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For the funny moments in most of the other Muppet movies and TV programming, visit their respective pages.

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    Miscellaneous Muppet Moments 
  • The post-Henson tribute has one within the first three minutes; as the Muppets try to figure out who Jim was, they quite suddenly break the fourth wall .
    Robin: Hey, I remember this Jim Henson fella! Yeah, he was always hangin' around!
    Fozzie: Where? Where?
    Robin: [Motions toward the Muppeteers below] Uh... down there.
    [All the Muppets gasp upon seeing their own Muppeteers]
    Clifford: Hey, who are those guys?!
    Robin: I dunno, but they're still following us around...
    Gonzo: Hey, hey, look, look — when we move, they move! Try it!
    [They move randomly, watching their Muppeteers move with them]
    Fozzie Stop, stop, stop, stop! Let's stop looking at them, even, it's too weird.
  • Kermit and Piggy's response to Fox News' claim that the Muppets push a liberal agenda. Kermit points out that they drive around in a gas-guzzling Rolls-Royce... and Piggy says it's as laughable as Fox News claiming that they're news.
  • An ad for Cravendale Milk’s offer on a Kermit backpack has Kermit showing off the item to Pepe, to which the king prawn replies...
    Pepe: "I've got a magic potato, okay." **PEPE PULLS OUT A POTATO THAT MAGICALLY FLOATS ABOVE HIS HAND**
  • This commercial for Swim A Thon featuring Scooter. Especially the ending.
  • Behind the scenes of the 2011 movie, Kermit and Bret McKenzie are singing "Life's a Happy Song," and towards the end Kermit starts going Off the Rails.
    Kermit: Oh, life's a bottle of flies! Life's a bunch of crickets! Life's a taco! Life's a pizza!
    • At the end of the video:
    Kermit; I love singing with you, Bret...
    Bret: It was close, we almost got it.
    Kermit: But I think I understand now why it was Walter and Jason.
    Bret: It was me, I screwed it up.
    Kermit: Me, too.
    (both exhale sharply)
  • The Muppets attempting to help Lindsey Stirling and Josh Groban sing "Pure Imagination" is a hysterical comedy of errors.
  • I'm going to kill this joke until it dies.
  • Most Muppet interviews are hilarious, especially when two Muppets are there together to play off one another, whereupon they more often than not will go totally off the rails.
    Interviewer: What do you think of Miss Piggy?
    Rizzo: She's the Queen of Mean! Hah!
    Pepe: Yeah, Queen a' Mean — joo rhyme, okay!
    Rizzo: Da—huh?
    Pepe: Joo rhyme, okay!
    Rizzo: Jew rhyme?!
    Pepe: Joo say rhyme!
    Rizzo: Juicy what? Juicy rind?
    Pepe: No, no! Not —
    Rizzo: Juicy rind. He's talking about a watermelon.
  • In an interview promoting the 2011 film, Miss Piggy shows off her ability to perfectly imitate both Fozzie and Animal, much to Kermit's horror. Of course, the humor in that lies in the fact that all three characters are performed by the same puppeteer.
  • A series of videos take place with Muppet characters in an elevator. One involves Gonzo on the phone with his doctor describing the symptoms of what appears to be a really nasty (and highly contagious) infection. He then notices Kermit, who had been listening to the whole thing, and casually pats him on the back to say hello. Kermit's horrified reaction is priceless.
  • Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker show up as presenters at the Game Awards 2019 and take the chance to show off their new VR experience.
    • The spectacle of Beaker in VR Goggles is funny enough but then he learns they're superglued on and struggles to remove them.
    • The game they're showing off is Untitled Beaker Game. Things take their logical course when Beaker runs into the Horrible Goose in game and freaks out in the real world.
    • Before the winner can be announced, the Goose somehow chased Beaker out of the game and into reality, upon which it steals the envelope.

