincibility and attacking twice per turn to wail on the enemy.
    • Seofon 5★'s improved Swordshine system lets him give the whole party full charge attack bars as early as turn 2, and lets him triple attack 100% of the time so long as one remembers to refresh his Swordshine stacks. In addition, just being in the party gives everyone higher charge attack damage, as well as a higher charge attack damage cap. His ultimate also gives the party full charge attack bars, but also pairs it with a huge charge attack damage buff for good measure.
    • Eahta 5★ generates huge amounts of charge attack meter between his absurdly high multiattack rate buffs, increased charge speed, and skills that give him even more charge attack on top of that. All that meter can either be transferred to other party members or used for himself, making him a perpetual charge attack battery. And if it isn't enough, his ultimate gives him permanent uplift, giving him even more meter. And to top it off, his powerful offensive buffs make him a great attacker as well, particularly on element.
    • Niyon 5★ has both powerful buffs and debuffs that pretty much make her Korwa 2.0, without the Fil buildup that Korwa needs. She also synergizes extremely well with Seofon 5★, protecting him during the first few turns he needs to stack up his Swordshine and further increasing his offensive power. Her ultimate gives the party 4 straight turns of 100% triple attack and echo.
    • Tien 5★ can give herself powerful buffs every few turns based on how high Bounty Hunter has been stacked. Her ultimate allows her to apply these buffs to the entire party, and give them Break Assassin/Salted Wound on top of them to decimate any enemy in break status. She was then buffed in September 2018 to get a debuff that lets anyone use Break-affecting skills at any time.
  • Playable Alexiel applies in that on top of tanking abilities that outclass Sara, her offensive abilities are nothing to sneeze at (to the point where she renders all other offensive/defensive characters unneeded). It's gotten to the point where there is no more debate on who to have as an ultimate earth party as she fills the opening not taken by the final-uncapped Eternals.
    • Her Summer version is even stronger defensively. Whereas Grand Alexiel brings a party-wide one-turn invulnerability buff and a party-wide one-turn 70% damage cut, Summer Alexiel's signature defensive skill is "Uncrossable Waters": for three turns (on a seven turn cooldown), Summer Alexiel will be the sole target of all enemies' attacks, have complete immunity to debuffs, will convert all non-plain damage taken to Water damage (which as an Earth character she takes less damage from), and cap every single damage instance at 1500 damage. When even mid-game HP values in Earth can be around 20,000—Summer Alexiel can turn anything but huge multi-hit attacks into Scratch Damage, while avoiding the debilitating debuffs Water bosses are known for, for three out of every seven turns. She can easily trivialize bosses who were designed before her debut in 2019, and having her on your team is often the difference between newer bosses being manageable and That One Boss. Moreover, she's no slouch offensively, with a charge attack that activates a skill damage nuke for two turns after it's used, which is one of the strongest damaging effects a charge attack can have.
  • Shiva. Essentially Fire's answer to Summer Zooey, he's the closest thing to a Master of All the game has. His skills apply a permanent debuff to its target on top of dealing a very respectable amount of damage; gives a five turn buff to the party that provides both damage cap up and damage taken reduced; and a buff that gives him a number of useful things like guaranteed triple attack, 20% wind damage lowered and an 80% increased chance to crit. Using his Charge Attack gives him both a 25% boost to attack for the next turn and a unique buff that dramatically increases both the damage and the damage cap of his next CA use, though he can't get it with the same attack that is boosted by it. Like other Disciples, he also has a passive that provides a 30% boost to Fire Attack Up when it's applied, but he also has a passive that provides a flat 15% boost to one target attacks (conveniently all he can do) and makes him even stronger with each CA use. His only downside - reduced meter gain - by Anila (the now second best Fire character) patching that up alongside making him even more busted than he already is.
  • Grimnir does not disappoint all his fans who've been waiting for him to be playable. If Alexiel has the ultimate defensive kit, and Shiva has the ultimate offensive kit, then Grimnir has the ultimate utility kit. His 1st skill applies a Shield, a Veil (in an element sorely lacking in this buff), and an entirely new buff, Dispel Cancel, which does Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The last one alone makes him very valuable in HL raids, where bosses like to toss out Dispels. And if the fight lasts long enough to warrant using the skill a 2nd time, it also gives Mirror Image and a 50% damage cut. His passive lets him attack all enemies with his normal attack, but his 2nd skill can disable that in exchange for a buff that gets better the more times he uses his 1st and 2nd skills or uses a charge attack, and after the second time, it starts throwing in a party-wide turn of Anytime Assassin. Finally, his third skill is a powerful nuke that comes with a Delay, and if the Delay lands, it gives Grimnir a charge attack buff and some meter.
