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Fridge / Muppet Babies (2018)

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Summer being a penguin doesn't seem to have any special significance... until you remember Jim Henson's famous philosophy for when you didn't know how to proceed... either eat something, blow something up or throw penguins in the air!
  • In the episode "Grandpa Camp" we see at the beginning when the kids are drawing their Grandparents' Day cards, Gonzo draws a card with him and two human grandparents. That itself is interesting, but a few episodes later in "Planet Gonzo" they imagine themselves going to a planet full of Gonzos suggesting he doesn't know where he comes from, plus in multiple episodes they do the classic Muppet gag of not knowing what Gonzo's species is. All of this seems to suggest, Gonzo might be adopted. As for why this in "Fridge" and not WMG; if you take the greater Muppet canon into consideration, his parents are (sometimes) alluded to but never seen and Dave Golez once commented that "Nobody knows [his species] except his parents, and they're not talking. It was always one of those taboo subjects around the dinner table." Although admittedly I'm not sure why it wasn't addressed in the episode that actually talked about adoption so it's not a perfect theory.
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  • The Wacky Alpacas in "Best Pals Pizza Delivery", Walter and Wanda, are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and Melanie Harrison, the respective voices behind Animal and Piggy. When Walter doesn't get Wanda the balloon she wants, this helps Kermit see that he needs to focus on pizza delivery and her them to Piggy's spa. Walter's solution is to take her to Piggy's spa. It's also symbolic of how well Piggy and Animal get along despite being opposites, as shown in episodes like "My Fair Animal" and "Animal Loses It".
  • In "Planet Gonzo", Summer seems to take Gonzo leaving them the hardest. Well, look at its partner episode "Summer The Great". There, he encouraged her to do things her own way. In other words, the person who encouraged her to be herself almost left them, which is a valid reason to be sad.
  • Fozzie’s jealousy over Kermit and Rowlf’s friendship in “The Best Best Friend” makes sense when you remember that Kermit and Rowlf made a lot of live appearances together, had a lot of acts on The Muppet Show, and both were Jim Henson’s favorites.

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