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  • "Piggy's Time Machine"
    • The Episode Title Card has a dinosaur devour Piggy's birthday cake, causing her to huff angrily.
    • Miss Nanny tells Piggy that she's being impatient by not wanting to wait for her birthday. Piggy insists that she's not impatient, she just wants her birthday to happen now.
    • When Piggy is on the verge of screaming her head off while trying to prove she can be patient for one second, Gonzo remarks that she lasted longer than he expected.
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    • The Hugosaurus walking away dejectedly after the babies make it out of prehistoric times.
    • At one point, the babies are briefly sent to an opening shot of The Muppet Show (specifically, the recreation of it from The Muppets), where they meet their adult counterparts.
      Fozzie: Who are they?
      Gonzo: Beats me.
  • The montage in "Animal Cleans Up" where it's explained how Animal got so smelly. We see him juggling rotten eggs, playing with a skunk, playing in the dirt, eating an onion and eating a stinky cheese sandwich.
  • Bunsen's song on rubber chicken trees in "Bunsen Knows All" is already hilarious because of how absurd it is, but the icing on the cake is Beaker's annoyed behavior. You can tell he's all "Bunsen, just stop."
  • In "My Fair Animal", everyone is shocked when Animal comes in all gentlemanly. Gonzo then asks when Animal's getting here, and then he becomes shocked when seeing the truth.
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  • In "Wock-a-Bye Fozzie", the babies watch a movie called The Wacky Alpacas Eat Spaghetti 2 during their first sleepover. In the movie, Walter is trying to deliver a plate of spaghetti to Wanda for a dinner date. The first time, his spaghetti is eaten by a flock of pigeons. The second time, Walter comes a cross a giant pigeon. When Walter and Wanda finally get to have their spaghetti together, the flock of pigeons eats it again as the alpacas have a Spaghetti Kiss.
  • From "The Friends of Zorna Club":
    • One of the tasks Gonzo has the other babies do in order to join the titular club is participate in a quiz show. When they try to answer the first two questions, the second one being "In the movie, Zorna's Pet Monkey, Steve, what is the name of Zorna's pet monkey?", he answers them for them.
    • The third question Gonzo gives the other babies is "In which book does Zorna first encounter a black hole? Zorna Rides a Shooting Star or Zorna Jumps Over the Moon?". While Kermit, Piggy, and Summer all correctly guess Zorna Jumps Over the Moon, Animal guesses Seymour the Baby Seal.
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    • When none of the babies are able to pass the tests required to join the titular club, they decide to start their own club. When Gonzo sees this, he says that he and Potato can still have fun in their own club, only to find that Potato somehow managed to leave Gonzo's club and join the other babies in their club.
  • From "Animal and the Little Accident":
    • When the babies are in a submarine headed for Ratlantis, they come across a sleeping giant squid, and they need Animal's expert piloting skills to get past him without waking him up. Animal's need to use the bathroom compromises the mission and causes him to drive the submarine into a wall, waking the squid up. The babies manage to escape from the squid, who then reveals that he just wanted to invite them to his birthday party. In a later scene, the squid cheers up when Animal turns the submarine around, but much to his disappointment, it doesn't stop for him.
    • Near the end of the episode, Animal wets his pants and feels ashamed of himself for doing so, so the other babies cheer him up by telling him about potty accidents they've had. Gonzo states that he didn't have one, but Potato did when he didn't want to stop practicing his cannonball stunt. What follows is a cutaway of Potato sitting on the toilet (with the lid closed) and falling onto the floor.
  • The Muppet Babies Playdate short Joking Around With Fozzie has Fozzie trying to tell Animal a joke where the punchline is "Ken you let me in? Because it's time for dinner!". He's completely oblivious to it. At the end, it seems like he got it, but then he goes looking for Ken. We then get this exchange:
    Fozzie: We probably should've started with Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
    Bruce: Yeah.
  • Meta example: Matt Danner took part in this podcast about the show. He breaks out into Kermit at various points, but the highlight is at 37:40, where he uses his voices for Rowlf, Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Waldorf. Rowlf said his music got worse, Beaker and Chef speak in gibberish, and Waldorf is like "I'm old. Give me a break.". Also, while everyone compliments Matt for keeping them safe, Waldorf says "Who's Matt?", and acting all confused about what time it is.


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