    • Valentine's Grimnir doesn't seem like too much at first, being a pure attacker that can't be used with his support version that's listed above, requires a unique stack to use his 2 and 3, plus having a skill that gives the enemy a buff as well. However, a few things stand out: he has guaranteed triple attack, those attacks are each three instances rather than one instance with three numbers appearing, and all his skills have a cooldown of one turn, albeit linked so you can't use more than one per turn. However, this goes out the window later on due to one thing: supplemental damage. His 3 deploys a field effect that gives 30k supplemental damage per hit instance, which he's capable of doing fifteen times a turn from his 1 and basic attack. In other words, he gets a free 450k damage per turn. Combine this with Belial below and it's 900k, not taking into account that his 2 hits 20 times and applies a number of debuffs. He also has his CA give him a buff that not only makes his crit chance 100%, but gives him Keen, which gives him an additional 50k per damage instance whenever he crits, which is now every single hit he lands. All together, that gives him 1,650k additional damage per turn for just attacking. To say this is insane is an understatement.
  • The Campaign-Exclusive Quests have a Fake Difficulty that Caps the damage instances that you use against it, essentially making the fight a bit longer since the damage formula gets thrown out of the window for a bit and you'll have to prioritize multi-hit damaging abilities. However, the release of the Gladiator class breaks this questline's rule as it offers Decimate, a single skill with up to 10 damage instances. With a single press of a button, you can say goodbye to that Fake Difficulty.
  • The Windhose weapon boasts a unique weapon skill called "Chain Force" which increases Charge Attack Damage and Cap. It is solely built around improving a team's Charge Attack capabilities, as its Charge Attack provides 30% and 10% boosts to Charge Attack damage and cap to the entire party, which makes a synergy with its passive weapon skill. By default, all allies also gain a 10% boost to their Charge Bar, which even makes chains much easier. This weapon is otherwise a staple for two classes:
    • Glorybringer: The Resonance skill provides the captain a full Charge Bar on demand, allowing them and their party members to benefit from the C.A. effects at Turn 1. This can be beneficial during Strike Time, as well as for initiating quick Combos with Wind characters who also have "C.A. Instant Standby" like Melissabelle.
    • Much like the Glorybringer, the Chrysaor class can greatly benefit from Charge Attack boosts due to the number of skills that the class relies on C.A. effects:
      • "Blade Swap II" allows you to have an alternative Charge Attack effect to go along with Windhose, while also providing further boosts to your base Charge Attack Damage and Cap.
      • "Dual Arts" allow you to re-activate your Charge Attack within the same turn - dealing additional damage while reapplying the effects given by Windhose.
      • Even before using the previously-mentioned "Dual Arts", you can use the Chrysaor's "Diptych" skill for the Double Strike buff. Combine this with Dual Arts and you can have an additional two charge attacks and one normal attack on the same turn!
  • The Dark Opus weapon series as a whole. They give a big boost to HP and attack of whatever element you make them, can be either Primal or Magna (and thus fit perfectly no matter what your grid is like), and get pendulums that act like the Ultima weapons' keys, but without a restriction. Even better, the order they provide bonuses through the pendulums are the opposite of the keys, so you get to choose a damage cap up very quickly after you make one, as opposed to having to deal with the hardest raid in the game to get them. Which is great, because with an Opus weapon, you'll be hitting that cap much more easily. And lastly, Dark Opus weapons can be uncapped to 5* and have a weapon skill level of 20, which means their powerful skills go much further than an Ultima weapon's. Most notably, Proto Bahamut HL raids went from being difficult to incredibly easily immediately after their release. Their only downside is that you can only have one in each grid, so you aren't able to rip the game in half instead of merely destroy it, and that their final uncap is gated behind one of the hardest fights in the game.
  • Another case of poor thinking happened when Cygames reworked Vaseraga in early 2020. Among the buffs was the ability to withstand any attack with one HP left, as long as he had at least 25% of his HP remaining. Nifty but not that amazing at first glance, until someone abused the Doctor class's Maddening Vitality skill (major buffs to a character, but reduces their max HP) to drop him to a max HP of 1... effectively making him entirely invincible as his lifebar is always full. That one was once again very quickly patched out, via an emergency nerf to Maddening Vitality (making it impossible to use below a certain threshold). He was then nerfed again due to Undying still working identically with Nier, so that instead he only has it for the first twenty turns, which the raid he was mostly abused on (Akasha) is capable of quickly skipping past due to its turn manipulation.
