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  • During Red's little anger montage at the start of the film — he's getting a reflex test from a doctor note , and Red's reflexive reaction is to sock the doctor bird square in the face.
  • Funny Background Event: Watch the gray bird in the first scene with Red; he is seen first holding an apple to his ear, then pressing it, before tossing it to the ground and kicking it. He either doesn't know what an apple is or thinks it's an iPhone. Possibly both.
    • Look closely when Red is walking through the village to anger management — you can see that same bird in the background, buying another apple from a stand, and yes, he's holding this one to his ear as well! Meanwhile, the bird running the stand looks confused as to what the first bird is trying to test.
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    • Look closely again when some hatchlings are getting on a pig's motorbike, you can see the apple vendor offering an apple to the bike's owner, and showing him to put it to his ear.
  • The Hug Trader bird is a constant running gag throughout the film — it's the most hilarious when the birds touch down on Piggy Island, and he's at the front of the makeshift boat with arms outstretched.
    Red: Have you ever stolen anyone's children? Huh? Have you? (points to Hug Trader, who's in hug position) I mean, you look like you would!
    • It reaches Brick Joke status and overlaps with heartwarming at the end when he's glomped by Stella and her friends, and he's totally overjoyed at finally getting a hug.
  • Some Fridge Funny with Judge Peckinpah choosing Cyrus to boost up his height inside his court robe, when Cyrus has a massive problem with sneezing and gallons of snot. What would that have looked like if he sneezed while inside the robe...?
  • When Red first arrives at the Anger Management class, he sees the "Welcome Angry Birds" sign outside. It's a goofy effigi, rocking back and forth and making awkward sounds. There's a few tense moments where it looks like Red will break it...but he just moves on. Then he runs back and tackles the thing! As the sign keeps bouncing back from Red's attacks, it looks like the two are actually fight...And Red is losing.
  • The Mime bird and his "Oh my God..." is another good running gag.
    • Especially the third time. When it's his turn to go to the slingshot, he tries to pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here!, but Chuck and Bomb disagree.
    Chuck: You go out there and you show them how frightening mimes can be!
    Bomb: Yeah!
    (Is thrown)
  • Chuck's reasoning for being in anger management classes in the first place is because he got one speeding ticket. Matilda urges him to tell the truth, and the main reasoning for being there? Using his super speed, he dashed to the police officer's office and trashed the place, stole the officer's wallet and used the money to buy drinks for everyone at the local coffee shop, and dripped melted ice cream onto the cop — ALL WHILST the cop was writing the ticket!
  • Terence's.... Incident.
  • Chuck's squee moment when Bomb reveals his explosion problem. He's sitting there with the biggest smile and his tailfeathers are wagging in excitement!
    Chuck: (Gasps) DO ITTTT!!!
  • The scene before the pigs show up has Chuck reveal to everyone that Red had destroyed the sign outside. When everyone glares at him, Red tries to pass the blame onto Terence. Terence, in the blink of an eye, punches Red and sends him flying to the other side of the hut.
    Red: Yeah, I deserved that...
  • When everyone is alerted to the arrival of the pigs, Chuck races on from Matilda's hut to be the first of the group to get to the beach — and SOMEHOW Terrence is there as Chuck arrives. This doubles as a Mythology Gag to the Angry Birds Toons episode "Run Chuck Run".
    • What kicks the funny up a notch is the deep, rumbling, growls of laughter Terrence makes once he sees Chuck's reaction at having failed to be the first. He's visibly enjoying the fact that Chuck is utterly clueless and shocked at how Terrence got there before him, and he isn't even huffing in exhaustion despite his size.
      • Then, immediately afterwards, he receives another speeding ticket. His response is priceless.
    Chuck: Aww! Again!?
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  • In the same scene, a bird is drawing a selfie of himself as the boat with the pigs approaches behind him. When he looks at the finished piece, he notices that Bomb has been drawn into it!
    Bomb: Didn't mean to photobomb you, sorry about that.
  • When Leonard presents himself to the birds, his assistant, Ross controls the motorized ramp. It halts as Leonard nearly reaches the beach, much to his displeasure. A later scene has Leonard giving formal introductions as Ross gets stuck in the ramp as it moves.
