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Funny / The Muppets Take Manhattan

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  • Poor Gonzo, he didn't even get to go through the ring of fire.
    Audience member: Don't sound like Tony Bennett to me.
  • When Piggy slammed the amnesiac Kermit into a wall, and that's what gets his memory back!
    • Before that, the amnesiac Kermit laughs at the idea of him and Miss Piggy being in a relationship.
    Kermit: With you? In love with a pig? Oh, wait 'til I tell the guys in marketing! Ha ha! Maybe you expect me to go HOG-wild? Maybe, perhaps you could bring home the BACON! Ahhh... the sounds of love, SU-EEEEE! Oink, oink!
  • Animal, as always.
    "Wo-man! Wo-man! Wo-man!" (as he's chasing a screaming. . .woman)
  • When Joan Rivers gives Miss Piggy a makeover in the store, and goes way overboard, and even when she is fired, they both still can't stop laughing.
  • Rats in the Kitchen!
    • One of them putting butter on his feet and acting like he's ice skating on the stove.
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    • The reason the rats are now working the kitchen? The customers complained to Pete about having rats as waiters.
  • Kermit's Traveling Salesman Montage, which involves Kermit putting on goofy disguises and then trying to talk hip.
  • The "Whisper Campaign" that rats disrupt by letting themselves be seen, causing everyone to scream and panic.
  • Janice's Seven Minute Lull moment is hysterical.
  • One of the slogans for the soap that one of the frog marketing guys comes up with, "'Ocean Breeze Soap'...For People Who Don't Want To Stink!"
    • Then there's Kermit's idea of a slogan; "Ocean Breeze Soap will get you clean." It's hailed as Crazy Enough to Work for actually stating what the product does.
    • His options on the first two ideas: "I don't like it." and "Seems a bit long."
  • Kermit & Piggy's argument in Central Park about "The Huggies!"note 
  • The Muppets becoming babies in Piggy's imagination. Baby Kermit falling off the rocking horse especially.
    • And when we return to the real world, Piggy is rocking back and forth sucking her thumb.
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  • Real-life Mayor of NYC Ed Koch's cameo
    Gonzo: Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor! It's an emergency! I'm looking for a frog who can sing and dance!
    Ed: If he can also balance the budget, I'll hire him!
  • This scene:
    Statler: Well, Waldorf, they finally made it to Broadway.
    Waldorf: Yep, and I already got tickets.
    Statler: You did? Are they good seats?
    Waldorf: They sure are. They're for the next train out of town!
    Both: DO-HO-HO-HO-HO!
  • Ronnie Crawford and Kermit meet Bernard Crawford outside his office:
    Ronnie: Dad, I've got great news!
  • Later in the same conversation:
    Ronnie: I told you, I want to do something different!
    Bernard: So put some Jell-O down your pants!
  • After Miss Piggy catches up to the purse-snatcher, the policeman arrives and the purse-snatcher tries to explain:
    Purse-Snatcher: She stole my purse!
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  • Kermit begs Pete for a job, but he's already got rats working for him and wonders what next. Cue penguins asking if there's a job opening:
    Pete, Kermit and the rats: NO!
    Penguin: (leaving) Well excuse us for living!
  • The human construction workers trying to hit on Piggy while she spies on Kermit and Jenny, and then the latter two hug, causing Piggy to rip a metal pole out of the ground with her bare hands and start beating a trash can with it while screaming in envious rage. The construction workers immediately scatter.
  • In the theater just before Lew Zealand arrives:
    Swedish Chef: Jå! Dê pöppïnn cørn ïs... 3D! Hå-hå, dê cørn ïs pöppïnn øøn yê fåcé øøn dê ... 3D!
    • It turns into a Funny Background Event as Chef is playing with more concessions as if they were 3D projections, ending with him wearing cups on his eyes.


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