    The Muppets 2011 film 
  • All the spoof trailers, but especially the one that makes it out to be a typical cheesy romantic comedy, until they start listing the cast..."Are there Muppets in this movie?!"
  • The original songs contain awkward or out-of-place lyrics that fans of Flight of the Conchords will be familiar with.
    Mary: It's never me and him. It's always me and him... and him!
  • Only Gonzo would give his plumbing factory a Self-Destruct Mechanism. Triggered by a Big Red Button. Labeled, "Automatic Destroy Plumbing Business Button."
    Fozzie: That looked like an expensive explosion. I can't believe we had that in the budget.
    • Even better, the explosion is completely offscreen, implying that they didn't have the budget for it.
  • Fart shoes.
  • Mary and her fixation on wishing Gary would propose to her after 10 years together. She's so completely dramatic about it.
  • During the "Man Or A Muppet" number, Gary and Walter sing about being at the crossroads of their lives and about how they need to choose whether they're "men or Muppets." In Gary's reflection, there is a Muppet version of him. In Walter's reflection, the audience expects to see the human version of him played by a live actor, and, apparently, get... Jim Parsons.
    • The fact that Parsons' role was kept secret until the film's release is pretty impressive.
    • Even better, Parsons walks in as Walter's reflection with a look that says "What the HECK am I doing here?" before he sings.
  • "Muppet Man."
    Miss Piggy: (hard triple-headdesk) I can't believe I fell for "Muppet Man!"
  • When Rowlf complains that he wasn't included in the Time-Compression Montage ('I thought my story was pretty interesting'), we see what he was doing: Taking a nap in a hammock.
    Kermit: Rowlf.
    Rowlf: . . . Huh?
    Kermit: Wanna get back together?
    Rowlf: Okay.
    Kermit: [nodding] Great.
    • And immediately after:
    Rowlf: [chuckling and shaking his head, clearly believing it to be Awesome] Classic.
  • The credits sequence has Kermit and Miss Piggy taking time to step out of the limelight; more specifically, how it gets on the news.
    Miss Piggy: "I'm so happy for us, Kermie! Let's share our happiness with the top 10 news publications!"
  • When Kermit comes out, an angelic choir seems to be singing... and then it turns out a gospel choir bus was driving by.
  • Walter's Edward G. Robinson impression.
  • Walter urges Kermit to bring back the Muppets: 'you give people the greatest gift that can ever be given!'
    Kermit: Children?
    Walter: No - the other gift.
    Kermit: (thinking hard) Ice cream?
    Walter: No, no. After that!
    Kermit: ...Laughter?
    Walter: Yes! The third-greatest gift ever!
  • Tex Richman does a rap. No, really. And it's actually good!
    Tex Richman: My answer is no.
    Kermit: Well, you could have just said that.
    • And it's a sing-along. With a bouncing ball!
    • With Las Vegas dancers for a chorus!
      • Watch them when Tex ushers them out of the song: they all switch off long before he shuts the door, one of them drinking something, another eating a bag of chips, and another one texting on her phone.
  • The Barber Shop Quartet scene where Beaker pops up with an axe, and the rest of the Muppets just stare at him awkwardly. The song they're doing is Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". That was great, when they hold up towels with the lyrics Beaker's says "MEE MEE MEE MO" on it.
  • Scooter has an attack of nerves when he has to suddenly MC in Kermit's place. Kermit advises him to do what Kermit does: Imagine the Audience Naked.
    Scooter: (stuttering and nervous) Y-y-y-y-YOU'RE ALL NAKED. (cut to shot of the audience in boxers and tank tops) ... Well, almost.
  • Beauregard has apparently been cleaning one closet of the Muppet Theater the entire time since the show ended, and never realized they all left!
  • "Scooter! Good to see you! Wheres everybody been?" (Scooter gives an aside glance to the audience).
  • Walter's epic scream montage.
    • In the TV spot, Mary asked Gary if they could go grab lunch while waiting for Walter to silence.
  • Any montage scene that takes place.
  • The Moopets(a tribute band of the Muppets from Reno, all with two O's in their name(Animool,Kermoot, Janooce, Miss Poogy, etc;). Over the top, loud and mean.Foozie is Fozzie with a beanie, wifebeater and an extremely deep Scary Black Man voice. "Wokka wokka...."
    • Miss Poogy is hired to play Ms.Piggy's part when Piggy refuses to return to the show. Poogy sounds like she smokes ten packs of cigarettes a day.
    • The group is all cramped and piled on one side of the car when they finally arrive at a theatre venue and we pan to Miss Poogy enthusiastically sharpening a switchblade. "Why is everyone acting so QUIET?!!!"
  • 80's Robot. That is all.
    • Especially when he looks up where Fozzie is with his modem... which promptly loudly screeches and tortures everyone in the car.
    • "Would you like some Tab or New Coke?"
      • "Not now, 80s Robot."
  • Crazy Harry being so out of practice he blew himself up instead of the dynamite.
  • Jack Black who spends his appearance on the telethon tied to a chair.
    • Especially the Barbershop Quartet number where he's both unhappy it's a barbershop quartet but actually starts complaining when they perform "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
    Jack Black: You're ruining one of the greatest songs of all time!
    Piggy:You inspire them, Kermie.
    Kermit: I inspire them to kidnap people!?
    Piggy: To work together!
    Kermit: To kidnap people!?
    • Also right after the kidnapping, we get this little exchange.
    Fozzie: But, Kermit, which is more illegal? Briefly inconveniencing Jack Black, or destroying the Muppets?
    • And then there's this line:
    Lew Zealand: Mister The Frog, we all agreed a celebrity is not a people."
  • Punch Teacher. Especially the executives wondering why they were being sued over it.
    • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it joke that cuts away from the punched teacher lamenting "I just wanted to make a difference!"
    • Very subtle joke: Punch Teacher has a 120-minute programming slot.
    • An Easter Egg on the Blu-Ray shows an extended version of the scene, capped off with Mary looking shocked.
  • The Swedish Chef's lyrics in the sentimental "Pictures In My Head": complete gibberish slotted into an otherwise serious song with subtitles containing Latin, crossed-out "O"s!
  • The Muppets' initial audience being a single hobo named Hobo Joe and his fire, as well as Joe's vocal displeasure at the Muppets saying there's no one in the audience, as well as some of his friends joining him and carrying Jack Black off as their king at the end.
  • "Travel by map."
  • Neil Patrick Harris in the telethon box. "No, I don't know why I'm not hosting this."
  • Kermit's reaction to Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez and ... some random kid (actually Modern Family star Rico Rodriguez) entering the telethon.
    • As well as Selena and Rico having no idea who the Muppets are.
    Selena: I don't know who you guys are. I'm here 'cause my agent told me to come.
    Rico: Are you one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
    Kermit: ...yyyyes I am! Now let me show you how you can help!"
  • As Miss Piggy prepares the kidnapping of Jack Black
    Jack Black: Oh hey Animal. What are you doing here.
    Animal: Acting! (Extended beat) Natural!
  • During the cleaning montage, the Swedish Chef finds the refrigerator filled with mold and filth... some of it moving. What does our favorite Muppet Chef do? Why, use a flamethrower to clean out the filth, of course.
    • Even funnier is how the reason they were moving is because they were Anthropomorphic Food in the first place, who must have been waiting for the Chef to take them out for years.
  • The Suspiciously Specific Denial about Tex Richman's Heel–Face Turn.
  • The song "Me Party," mainly because of the restaurant patrons' complete and total obliviousness to Mary's song and dance.
    • Piggy sings this with a table of talking Muppet food in her dressing room including a lot of pastries. Why is the food there? 1.) Because she's lonely, and 2.) she's a pig!
  • The ending of "Life's a Happy Song," where, as soon as Gary, Mary, and Walter leave on the bus, the crowd lets out a relieved "They're gone!" and collapses.
    • Also during this song we get Willie Nelson singing "Life is full of Highs" and a couple of other people singing that "Life is a fillet of fish" to which Walter and Gary can only reply with... "Yes, yes it is".
    • The second performance has Tex Richman loudly remind everyone that they sang it already. Nobody seems to care.
  • After you watch the telethon, you realize that it's very much exactly like how a regular episode of The Muppet Show would play out, save maybe for Jack Black being tied to a chair and doing nothing but complaining, and the money counter hanging throughout! It takes up nearly the same amount of time as a regular episode in the course of the film too, even though in-universe, it takes up two hours!
    Jack Black: I'm being held captive by these weirdos!
    Statler: Now you know how we've felt for the past forty years!
  • "Maniacal laugh!"
  • At the end, Gary finally proposes to Mary and she replies:
  • When Gary, Mary, and Walter start looking for Kermit:
    Mary: How do we find Kermit? Nobody's seen him in years.
    (the gang passes a man selling Hot Star Maps in front of Pink's Hot Dogs)
    Walter: (gasps) Wait, stop the car! I have an idea.
    (cut to the trio eating some chili dogs)
    Gary: These are delicious! Great idea, Walter.
    • According to the commentary, this was the first scene written.
  • When '80s Robot uses his dial-up modem to locate the other Muppets, we get the traditional loud beeping and static, making Kermit, Walter, Gary, and Mary react and cover their ears, with this line from Gary:
    "Oh, stop it! In the name of all that's sacred, let it end!"
  • Every second Emily Blunt, parodying her turn in The Devil Wears Prada, appears on screen.
  • The outtakes of Zack Galifinakis ad-libbing with the homeless Muppets. "New hobo, eh?"
    • Miss Piggy getting hair in her face mid line and trying to blow it away.
    • During a take with Walter, Gary and Mary in the car, Walter accidentally gets his hand stuck in the car seat.
    • Dr. Strangepork accidentally brushes against Kermit.
    Kermit: I just got a pig ear in my mouth.
    • Walter pounding on Kermit's door and sobbing dramatically.
    • Uncle Deadly falling over in Richman's office.
    • After Mary says, "It's time to meet the Muppets", an offscreen voice casually mentions that Walter is on fire. Walter immediately exclaims "Ah! I'm burning!"
    • Fozzie's rubber chickens are named Fran and Louise.
    • Steve Whitmire flubbing a line and accidentally calling Eighties Robot "Raidies Robot".
    • Scooter kissing Kermit on the cheek is sweet and funny.

