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Wait, that’s not right...

  • Jack tries to make a paper snowflake to prepare for Christmas. Defying all laws of physics, it comes out unintentionally looking like a spider.
    • And he gives a very exaggerated double take to it.
      • This scene becomes funnier if you were a naive young child who attempted to cut the same snowflake pattern that he has. If you pause the film, get some paper and scissors, and copy exactly what he does, what you end up with looks absolutely nothing like that snowflake.
    • And shortly beforehand, Jack tries electrolysis on a candy cane and ends up with a limp candy cane with no stripes, and his reaction is much the same as with the snowflake.
    • Jack's choice of bedtime reading material, which spans the spectrum from A Christmas Carol to The Scientific Method to something called Bobo Gets a Firetruck, which, for some reason, is several times thicker than A Christmas Carol.
  • The deliberately un-magical, boring voice Jack speaks with when he's alone and/or depressed, juxtaposed with the posh, boisterous voice he sings or addresses his citizens with. Chris Sarandon does a great job sounding like they literally pulled some random guy with no acting experience off the street to read those lines.
  • When Lock, Shock, and Barrel accidentally bring in the Easter Bunny, from the first "That's not Sandy Claws..." to "BUNNY!" Sure, it has no relevance to the plot, but damn is it funny.
    • Also hilarious is Jack kindly telling the Easter Bunny how sorry he is about the mix-up while the poor thing is cowering in the sack.
  • "Kidnap the Sandy Claws". ALL OF IT.
  • "Jack, please! I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions by myself! JACK! ANSWER ME! AHHHHHHH!" *falls down steps*
  • The Nightmare Fuel presents the kids receive from good-natured Jack, both horrifying and hilarious. There's a reason it was in a lot of the trailers.
    "So what did Santa bring you, honey?" "AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!"
    • That one gets a mention for the completely unimpressed expression on the kid's face.
      • And later, when Santa switches the shrunken head for the puppy, the Funny Background Event of the parents still passed out and twitching.
    • Scary as it was for some viewers, watching the snake chowing down on the Christmas tree was pretty hilarious too, especially with the kid just standing there, gawking and screaming his head off.
    • And the montage of people barricading their houses against Jack, climaxing with one guy who simply turns up the fire.
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  • This:
    Shock: I wish my cohorts weren't so dumb.
    Barrel: I'm not the dumb one!
    Lock: You're no fun!
    Shock: Shut up!
    Lock: MAKE ME!
  • "WHAT. IS THIS?" *walks face-first into sign and falls backward into snow*
  • The part where Sally is worriedly talking to herself while Jack is practicing his "ho ho ho" in the background.
  • The Town Meeting song in general. Jack tries to explain Christmas to the citizens of Halloween Town, and they clearly aren't getting it.
    • "A pox? How delightful, a pox!"
      • "If you please..."
    • Jack realizes that the monsters don't understand, so he tells them about Santa Claus in the one way they would understand: by going out of his way to try and make Santa sound scary.
    • The Mayor is standing on a rafter, controlling a spotlight. At one point, he gets so excited that he briefly loses his balance and almost falls off. The way he shouts his line when this happens is great (but changed in the album version):
      "I fully endorse it, let's (almost falls off) TRY it at once!"
    • Even better, but more subtly: The Mayor has been controlling a spotlight up until then. When this scene happens, he loses control of it. After regaining his balance, he repositions the spotlight on Jack, moving the light over the monsters in the audience, causing them to shield their eyes.
    • For that matter, Jack's initial return home from Christmas town. He's wearing a pair of snow goggles, grinning doofily, bearing a giant bag of stolen Christmas trinkets and driving a little snow cart that he obviously also stole. What's more, the vehicle has big, ugly gouges where the edges of the Christmas-tree door scraped against the metal bodywork!
  • The street band attempting to play "Jingle Bells", with tritones for the harmony, and later their rendition of "Here Comes Santa Claus" in the same style. Evidently, those guys do not know any major keys.
