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Heartwarming / The Angry Birds Movie

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  • Red returning the Blues to their parents.
  • As mentioned on the Funny page, the Hug Trader getting glomped by Stella and her friends at the end of the film. He's totally overjoyed by it after having all his hug attempts rebuffed throughout the film.
  • The other birds on the island rebuild Red's house, and this time, it's part of the village as opposed to being isolated by the beach.
    • "Mr. Red, welcome back to the village"
    • And then, the hatchlings, led by the Blues, come and... You know what, just listen: The Mighty Red Song
      • Red, at the end, is on the verge of tears. And so will you.
  • The Relationship Upgrade between Terence and Matilda. Unexpected, but so cute!
    • Especially the former going from surprised to overjoyed. That's probably the biggest smile Terence had in the entire franchise!
  • This short promotional clip of Hal and Bubbles hanging out and showing off their friendship.
  • A small one, but if you look closely when the Pigs start kidnapping the eggs and blowing up the island, you can see Red pulling Chuck out of the way of one of the pigs' karts!. Now that's a friend.
  • Early on in the film, while making his way through town towards his anger management class, Red is forced to stop at a crosswalk so that a large group of hatchlings can cross the street. When one of them stops and blows a raspberry at Red, he reacts not with anger or offense, but by playfully blowing a raspberry back at the chick, which cements that despite his short fuse, Red is a good guy at heart.
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  • If you loved the Angry Birds Stella spin-off, you'd be feeling quite disappointed to hear that the game that started it all in 2014 is going to be shut down, and its web video series just wrapped up its second season with no word of a third one incoming as you head into the theaters to see this movie. And just as you think that Rovio is about to leave Stella's friends on the wayside as the movie begins...they somehow show up in the movie in fully limbed form, and British singer Charli XCX gets the honor of singing her heart out as Willow. Sure, these gals deserved better treatment, but at least you can breathe a sigh of joy and take their very inclusion to mean that at least Sony and Rovio do still consider Stella and her friends to be part of the Angry Birds milleu...

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