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Zeta is a Tropical Bird species.
She was raised by the more cold resistant eagles native to her island home
  • Maybe her and the Mighty Eagle's eggs where switched

Zeta will have a Villain Song

Zeta and The Eagles will become friends with the Birds and Piggies at the end

If the above happens, one of the reasons why will be to not look like "Alt-Right Propaganda"

Mighty Eagle and Zeta have some sort of history before the first movie
Confirmed, Zeta is Mighty Eagle's High School Girlfriend/Ex Fiancé

If there is a third movie, the villains will be Wolves
Because they eat both Birds and Piggies

If there is a third movie, it will be about family
Like Red finding out that he and Terrence are related and Chuck dealing with the fact that his little sister Silver doesn't need him anymore

Red and Terrence are not native to Bird Island
Their eggs originated from an island inhabited by Red Birds with big eyebrows

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