  • Rei stands out for having two game-breaking abilities that would alone make a character top tier, on top of being in the already powerful Dark element. Her first skill, "Alaya-Vijnana," grants another Dark ally Double Strike indefinitely, in exchange for sacrificing her own auto attack—she literally doubles a strong auto attacker's output, for no cost at all. Her second skill, "Moksha," switches her out for the first character in your backline, and then gives the subbed in character the buff "Moksha" indefinitely, which increases attack, guarantees triples, increases damage cap, and increases dodge rate, in exchange for a large defense penalty. Again, for no cost or setup required, Rei offers another way to massively buff a character; she enables even weak characters and makes already game-breaking characters even more so. And on top of both of these excellent utilities, she can completely nullify an enemy's elemental damage for one turn with her third skill "Cold Stare," as well as accelerate the turn count by five turns with her fourth skill "Ama no Sakate," which effectively serves as a way to speed up cooldowns on potent abilities. Lastly, her charge attack "Clairvoyant Bliss" inflicts a number of useful debuffs, and most importantly the debuff "Celestial Vision," which indefinitely grants 30k supplemental damage for all attacks on the debuffed foe. Rei is stuffed to the brim with unique, powerful utilities, any one of which would make her an excellent unit, and all combined make her a contender for most powerful enabler in the game.
  • SSR Predator is the queen of burst damage in the supremely competitive Dark element; her kit is perfectly designed to unleash insane auto-attack damage immediately, at the cost of massively reduced innate defense. She naturally has guaranteed triple attacks, which plays well with a DPS-oriented meta where auto attacks are the fastest source of damage compared to skills and charge attacks. Her second skill "Creeping Shadow" consumes HP to grant her the Jammed status effect—which increases damage when at lower HP, perfectly complementing Dark Enmity as mentioned under Summer Zooey above—50% bonus damage on her autos, and Double Strike for one turn, all of which means she'll easily hit the damage cap while dealing six auto attacks with hefty bonus damage. Her third skill "Laughing Phantom" takes that to the next level with a Salted Wound buff: she does nearly triple damage against an enemy in break mode for one hit or set of auto attacks—and she also get a one-time Dodge All buff if her HP is low enough for guaranteed survivability. Lastly, her first skill "Assault Blow" is the piece de resistance: it inflicts the Onslaught debuff, which means that the foe is treated as if it's in break mode while the debuff is active. That's right, the condition for Salted Wound that balances it is completely irrelevant for her, since she can activate it whenever.
  • The Luchador class, almost entirely because of its Tag Team skill: Tag Team has the simple effect of letting every party member auto attack, as if it were a normal use of the Attack button. In other words, for a team designed around powerful auto attacks, this single skill effectively doubles their damage per turn. And since auto attacks are already the fastest source of damage, this is a nearly equally huge boost in damage per second. In content where you're racing other players to deal enough damage to secure blue chest rewards, Tag Team Luchador is among the most popular strategies around.
  • Christmas Narmaya stands out as the single strongest auto attacker in Earth. She can have guaranteed triple attacks if she has a Counter buff on her, which both her charge attack and her first skill "Apex of Nothingness" give her. "Apex of Nothingness" also gives her massive bonus damage on auto attacks for 30% of her charge bar—which is always guaranteed at fight start with the proper crew skill—and if she instead has a full charge bar, that bonus damage will last the full length of the skill's cooldown, making it trivial to sustain so long as she doesn't have to spend her charge bar for a charge attack. And her third skill "Mind at Peace" is absolutely insane: it gives her massively boosted damage for her one turn, while also allowing her to take damage for all allies with 99% damage repel—unmatched offensive power and defensive ability all in one skill.
