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Tear Jerker / Muppets Most Wanted

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  • The song "Something So Right." For the most part, it's played straight.
    • Before the song starts, the Muppets ask Kermit (alias Constantine) what will happen to the world tour and to them after he and Piggy are married, he tells them they now have all the freedom they want, and that he's done with the Muppets. It's at that moment they start to feel that they won't be able to carry on without Kermit.
    Scooter: What are we gonna do without Kermit?
    Floyd: Only thing we can do. Pack up, go to the wedding... and head back home.
  • Kermit believing that the gang forgot about him while he's trapped in the Gulag. Here we have Kermit the freakin' Frog, one of the most recognizable of Jim Henson's creations, a symbol of laughter and other happy childhood memories, almost lose hope. It's a good thing they all make it clear that they appreciate him at the end.
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  • Kermit being arrested and taken to the Gulag. It's really hard not to shed tears at the desperation in his voice.
  • Only true fans will notice this, but when Constantine is about to introduce the show in Germany, you hear the announcer voice from The Muppets. The tearjerking part? The announcer was played by Jerry Nelson, a prominent driving force in the Muppeteer troupe, who sadly passed away due to complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in August 2012, about 7 months before the film started production. Having them reuse his voice is such a brilliant way of carrying on his legacy.
  • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it dedication to Nelson and Jane Henson (Jim's widow) in the credits also evokes this on a meta level.
    • On a sadder note, Jim's son John died of a heart attack a month before the movie came out, but because it was that close to the release date, they couldn't add his name to the dedication.
  • In this article, Danny Trejo talks about how his mother died during production, and the Manly Tears that ensued when Steve Whitmire offered his sympathy as Kermit.
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  • The realization that Rizzo's last line in a feature film done by his original performer, Steve Whitmire, was sadly complaining that he had been left out of the previous movie (and for the most part, this one as well).

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