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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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     Season 3 Premiere Month 

Main Show 51. - "Crafty Hearts Re:Grouped"

  • After filming, Crafty has his own heart-to-heart with Nurse off-camera, apologizing for his behavior and complimenting Nurse as a work partner. As he awkwardly leaves...
    Crafty: "Well, um, I'm going to work on next week's art, yes yes, um, talk to you later? Okay?"
    (Crafty leaves through an archway.)
    Nurse, softly: "Hmhm... I love you."
    Crafty, returning: "What?"
    Nurse, panicking: "NOTHING~~!! GO BACK TO SLEEP!"
    (Nurse punches Crafty in the face and runs off.)

Chara-Cafe 7. - "Hyde and Shriek"

  • When the conversation transitions to original fan characters, Crafty sheepishly brings up a Sonic the Hedgehog OC from his youth. The concept is... not exactly what anyone could have anticipated:
    Crafty: Yes, I remember the days where I would write about my OC entering various imaginary worlds and conquering beasts from many lands!
    Pepper: "Oh wow! I would love to hear more about that!"
    Crafty: "You wouldn't understand."
    Pepper: "Oh Doctor, I'm sure I would."
    Crafty: "... Promise not to laugh?"
    Pepper: "Pinky promise."
    Crafty:: "Well... I used to be heavily involved in the Sonic fandom, and I had an OC named —"
    (Pepper giggles.)
    Crafty: "Wait, was that a laugh?!"
    Pepper: "N-no, Doctor! I'm sorry!"
    Crafty: "Ahhh, forget it. If you even have to hold back a giggle, it's not worth telling."
    Pepper, still holding back laughter: Oh, come on, Doctor. Please!
    Crafty: "Fiiiine. His name was Steve the Hedgehog. He worked in Hedgehog Accounting, and he arrested all the other hedgehogs for tax evasion."
    (As Crafty describes Steve, Pepper grows increasingly intrigued, but then she starts cringing a little. A picture of Yoshi appears onscreen to accentuate Crafty's point about tax evasion, and after it leaves, Pepper lets out a guffaw.)
    Crafty: "You said you weren't going to laugh!"
    Pepper: "I'm sorry, Doctor, really. I guess the down-to-earth characterization of that OC felt so unexpected, that I just couldn't help it."

Top Ten Tub 7. - "Crafty Fan Characters!"

  • Just about everything involving Duke Crocodile is hilarious, all thanks to his earnestly stupid manner of speaking, his forgetfulness, and his goofy facial expressions.
    • Messi warns Crafty that they can't kick Duke out; he'll probably try to eat them. To prove her point, Duke remarks that she would look good spread on toast.
  • A new running gag for The Top Ten Tub kicks off when Serena, a moth-themed fairy, arrives on the scene to apply for the secretary position. She comes across as a stern, no-nonsense type when she scolds Crafty for the way business has been conducted...but all that gets thrown out the window when she sees and falls head over heels for a completely oblivious Messi.

Questionable Qloset 1. - "Enter the Qloset"

  • On being asked why Nurse sounds so much like Mumma, TFS Bulma, and other characters from other web series, Crystelle at first weaves a cosmic description of how one voice can lend itself as needed to so many throughout the universe...only to break the fourth wall and admit that Megami33 gets a lot of work.

Main Show 52. - "It's Only a Model..."

  • Crafty wakes up and mistakenly prepares for a model shoot. His outfit consists of a tacky suit and hat with his head superimposed over the image, and it's so goofy that even Pepper's struggling to stifle her laughter.
    • When the episode's art portion begins, Crafty walks into view and realizes that he's still wearing his silly hat. He tosses it out of frame with considerable force before initiating his commentary.