    The Muppets 2015 TV show 
Test pilot/promos
  • From the YouTube version of the pilot:
    Narrator: Here it is. You got what you wanted. Please stop yelling at us.
  • The pilot itself has some rather hilarious moments, such as Miss Piggy not recognizing Gonzo and calling him "Gary" instead. Later, Kermit finds out that she's dating Topher Grace.
    Kermit: Wait, so you two are... I mean you're...
    Miss Piggy: What, me and Topher? OH yeah! TMZ's calling us "Tophiggy"! Well, good luck with the show, kids! Ciao! (she leaves)
    Kermit: We're screwed, Gary.
  • On the one hand: the show is going to happen. Other hand: Piggy is back and she and Kermit are a bit tense.
    Kermit: Yeah, I've made my life a bacon-wrapped hell on Earth.
    Gonzo: Yep! Congratulations.
    • The actual pilot's version is pretty funny too:
    Kermit: Yeah, I've made my life a bacon-wrapped hell on Earth.
    Sam the Eagle: Can't say "hell".
  • Nobody remembers who Chip is, even Chip himself!
    Chip: Guys, was I in Muppet Treasure Island?
  • During a promo, Kermit is going over a scene with a new star. Then he turns and notices Nathan Fillion coming out of Miss Piggy's trailer with messy hair and a ruffled shirt. Kermit doesn't say a word, but you can tell he's very angry about that.
  • During a promo, Miss Piggy is doing a talk, but suddenly asks to cut. It turns out she's distracted by Nathan Fillion's ass. Said celebrity accepts this explanation, as if it happens all the time.
  • The promo with Clark Gregg of Agents of S-period-H-period-I-period-E-period-L-period-D-period, which is Pepe trying to get Clark to come clean about everything happening in the next season, leading to Clark calling in "Agent Animal".

