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Heartwarming / The Angry Birds Movie 2

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  • Silver, oh, Silver. Rachel Bloom did her very best to make her a memorable character all around.
  • The speed-dating scene came with a pleasant surprise when Chuck and Bomb ended up being paired with Dahlia and Willow from the Angry Birds Stella spin-off, in what would be a very short and rare, but sweet crossover moment that any Stella fan should savor with the spin-off game's fifth anniversary coming on the heels of the sequel's release. Stella and her friends' otherwise silent and minor appearance in this film once again should be well appreciated, especially when these gals are seemingly fading into obscurity in the Angry Birds franchise by this time, with their game and web series long gone.
  • When the film's Enemy Mine premise was revealed, fans (and even Red himself) were quick to speculate and just about everyone agreed that it was a Foregone Conclusion for the pigs to double cross the birds once they no longer needed a truce. In a pleasant surprise, this does not happen and the truce is entirely genuine, with the pigs and birds even putting aside their conflict permanently in the film's ending.
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  • Just before Zeta's cannon explodes, Mighty Eagle immediately grabs onto Debbie who's holding Zeta to escape.
  • Let's face it, the end of the movie is loaded with heartwarming moments:
    • After struggling with wanting to be a hero all this time, Red finally learns that he can't be one by himself and he can find his place by being close to his team.
    • The strike team's mission to destroy the superweapon apparently ended without any fatalities; instead we get a peaceful end to yet another conflict, just like how the war between the Birds and Pigs ended, only better. Zeta abandons her selfish dreams of a three-island resort and rediscovers her lost romance with Mighty Eagle, who also makes a determined move to protect her daughter, Debbie during the destruction of Zeta's superweapon. She then comes to accept Mighty Eagle as her true father.
    • After everything's said and done, we then learn that Zoe is mortified to discover that the three "eggs" she rescued from her misadventure are not her sisters at all - they're the children of the snake she and her friends beat up earlier on that small, remote island. Fortunately, the snake is still alive and knows that she too has the wrong children, and manages to somehow make it all the way over to Zoe's house to bring back her sisters, while receiving her snakelings in return.

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