Main Show 53. - "The Art of the Con(vention)"

  • While creating some shirts for everyone, Crafty somehow gets a sheet of fabric stapled to his face. When he approaches Nurse about what happened, he seems only mildly uncomfortable.
  • Nurse asks Crafty to explain his shirt design:
    Nurse: Now, why don't you tell us a bit about this design?
    Crafty: Well, it all started when I found these magic die...
    (Harp sounds begin playing as the screen distorts like it's transitioning to a flashback...)
    Nurse: ... Yes?
    (A Record Needle Scratch plays, and everything abruptly returns to normal.)
    Crafty: That's... it! I found them, and then I made a shirt about them!
    Nurse: Oh... Well, um... Where did you find them? I'm sure there's an interesting story behind them! Are they cursed by an ancient Egyptian God? Did you have to solve a series of puzzles and climb through magic caverns to secure them?
    Crafty: Nope! I just found them in a cursed box of cereal that I bought off Kmart.
    Nurse: Crafty... You're kidding.
    Crafty: Surprisingly, I'm not! Kmarts are all cursed, Nurse! This is a known fact.
  • The Crafty Crew arrives at a convention, and everyone mistakes them for other internet celebrities. Messibelle is mildly confused and annoyed, but Crafty has a conniption.

Main Show 54. - "Going Poster"

  • Crafty kicks off the episode trying to appeal to a wider audience by putting on a pair of shades and trying to sound Totally Radical. Nurse arrives, and the moment Crafty suggests using an explosion to spice things up, she disciplines him like a misbehaving dog.
    Nurse: "Doctor, no."
    Crafty: "But NUUUUUURSE, it'll be so cool!"
    Nurse "Doctor, NO."
    • Messi and Pepper absolutely do NOT help when they too suggest explosions.
      Nurse: "NO EXPLOSIONS!"

     Valentine's Month 

Chara-Cafe 8. - "Ad-ORC-able!"

  • Pepper garnered several hopeless lovers, who all try wooing her with candy hearts. So many people do this that the kitchen is flooded with candy. In the ending skit, she receives two candy shipments of that size!
  • An impatient Crafty wants to see the finished concoction—An orc warrior and steampunk scientist couple—a lot sooner than expected. He tries urging the writers to wrap things up.
    Pepper: "It really is a good month to do so, as well! And I think the happy couple will be very excited to meet you."
    Crafty: "Yeah, why don't we go ahead and skip to that part?"
    Pepper: "What do you mean?"
    Crafty: "I really want to meet them now. Maybe we can tell the writers to hurry it up?"
    Pepper: "Oh, um... I guess?"
    (Crickets idly chirp for a while as nothing happens.)
    Pepper: "... Writers?"
    (The writers still do nothing.)
    Crafty: "Fine! Be that way! I guess we can wait..."
    (At the sound of a ding, both hosts perk up in recognition.)
    Pepper: "Oh, I uh... I think it's done!"
    Crafty: "YES! I knew that would work!"
    Pepper: "Maybe the writers are having pity on you. *Giggles*"
    Crafty: "Or maybe, they know who's boss!"
    (Katy and Michaela appear and stare Crafty down, audibly growling. Crafty looks very nervous.)
    Crafty: "I was just kidding!! Please don't erase me!"
    (The zombies slowly leave as Crafty smiles at them nervously.)
    Pepper: "Let's, um... just go meet the happy couple!"

Top Ten Tub 8. - "Couples!"