Pig Girls Don't Cry

  • The entire scene with Elizabeth Banks and Scooter in the tour cart.
  • Fozzie and his girlfriend's parents, made better by her father being played by Jere Burns fresh off his role as Wynn Duffy.
    Carl: If you have kids, where would they go to the bathroom, in the woods?
    Fozzie: Okay, that is an offensive stereotype!
  • The dig at Miss Piggy's weight in this exchange.
    Kermit: Uh, moving on... Bobo?
    Bobo: Yes sir?
    Kermit: Listen, next time we do a sketch where Piggy flies across the stage, I think we should choose a wire that actually supports her weight.
    Bobo: Huh? Should've worked. It was a cable from a wrecking ball.
  • Janice on Piggy's guest band:
    Janice: You know, their original name was Imagine Dragons.
    Floyd: But that is their name.
    Janice: Yeah, they kept it.
  • Fozzie introducing Up Late with Miss Piggy while reading from cue cards held by Sweetums, who seems to be holding them out of order:
    Featuring the Electric Mayhem! Dr. Teeth and The! ...Electric Mayhem.
  • Fozzie's comment about his online dating profile.
    Fozzie: When your online profile says "Passionate bear looking for love," you get a lot of wrong responses. (beat) Not "wrong", it... just wrong for me.
  • Dancing With The Tsars and Kermit's reaction to it.
    Gonzo: So any notes?
    Kermit: I hate everything about it.
    Gonzo: (happily) Only one note! (Rizzo and Pepe nod while Kermit sighs)
  • "You don't have to make a joke every time you come into the writer's room... Lord knows these guys don't."
  • Uncle Deadly getting a lint roller stuck to Kermit.