  • Summer Mimlemel is a good example of a character who would normally be very situational becoming absurdly powerful because of how her kit complements the meta that she's in—Fire. Fire is an element whose main strength lies in doing ridiculous amounts of damage in a short amount of time, with units like Alanaan and Tien (see above), summons like Shiva and The Sun (see below), and the Bandit Tycoon class combined wielding the Summer's Mirage gun stacking multiple sources of damage on top of each other to culminate in huge burst damage over the course of one turn. Mimlemel has a kit with the express purpose of being a one-time nuke. Her three skills are a one-time charge bar boost that can give the whole party 70% CA bar (which can mean a turn 1 100% boost with Crew Skills active), a one-time 20% damage boost, and a one-time shield that provides both Veil and Dispel Cancel. When all three are used, Mimlemel gets an extra damage boost and a guaranteed Triple Attack of her own which lasts the rest of the fight. All of these skills combined end up boosting Fire's already absurd damage potential Up to Eleven, making her absolutely essential for one-turn kill teams against Wind bosses with higher HP and a great way to race for blue chests.
  • The Arcarum Evokers are free-to-play units gated by a lengthy grind, similar to the Eternals, and as a consequence are among the most impactful units in the game. Many of them have unique and powerful synergies, and combined with their free-to-play status are often core in their elements. They also all have (often powerful) passive effects when in your team's backline, and gain effects when they enter the frontline if one of your units is knocked out.
    • Caim, the Evoker of the Hanged Man, is core in endgame Earth teams for one reason: his "The Hanged Man Reversed" backline passive. If every weapon in your grid is unique—named a "highlander" grid by fans—then Caim instantly grants every member of the team a 20% boost to attack, a 50% boost to defense, and 10% damage cap up, so long as he is in the backline. Although in theory highlander grids are weaker since they can't stack the best non-unique weapons available, nowadays a plethora of powerful one-off weapons—most particularly 5* Dark Opus weapons—means that building one just as strong as a non-highlander grid is very attainable by endgame. Easy access to damage cap up means a Caim grid is head and shoulders stronger than an equivalent grid without that cap up, and synergizes with the Scales of Dominion, a farmable weapon that also grants a boost to Attack and 10% damage cap up in a highlander grid.
    • Nier, the Evoker of Death, is core in Dark teams for racing content, and still very useful longer fights.
      • Outside of racing, Nier offers several powerful utilities. Her first skill "World of Death and Love" is a thematic counterpart to "Unfinished Business," granting everyone on the field increased Attack and your units bonus damage on autos for three turns. Her second skill "Beloved" grants guaranteed triple attacks and 50% damage reduction to herself and one other unit. Her third skill "Last Love" grants charge attack reactivation. Her backline passive "Death Reversed" grants your MC 13 stacks of "Death Reversed," which allows them to survive a lethal blow if they had more than 25% HP, up to 13 times. When brought out to the frontline properly, she grants "The Lovers Upright" to all allies, which is an autorevive and a slight heal on damage. And her "Love's Redemption" stack mechanic gives her massive damage reduction and charge attack damage, at the cost of killing her when her stacks reach 0 (but she can be autorevived by "Thirsting").
      • Despite the above, her most common usage is in racing comps, because her "Will to Love" passive will inflict the debuff "Unfinshed Business" on all units and enemies on the field when she is knocked out by anything but her "Love's Redemption" mechanic. On enemies, this is 50% defense down (the standard cap on defense down), and applies on almost every enemy, including those that resist the standard defense down debuff, as well as 100% DATA down. On units, this is an identical defense and DATA down debuff, as well as preventing all healing. On paper this is a typical high-risk high-reward strategy: lower defense for everyone on the field. But in Dark, where S. Zooey's Conjunction exists to enable Enmity skills, the healing negation means that your team can stay at 1 HP and maximum damage for longer, while still benefitting from Conjunction's invincibility buff. Moreover, the most common way to eliminate Nier is with the Death summon, which grants guaranteed triple attacks to the team in exchange for knocking out a unit, thus canceling out the DATA down debuff. Knocking out Nier with Death and having S. Zooey use Conjunction turns "Unfinished Business" into an opportunity for massive damage for racing comps, with no downside besides limited longevity (which is definitionally irrelevant to racing comps). Killing off Nier with Death is something completely unique to her, and makes her irreplaceable in racing comps.
      • The Replicard Sandbox update added in the New World Foundation, a set of weapons that are meant to compliment their respective summon and Evoker with their Charge Attacks and weapon skills. With Death and Nier for example: the Pain of Death’s charge attack grants auto-revive to whoever’s in the 4th slot in your party, at the cost of the MC’s charge bar unable to fill up for a turn, as well as its weapon skill giving the rest of the party a 15% stackable attack and defense increase every time a party member is knocked out. This effectively means that you can keep Nier around in much longer fights with ease as long as you manage to use your charge attack in time before she runs out of stacks or gets knocked out, but this also means that you can now easily have guaranteed triple attacks, increased stackable attack and defense and can inflict the Unfinished Business debuff for a few turns if you want to use the Death summon without the penalty of losing Nier for the rest of the fight. Not to mention that her "Domain of the Evoker" EMP Skill restores 6 of her "Love's Redemption" stacks when using the weapon's aformentioned Charge Attack if you have it fully uncapped, allowing her to be in the fight for a little bit longer if she's not in the fourth slot.
