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  • This:
    Miss Piggy: You may be the world's most dangerous frog, but you're still a FROG! (grabs Constantine by the legs and whips him around) NO! ONE! TRICKS! ME! INTO! MARRYING! THEM! AND! THEN! HURTS! MY! KERMIE!
    • And to top it all, after the beating the distraught Constatine mutters "What a woman..." To which Kermit answers, "Yes, MY woman!"
      • "And by the way, I believe this belongs to you." (slaps the fake mole on Constantine's face, knocking him out)
  • The Muppet gang stop Constantine's helicopter from taking off by utilizing the Muppet Ladder that was mentioned early on.
    • Doubles as a Funny Moment when GONZO'S nose acts as a hook!
  • Kermit actually getting angry rather than his usual fluster a few times. For example, during the gulag's annual talent show audition, he—having already dealt with this type of attitude from his friends and now stuck in said gulag since no one has come looking for him—blows up and demandingly asks the prisoners to listen to him.
    • Don't forget the conviction with which he ends his rant on "My door is always open!". Any other prisoner and Nadya would undoubtedly have seized the opportunity to remind them they were in a gulag. But for Kermit she's so swept up in his take charge attitude you could actually imagine that the frog has inadvertently renegotiated his incarceration.
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  • On the villains' side, Constantine's escape from prison and Dominic's stealing of the crown jewels.
  • When Constantine catches Walter and Fozzie uncovering his scheme, Animal shows up as a Big Damn Hero.
  • After Fozzie, Walter, and Animal find Kermit, they arrange a successful jailbreak right under Nadya's nose.
    • By doing exactly what the bad guys were doing - using the performance as a distraction.
  • Bunsen's bomb-attracting suit playing a pivotal role in saving the day.
  • The fact that the Blu-ray contains the "Unnecessarily Extended" version of the film, complete with all the songs in their entirety, Constantine's origin story, more screen time for Gonzo, and tons of other great moments that were previously unseen.
    • And on the flip-side is Statler and Waldorf's cut, which cuts the movie down to one joke they told and a German sign reading "Die Muppets".
  • Kermit calling out Fozzie and Walter for not noticing that Constantine had stolen his identity despite how glaringly obvious it is.

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