Hostile Makeover

  • Kermit sets up Miss Piggy with Josh Groban and her behavior starts to drag down the show's quality. How does Kermit get things back to normal and get her to break up with him? By placing "Josh Groban presents" above her show's title on the giant poster of it in the backlot. Her reaction seals the deal.
    • Kermit's "Bye bye" to Groban is just as great.
  • Laurence Fishburne's cameo in this scene.
    Kermit: Hey, hey, [Laurence], when are you gonna come do the show?
    Laurence: Well, if it keeps on sucking like it did last night, NEVER! *drives off*
    • And later on in that scene:
      Laurence: Kermit?
      Kermit: Yeah?
      Laurence: I just wanted to say I'm sorry about what I said about your show sucking.
      Kermit: Yeah.
      Laurence: I just had a really rough night yesterday.
      Kermit: Oh, I'm sorry, what happened?
      Laurence: I watched your show, and it sucked! *drives off again, laughing this time*
  • Reza Aslan's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! face when Piggy asks why he didn't get more creative with history. Plus Kermit's Face Palm the entire time.
  • Big Mean Carl the receptionist.
    Big Mean Carl: He wants to see you! At his house!
    Fozzie: Was he angry or is that just you?
    Big Mean Carl: I take messages! I don't judge tone!
  • The first scene has Scooter interrupt a meeting to tell them Piggy is in a bad mood. Kermit thinks he's overreacting. Uncle Deadly says it's a code red. Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!".
    Kermit: Green means calm, but we've never had a green. Yellow; she's in tears. Orange; I'm in tears. And red? By the time she's made eye contact with you it's already too late!
    • During Piggy's rampage, Kermit, Scooter, and Uncle Deadly hide under a desk and Kermit asks Deadly if Piggy saw the tags on her wardrobe and found out what size she is.
    Uncle Deadly: No please, I've woven such a cocoon of lies that she doesn't know her size, weight, or even how old she is.
    • That being said, the things Piggy shouts during her tirade are pretty funny as well.
    "Who replaced my thick sharpies with fine-tipped sharpies?! I'm signing autographs, not writing the Bible on a grain of rice!"
    "Look at this nonsense! Pencils, highlighters, a backscratcher?! If you're itchy, take care of it at home!"
    "How dare you try to calm me down with cake! Gimme that cake!"
  • Pepe signing the birthday card for everyone with four or five pens simultaneously, and his follow-up comment that it takes him ten seconds to get clean in the shower.
  • The subplot of Fozzie stealing Jay Leno's candy dish. Made even funnier by the fact that Leno later reveals that he stole that candy dish from George Carlin.
  • When Piggy gets a hot stone massage, the Swedish Chef walks by and comments "Somebody's cookin' da bacon!?"
  • Tying in with 'the band is always happy' gag from the pilot promo, Scooter has a solution to help Bobo with his daughter's cookie sales: sell to the band who have a serious case of the munchies.
    Animal: More boxes! More boxes!
    Bobo: *counting money* More boxes? Screw the mountain bike, my daughter's getting a Prius! Hehehehehe!

Bear Left Then Bear Write

  • The video of Piggy falling in the cake, and the fact that Gonzo was able to get it past Kermit.
    • Christina suggest playing it in slow motion for the audience much to Piggy's obvious disapproval making it even funnier.
  • The mention of Piggy's Japanese sake commercial: "Sake it to me, sexy boys!" Her correction makes it even funnier.
    Piggy: And the line was "Sex it to me, sake boys!"
  • Fozzie getting hit with a dart and acting drunk.
  • Kermit saying that he licked his cousin once and the walls started melting.
  • Everything involving Chip, the I.T. guy, and the fact that not even the Muppets themselves remember him. Even more hilariously, he's an Author Avatar of Bill Prady.
  • Piggy getting arrested for trying to film Christina Applegate getting "pranked".
  • Fozzie struggling to hang up on Kermit, somehow ending up on Angry Birds.
    Kermit: (exasperated, to the camera, as Fozzie gets gas over the phone)'s been 30 minutes...
  • Liam Hemsworth referring to Gonzo as an "elephant beaver".