    • The background music for that first part's just as hilarious — the music just grinds to a halt along with the ramp, and when he's reversed, the music rewinds itself.
  • When Leonard blows up the stage during their celebration party, all the birds cheered in awe. And Terence just laughs like an excited child witnessing fireworks.
  • One of the books that the Piggies hold aboard their ship is titled "Fifty Shades of Green". When Chuck notices it, he cringes and walks away from it.
  • When Red declares that he, Chuck, and Bomb are gonna go find the legendary Mighty Eagle, the latter two start to fantasize. Bomb's interpretation has Mighty Eagle doing multiple acts of manliness, while Chuck's interpretation imagines him as a hot cowboy complete with leather pants performing for a massive flock of an audience, and then signing an autograph on Chuck's body.
  • The whole montage of Red, Chuck, and Bomb climbing up the mountain to Mighty Eagle's supposed lair. It's mostly scenes of Bomb and Chuck replicating the most ridiculous and annoying of bird sounds, suggesting what Mighty Eagle's cry may sound like. All the while Red has a scowl on his face and trying to keep his anger in check as his companions go full volume into his ear or to his face as they make the climb. When they reach the summit, they soon realize they WENT UP THE WRONG MOUNTAIN. The scene then fast forwards, still on the summit, as Chuck and Red get back down but Bomb stays behind crying. Hours pass, and Bomb is still crying until Red and Chuck reappear, apparently having somehow forgotten Bomb and had to climb back up after realizing he's not with them.
  • Red tries to get Mighty Eagle's attention using one of the silly noises Bomb made during their trip to find him. Mighty Eagle immediately turns around and goes, "My battle cry?!"
  • When Red, Chuck, and Bomb go to seek out the Mighty Eagle, they come across his "Lake of Wisdom". Chuck and Bomb play around in the water (and even drink it) for a bit as Red tries to get them to come out. When the Eagle finally shows up and they hide, the first thing he does is... pee in the lake, much to the horror of Chuck and Bomb.
    Red: Horrible turn of events, horrible.
    • It gets better in the final movie, as the bit with Chuck and Bomb swimming in the lake is more drawn out, so when the Mighty Eagle comes in and pees in the lake, it becomes all the more hilarious. Red even comments that it's less "The Lake of Wisdom" and more "The Lake of Whizz".
  • When Mighty Eagle is greeting Red and co., he briefly mugs the camera to say, "Gaze upon...MIGHTY EAGLE!!" There's a brief pause as the Power Trio confusedly look to see what Mighty Eagle is doing.
  • A blink and you'll miss it sight gag, but among all the trophies that Mighty Eagle shows off to Red, Chuck and Bomb, there's a golden record of The Eagles 'Hotel California' album.
    • Also worth noting is that, while all of the trophies are golden, not all of them are strictly gold trophies, such as one that reads "Store Model".
  • When Red rallies all the birds on the beach, he tells everyone that they're descended from dinosaurs and that they're not meant to be nice. As if to prove this point, Petunia, a pink hatchling roars like a damn T-Rex, complete with a look of anger before shooting Red an innocent smile.
    Red: Uh, yeah. Point...point made!
  • During the teach them anger montage, Terence tries to teach the other birds to do an angry face. The first time they're all making silly faces, much to his confusion, and the second time he leans closer to them, growling. All the birds run away screaming — bar one hatchling who just blows a raspberry at him. Terence rolls his eyes in disbelief and walks away.
  • When the slingshot is set up, Matilda tells Red, Chuck, and Bomb to forget everything they learned at anger management. Red just admits he never learned anything, Chuck says he came primarily to socialise, and Bomb says he came just for the snacks — and asks Matilda if she has any.
  • "Well, how about that? My teacher can shoot fireballs out of her butt!"
  • When Hal is launched, he only succeds in hitting a pig who was reading a newspaper. Just as he is about to get to the castle, he starts boomeranging back and ends up getting his beak stuck in a tree.
    Hal: Uh, did we win?
    Red: Uh, no, not quite yet, buddy. We're still tied. Hey, can we get an ice pack for Hal?
