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  • Constantine's attempt at imitating Kermit's "Yaaaaaay!" catchphrase.
    • "Kuuuuuurmyit thee Froooog heeeere."
    • "Hi-lo everybody!"
    • "The lovers, the dreamers, and cheese. Nailed it."
  • Constantine's escape from prison after the opening number involves a lot of Stuff Blowing Up, followed shortly by his detonating the phone he'd used to contact Dominic.
    Constantine: Is time to light the lights. (Detonates the gulag he'd escaped)
  • The Muppet Show: Spanish Version. As stereotypical as you can imagine, and just as awkwardly hilarious. Even Waldorf facepalms from the balcony and can't bear to watch.
    Statler: Would you look at that.
    Waldorf: No!
    Statler: Good idea.
    • Later, the pair are genuinely impressed with Miss Piggy's singing - as it's so Giftedly Bad that it managed to make the show worse.
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  • The Serial Escalation gag involving Jean and Sam the Eagle's badges.
  • Gonzo's "indoor running of the bulls" routine.
    • Salma Hayek is the celebrity guest for that show, and is thus seen in a red bull-running uniform along with Gonzo. When she asks if this is safe, Gonzo cheerfully replies, "Nope!"
    • When the routine goes horribly wrong and Gonzo asks who could have predicted this, her response is "I did".
  • In the opening number, Kermit asks his friends what their sequel should be about.
  • Kermit demanding to know how no one noticed he'd been replaced with an evil criminal mastermind.
    Fozzie: It sounds worse than it was...
  • Really, the fact that of all Muppets, it was Animal that figured Constantine wasn't Kermit.
    Animal: BAD FROG! BAD FROG!
  • Nadya ordering lights out as she walks off. Cue pitch-darkness and her running into something.
    Nadya: Turn the lights back on, I can't see anything! You're supposed to wait until I'm at the end of the hallway, it's a figure of speech.
    • According to this article that scene was Bill Barretta's (one of the Muppeteers) idea.
    • Later, when saying goodnight to all the prisoners, we find out that the tough criminal played by Danny Trejo is apparently... Danny Trejo.
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  • What better way to note Sequelitis than with a song?
  • Rizzo commenting on how Walter being the focus of the last film was at the expense of some longtime characters, followed by a cameo by Robin.
  • After The Muppets launch Beaker out the window of the Tower of London with the ring bomb attached to him:
    Priest: That's only 800 years old.
  • The Great Escapo trying to flee the Gulag...only to get quickly tased by Nadya.
    Nice try, Escapo.
  • The fact that they use a train to get from L.A. to Europe without it ever being mentioned.
  • "No one would ever suspect babies of stealing the Crown Jewels!"
    • And Bobby Benson's nonplussed "Babies, meet your new boss" in response to their recruitment.
    • Ricky Gervais couldn't keep a straight face around the babies, so the Muppeteers tried to make him break as much as possible.
  • The various times where Jean takes an extended break from work any chance he gets (at one point he and his family are spontaneously ready for a vacation), a playful nod to the very short work hours and generous holiday breaks French people do have.
  • Walter, Fozzie and Animal are in a montage traveling back and forth between frozen tundra and scorching desert. Then, they finally find what they're looking for in the desert. A blinking arrow that points them to the gulag.
  • How does Piggy figure out which frog is the real Kermit? She asks Constantine (pretending to be Kermit) if he'll marry her, and he immediately responds yes. She asks the real Kermit, who stammers and hesitates, leading Piggy to realize this is her Kermie. Cue Piggy jumping him and kissing him.
  • The Mysterious Lemur turns out to be Dominic Badguy dressed in a lemur costume.
  • After the movie's final number, Kermit informs Nadya that she can do her solo. Deep breath, and... The End. "KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!"
  • This bit that got cut from the theatrical version of "Interrogation Song":
    Sam: To help with our investigation / Can you do a full translation?
    Dominic: What the Chef just said to you / Was "shoopty shoopty shtoo" / It's not Swedish
    • Another part that wasn't cut has Crazy Harry being interrogated. Instead of being asked any questions, he simply causes an explosion with his detonator as he usually does.
    • Really, the entirety of "Interrogation Song" counts.
    • All the songs count.
      • A Crowning Moment of Funny for the songs though must go to Miss Piggy's rendition of the Macarena, heard here. Even Statler and Waldorf were shocked at it!
  • Piggy's Imagine Spot of her and Kermit's babies: a pink frog and a green pig.
  • Kermit's mirror routine with Constantine.
  • The fact that Scooter sings Moves Like Jagger. While backed by penguins.
  • In Real Life, Ricky Gervais and Constantine get interviewed and start arguing, with the latter mocking Gervais' dancing.
  • The extended version of the scene where Constantine informs the Muppets that Walter and Fozzie have "quit."
    Constantine: "Dominic is right. We'll be better off without them."
    Link: "That's true."
    Flloyd: "No it ain't, man!"
    Link: "No! No, it ain't."
  • In the extended version, after Constantine reveals himself we get this exchange:
    Rowlf: I knew it. No one can have a cold that long.
    Pepe: Or that bad an accent, okay.
  • Walter revealing to Fozzie that Dominic bribed journalists to give them good reviews...and then Fozzie commenting they should have done that themselves.
  • The TV spots playing with the Polish the Turd trope where they read out actual tweetsnote  giving advance praise for the movie. Spelling errors and all.
    Their r 2 kermits? Wut if theyre were 2 of me? That would be cray cray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • In the extended version, there is a scene where Kermit sneaks through the London Church carrying a bouquet, runs into Dominic, and has to briefly pretend to be Constantine (since he still has the fake mole on him).
    Dominic: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be getting ready, Number One. And also your [points at left cheek] thing is showing.
    Kermit: Uhh, Yes Um.. [clears throat, speaks with Russian accent] Yes o-of course. I know that you-you complete idiot! Why do you think I am walking around with these flowers to cover my face?!
    Dominic: All right. Calm down.
    Kermit: [normal voice] Thank you. [beat, remembering that Constantine never says "thank you", imitates Constantine] FOR NOTHING!!

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