Pig Out

  • Fozzie launching T-shirts into the audience, but one of them malfunctions and then he accidentally shoots it at Statler, flinging him into the row behind him.
    • And later Pepe is sent to find his dentures which, once found, he promptly tries on.
    Pepe: Hey, look at me, I'm Bradley Cooper!
  • The entire karaoke scene, but special mention goes to Swedish Chef singing Rapper's Delight and Sam's less-than-inspired rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" which ends with him dropping the mic and leaving the stage.
  • When Kermit calls everyone to a meeting after the epic night out, he spots Bunsen and Beaker wearing each other's clothes.
    • Just the sight of the Muppets hung over has to be one of the most funny things ever, especially Kermit's irritated reaction to it.
  • The fact that Sam might have feelings for Janice.
  • Speaking of Janice...
    Janice: Hey Kermit, there's this lecture on astral projection next Friday.
    Kermit: Oh, so you'd like the day off to go see it?
    Janice: No, I'll be here. I just thought I should tell you that I'll be there, too.
  • Fozzie going back to Statler's hospital room, only to find him replaced with a pillow with a note saying "Sucker!" taped to it. Cue Big "NO!" from him.
    • Before that, Fozzie asks if Statler's in pain. Statler says it only hurts when he laughs, so he's safe with Fozzie in the room. This causes Statler to laugh, then moan in agony.
  • Beaker's impression of Miss Piggy.
  • Scooter without his glasses. His tiny eyes are very funny, but at the same time, a little creepy.
    Scooter: They came off when I was doing "Maniac" from Flashdance, and I stepped on them... like 400 times.”
  • According to the rat Yolanda, Ed Helms sat on her lap. She couldn't breathe but she still thought it was fun.

Walk The Swine

  • Miss Piggy gives Reese Witherspoon a genuine, heartfelt apology for their public feud at the house building site. In song.
    • Reese's WTF face throughout is something to see to believe.
    • Kermit lamenting on how the budget for that number could've built two houses.
    • Scooter's dance when Piggy starts rapping.
  • Reese Witherspoon gloating about how she did all her own walking in Wild, but what makes it even funnier is the self-satisfied smirk she gives.
    • Just before that, Reese tells Piggy that this isn't a competition... then immediately turns that around and says that Piggy's going down.
  • Piggy's "construction working" consists of hammering (with a bedazzled hammer, no less) a Port-a-Potty, with someone inside it.
  • As payback for Fozzie making jokes about her during a standup act, Becky does a few of her own with a group of Muppets, culminating in them all singing "True Colors" to Fozzie because that song always makes him cry. As he gives a reflection afterwards Zoot comes in playing the song on saxophone. Fozzie then remarks that it sounds hauntingly beautiful on sax.
  • "I grew up on a farm! I built cows and milked fences!"
  • Fozzie's attempt to go back to his old material backfires horribly:
    Fozzie: So, it's a gaggle of geese, a pod of whales, and... what is it for buffalo?
    Random Guy In The Audience: GET OFF THE STAGE!
  • This glorious line from Reese:
    You know what my ringtone is? The sound of people clapping when I won my Oscar. KABOOM!

The Ex Factor

  • The B-plot is the Electric Mayhem taking Kristin Chenoweth with them for Floyd's parents' anniversary. Suddenly they start arguing for no apparent reason and towards the end realize that Kristin is indirectly causing the arguing. So they leave her stranded on the side of the road.
    • This gem from the argument:
    Floyd: (to Dr. Teeth) You think the whole world revolves around you, but it doesn't. It revolves around the moon, and that's why we have winter!
    • "Uh, question about my seat belt. I think it's just a guitar strap, uh, connected to nothing..."
    • Animal practically forcing Kristin to have some Funyuns.
  • Scooter's commentary on Kermit's plate.
  • After showing off her framed thank you letter (from Queen Elizabeth, for the GoPro she got), Miss Piggy promptly drops it after Kermit reveals he needs her help getting a gift for Denise:
    Miss Piggy: So, who's your gift for, your mother, your aunt?
    Kermit: My girlfriend.
    Miss Piggy: (SMASH!) Oh, how sweet...
  • "Okay, so you just made the word 'gift' sound weird now."
  • Pepe asking Cheryl if she wants to meet him by the oopsie bin.
  • Kermit on not having anything good to give Denise for their anniversary.
    Kermit: The only thing I have to give her is a punch card from Cinnabon, and I’m still seven Cinnabons away from a free Bon. That’s not a gift! That’s a burden!

