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Funny / The Angry Birds Movie 2

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Like the first film, the sequel doesn't have a shortage of laughs.

  • The film opens with the birds and the pigs having a prank war. Some of the highlights include:
    • The birds launching a gigantic bottle of hot sauce at Piggy Island, which happens to hit a pig asking for hot sauce for his taco.
    • A pig girl trying to get her little brother to take a bath. When Terence unleashes a tsunami on Piggy Island - he ends up accomplishing what she wanted.
  • In the speed dating scene, Chuck seems to be telling Dahlia what his favorite sign is, but in a Bait-and-Switch moment - it turns out just to be a sign warning about jazz hands. Giggling may ensue.
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  • When the birds and pigs hear a loud tearing sound as they are gliding to safety with the map of Eagle Island:
    Chuck: Please tell me that was the sound of your pants ripping.
    Bomb: I don't wear pants!
    Everyone else: (in unison) NONE OF US WEAR PANTS!
  • Bomb taking out the guards... to drink and dance along to Baby Shark.

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