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Headscratchers / The Angry Birds Movie 2

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  • The idea of Birds using slingshots as a transit system to reach different parts of their village might sound fun, but we're still at a loss at how they made it all work...not to mention safely. How could they have figured out where to aim to safely reach their destinations, and avoid deadly mid-air collisions that could occur as the transit system gets busy? What if Birds who try to stop by swinging around a midway perch end up crashing it off instead? And while the shock-absorbing destination pads might help Birds land safely from slingshot launches, we're feeling quite queasy about how Birds with thin, long, scaly legs (I'm looking at you, Stella and Silver) would be able to land feet first without catastrophically and gruesomely shattering them...
    • While the non-Eagle Birds do not have the ability to fly with their own wing muscles, they can still use their wings to glide to safety. Stella and Silver can simply soften their fall with their wings. Furthermore, radio communications can be used to coordinate their transit system to avoid any mid-air collisions.
  • How in the world could the Birds legitimately declare victory in the last battle against the Pigs just after eliminating all the crabs Leonard and his hot air balloon fleet unleashed on the beach and then noticing that the Pigs stopped attacking them? Wouldn't they have to ascertain that the Pigs' city was significantly damaged and their combat capabilities were sufficiently degraded?
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  • Chuck forces Red to go speed-dating by telling him that he's hiding his house keys somewhere on his person, but Red is somehow able to just drop out of the speed dating session early and walk into his house without any problem. Did he get his keys, or what?
  • When Red and Leonard start recruiting members for their mission to destroy the superweapon just a day after ending the war with the Pigs, we see that Bomb is under house arrest, while he was a free bird a day before, standing on the frontlines of the Birds' defense force. How could things have changed for Bomb so quickly?
    • Bomb wasn't under house arrest, he was grounded, so he could have been there for any petty reason. He may have caused an incident at the speed dating after Red left, or his mother may not have even allowed him to go there in the first place.
  • When Silver demonstrates her super string at Avian Academy, she uses the metric system to describe how much weight it could lift. But the rest of the movie has characters using imperial measurements (like "feet" or "miles per hour"). Did it intend to mix references to both measurement systems, or was this just a goof?
  • Those of you who were familiar with the Angry Birds Stella spin-off know too well that Dahlia is a smart, science nerd, but the movie somewhat tosses that fact out the window by showing her falling asleep at Avian Academy by the time Silver finishes her presentation of super string. How on earth could the production team carelessly depict her in such a way that does a disservice to the original character?
  • Sure, the Birds and Pigs would definitely consider evacuating to survive Zeta's planned attack on their islands, just in case she couldn't be stopped, but where exactly are they going to evacuate? Did they even think that through?
  • After her guards capture Red and Silver, Zeta proceeds to visit them in person and boast of her plan to raze both Bird and Pig Island with her newly upgraded cannon. However, how on earth did she forget to interrogate them about whether they came with company and if so, where they would be at the moment? Surely a smart villain wouldn't pass up the advantage of finding a few captured heroes, using them as bait to expose their allies and get them caught, too...
  • While Silver and Red are captured and held prisoner by having their extremities frozen in ice that's packed tightly in inflatable recliners, it might sound outlandish for Silver to be able to somehow use her crest-braids to deflate Red's recliner by snagging and ripping open the air cap. Couldn't she have used her beak to do the job?note (spoiler) 
  • After the strike team regroups to form a new plan to destroy the superweapon, how could it be that Silver didn't think of using Bomb's explosive ability to singlehandedly destroy the cannon?
    • Perhaps Bomb still wasn't good at blowing up when he needed to, if how his constant inability to control it landed him in house arrest is any indication.
    • Also, even if he were able to successfully blow up the cannon while inside it, he might probably not be able to survive the blast of steam power that fueled the cannon, which would either burn him to death or catapult him with lethal force towards oblivion. At best, Bomb could end up getting thrown high up in the sky, with the chance of Mighty Eagle coming to save him as he falls, but that would be the best-case scenario that has very little chance of happening.
  • And when the team puts their new plan in action, Bomb is confronted by a flock of Zeta's guards, but how on earth do they not recognize him as a threat? How could they even fall for his idea of going out to a bar on the base for a party and get easily distracted?
  • When Red and Silver carry out their original plan to destroy the cannon by commandeering an ice ball and running it up to 65 mph on its ammunition track, one would be mystified to see how they could do that without having to get past the other slower-moving lava balls rolling down the track ahead of them.
  • And after that plan fails, Zeta is able not only have her guards surround Red and Silver, but also round up Chuck, Bomb and even the Pigs (who were last seen standing on the ammunition track)! How could the Pigs end up back on the cannon floor so quickly? There's nothing in the world that we know that could explain that...
  • Given that the destruction of Zeta's superweapon blows up much of her resort and everything inside of it, how could it be that Steve, an unfortunate eagle scientist punished for insubordination, end up still imprisoned in ice, even though that's pretty much Played for Laughs?
  • And lastly, the whole thing about the Birds and Pigs abandoning their war, which has been pivotal to the entire Angry Birds franchise right up to this point, to pursue an alliance defending their islands, leads us to a big, burning question: When does Angry Birds really stop becoming Angry Birds?

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