  • Grand Sandalphon completely shifted how Earth element teams approach null-element fights when he was introduced in late 2020. His first skill "Ethereal Prison" introduces a brand new mechanic into the game: the ability to change an enemy's element—in Sandalphon's case as an Earth unit, to Water for five turns. This means that Earth units gain elemental advantage against foes afflicted by "Ethereal Prison," as well as the damage cap breaking effects of Seraphic weapons and damage-boosting Arcarum summons. Although enemies retain their innate elemental resistance (e.g., Wind foes who are naturally resistant to Earth damage remain so when under "Ethereal Prison"), this is a massive advantage against null-element and even Dark bosses, who typically have no elemental resistance to Earth. A 4* Seraphic weapon and a 4/5* Arcarum summon together grant 33% damage and cap up, meaning Sandalphon instantly makes Earth teams that much stronger against null-elements enemies just for using his first skill. And that's not all: he can gain up to four instances of bonus damage on auto attacks with his second skill "Ecliptica", his third skill "The Vice" fills his charge bar and massive amplifies his charge attack damage at the cost of dispelling all buffs on allies and enemies (but it can be used turn 1 anyway when there are no buffs yet), and his passive grants him guaranteed crits, double attacks, a 20% boost to damage cap, increased defense, and some passive healing. His only drawbacks are that "Ethereal Prison" is naturally only active for 5 out of every 8 turns, his bonus damage instances are gained randomly and he may not get all four in a timely manner, and that he cannot be healed except by his passive, making him very vulnerable to plain damage attacks. Sandalphon's first skill alone vastly increases Earth's power against null-element, while still remaining a monstrous attacker for on-element content.
  • Do you see Predator above? Her core kit (guaranteed triples, anytime assassin, echoes, and Dual Strike) is so powerful it's been copied across multiple elements: the duo unit Mireille and Risette in Earth, Summer Beatrix's 2021 rebalance, and Water Zeta. Mireille and Risette are hobbled by the Crest mechanic, and Fire is blessed with other powerful anytime assassin characters that make S. Beatrix less of a stand out, but Zeta is unquestionably one of the premier attackers in Water. Her differences from Predator include teamwide bonus damage on triple attacks and an increase to the damage cap on critical hits; exceptionally strong echoes at 100% bonus damage (with the caveat that she must have first hit the target with her first skill "Spear of Arvess" and inflicted the "Arvess Fermare" debuff); and the standout change: unworldly charge attack damage that then also activates her first skill "Spear of Arvess" for even more damage. Zeta is simultaneously a top tier auto attacker and charge attack user, and Bonito being a Water summon allows Zeta to immediately have her charge attack on turn 1, and then proceed to attack with her massive echoes and assassin-boosted damage.
  • The Ancestral Weapons are weapons dropped from the late-game Six Dragons raids, and all feature skills that grant different kinds of supplemental damage, which is always worth examining for endgame players hitting the damage cap. Some are niche, but some are also very good.
    • Fediel's Spine in Dark grants up to 600,000 supplemental damage to charge attacks depending on how close units' HP are to 100%, and can stack with two copies up to a total of 1 million extra supplemental damage. It also has a weapon skill that boosts units' attack the more HP they have. Combined, Fediel's Spines are a powerful alternative to the standard Enmity builds in Dark that revolve around S. Zooey—since Magna Dark does have a charge attack boosting weapon, the Abyss Spine—and are especially good for fast charge attack based strategies like Chrysaor builds.
    • Ewiyar's Beak in Wind grants a normal attack buff equivalent to a Bahamut weapon's, and more importantly grants 100,000 supplemental damage to skills. While this doesn't sound particularly impressive, it's important to remember that supplemental damage applies to each individual hit of a skill. And Wind has a number of units with powerful multi-hit nukes, most notably V. Grimnir described above. Using two Beaks with V. Grimnir is over a million extra damage every turn from his first skill, let alone other powerful skill-centric units like Monk MC.
