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Funny / The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

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  • Aunt Em and Uncle Henry's reasoning for not wanting Dorothy to go to Hollywood
    Aunt Em: Hollywood is full of crime, flash fires, earthquakes...
    Uncle Henry: Paparazzi, (Imitates a camera shutter)
  • The casting of Pepe the prawn as Toto.
  • "What do these buttons do?"
  • The Scarecrow greeting the Wizard.
    "Hello there, Mr. Oz. By any chance are you related to Frank Oz?"
  • The wizard ends up taking a different form for each of the characters as a means of intimidating them. A dragon for Lion, a sentient ball of fire for Scarecrow, and for Tin Thing? a seductive woman. However, when Tin Thing points out that he is engaged to a chicken, the wizard promptly turns into one, causing Gonzo to steam up.
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  • After each member of the group asks the wizard their wish, the wizard promptly drops them down a Trap Door. When he does it to Dorothy, however, it ends up opening in front of her instead of under her. The wizard's reaction sells it.
    Wizard: Ooh... uh... This is embarrassing. Would you mind... jumping?
    Dorothy: Down there?
    Wizard: Yeah. If you don't mind?
  • This exchange between Miss Piggy (as the Wicked Witch of the West) and Rizzo (as the Mayor of the Munchkins):
    Miss Piggy: You know, you're a pest.
    Rizzo: I, uh, Munchkin, actually.
    Miss Piggy: And you know what I do to pests?
    Rizzo: Oh — well, you w-welcome us as part of an unconventional multi-species family?!
    Miss Piggy: I kill pests! Until they're dead!'
  • Quentin Tarantino's Cutaway Gag cameo. His ideas for the Dorothy/Witch fight are either too violent or too expensive. He settles for Dorothy kicking the Witch in the face.


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