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Heartwarming / Muppet Babies (2018)

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This is a show that definitely makes you feel good inside.

  • "Sir Kermit The Brave" really shows how everyone are True Companions , what with Kermit not wanting to be seen as weak for being afraid of the dark, and them not minding.
  • In "The Best, Best Friend", Fozzie feels upset when he thinks that Rowlf has replaced him as Kermit's best friend. When he confesses it to Kermit, Rowlf overhears and tells him that Kermit told him that he still likes him just the same as he did before. Kermit also reveals to Fozzie that you can have more than one best friend, and the gang sings a song about how they can all be friends with each other no matter how different they are.
  • From "Sparkly Star Switcheroo":
    • At the beginning of the episode, Summer finds Rowlf depressed when he is unable to write a song about a shooting star he saw the night before the episode's events. Summer paints a picture of a Sparkly Star for Rowlf, and at the end of the episode, this manages to get him out of his depression.
    • When Piggy believes that Summer made the Sparkly Star painting for her, Summer tries to switch the painting with a non-sparkly replica when she isn't looking. Piggy finds out near the end of the episode, and Summer tells her the truth, that the Sparkly Star painting is for Rowlf. After Summer apologizes to Piggy, she asks her if she likes the non-sparkly replica. Piggy tells Summer that she does, because Summer made that painting especially for her.
  • In "Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog", Kermit has second thoughts about donating his first banjo to someone who needs it more than he does due to all the good times he had with it, and an Imagine Spot takes place where he, as Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog, tries to get it back. After the fantasy ends, the banjo accidentally gets tossed out the window, and Robin finds it, instantly taking a like to it. When Kermit sees how much fun Robin has with the banjo, he realizes that Robin needs it more than he does, so he decides to let him keep it.

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