  • The #10 Couple turns out to be Roger and Jessica Rabbit. That triggers a full on panic in the audience, along with shouts of "blasphemy!"
  • The #4 spot goes to Belle and the Beast. The discussion eventually culminates in Messi going into a surprisingly colorful rant about Stockholm Syndrome. When she finishes, she seems to forget where she was in her script:
    Messi: "A lot of people over the years have accused this pairing of romanticizing Stockholm Syndrome, wherein a kidnapped victim feels sympathy... for their captor... Those people are f(honk)ing morons. Stockholm Syndrome isn't even a real psychological condition! And if it was, they've got it backwards! Belle doesn't feel sympathy for him, or change her own behaviors for him. The Beast changes for her, and becomes a better human! That's the whole. F(honk)ing. POINT! But nooooo! You guys gotta have your whole hot takes and feel so smart for pointing out logical inconsistencies in a F(HONK)ING FAIRYTALE! Well, goo for you, buddy. How about instead of doing that, you go out and touch a real woman instead of complaining about stories starring a 2D one?!"
    (Reaching her limit, Messi roars like Godzilla. She spends the next few seconds catching her breath.)
    Crafty: "Feel better, darling?"
    Messi, wearily: "... What were we talking about?"
    Crafty: "Um... Beauty and the Beast?"
    (Without hesitation, Messi restarts her introduction to the #4 spot, as if she hadn't just finished it earlier.)
    Messi: "Beauty and the Beast! The ship that launched a thousand monster boyfriends. This absolutely iconic pair is..."
    (Crafty facepalms.)
  • With the #1 spot going to Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe, Messi expresses her dream of having her very own lesbian wedding...and then Serena floats in from above, offering herself up in an elaborate wedding gown to the Hallelujah Chorus. Crafty swiftly swats her away with an oversized fly swatter. Soon after, Serena reapproaches Messi about joining her during Messi's typical Valentines' Day routine, and Messi still doesn't register her obvious crush.
    Crafty: "Well, I have to ask, Messi. What're your plans for Valentines' day?"
    Messi: "Well, I may not have a special lady in my life yet, but I can still gorge on chocolate and ice cream while watching Bridgette Jones' Diary for the eight millionth time."
    Serena, popping up from offscreen: "I can help with that, Ms. Messibelle!"
    Messi: "Oh, great! Can you go to the store and buy me a big tub of ice cream? I'm all out."
    Serena: "I'd love you— I-I mean, love to! Be right back..."
    (Serena leaves.)
    Messi, completely oblivious: "What a nice girl."
    Crafty, nonplussed: "You're actually a complete idiot, aren't you?"
    Messi: "What?"
    (Crafty just facepalms and walks away.)
    Messi: "Whaaat?"

Questionable Qloset 2. - "Return to the Qloset"

  • Crystelle draws 'The Death' card, and is asked why and how the writing and editing crew have all been zombified. Crafty pops in to answer the latter:
    Crafty: "Hey, I found them like that! They started college as normal humans, and came out looking like this. So don't blame me!"

Main Show 55. - "Mischief Match Maker"

Main Show 56. - "Blind Hate"

  • Skeletor loudly, incessantly sips his coffee almost every time he finishes speaking. While she never lashes out, Nurse grows progressively, visibly annoyed with every sip. Though, after Skeletor takes one too many consecutive sips, Nurse does ask if he's all right.
  • Skeletor exits the lab to take his chances with Garnet. He soon returns, fuming that he never had a chance, to begin with. Crafty just makes his temper worse:
    Skeletor: "YOOOOOOOU!!!!"
    Nurse: "Me?"
    Skeletor: "WHY DID YOU LIE TO MEEE?!?!"
    Nurse: "What?"
    Crafty: "Nurse, how could you?!"
    Nurse: "What are you talking about?"
    Skeletor: "You said I had a chance with the Garnet, but she was already clearly married to herself! A... common, and... natural occurrence, but shocking nonetheless!"
    Nurse: "I—I have no words..."
    Crafty: "Sir Skeletor, please, calm down! I'm sure we can work this out!"
    Skeletor: "There is nothing I can do, I suppose. The lady has made her choice. However, I will take that goodie bag you mentioned earlier!"
    Crafty: "About that. We actually don't have a goodie bag."
    (Skeletor leans in uncomfortably close to Crafty's face.)
    Crafty: "Ummmm..."
    Skeletor, as he stands back up: "WHY IS EVERYTHING IN THIS LAB BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF LIIIESS?!?!"
    Nurse: "I'm with you on that one!"
    (Skeletor tackles Crafty offscreen, and a beatdown ensues.)
    (The beating stops, and Skeletor exits the room. Inexplicably, he now has the falsely promised Crafty goodie bag. Crafty gets up from the floor.)
    Crafty, weary: "Where did you even get that...?"

Main Show 57. - "This is Crack(ship)"

  • Pepper's shipping image has the tiny Gecko shoving his face into her belly and hanging on with a tight hug. When he sneaks into the castle to try and do so for real, Nurse intercepts him with a powerful sucker punch.
  • During Nurse's shipping piece's production, Crafty finally arrives. But he's not here to commentate—he's still too upset for it; he's just looking for some cookies to eat the stress away. As he chats with Nurse, he absentmindedly walks across the screen then slowly ducks down offscreen. Right as Nurse says "I don't have time for your silliness right now," Crafty pops back up really close to the camera for some reason.
  • For Crafty's shipping image, he's drawn striking a SpongeBob karate pose, complete with foam gloves. The character he's paired up with just so happens to be named Sandy, like SpongeBob's mammalian friend.
  • In the flashback, just before Vinny calls him to the front door, Howard plays the opening flourish of "We are Number One."

