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Funny / Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

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  • The first song about "the one bathing suit that your Grandma Otter wore".
  • When Gretchen Fox before Alice Otter can give her the bill, Alice tries to get her attention: "And since it's three days until Christmas, I'd really appreciate it'd...fall off the dock."
  • The performers in the horse suit.
    • And Will Possum and Harrison Fox's reaction to it (missing from most edits of the show).
    Will: Better fill, Harrison. We're off to a shaky start.
  • The Hilarious Outtakes (included on the 2005 and 2017 DVD) deserve a mention as well. Especially the drum one — Jim wanted it to roll a certain way, but it rolled perfectly once, when the cameras weren't rolling, and they all lost it trying to recreate it. They're particularly funny as Frank Oz is doing the temp voice for Ma. ("He likes 'em all. He just likes to see the drum roll out the door.")
    • Ma's various reactions:
      Emmet: Who are they, Ma?
      Ma: Beats me. Hooligans is what they are! Probably some of those Riverbottom boys. *drum rolls out*
      Ma: What the hell was that?
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    • And
      Ma: Sweet Jesus! Did you see that? Did you—did you see that?
    • Or
      Ma: Run! Get the drum! It's worth about ten bucks!
      Emmet: I can't! My feet are stapled!
    • Jerry Nelson gets in on it as well
      Emmet: Do we get hazard pay for this? I thought I was gonna get hit that time.
    • It's also hilarious how they sometimes treat the drum as another muppet instead of a prop:
      Ma: (to drum) Well, win a few, lose a few, right drum?
    • And that's not considering the one punny joke Jerry unleashed in one of the takes, with both Jerry and Frank channeling their inner gangsters
      Emmet: (to drum) I'm gonna have you drummed out of this business!
      Ma: Well? Well? Get up! Kick him, Emmet!
    • And this particular goof of Emmet's:
      Emmet: Who are we Ma?
      Ma: I *begins corpsing* couldn't care less!
    • When the camera was left in front a clapperboard showing the number of time the drum scene have been shot, someone can be heard saying "I'm getting addicted to it"
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    • After they finally succeed, Emmet and his mom bow, then flop over.
      Emmet: Can't we do it again, Ma?
      Ma: Shut up, Emmet.

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