    (Chuck shows up, dressed as a paramedic)
    Chuck: Medic!
  • Judge Peckinpah's attempt at sounding heroic after he's launched from the slingshot backfires quite epically.
    Peckinpah: Judge Powerrrrrrrr- (flies face-first into a boulder adorning one of the buildings, flying off course towards another which he topples)
  • This bits after Leonard found out that Red busts through his Castle's roof:
    Leonard: Guards!! There's a red bird in these walls. Bring him to me!
    Guard pig #1: Aye-aye, sir!
    Guard pig #2: Roger that, boss! (The guard pigs proceed to search for Red at the side of the walls)
    Leonard: Grrr... Not IN these walls, IN THE CASTLE!! Come on, you guys...
  • Whilst the birds launch their attack on the pigs, Mighty Eagle attempts to get himself back into shape to join in the fight. He puts on some music to work out to, and what does he put on? "Never Gonna Give You Up". Yup, the movie just Rickrolled the entire audience.
  • When it's Chuck's turn to get launched from the slingshot, he speeds into the Pigs' castle, and goes through rooms filled with kitchen utensils, hoops of fire, cacti, and pigs fighting with swords.
    Chuck: This is a house of HORRORS! (Sobs)
  • Chuck can pretty much be a walking CMOF for most of the film, and it overlaps with Awesome during the climax. When Red, Bomb, and Chuck find their way to the stolen eggs blocked, Chuck goes into Chuck Time and sets it all up for the pigs to incapacitate themselves by using his super speed to get the pigs to attack each other. The funny part comes from, aside from what he does, that he took the time to write the words 'FART FACE' (Or 'I STINK!' in the junior novel) on one of the pig's stomachs during all this.
    • What makes is better is that there's no warning; Red is outlining this plan for the three of them to fight the guards, when his speech and everything else besides Chuck just slow down to an almost complete halt.
    • And in the middle of what Chuck does, we cut back for an instant to Red... who's still pronouncing the same syllable of what he was saying at the time!
  • Mighty Eagle's attempt at a Dynamic Entry goes AWOL when he ends up zipping across the table and hits the giant cauldron face first. His response when Red tries to bring him to is classic.
    Mighty Eagle: I can sleep late, mom! It's not a school day!
  • Bomb attempts to make himself blow up to destroy the pigs' airplane ramp by thinking of things to annoy him enough to do so. It's his delivery on the last one that really sells it.
    Bomb: Surprise parties! Yoga poses! his eyes turn red PIGS IN AIRPLANES!!! Cue Stuff Blowing Up.
    *Bomb explodes, destroying the ramp and sending himself flying. He zips past Mighty Eagle*
    Bomb: I BLEW UP! ON PURPOSE!!!
  • At the end of the film, a new statue of Mighty Eagle is erected, showing him carrying the giant net of eggs in his talons, and several birds below him looking up in awe. Red has a spot on the statue too, except he's on his knees, crying! Of course everyone knows who the true hero of the situation was, but Red doesn't waste time in nitpicking about his appearance on the statue.
  • The Mighty Red Song is a pure CMOH... And then becomes hilarious with TERENCE joining the chorus!! Everyone's shocked reactions are completely justified.
  • For those who opened ''Angry Birds Action!'' during the end credits, the bonus scene the game gives is hilariousChuck leaves Red's hut in a panic, then runs at top speed ACROSS the sea back to Piggy Island, through a group of line-dancing Pigs, and into the flaming wreckage of Leonard's castle - all to save the FREAKING ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASS SIGN (in somehow better condition than when it last appeared in the movie, and with no explanation as to how it ended up on Piggy Island) and brings it back to Bomb and Red, much to the annoyance of the latter.
    • There is a slight explanation to how it got there, but it's a VERY blink and you'll miss it moment — one of the pigs runs by with it when Red tells Chuck to break up the party. How and why it got repaired is anyone's guess.
  • Once Red discovers that the pigs had overrun the birds' island, Red demands that the Mighty Eagle take him, Bomb and Chuck down there to put a stop to it. The Eagle poses heroically, with dramatic music playing in the background as if he were to go back to his prime...only for the buildup to end with a Little "No".

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