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Nightmare Fuel / The Angry Birds Movie 2

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

You thought The Angry Birds Movie 2 was just going to be another fun kids movie based on a cool smartphone game, right? Well, believe it or not, with its plot raising the stakes, it can get frightening at times...

  • If the first movie shows how birds can use anger for good, the sequel shows that they can also use it for evil. At least for an eagle like Zeta. She's pretty upset that Mighty Eagle walked out of marrying her, meaning that all the heart and soul she poured out to make that romance flourish have been All for Nothing. And that's enough to drive her mad to the point where she wants to make her own world and her own life by obliterating anyone who stands in the way of her goals. She's so angry that she is even willing to act harsh to her allies and even punish any who do not meet her expectations, thus essentially making her Darth Vader-lite. Believe it or not, this is one bird you really don't want to mess with.
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  • When you witness the eggs of Zoe's sisters floating out into the ocean, it's hard not to think what might happen to them in a matter of minutes. Maybe the eggs could slip into the ocean and sink to the bottom, where they'd be lost forever, since Zoe, Sam and Vincent can't swim. Or the eggs could get eaten by a shark that suddenly leaps out of the water. Or...
  • The terrifying amount of destruction Zeta's powerful ice cannon is capable of will definitely send shivers down your throat.
    • When Zeta takes aim at Mighty Eagle's cave, the Birds and Pigs there instantly find themselves in big trouble and are nearly killed trying to escape. Red finds out the hard way that the cave's emergency exit was only meant for Mighty Eagle, and would have plummeted to an unfortunate demise had Leonard not reached out to hold him back. And just when you thought Mighty Eagle was going to get the heroes out to safety, he crashes into another mountain mid-sentence, sending everyone tumbling to what may be their doom. And not even the map of Eagle Island itself could help them glide to safety, as it tears from their combined weight!
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    • When Zeta completes an upgrade to her cannon that allows it to fire lava balls and demonstrates their power, they inflict serious damage on Bird Village and Pig City, spilling out huge amounts of molten lava that send scores running for their lives.
  • And when the Birds and Pigs finally set out to put an end to Zeta's terrifying plans, you might get nightmares about what awful stuff Red and Silver have to go through when they get captured:
    • The very fact that the first eagle to notice them when Red tries to cut power to the cannon is a giant, hulking one in particular, who then crushes them with ease, grasps them in his massive wings and brings them to Zeta's room where they would be held prisoner, is very unpleasant in of itself. This even makes Chuck freak out and destroy the costume the team was using to sneak in undetected, opening up a window of opportunity for them all to be captured too!
    • And how Red and Silver are imprisoned in particular will send chills down your spine - that they find themselves lying belly-up on huge inflatable recliners with their extremities frozen to holes in them. This very creative way of imprisonment becomes even more frightening when you realize that they essentially can do nothing but relax while being helplessly Forced to Watch how destructive Zeta's cannon is going to be - and there's a good chance you are going to wonder if this is ever going to happen to you.
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    • And because Red's unfortunate mistake puts both himself and Silver out of commission, that means the rest of their team won't have the smarts to figure out what to do next, meaning that they could very well make another mistake that could pretty much doom the entire mission and their islands...
  • Even Red and Silver's plan to destroy the cannon by getting inside an ice ball and trying to run it down the ammo track to crush the cannon has a lot of places where it can all go wrong - and that alone can be scary...
    • The first step of the plan - to leap inside the bubble-freezing machine so that you would end up inside an ice ball is very intimidating for multiple reasons at first glance. First of all, the machine is way up high above the cannon, which will not do favors to anyone who's afraid of heights. Secondly, the machine's large aperture where the bubbles emerge to be frozen into ice balls is lined with sharp teeth as it opens and closes in a rhythmic cycle, thus leading Silver to even call it "jaws". It's somewhat of a wonder that she's not queasy about jumping into what appears to be the mouth of a giant monster - but it's no wonder that a mistimed jump would prove painful. (Fortunately, it slams shut only on Red's crest at the moment he leaps and he is no worse for the wear.) And thirdly, Silver doesn't have any other way of knowing whether the bubble will actually freeze into a hollowed-out ball that would give her and Red freedom to control it from the inside, so if it's so that it doesn't, well the plan is shot and Red and Silver will helplessly be frozen inside the ball, becoming a mere part of the huge pile of ammunition Zeta is going to use to wipe out both islands.
    • Rolling the ball down the track has its own share of perils. First, no sooner after getting inside the ice ball, Red and Silver have to dodge the lava injectors that all balls must pass through shortly after being created before they continue down the long, spiraling ammunition track. At first glance, the only way to avoid it - by rolling across the edge of the conveyor belt below the injectors - carries the huge risk of rolling too far over the edge, where Red and Silver would fall too far to survive the impact. Add to that the fact that they have to keep riding the edge of the track over and over to get past the slower-moving balls and you can see how easily it can go deadly wrong.
    • And lastly, trying to get every part of the plan to fall in place with the Pigs' help appears to be a frighteningly difficult, if not impossible task, although it's the least frightening part compared to the two steps above. You can understand how much pressure the Pigs are facing as they have to clear several hurdles in a race against time to get up to a switch on the wall that would supposedly cut the ammunition track and create a ramp for Red and Silver's ice ball to jump and land on the cannon. And you can feel how concerned Red and Silver might be over the possibility that they may get the minimum speed needed, but they would arrive at where the cutoff would be too soon before the Pigs could pull the switch. The panic turns up a notch when Leonard and Courtney finally try to pull the lever and realize that it breaks and can't be used, forcing the Birds and Pigs to quickly put together a slapdash alternative to throw Red and Silver's ice ball off the track with very little time left before Zeta's cannon is ready to fire. And sure enough, that plan fails mostly because they just winged it - and for at least a moment it looks as if the islands are doomed for sure.

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