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  • In "Nice to Have Gnome You", Miss Piggy asks Nanny what would happen if someone lost a library book and what the library would do to that person. At the time, Nanny was watching a cooking show and we get this response:
    Show Host: Well first we chop off their little heads!
  • Beaker getting trashed by Bunsen's Solar-Powered One-Man-Band machine in "Musical Muppets"...Though part of you ought to feel bad for the critter.
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  • When the kids are imagining themselves in a maze and find a port hole that opens to... underwater:
    Fozzie: Gee, I didn't know water could stand up on its side, Kermit.
    Kermit: It can't, Fozzie.
    Fozzie: It can't?
    All: Uh-oh... splash
  • The climax of "The Next Generation" hilariously invokes the show's various sci-fi spoofs - Star Trek, Star Wars, The Jetsons - by having different sets of parody characters show up in the same time and place via time travel. This results in several Kermits, Piggies, and so on interacting with each other on top of the episode's Running Gag (the unstoppable Jetsons parody theme song).
    Singers: Meet those Spacetons.
    Kermit: Stop that singing!
    Singers: Stop that singing.
    Piggy: Kermit, fix it!
    Singers: Kermit, fix it.
    Kermit: Sheesh!
    Piggy: Oh brother!
    Singers: Sheesh, oh brother.
    Piggy: QUIET!
    Kermit: Shut up!
    Singers: Quiet, shut up.
    Piggy: I hate that song.
    • After the fourth Kermit character appears:
    Piggy: I don't know who's writing this, but give 'em a big bonus!
    • The reveal that Animal, of all people, is their imaginary-equivalent to Yoda. And Gonzo's immediate lampshade hanging of the fact:
    Gon Zolo: THAT'S Yodi??
    Skeeter-3PO: Yup.
    Gon Zolo: (looking at the viewer) Oh brother.
  • "Kermit Kristofferson's" attempt at writing a country song for "Piggy Parton":
    Hoome, home in the swaaaamp
    Where mosquitoes and fireflies rooomp
    Where, if you're a toad,
    Better stay off the road
    Cuz the cars that go by, they don't hooonk!
    *cue car screech sound effect, a loud ribbit, and Kermit wincing*
    • Her reaction to it is even more hilarious:
    "I don't quite know how to tell you this, Kermit, but on a scale of one to ten, that song was MINUS TWELVE. IT'S HORRIBLE. AAAAAHHHHHH."
  • The end of "Beauty and the Shnoz" has Gonzo trying to woo Piggy with the help of Cyrano de Bergerac and C.D. Bales, along with everyone else yelling advice at him from the audience. It gets so crazy that Gonzo ends up mixing them up, and saying completely off-the-wall things like "your eyes are like chickens and your voice is a tinkling computer!"
    Fozzie: Tell her you like her shoes!
    Skeeter: Tell her you like her nose!
    Rowlf: Tell her she's cool! Tell her she's—
    Piggy: (from the insanity of it all) AAAAAAAAAGH!
    Skeeter: Tell her she's adorable!
    Fozzie: Tell her she smells good!
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  • In one of the "Go bye-bye!" bumpers, Animal tricks Gonzo into digging into a geyser for buried treasure, which is starting to erupt. Then we cut to a live-action footage of Old Faithful erupting along with Gonzo screaming.
  • In one episode, the kids were making paper airplanes, Fozzie's all crumbled up. He tries to fly it, we cut to a live-action footage of an old bi-plane falling down, then we hear the sound of a splash. We see it landed in Miss Piggy's glass of milk.
    Miss Piggy: Fozzie, what is your plane doing in my milk?
    Fozzie: Diving for cookies?
    [Piggy squeezes the milk out of the plane on Fozzie.]
  • In the second episode, the babies are trying to help Beaker overcome his fear of the dark, with their suggestions getting progressively weirder:
    Gonzo: Hey Beaker, have you ever tried counting sheep?
    Beaker: Mm-hmm.
    Gonzo: Oh. Well, how about elephants?
    Beaker: Mm-hmm.
    Gonzo: Squirrels?
    Beaker: Mm-hmm.
    Gonzo: Kangaroo rats?
    Fozzie: I always count baby ducks hopping over chili dogs into a bowl of tapioca and bumble bees!
    Everyone else: WHAT?!
    Fozzie: (sheepishly) Never mind.
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  • In "Gonzee's Playhouse Channel", Kermit and Scooter attempt to do a Bert and Ernie parody, complete with puppets (albeit made out of paper bags) note , but Scooter's allergies end up causing problems.
  • In one scene, the babies are imagining they're in a carnival, and Fozzie is trying his luck at the shooting game, but he can't hit a single target. Rowlf explains that his problem was he forgot to say "bang". He then demonstrated by saying "bang" every time he fired, and he hit every target. Fozzie then says, "Hey! Let me try! BOOM!" Then the booth exploded.
  • When the babies film their recreation of Star Wars and Gonzo has a Big Damn Hero moment, introducing himself as Gon Zolo.
    Everyone: Gon Zolo?!
    Gonzo: Who else were you expecting? Captain Kirk?
  • "Good Clean Fun"
    • Piggy makes a clay sculpture of Kermit. When asked how she made it look so good, she states that she has to have her secrets. As soon as the Kermit statue is left alone, it turns out to be really Kermit covered in clay, who says to the audience "I won't tell if you won't tell."
    • Bunsen uses an invention to look inside Beaker's head and informs his hapless assistant that he has a peanut brain. Beaker is upset by this revelation, but Bunsen cheers him up by telling him that if he studies hard now, he'll have a peanut butter and jelly brain.
    • Fozzie getting into a pie fight with The Three Stooges.
    Fozzie: What were those guys doing in Nanny's kitchen anyway?
    • Beaker mistaking Gonzo's nose for a hot dog and putting mustard on it during the imagination sequence in the kitchen.
  • "He's a Wonderful Frog"
    • Rowlf tries to show Kermit his past, but several details given prove to be quite inaccurate, such as claims of Kermit being raised by wolves and being elected emperor of California.
    Rowlf: Who made this book anyway?
    Fozzie and Gonzo: We did!
    Rowlf: Well, that explains it.
    • Scooter was going to use a crystal ball to tell Kermit's future, but is forced to improvise with a football because the crystal ball was broken by Animal. Eventually, a bunch of football players interrupt the fortune telling to get their ball back.
    Football Player 1: There's our ball!
    Football Player 2: Dogpile the kid with glasses!
  • "Six-to-Eight Weeks"
    • When the kids send in 25 boxtops to get the prize, they wonder what the company wants with all those old box tops, and Fozzie rants for a long time at Motor Mouth speed about how they probably have a bunch of boxes without tops that they need to collect box tops for so they can sell them so the kids who buy them can send them in so they can out them on even more boxes... When he finally stops, a completely floored Kermit just turns to stare blankly at the camera.
    Kermit: You know, it sounds scary, but I think I almost understood that.
    • One scene has the children think they hear the mail truck arriving with the playhouse they're waiting on being delivered. When Kermit finds out that it's really an ice cream truck, the babies start thinking this means their playhouse will be an igloo and start rambling on how they'll be able to keep an igloo in the nursery while Kermit exasperatedly tries to get it through their heads that only mail trucks deliver mail and that the playhouse can't possibly be an igloo. Once the others finally get it that they're not getting an igloo, Kermit vows that he'll never mention igloos ever again.
    • The "Go Bye Bye" segment has Gonzo try to come up with ideas for what his own clubhouse would be like. One idea he comes up with is talking furniture, a suggestion which is ridiculed by actual talking furniture.

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