  • Grand Narmaya is a very close analogue in Wind to her Christmas version in Earth above, with slightly different strengths and weaknesses, but equally unmatched in attacking power in her element. The same core is there: massive echoes, guaranteed triple attacks, and a one-turn assassin skill that massively boosts all her auto attacks for the turn. Notable advantages unique to this version of her: her charge attack "Butterfly Effect: Dragonsbane" gives her Dual Strike on the next turn for even more attacks and reduces her skill cooldowns, her first skill "Effervescent Hibiscus" gives her the unique buff "Piercing Sight," which always gives her elemental advantage while it's up, her second skill "Isolated Idling" gives her all-ally Substitute, 50% repel, and counters all-in-one instead of being split between skills as for C. Narmaya, her third skill "Dance of Pink Petals" gives her an assassin buff, guaranteed crits, and Keen, her first passive gives her guaranteed triples (not conditional on having a counter buff) and damage amplification, and she gives herself and all Wind allies a bit of extra cap up and an echo on crits, which is trivial for Wind. In exchange, her repel isn't as strong as C. Narmaya's, she can't maintain 100% uptime on her echoes, she lacks the skill nuke counter and Perpetuity attack modifier C. Narmaya gains over time, and most importantly, she can't generate charge gauge with her own attacks and counters—she can only gain charge bar from buffs like Uplifted or effects that instantly fill her charge bar, or by receiving a bit of gauge every time an ally uses their own charge attack. Despite that, her downsides do nothing to hamper her monstrous auto attack gameplay, and the lack of charge bar can actually be an advantage where using charge attacks might slow you down.
  • The class Relic Buster completely redefines burst strategies with its EMP skill Limit Burst, which converts Machine Cell stacks on the MC (which are granted by Relic Buster's first Skill "Engage Augments") into charge gauge and a charge attack specs buff: if 5 Cells are converted (the default amount granted by "Engage Augments"), this is 100% gauge, 50% charge attack damage, and 20% charge attack cap up. Relic Buster can instantly and effortlessly grant a Full Burst to your party with just two buttons and any support summon, whereas Chrysaor requires some management of charge bar generation and/or reliance on the likes of Huanglong's aura. Moreover, unlike Instant Charge effects—which simply set a character's charge bar to 100%—Limit Burst actively gives 100% extra charge bar, which plays nicely with 200% charge bar characters with special charge attacks. And that's not to mention its inherent auto attack amplification, and if Machine Cells are still on MC, even more amplification and guaranteed triple attacks if using a sword mainhand or skill nuke on autos with a gun mainhand. While Chrysaor still has a niche with Dual Arts, Relic Buster is much more accessible and powerful for early game players, and has plenty of power beyond charge attack builds—it's almost unquestionably the best choice for a player's first Row IV class.
  • Nehan debuted as the undisputed best enabler in Light, massively increasing the attack power of all other allies on his team. His first skill "Enlightenment" grants an attack buff, an echo, and supplemental damage, his second skill "Six-Wolf Tonic" grants guaranteed triples attacks and a boost to charge bar gain and dodge rate, and his third skill "Nirvana" grants Dual-Strike. The trade off is that Nehan himself gains nothing, his skills also reduce allies' defense, debuff resistance, and max HP, and Nehan's own HP and defense are reduced by his passive. But Nehan does have an increased dodge rate, "Six-Wolf Tonic" also grants increased dodge rate, and Nehan's second passive lets all other allies survive a single lethal hit. Nehan is the epitome of Glass Cannon strats in Light, and even then he provides some ways of surviving incoming massive damage.
  • Lich gives the Dark element a ridiculous amount of sustain while also dealing huge damage herself. Her first passive is similar to Earth Sandalphon in that it gives her a bunch of built in buffs (additional attack and defense, higher Charge Attack damage and damage cap, guaranteed double attacks, healing from turn-based damage, and passive healing) in exchange for not being able to be healed by normal means. Her second passive deals damage and gives her 5% charge bar for every debuff on her and her allies, capping at 10 times for half her charge bar and nearly one and a half million damage every turn. This ties in nicely with her second skill, "Corruption", which gives all enemies and allies a light attack debuff, a dark defense debuff, poisoned, and putrefied. All of these debuffs hinder the enemy, but the first two debuffs are a non-issue in most on-element/non-elemental fights, while the later two debuffs are turned into pluses by Lich's first skill, "Phantom Pain", which gives the entire party Death's Grace (a buff that turns turn-based damage into healing) and Light Switch, along with dealing damage. Both her first two skills are on a 5 turn duration with an 8 turn cooldown, which syncs nicely with her Charge Attack, which in addition to being boosted by her first passive, inflict delay on the enemy and reduces skill cooldowns by one turn. And since her second passive will be charging her charge bar by half after every turn, this means that she'll be using her charge attack nearly every other turn, giving her skills near 100% uptime. And as the cherry on top, her third skill "Cursed Spirit" gives her an auto-revive (albeit with the penalty of getting the impurity debuff after the revive) on the off chance that she somehow dies even with all her built in regeneration.
