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  • The Cat Scare at the start of the animated film. The animals fear Jones has awoken during their meeting, but it is just the farm cat. Old Major smiles forgivingly at first, but starts to show some annoyance as the cat takes its sweet time finding a place to sit.
  • The anthem "Beasts of England" is sung in the animated film, but instead of actual lyrics, it's a gloriously Narm-y cacophony of animal noises.
    • There's one shot of Snowball and Napoleon singing along, except that they're actually saying the word "Oink" instead of actually oinking like a pig would.
  • Old Major's death is a complete moment of Narm in both film versions.
    • In the animated film, while singing Beasts of England at the end of his speech, he hits a particularly high note in his song and promptly drops dead of a heart attack.
    • In the live-action film, Old Major is hit by a stray bullet fired by Jones, and he backs out of a window, does a double somersault off the barn roof, and crashes dead into a haystack.
  • Napoleon's hangover. After a rowdy night in the farmhouse, all the pigs seem to sleep in and it is eventually announced that Napoleon is dying and his last decree is to make alcohol consumption punishable by death. Next morning Squealer says that Napoleon will be making a full recovery, and the day after that, Napoleon begins reading up on brewing.
  • In the live action version, we get a full propaganda song lead by "a grateful duck." It's supposed to be a horrifying piece of brainwashing, but the operatic warbling voice coming from the duck just pumps so much Narm into it that you can't help but laugh. And then there's the fact that said "grateful duck" has backup dancers.
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  • The duckling from the 1954 film.
  • The animals' reactions to the revolution in the 1954 movie. When the pigeons tell a cat about it, he starts laughing hard at it as if he's saying "You're funny, man!"
  • The screen randomly zooming in on Napoleon in the 1999 movie as he cries "Snowball!"
    • In the book, when Napoleon cries out Snowball's name it's typed in bold face. They may have been trying to recreate the same jarring effect.
  • Snowball's pitiful attempts at milking the cows.
    Snowball: Whoops...oh, lord. All right, I just need practice!
  • Napoleon takes a piss on Snowball's blueprints for the windmill. Made that bit funnier in the live action film by Snowball's reaction: "You pig..."
  • In the animated film, Napoleon after disposing of Snowball and deeming all his plans nonsense, declares himself leader and attempts to win the animals over with his own plans for Animal Farm, and literally just picks up Snowball's discarded blueprints and shows them off the same way. Squealer and the sheep immediately start cheering him.
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  • Napoleon's Oh, Crap! expression at the end of the 1954 film when he sees all of the animals united and preparing to overthrow him the same way they overthrew Jones.
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way, the way in which the pigs utterly bullshit their way through their reign is darkly absurd. Of special note is how Snowball goes from leading the animals bravely in the Battle of the Cowshed to having his role revised as less and less heroic throughout the story until apparently Snowball was openly leading the humans into battle while shouting, "Long live Humanity!"
  • About halfway into the live action 1999 film, Napoleon and Squealer, having taken a liking to alcohol, get totally shitfaced in the farmhouse, wearing hats and giggling like idiots until they pass out. Somehow, Squealer later manages to make his way to the barn to edit the Commandments once again, slurring the "Comrade Napoleon" anthem as he ham-handedly puts paint to wall...and then abruptly falls off the ladder. The next morning sees Squealer lying next to an overturned paint can, with his edits splattered on the wall as only a drunken pig can. He reacts to being rudely awakened by a crowing rooster with an extremely weak "Shuuut uuup..." Then, Pincher, extremely worried, comes to inform Squealer that Napoleon (who's suffering from the MOTHER of all hangovers) thinks he's dying, to which the porker faintly replies "So am I!"
    • And during the villain song, the words are still splattered on.
  • Somehow the Grateful Duck's song is even funnier in the ost version. Feels like the opera duck is going all out than she already was. And I swore I heard the backup singing "Stomp stomp. Kick the ground." which only adds to the narm.
    • Actually, what they say is, "Shout, shout, shout out loud! Snout, snout pink and proud!"
  • Whenever Napoleon says "Dear boy."

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