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Tear Jerker / Muppet Babies (2018)

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"So let a tear or two fall... Remember that your biggest angry feelings never last that long..."

Even a pair of toddlers using their imagination in their nursery can have some pretty sad moments.

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  • The biggest Tear Jerker of the show thus far has to be the episode "Animal Kong", where it's quiet time and Animal can't play with his drums until it's over. He goes into a tantrum by growing into a larger version of himself, and the gang try and stop him. When they realize nothing else calms him down, Summer realizes that being this angry probably doesn't make him feel good, and decides to walk up to him. She sings a sweet song about how she's been there before, and that sometimes when you're mad you start to lose track of who you are. The lyrics, visuals, soft and soothing performance by Jessica DiCicco, and the acoustic instrumental all combined will definitely make you break out in tears.
    Summer: Big feelings can fill you up, make you feel real small. I know, I've been there, buddy. Sometimes you get so upset, you lose track of yourself, I know. I've been there, buddy.
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  • In "Upside Down Day", Summer Penguin feels upset because of the many bad things that happened to her; spilling her cereal at breakfast, losing her crayons, stubbing her flipper, and missing hearing her favorite story, Seymour the Baby Seal. She's convinced that she has "Bad-Day-itis", and feels even worse when her friends' attempts to make her feel better make them feel worse.
  • The scene in “Planet Gonzo”, where Gonzo leaves his friends for his planet, which is reminiscent of the ending of Muppets from Space.
  • “You’ll Get There Soon” is a soothing and encouraging song for those who are still trying to grow.
  • "It's Not Easy Being Greeny":
    • The episode starts happy, with Summer telling the others about her plant, Greeny McPlant Plant. The group goes to the playground to see him, where they notice that he's looking less green and more yellow. They spend most of the episode trying to help, only for Greeny to droop and lose petals. After an attempt by Bunsen and Beaker fails to work, Summer takes him to Miss Nanny, saying she can fix anything. As she gives her the plant, the last petal falls off. Miss Nanny takes Greeny and leads Summer to the couch, where she tells her that Greeny was a kind of plant that only lives for a year.
    Summer: But what happens to it then?
    Miss Nanny: Well, it stops taking in water, or growing with the sunlight... and then, I'm afraid it dies, and it can't come back.
    • Afterwards, When Miss Nanny asks the babies if they understand about death, Fozzie tells her he does. He then tells her about how he had a pet goldfish, Cheesepuff, and how sad he was when he died. Miss Nanny tells him that it's okay to miss him, as he got to love him and have good times with him when he was alive.
  • "Rowlf Gets the Blues". You wouldn't expect Rowlf, perhaps the most collected of all the Muppets, to start crying (justifiably, too, seeing as how he won't be able to see his mother for a week). In spite of this, Rowlf tries to put on a happy face, but literally turns Sam Eagle-feather blue in the process. Everyone tries to think of ways to turn Rowlf back into a brown dog again, but whenever Rowlf tries to deny that he's really sad, his fur becomes Grover-fur blue. Eventually, Rowlf has to admit that he misses his mother and feels sad about it. He becomes less and less blue as a result.


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