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Fridge Brilliance

  • Hashiki made sure the brightest scientists got either fired or moved away from the center as part of his sabotage, that left Shono, who is unremarkable and Kido, who is more administration and is dealing with a sex scandal, the only authority on AD-9. No one was able to question the drug effect on human or perfect it at the center because of this.
  • Kuroiwa being on the dead yakuza case helps him covering potential track, he rules out the deaths a eye injuries instead of asking for a blood analysis or if the eyes were removed post-mortem.
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  • Shono's luck with Okubo disposing of the body is even greater after the reveal: Waku's eyes turned blue but they were naturally gone before the cops recovered the body in the mountain Okubo dumped him in.
  • Hamura going to a sauna for an alibi works as an indirect way to explain he doesn't sport a tattoo, as public sauna in Japan usually ban people wearing tatoos. It serves to show he is a money-first type of yakuza with no real ideals.
  • The track that plays during the fight with Shin Amon is called "The Last Assassin XIV: Symphony Of The Judgment". "XIV" is "14" in Roman numerals. The very first game in the Yakuza series was released in Japan in 2005, while Judgment was released in 2019 - which means the series has been going on for fourteen years.
    • Additionally, if you count the number of Yakuza games that have been released (not counting spinoff games or Yakuza 0), a total of thirteen Amon battles have been fought before this fight: Once each in Yakuza 1, Yakuza 2, Yakuza 3, and Yakuza 6, four times in Yakuza 4 and five in Yakuza 5 (including the dance battle with Noa Amon). This makes the current fight against Shin Amon the fourteenth.
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    • There have also been a total of thirteen games released over the course of the entire series (including spinoffs and Yakuza 0), making this the fourteenth game.
    • Finally, the title of the track also makes a Call-Back to the very first Amon fight - the substory associated with that fight (both in Yakuza 1 and its remake, Kiwami) is called "The Last Assassin".

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