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Whoa, gross.

  • Since this special features Olaf, there's bound to be a lot of these.
    Olaf: You cut down a tree...and then you dress its corpse with candles? [Cue "Psycho" Strings] it!
  • There's a family in their night clothes that seem to be trying to hide from some overly-enthusiastic carolers outside.
  • During "Ring in the Season," Elsa's little jumping on her toes at "I feel the Christmas spirit in the air"...
  • Olaf keeps jumping out at castle staff yelling "Surprise!" only to be told it's too soon. In order: 1) jumping out of a tree as Kai is decorating it, 2) jumping out of one of the suits of armor at some maids carrying plates, 3) one servant carrying a distinctly Olaf-shaped present, putting it down on the pile...only for the actual Olaf to pop out from the right side of the screen instead.
    • After those three servants, he's seen jumping out of a kransekake as Anna is trying to sneak a piece out of it, with enough force that the kransekake's layers fall apart and his head separates from his body. He gets one of the little Arendelle flags lodged in his head, which lands in Anna's hands.
    Anna: Olaf, not yet!
    Elsa: [coming down the stairs, applying ice to the wreath trimmings on the banisters] Anna's right. Our surprise holiday party doesn't start until after the Yule Bell rings.
    Olaf: Sorry, the suspense is tearing me apart. [Olaf's lower segments free themselves from the layer of kransekake that they've become trapped in, and Anna puts his head back on...backwards] Thank you! [Anna turns Olaf's head around so it's on facing the right way]
    • Of course when the right time comes, he misses his cue and has to be nudged into action (and then the surprise goes flat).
    Olaf: [sees the crowd filing out the gates] Uh-oh! [Elsa and Anna trade uneasy glances]
    Anna: [stops one mother] Wait-wait-wait! Hold on, hold on! Going so soon?
    Mother: The yule bell rang, I must get home for my family's holiday tradition: rolling the lefse.note 
    Man: Ours is putting out porridge for the tomte.note 
    Twin women: We're making traditional wart stobble bockels!
    Olaf: And I'm going to fillet the crumzellakringlekonke! That's a thing, right?
    • Olaf tries to provide some levity after the elderly Olsen couple departs.
    Olaf: (cheerily) Oh! So the surprise is everyone left.
  • With the courtyard deserted, Kristoff appears, wearing a moss cape and headdress, and decides to show the sisters his favorite traditional troll...tradition: singing a gathering song called "The Ballad of Flemingrad". Featuring Sven carting in a small sled containing a statue of the titular troll in time to the beat, and Olaf joining in and using his left arm as the flute.
    • Later in the song:
    Kristoff: [dancing around Anna, brushing up against her back] We all dig deep down and we uproot the past / We shove up its nostrils a fist full of grass [Sven offers a couple twigs of grass to Elsa]
    Elsa: [to Anna] Nostrils?
    Anna: [smiling] Whoa! Gross!
    • After Kristoff ends the song, he says they must lick the troll's forehead and make a wish. He proceeds to do so, leaving his chin covered in grass.
    Kristoff: Who's next?
    Anna: [nudges Elsa] Elsa, you're up!
    [Elsa resists the urge to vomit]
    • Anna doesn't seem too excited either:
    Olaf: [to Anna] You're a princess, you don't have to settle.
    • After this, Kristoff tries to offer them his fungus stew, which the sisters pass on.
    Kristoff: Okay, not so much a royal activity, I get it. [Sven licks the moss off Kristoff's cheek] But wait until you taste my traditional Flemmy Stew. It may smell like wet fur, but it's a real crowd pleaser.
    Anna: No thanks! We're good.
    Elsa: Big breakfast...[laughs awkwardly]
    • Elsa's facial expressions throughout the whole scene are something to behold. It's impressive seeing someone who’s normally composed be completely stupefied at the notion of licking a fungi-covered stone to bring good luck.
  • Olaf being completely oblivious to the sleigh with all the holiday traditions catching fire behind him. He's even singing a little ditty about how nothing will go wrong while it's happening.
    • Eventually, the sled falls into a ravine, but Olaf makes it across, and is separated from Sven. The burning sled falls with a whistle into the gorge, eventually smashing into pieces at its the ground several hundred feet down, seemingly snuffing out the fire.
    Olaf: Hey, the fire's out! [the sled explodes] Oh darn it...
  • Olaf's Nigh-Invulnerable nature as snowman is still Played for Laughs:
    • He melts inside Oaken's sauna. Oaken, knowing what's coming, slides a bucket under him just in time, then tosses it outside, where it instantly freezes. One tap from Sven and Olaf's back to normal.
    • Anna's reaction to the fruitcake being dropped on Olaf and crushing him is a mere "Oh!"
  • Olaf when greeting Oaken:
    Oaken: Hoo hoo!
    Olaf: Haloooo?
  • The Brick Joke involving the fruitcake. It was the only thing that survived the crash, and after successfully escaping a pack of wolves with it, Olaf holds it in the air triumphantly, when it is taken by a hawk. In the very end, the hawk drops the cake right on top of him.
    Olaf: The fruitcake! It’s a Christmas miracle!
    • Olaf at one point takes the fruit cake and leaves it in an outhouse, and if you look closely, you can see someone is in there. The guy understandably refused it, since Olaf is seen with it later.
    • Olaf’s overdramatic statement as he’s running away from the wolves with the fruitcake:
    Olaf: Please, I know you’re hungry, but I need at least one tradition for my best friends! The fate of the world depends on it!
  • Hearing the wolves cornering Olaf, Sven races back to the castle to warn Kristoff, who has spent the day brewing his Flemmy stew. He attempts to communicate to Kristoff that Olaf is in trouble, but Kristoff thinks Sven is telling him the stew needs more carrots. Sven, exasperated, resorts to using charades to get the message across. Kristoff still doesn't get it, but Anna and Elsa (who have just appeared in the stables, escorted by Kai) instantly get the message.
    Kristoff: Uhhhh......
    Anna: Oh no, Olaf's lost in the forest?
    Elsa: And being chased by hungry wolves?
    Sven: [nods]
    • And, as they take off, Kristoff calls back to Sven to get going and make himself helpful. Cue Sven's Aside Glance at the audience.

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