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Tear Jerker / The Angry Birds Movie

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  • The Flash Back to Red's childhood when he and the children visit Mighty Eagle's statue, the formerly Cheerful Child Red asks when Bird Island's hero will return. This innocent question has the other kids act like Jerkasses toward him about how Mighty Eagle isn't real, saying his parents should have told him that. Lack of Empathy hits home when one of them openly mentions, right in front of Red, that he lacks comprehension because he doesn't have parents. Or friends. You just want to cry with little Red during this scene.
  • Red being Brutally Honest to Chuck and Bomb about not wanting to hang out with them. He makes it quite obvious that although they are in class together, it doesn't mean he wants to be their friend.
    • The way Chuck tries to take it with a grain of salt just breaks your heart.
    • Bomb, however, makes the moment more hilariously sad.
  • The entire aftermath of the Pigs' egg theft/attack on the village is depressing in every sense of the word. The citizens of Bird Island sadly walk through the wreckage of their homes while the parents of the stolen eggs lament the abduction of their unborn children. Red, Chuck and Bomb feel like utter crap about not being able to stop the Pigs from escaping, and Judge Peckinpah, realizing that the entire ordeal could've been avoided if he had heeded Red's suspicions from the start, guiltily admits that he and everyone was wrong to ignore Red and wordlessly passes over his position of leader of the birds to Red.
    • The music playing through this is just as upseting. The name of the track? "They're All Gone."
  • Red's Broken Pedestal speech to Mighty Eagle after the latter refuses to help stop the pigs. Considering how Mighty Eagle was the only bird Red looked up to his whole life, and how Red was bullied as a kid for believing in him no less, it's very easy to feel sorry for Red when he learns his hero turns out to be a lazy braggart who turns his back on the island. Of course, this turns out to be a setup by Mighty Eagle to help Red and his friends grow faith in themselves, but still.

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