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Nightmare Fuel / Judgment

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As a Nightmare Fuel subpage (and general Moments page), all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The entire premise of the game. You are tasked with hunting down a serial killer who has three confirmed kills under his belt by the time you start investigating the incidents, and all the corpses have had their eyes gouged out of their skulls. Thankfully, every victim wears sunglasses, so you're never exposed to their empty eye sockets, but it doesn't do much to mask the horror. It's made even worse when it's revealed that all the murders were due to human experimentation with a drug that's incredibly lethal, all for the sake of "perfecting" a medicine that cannot be improved.
    • It gets even worse when you learn why the eyes are gouged out: The experimental drug turns the whites of the victims' eyes blue, so they need to be removed to cover up the human experimentation. We see one case of this at the very end of the story, where Shono injects himself with the drug and dies horribly and painfully, screaming the whole time, leaving an unnatural blue-eyed corpse with a look of terror on its face.
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    • Blink and you would miss it, but as the photo of Emi and Okubo fall, you realized that Shono also tested the drug on Emi before stabbing her to death to make it look like Okubo killed her.
  • Yagami and Sugiura's trip down Shono's hidden lab is right out of a horror movie. It's a dilapidated underground sector staffed by very sadistic thugs. At one point, Sugiura is kidnapped and put in a noose while two thugs shock him with stun batons. If you don't take out the thugs quickly, Sugiura will actually suffocate to death. Then there's the inexplicable return of the Hangman from Yakuza 6 and all of the movie monster tropes attached to him.
    • For even more horror, a trophy involves waiting until there's 10 seconds left on the clock to save Sugiura.
  • The section where Yagami and Sugiura are chasing down Kuroiwa in the ADDC. Halfway through the chase, Yagami begins losing a lot of blood, and what was once a fast-paced, action-packed chase attempt soon becomes you walking through the halls of the ADDC in first-person, very slowly, as Yagami continues to lose blood and hallucinate incidents from the case that took place in the ADDC three years ago.
  • Kuroiwa after he reveals his true colors, he is so casual and efficient in his murder it feels almost robotic. And then it's revealed that even that's just a facade when Yagami actually manages to go toe-to-toe with him, revealing an almost predatory psychopath underneath.
    • To make things worse, he has the highest on screen killcount of the Yakuza series to date at a brutal 26 kills, capping it off with a bloodstained face as his final victim before Yagami took him down, and that included the rampage he committed to find Shono.


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