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  • The scene where Mulan’s family sees Shang propose to Mulan. They are of course ecstatic, especially Grandmother Fa, who had apparently been betting on it. That is, until Fa Zhou smugly reminds her that while she bet Shang would propose to Mulan before sunset, he bet that Shang would propose to her before noon.
    Fa Li: But... you don’t gamble.
    Fa Zhou: Betting against my mother is not a “gamble”. It’s an “investment”.
    Grandmother Fa: (angrily groans and gives Fa Zhou the money)
  • The reprise of "A Girl Worth Fighting For" in the sequel, complete with a slower beginning.
    • Also this lyric as Ling grabs chopsticks from a girl.
    Chein Po: If Ling can find a girl who likes his chopstick nose trick
    Yao: Oh he'd really better just propose quick.
    (Girl punches Ling in the face)
    • And the fact they actually got to finish the song
    Yao: "I'd even kiss you!"
    All singers: "For a girl worth fighting—
    (they are thrown out of the bar door)
    All: (weakly)....for!"
  • The infamous face Shang makes while he's arguing with Mulan.

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