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  • If you take too long on street enemy encounters, policemen will appear to break up the fight and attempt to catch Yagami. Failing the button prompts results in Yagami being arrested, yelled at in the police station and fined. Rarely, it is a policewoman who will arrive to grapple Yagami, and failing the prompts here has him actually enjoying the situation.
  • One of the new Heat Actions in this game is having an enemy stumble into a moving car. The victim gets pissed at the driver and starts banging at the door, yelling at the passengers inside. To their surprise, the window rolls down and the victim gets kidnapped by yakuza, with one of the yakuza passengers putting his arm across the now-scared-shitless victim's back while Yagami contemplates what just happened.
  • After the Kyorei clan tries to kidnap Mafuyu, Yagami and the gang burst into Honmaruen all-guns-blazing for some retribution when they stumble upon a line of thugs enthusiastically practicing the can-can.
    Yagami: What the...?
    Conductor: Hey, you're outta step, dumbass! You're never gonna get any laughs with moves like that! Gimme some fire, chuckleheads! Now... Un! Deux! Trois! Un! Deux! Trois!
    Kaito: What the shit is this?
    Sugiura: Whatever it is, it's killing the mood...
    • And when you finally get to Shioya, he's...well, rehearsing a show with a bunch of hostesses dressed like high-school girls. What is it with the Kyorei and dances?
  • Yagami and Kaito need to wiretap the Matsugane office to find Hamura, so they beat up a Matsugane guy called Tashiro for his clothes to infiltrate the place. The resulting disguise is so ridiculously over-the-top that Sugiura can't keep a straight face when talking to him. Also, Tashiro's voiced by ProZD, of all people!
  • During a section of the final battle, we get this exchange during an otherwise serious section where Yagami and his friends are pounding skulls in on a beeline towards Theater Square.
    Kaito: Damn it, these guys won't stop comin' on us!
    A long pause follows, as Kaito processes what he just said
    Kaito: Uh... Wait, I meant for us!
    Sugiura: Was that really necessary?
    Higashi: Aniki...
  • As usual, the side cases (taking the place of the substories of games past) will provide plenty of laughs for any player.
    • The four side cases in which a pair of twin siblings (Yosuke and Tsukino) ask for your help in dealing with perverts in Kamurocho deserve special mention. There are three dedicated to the "Twisted Trio", and one that deals with a standalone pervert.
      • First up is a side case that has you dealing with "Professor Panty", a man who uses a drone to steal women's underwear while they're drying on laundry hooks. Yagami baits him out by buying his own pair of panties, and when Professor Panty steals them, Yagami tracks him down to a roof, where he's sniffing them like a madman. After a quick fight, Yagami reveals the panties belong to him, and the Professor immediately loses all will to fight any longer.
      • Then, you have the groping former track star, "Ass Catchem". Upon receiving this side case, Yagami wonders how to track down the man. His first idea is to have Yosuke dress up as his sister Tsukino, since they look so alike. Yosuke, of course, objects to this, but Tsukino supports the idea. After eventually settling on a stakeout, Ass Catchem mistakes Yosuke for Tsukino anyway, and gropes him. After a chase scene, Yagami and Catchem fight. Once Catchem is beaten, he begins powering up for a second phase to the fight... Until Yagami tells him that he actually groped Yosuke, not Tsukino. Catchem's flaming aura immediately dissipates, and he laments that "male asses do nothing for him" as he's arrested.
      • The final member of the Twisted Trio is "Judge Creep n' Peep", a man who watches couples have sex, and judges whether they are "innocent or guilty" based on what he sees. When Yagami finds him in the hotel district, he is clung to the wall of a building, watching a couple as he usually does. Yagami takes out his drone and begins firing on him, and Judge Creep n' Peep responds by skittering across the building like an insect, running from Yagami's shots. He gets faster the more damage you do to him, until eventually he's crawling around at top speed like a spider.
      • The last case from Yosuke and Tsukino has Yagami deal with a man who calls himself "Giant Impact", whose M.O. is walking around until he finds a girl, and then removing all his clothes to show off his genitals. When Yagami catches and defeats him, G.I. shares why he does what he does; he's still a virgin, and thought that letting his "massive meat" go to waste was a shame. Keep in mind, he's also 78 years old.
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    • There are a series of side cases where you have to help a popular idol chase down his wig as it flies away in the breeze. All of them involve serious chase sections where you run after the wig in question, but special mention goes to the last one in the series, where a bald yakuza gets his hands on the wig accidentally. After Yagami finishes chasing and beating down the yakuza in question and explaining that the wig he has on does not belong to him, the yakuza comes to a realization... The wig must belong to Yagami, who's secretly bald! Reassuring the confused detective that there's no shame in being bald, he returns the wig and walks off. The idol then comes to thank Yagami for getting the wig back, only to reveal he no longer needs it. Why? Because his hair is growing back! And by growing back, he means he has a single strand of hair sticking directly out of the top of his bald head. Yagami is nonplussed, to say the least.
    • One side case requires Yagami to act as a decoy for a scandal-plagued celebrity. This celebrity plays a vampire and is always in costume and in character when in public, so Yagami has to don a ridiculous looking vampire costume and ham it up in front of the media. The kicker? Yagami gets to keep the vampire costume as a disguise and can use it whenever a case requires him to disguise himself to look inconspicuous.
    • In good old Yakuza fashion, the 100% Completion reward is a fight with one of the Amon clan. Unfortunately, Shin Amon doesn't quite have a firm grasp on the fact that "dueling" is against the law, which Yagami is quick to point out. Shin lashes back by lampshading the hypocrisy of Yagami hiding behind the law, considering what he's been doing for the rest of the game. The game marks the case as "failed"... then gets picked straight back up again when Shin latches onto the fact that Yagami mentioned "self-defense", which prompts him to just outright threaten to attack Yagami as a "legal" basis for his duel.
      • The location that this battle takes place in is a cage that doesn't appear to be anywhere in Kamurocho at all. This place is reached through... a fade to white.
      Yagami: What!? Wh-What just happened!?
      Shin: Let's not worry about the details.
      Yagami: Fine, this was weird to begin with.
  • The end of the game combines funny with a nice heartwarming moment when Yagami and Kaito continue their detective work hunting down a cat. The credits show the inside of Yagami's office while the two hunt for the missing feline, only for the cat to independently wander into the office on its own. Yagami and Kaito come back on a break, and it takes them a minute to notice the cat in the office, after which it promptly leaves and they run off to chase it down.

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