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     Pre-Release Theories 

How it ties into the Yakuza series
Since Ryu ga Gotoku/Yakuza 7 is currently in development, this could be something that fills in the gap between 6 and 7, showing how the Omi Alliance finally got control of Kamurocho from the Tojo Clan.

There could also be Call Backs involving people that Kiryu and others have helped in the substories over the years like how 6 had substories involving characters from 0.

  • Not likely. Ichiban was released from prison on January 2018, and the backstory notes that the Omi Alliance have already taken control even before he was let out. Project Judge takes place in the middle of December of the same year. This WMG will be impossible unless Ichiban's release date gets ret-conned to occur after the events of Project Judge.
  • Considering his investigative nature, Yagami may end up incidentally finding out what did happen between the two games. Now its relevancy depends on if the producers intend on touching upon that.
  • Jossed. The Matsugane family is a Tojo Clan subsidiary and is seen operating within Kamurocho, and the only Kansai element to this game is the Kyorei Clan. The Omi Alliance is not mentioned in this game at all. Judgement may in fact be taking place in an alternate timeline compared to the main series, but its point of divergence is unclear. Based on some references in the game however, it had to have occurred after the events of the first Yakuza due to an off-hand reference to Kiryu in the description for the Tiger Drop skill.

Onomichi is one of the Alternate World Maps
At the end of the gameplay trailer, Onomichio, a mascot that appeared in Yakuza 6, was seen running pass Yagami. What's abnormal about this scene is that since Onomichio is a PR tool to boost tourism in Onomichi, it has no good reason to go to Kamurocho. Therefore it can be interpreted that Yagami will go to Onomichi for his investigation.

  • Jossed. Onomichio only appears as the subject of a substory. That aside, it isn't abnormal for a mascot to be seen outside of its locality fulfilling its purpose of trying to attract tourists from bigger cities like Tokyo.

    Post-Release Theories (open spoilers) 

The ADDC will be torn down and remade into a new city block
Now that the secret of the ADDC's real function as a retirement home for government officials, and also showing that AD-9, the hopeful cure for Alzheimer's, is utterly incapable of working on human bodies, the place will be torn down and made into a Kamurocho-sized city block for Judgment 2 if not 3.

Kaito, Sugiura and Higashi will be playable characters in Judgment 2.
While Yagami is still the central character, the three of them would have their own chapters like Yakuza 4 and 5 before finally coming together in the end to take on the main conspiracy at the end. Each one would also have to deal with the Keihin Gang as well and also have to fight the Amon Clan as well.

Judgement 2 will revolve around Yagami's father's last case.
Yagami will have to find the old defendant who's gone off the grid, as well as the family of the man who killed Yagami's parents.

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