Pigs in a Blackout

  • The entire Cold Open, but special mention goes to Kermit saying Patrick Dempsey can't come to the show and has to be replaced by a stick of butter. Rizzo then tweets that Piggy will be on the show dreaming that she's making out with said stick of butter.
  • The Humiliation Conga suffered while the show is under Scooter's guidance.
  • What Scooter thinks is the oldest saying in Hollywood:
    "This is where we should put Hollywood."
  • Scooter accidentally calling Kermit his father.
  • This exchange:
    Kermit: Pepe, Rizzo, stop messing with Chip!
    Chip: They were messing with me? I have friends!
  • Miss Piggy sobbing over her ruined winter wardrobe.
    • Uncle Deadly chewing out poor Scooter.
      Scooter: What happened?
      Uncle Deadly: (quickly rounding on Scooter) Condensation from the broken AC drenched and destroyed Piggy's new winter collection! This is on your head, boy!
      Scooter: I'm so sorry!
      Uncle Deadly: They're all ruined...except this blue shrug she's wearing now which, between you and me, makes her look a little sausage-y.
    • As Piggy frantically grasps at the hope that her wardrobe can be salvaged some kind of way, Uncle Deadly grabs her face and bluntly insists "They're gone." Cue Piggy wailing "NO!"
  • The episode ends with Kermit in the swamp he built in his backyard playing "The Rainbow Connection"... excluding a brief interruption:
    Kermit: (singing) Why are there so many song about rainbows-
    Kermit's Neighbor: (offscreen) LEARN A NEW SONG!
    Kermit: (yelling) Chill out, Phil! (sigh) (resumes singing) And what's on the other side?

Too Hot to Handler

  • Early on, Kermit gives a little speech about Fozzie... then it's revealed that hes actually talking to Bobo, who thought it was just a Confession Cam segment and wasn't listening. It happens again later on with Sam.
  • Floyd, Janice and Zoot thinking that Kermit has been replaced by a robot. In The Stinger they set up a test to see if it's true - a plate of cookies with a sign reading "Free Cookies for Robots". Kermit skips the cookies and has a banana instead, but then Animal eats the cookies, and the others now think he's a robot.
  • Fozzie shooting identification ads for various cities in ridiculous costumes. He wears a Benjamin Franklin costume for Philadelphia, an Elvis costume for Memphis, and a Viking helmet for Minneapolis/St. Paul. The last is slipped on right when he's telling Kermit to take him seriously.
  • During his date with Chelsea Handler, Scooter starts spouting useless trivia about her that he learned from her page on That Other Wiki.
  • The sheer utter ridiculousness of the setup, with dorky Manchild Scooter falling madly in love with Chelsea Handler. And Chelsea actually being into him, to the point of not wanting to scare him off by rushing things:
    Chelsea Handler: I could go back to my high school moves.
    Scooter: about junior high?

Going, Going, Gonzo

  • Everything about Piggy Water, and Piggy's endless attempts to promote it, going so far as to have it sponsor Gonzo's cannon act.
    Kermit: (Reading the nutrition facts) Thirty grams of fat?! It's water!
  • The "Fly Me To The Moon" segment, complete with Gonzo flying around on the rafters and landing in the refreshment table.
    Gonzo: That.. was... AWESOME!
  • The cast comparing their dreams:
    • Bobo saying that he always wanted to be a Chicago bear, and then clarifies that he doesn't mean the football team, he just wants to live in Chicago.
    • Sam saying he'd like to serve in Congress, but can't even get on his condo's board of directors, apparently since he won't share his fabric softener. Later, he says that he finally shared with one of his neighbors, and somehow got roped into babysitting his kids.
    • Chip at first denying that he has a dream, then saying via Confession Cam that he'd like to tap-dance around the world.
  • Gonzo tries to get out of the stunt by telling Sam the possibility that he might die violently on camera. Sam is actually okay with this - enthusiastic, even - so long as Gonzo doesn't swear when he does. Sam calls the potential explosion of viscera, "Good, clean family fun."
  • The drum-off between Dave Grohl and Animal. It ends in a draw after both have thrashed their drum sets and tell the other "You win".
    Dave Grohl: [taps cymbal] Oh, what's that? A bell? Time for school.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt admitting that even he didn't understand the plot of Looper.
  • While they're playing poker, all Carl cares about is that someone ate all the good stuff in the Chex Mix.
    Big Mean Carl: All I've got left are these little brown discs.

