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Tear Jerker / Muppet Babies (1984)

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  • Gonzo's song "I'll Be Blue For You" for Camilla in the episode "Faster Than A Speeding Weirdo." It is a surprise to have such a sad song in such an upbeat show. If you've ever had severely sick or injured loved ones and hoped against hope for them to get well again, this song will break your heart with the force of an angry soccer riot. Given that it's Gonzo singing it you'd think it'd be nothing but Narm, but it's hard not to break down into a quivering heap at this. You can imagine what it did to the kids in the audience. The fact that it's also really catchy really doesn't help matters. You just want to give poor Gonzo a big hug, given the extremely tearful state he's in throughout most of the episode.
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  • Scooter crying in "Scooter's Hidden Talent" because he didn't contribute anything to Nanny's birthday present and thinks he has no talent.
  • Fozzie thinking he’s a failure as a comedian in “Fozzie’s Last Laugh” and sadly resolving to give up doing what he loves.
  • The final episode "Eight Flags Over the Nursery" has all of the characters watching an animated segment from the short-lived sister show The Little Muppet Monsters which had traditionally animated adult Muppets (who were not voiced by their usual actors.) However, the clip they watch has adult Kermit voiced by Jim Henson. The episode aired months after his death.
  • Meta examples: the deaths of Barbara Billingsley (voice of Nanny) in 2010 and Russi Taylor (Gonzo) in 2019.