    • Her associated weapon Pain and Suffering is also very broken. At max level, it gives damage cap up and supplemental damage to all Dark allies and an 8% EX modifier bonus for every axe weapon in the weapon grid (including itself) as a bonus on top of that. The supplemental damage is also the same type as the Hollowsky weapons, so it stacks with the supplemental damage of Fediel's Spine. Just one copy of Pain and Suffering is good, but two of them gives capped supplemental damage at 100,000, a total of 32% EX modifier (very close to a level 15 Unworldly modifier), plus an additional 16% for every other axe in the grid (in an element where there are several good axes such as the Seraphic weapon), and an additional 14% damage cap (very close to the allowed cap of 20% damage cap up from weapons).

  • This is the reason why the Genesis Series summons are only limited to one Summon Call per battle. Aside from their passive 120%-140% damage boost that easily makes them Infinity +1 Summons, they have such overpowered call effects that making them one-time-use summons is the only way to prevent them from turning the gameplay into a joke:
    • Shiva provides the "Path of Destruction" buff which raises the damage output of the characters' next attack by 110% and also raises the damage cap. This essentially means that the next source of attack will deal more than a double of its original value. With this buff, Charge Attacks will deal a lot until they reach their upper "hard" damage cap values, easily allowing you to deal millions of damage per character. Yet, you can still deal higher amounts of damage other than Charge Attacks if you've managed to optimize your grid and team buffs to the point where you can deal millions of damage per auto-attacks. This strategy is more viable, since auto-attacks take lesser time to cast than the longer animations of Charge Attacks.
    • Godsworn Alexiel initially provides 70% guaranteed damage reduction to the party for 1 turn, which can then be combo'd and stacked with other character abilities that provide further damage reduction. When you uncap the summon to 3★, the buff is strengthened to 100% damage reduction... or in other words, a complete invulnerability to your entire party for 1 turn. Even the notorious 10-million damage from Bahamut's Skyfall would mean nothing if you can simply take it without risks. The only things that could render it useless are Plain Damage attacks that ignore defense buffs. Thing is, there are only a handful of end-game bosses that possess such Plain Damage abilities that would make Godsworn Alexiel useless.
    • Grimnir provides your party with a 10,000-point shield as well as the "God of War Returns" buff. The latter is simply nothing more than a support nuke that automatically fires 3 times with an interval of 2 turns per shot. What makes this buff viable is that it is a free damaging attack that doesn't take up a turn. The shield is not to be sneezed at either. While a fixed 10,000-point shield sounds weaker compared to Godsworn Alexiel that can negate millions of damage for a turn, Grimnir compensates by making the shield buff last for 3 turns instead. This becomes beneficial against bosses who have 1-2 Charge Diamonds and can spam their special damaging attacks.
    • Europa stands out to be the tamest of the Genesis Series summons as her Call Effect is merely an Auto-Revive for 2 random knocked-out characters with a 50% HP upon revival. If you don't have dead characters, her call is practically useless. If you have more than 2 dead characters, you are at the mercy of the Random Number God to decide who lives. However, being an on-demand revival option is still beneficial to have for a Water Summon, because most of the Fire-elemental bosses tend to have such highly-damaging attacks that could outright kill your party members if you became unprepared, such as Colossus Omega's Dimensional Cleave.
  • Even before being 5* uncapped, the Providence Series summons Lucifer and Bahamut are considered to be the best and most sought after unticketable light and dark summons in the game, and even more so their 5* uncap where their auras are a whomping 150% at level 200.
  • The Primarch Series summons are also sought after in their own right due to their subauras which give a 5% boost to their respective elements damage cap , which rises to 10% uncap being fully uncapped, and their call effects. It helps that unlike the Genesis series summons, they’re like the Providence series summons and can be reused after cool-down. Most notably:
    • Uriel is considered to be the best Primarch series summon due to his call which gives all Earth allies Uriel’s Favor, a unique multiplier that boosts attack up to 30% and defense up to 50%. He also gives all allies a 30% charge bar boost which is useful for Okto teams.