    Jack, with sincere and unabashed glee: Fantastic!
  • This:
    Santa: Haven't you heard of peace on earth, and good will toward men?
    Lock, Shock, and, Barrel: *gleefully* NO!
  • When Lock, Shock and Barrel try to stuff Santa Claus down the chute leading to Oogie's lair, he gets stuck.
    Shock: "I think he might be too big!"
    Lock: "No he's not! If he can go down a chimney, he can fit. Down. HERE!"
    • And when we see an outside view of the chute as Santa grunts and cries out as he goes down it, knocking rivets out on the way.
    • And also right after they first shove him in the opening of the pipe and realize he is stuck we get a shot of Santa's holly underwear. How humiliating for Santa.
    • As Santa is shoved into the opening of the pipe he makes a funny face by rolling his eyes in two different directions.
    • Also Lock, Shock and Barrel smacking Santa's butt with the plunger, pitchfork and broom.
    • The sheer size of Santa's rear end is massive. It's so big it's a wonder the trick or treaters could get him to fit down the pipe.
  • When Oogie Boogie rolls the dice to see how many cranks he'll get to lower Santa and Sally into the furnace, his anger at getting "snake eyes"note  is pretty funny, if only for how annoyed he sounds. Him banging the table so that the vibration causes the dice to flip to a more favorable number is even funnier.
    Oogie Boogie: WHAT?! Snake eyes?! (bangs table, flipping the dice to 11.) EEEEEEEEEEE-LEVEN!
  • The almost shit-eating look of pride on Jack's face while the Mayor gives a speech before his Christmas voyage.
  • Near the beginning of the movie, Sally detaches her arm in order to get away from Dr. Finklestein. When he yells after her, the arm left in his hand starts bonking him on the head.
    • Later when she goes back to him because he still has her arm, the detached arm gives a sheepish wave.
  • Dr. Finkelstein kissing his new creation... and the top of its head promptly slamming down on his face.
  • In a deleted scene, we have Finklestein's escape after he's unmasked as Oogie Boogie.
    Finklestein: (being carried into a chamber) Farewell, Jack (falls) SKELLINGTON! (door slams on him)
    • The fact that Tim Burton hated this ending so much, he kicked a hole in the wall.
  • A brief one, but Jack's expression when Santa Claus flies out of Oogie's lair when all is said and done. You can practically hear him thinking "I didn't know he could do that."
  • One of the witches using her hat as an ear trumpet.
  • At the beginning of "Jack's Obsession", the werewolf can be seen doing a small pivot while singing.
  • Jack's unexpected Deadpan Snarker moment while borrowing equipment from Dr. Finklestein. Or was it sincere excitement?
    Dr. Finklestein: Curiosity killed the cat, you know.
    Jack: I know.
  • Oogie Boogie has some funny moments in his song:
    • The way he says "Would someone SHUT this fella up?"
    • The start of the deleted verse ("Well, if I'm feeling antsy...") The pun is funny enough, but there's something really hilarious about his casual, cheerful tone when he says this line. It just hammers in how Faux Affably Evil he is.
    • During the call-and-response part of the song, Oogie sings along with some creepy skeletons... and then the bats seen near the start of the song, who sing in adorably squeaky voices.
    • At one point, Oogie bounces his dice off his butt, complete with an audible boing.
  • When Sally goes to free Santa from Oogie's lair, she distracts the villain by taking off one of her legs to lure him over in a typical cartoon-dame-looking-for-a-ride-into-town way. Oogie comments on this admiringly, elbowing Santa in a way that says, "Hey, would'ja look at that hottie?" Then he spits in his hand with an audible ptooey sound and slicks back hair that he doesn't even have.
    • When Oogie comes up to the detached leg, he calls it lovely before taking off Sally's shoe and tickling it. Pretty funny since it's clearly the only act he could do in a family friendly film.


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