Single All The Way

  • Big Mean Carl's rendition of "The Night Before Christmas":
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, because I told him to shut up!
  • Janice comparing Mindy Kaling's Hollywood Tone-Deaf singing to her releasing demons from her soul.
  • Gonzo somehow confuses Echosmith with Aerosmith.
  • When Kermit gets Christmas lights dropped on him. It's hilarious because it comes out of nowhere.
  • There's something funny about seeing Sweetums, one of the largest Muppets, interacting with Yolanda, one of the smallest, especially on this show's realistic sets.
  • Sam's jumping in surprise after turning around to spot Chip standing there, staring at him.

Swine Song

  • The branding expert's name is pronounced "Pache", but he spells it as "Pizza".
  • The Reality Subtext regarding the show's winter hiatus and subsequent retool.
  • This gem from Deadly: “She thinks she can speak Spanish now. It’s a nightmare… a nightmare!”
    • Related: Piggy named her penguin Gloria Estefan because it was the only spanish name she could think of.
  • When Kermit enthuses that the Muppets aren't all that tech-savvy, we're treated to Animal talking to a muffin as if it were Siri.

The Tail Of Two Piggies

  • Chip telling the other Muppets about how he was born with a tail that was surgically removed...and how he kept it on a necklace he wears because he believes he'll be reincarnated with it someday. Big Mean Carl then yells at Chip, startling him and the others.
  • When Kermit asks the Muppets to put away the newspaper with Piggy's tail mishap on the front, Big Mean Carl obliges by eating Scooter, who was holding the paper.
  • Rizzo telling Gonzo about Big Mean Carla:
    Rizzo: Big Mean Carl’s sister is a real estate agent. Yeah, she got my brother a great place! There was a bidding war and she just ate the other buyer alive.
    Gonzo: Oh, she sounds like a great negotiator.
    Rizzo: No, no, I’m saying she ate him. While he was still alive. And then my brother got the place.
  • Yolanda worries about her job when she overhears that Kermit might need to fire some people for budget reasons:
    Yolanda: Where else am I gonna find a job where I can take an hour-long nap every day and they don't mind?
    Kermit: take an hour-long nap every day?!
    Yolanda: (cheerily) Yeah, and you don't mind!
    • Followed by Zoot's confession to Yolanda at the end of the scene:
    Zoot: Y'know what? I'm nappin' right now.
    Yolanda: (pauses, shrugs and walks off)
    Zoot: Zzzzzz....
  • The round of "Piggy or Kardashian?" It's even funnier during the credits.

Got Silk?

  • Gonzo, Rizzo and Pepe arguing about their lunch:
    Pepe: No, no, no! I sit in this stinky room writing jokes all day long! I am not having burgers from an island-themed restaurant again!
    Gonzo: Pepe — "Island-themed" just means there's a pineapple on your burger! You take it off!
    Rizzo: Yeah, but you can't get rid of the juice!
    Gonzo: You're a rat! I've seen you eat garbage!
    Rizzo: Not with pineapple on it!
  • Pepe trying and failing to impersonate Al Capone.
    "Heeeeeyyy! Oooooooh! Chicagoooooooooo!" *pause* "...I... don't know much about the guy."

Generally Inhospitable

  • Deadly trying to wrangle Piggy:
    Deadly: I've got her cornered! Somebody get me a butterfly net!
    • Shortly thereafter, Sweetums obliges, bringing forth a gigantic butterfly net:
    Sweetums: I'm gonna need this back by Friday. I'm goin' to a meadow!
  • Kermit and Deadly walk in to find the doctor trying to remove Piggy's false eyelashes:
    Doctor: Miss Piggy, no one is going to see you. You're not doing your show tonight. I need to operate on that leg, and you can't wear makeup during surgery!
    Kermit: Surgery?!
    Piggy: No show?
    Deadly: No MAKEUP?!?! ...Could we get a second opinion?
  • The return of "Veterinarian's Hospital", and Rowlf and Janice's patient is some poor unsuspecting woman at the hospital where Miss Piggy us staying.
    Janice: (Carrying a hammer) Just here to check your reflexes.
    Woman: Oh hell no! Not with that thing!
    Janice: Reflexes seem fine.


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