    • Gabriel is considered to be the second best Primarch series Summon after Uriel due to her call, which inflicts Pureflow on all fire enemies, an effect which boosts the damage taken and lowers damage dealt on water allies from fire enemies. The effect is local and has a 5 turn up-time. This along with the fact that she grants a 70% fire damage shield to all water allies which lasts one turn.
    • Sariel is the dark Primarch summon that combines part of Uriel’s call, which is his 30% charge bar gain, and Gabriel’s call, her damage taken damage dealt making him a powerful summon to slot into your grid.
    • Metatron is a powerful light Primarch summon that combines part of Gabriel’s call, her damage taken damage dealt, and Michael’s ability to remove one buff from the enemy, making him a good summon to slot into your grid.
    • Halluel and Malluel unlike the other Primarch series summons, they can only be summoned once per battle and have a lower boost to elemental attack as a main aura or a respectable increase to double attack as a sub aura. However, what makes them good is their call which inflicts on an enemy 15% attack down, 15% defense down and Everbane, which boosts damage taken to an enemy and lowers its HP every turn. It’s duration is indefinite and cannot be removed.
    • Belial is different than the others. If you're weaker, he seems downright awful - his main aura is great, but caps your HP at 20k. In exchange, he also caps each damage instance at 5k per hit, but that's not enough to survive stronger raids because you're mitigating the big damage that would break that cap anyway (though it does have niche use). His sub aura allows you to deal 15/20/30k supplemental damage on each hit depending on how many stars he has...but also cuts your party's max HP by 30%. Considering the entire lategame meta is about finding ways around the damage cap, up to 90k per turn per character is godlike and the penalty isn't too big in exchange for it since, as mentioned before, massive damage tends to be mitigated anyway. He can also only be called once, but his effect activates every 6/5/4 turns after you call him. The call also provides a number of effects, which would be easier to just link to an explanation than type it all out.
  • The damage increasing Arcarum summons have a subaura that amplifies elemental advantage damage by 10%. While this is similar to the Primarch Series summons, you don't need to cap to get the damage increase so long as you are fighting with elemental advantage. The Arcarum summons also do skill damage instead of standard summon damage, further improving their ability to contibute towards your damage output.
    • The Sun call is particularly powerful, giving Double Strike to the first 3 Fire Elemental character in the frontline. In essence this is effectively a reusable Shiva call, which is already quite ridiculous, but while Shiva call can't be stacked with Assassin type skills, Sun can.
    • Death call knocks out an ally at fourth position to give 4 turns worth of a guaranteed Triple Attack. While this seems like a very risky call to use, it turns out to be a very versatile call, not only having perfect synergy with the switch in mechanic of the Evoker, and effectively being Nighthound's Tactical Relocation to allow extra skill uses. The 4 turns of guaranteed Triple Attack effect itself allows a consistently strong damage output at the start of a fight. And as mentioned above, using it to kill off Nier cancels out the multi-attack rate demerit of her death while the other downside of disabled healing allows you to stay at enmity range, which can be used to enable a powerful burst damage strategy. Alternatively, Death is the easiest way to bring Nier out of the backline, which can often be troublesome for other elements and their Evokers.
  • Huanglong and Qilin are extremely common support and sub summons for good reason. Both of them can only be called once per battle, but they enable a huge amount of burst damage in exchange. Moreover, they are farmable from the Huanglong and Qilin raid, though hosting them is gated by drops from the periodic Rise of the Beasts event.
    • Huanglong simply grants 100% charge bar to every party member, which means you can instantly unleash four charge attacks and a charge burst. For charge attack focused teams like Chrysaor mentioned above, this is the fastest way to set them up. Moreover, its support aura grants an extra 30% charge bar at the start of the fight, which means that units who can give themselves charge bar like the Chrysaor class again or Lyria can quickly activate charge attacks without even using Huanglong's call. An extremely common Chrysaor burst strategy is to do so on the first turn for one charge burst, then use Huanglong on the second turn right after. It's often one of the most accessible strategies for farming raids.
    • Qilin resets all skill cooldowns on call. There are several skills in the game that are balanced against a long cooldown, and Qilin simply waves that aside. Strategies revolve around unleashing huge amounts of damage via very quickly after calling Qilin, and it can also be used tactically or defensively by resetting defensive cooldowns in a pinch.


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