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Sam, Yorick and Harry the Hipster from Sam and Friends will make a cameo.

Constantine is the Black Sheep of Kermit's family and/or Robin's estranged dad
  • We don't know who Robin's parents are, and Constantine's resemblance was uncanny, except for the mole. A family resemblance is more in the ball park than Identical Stranger. Constantine could be more likely to know of a famous relative like Kermit than Kermit would be likely to know about a criminal mastermind. And if Constantine's in jail, then he's not going to have custody of his kid.
    • While in the film the idea would seem to be jossed, Kermit did give an interview which implied nepotism was involved in Constantine's 'casting'
      • The Muppet's Character Encyclopedia (this one here) says that Constantine was "abandoned by his mother and adopted by the owner of a Russian bomb factory", so it's possible they're related but don't know about it.

Beauregard is a Time Lord.
  • Someone has to be on this page, so why not the guy who drove a train from Los Angeles to Germany? It's all Obfuscating Stupidity!

The Great Escapo is actually Loki with a dye job.
  • It was Odin's original idea for Loki's punishment. He doesn't speak because his lips are sewn shut; the walrus mustache conceals that.
  • And yes, of course my tongue is firmly planted in cheek.

Constantine was created by Bunsen and Beaker in a similar manner as Lemongrab.
  • Why someone hasn't made this mashup yet is beyond me.

The movie's Acclaimed Flop status will be lampshaded to hell and back if The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made gets made.

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