Main Show 58. - "LoveCrafty"

     Season 3 Commission Month 

Chara-Cafe 9. - "Pirates VS Doctors"

  • In the Crafty-verse, Davy Jone's Locker turns out to be the Spongebob Squarepants incarnation—a gym locker.
    Spongebob Narrator, with an accompanying title card: "A few moments later..."
    Crafty: "Well, that was not what I expected, but... also exactly what I expected."

Top Ten Tub 9. - "Original Characters 2"

Questionable Qloset 3. - "Door Number 3"

Main Show 59. - "Blown A Fusion"

  • After the art is finished, Crafty introduces his next fusion idea to Nurse, and it is quite a questionable one:
    Crafty: "SEUSS FUSIONS! Or, as I like to call them, Seussions!”
    (Nurse does nothing but stare in confusion as Crafty realizes how dumb an idea this is. Meanwhile, a family watching Dr. Crafty has no idea what to make of the Seussions either. The mother and father exchange glances before the father hurries to turn off the television.)

Main Show 60. - "Fiction is Stranger Than Truth"

  • Crafty initially doesn't understand that many of Disney's fairytales are adaptations, rather than original concepts. Nurse tries to convince him, as does Disgustilda when she suddenly drops in. When Crafty still doesn't get it, Disgustilda gives up, and for the first time on the show, she just exits voluntarily!
  • Jedah's spontaneous advertisement is rife with funny moments, right from the start:
    Jedah: "Hello, mortals! Jedah Dohma from Jedah & Jedah Law Services here! You know me, and I know you. No need to make an interpretation of something you already know exists, like my intro!"
    • His clientele include Lion-O lamenting ThunderCats Roar, The Joker raging about his Suicide Squad (2016) interpretation , and Shaggy freaking out about Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!.
    • The ad is capped off nicely with Jedah's call to action:
      Jedah: "If you feel that you are under slander or identity theft, from clearly misguided writers, then call Jedah—
      (Crafty and Nurse appear to take back the show, pushing him off-screen.)
      Jedah, hurriedly: "—Like me and how HORRIBLY MISREPRESENTED I AM ON THIS SHOW!"

Main Show 61. - "Dragon, Dragon! Mock the Dragon!"

  • Just as Nurse and Crafty are about to bring up some positives for Dragon Ball Z, a new character appears: 'CROCKER DAFTY', who claims to be Crafty's evil long lost brother. Disgustilda drives him off initially, but at the episode's end, Dafty returns and begins charging his ultimate attack...which gives Nurse and Crafty enough time to pick him up and toss him onto the back of a moving truck.

Main Show 62. - "Charablanca"

  • Still ashamed of his old concepts, Crafty has the now female Kurt dumped into waste disposal. Of course, because this take on Kurt is tall and very fat, she crushes Junkrat when she lands.
    Junkrat: (muffled) "I need healing!"

     Cartoon Month 

Main Show 63. - "Something Weird This Way Comes"

  • During his second time reeling from Mindstein's Infinium Flute tune, Bill Cipher shouts "BILL CIPHER SCREAMING IN PAIN!"
  • Mindstein holds up a picture of Crafty to help Bill identify him for his mission. She made a point to photograph Crafty while he's grossly sobbing, a surprisingly petty choice for her.

Main Show 64. - "Socializing is Arcane"

  • To help Nurse ease out of her distress, Crafty has her join him in a roleplay segment with his toys. It's very goofy and as off-the-walls nuts, as one can expect, but the context makes it fairly heartwarming... Then, the scene wraps back around to being funny again as Pepper and Messibelle look on from an open doorway, deeply perplexed.

Main Show 65. - "GEMS! Truly Outrageous!"

  • The episode's start sees the Crafty Crew gearing up to fend off a potential hord of rabid SU fans. Nurse goes to check up how the other girls are doing, and ends up getting on the wrong end of Pepper's Octo-Bloat, a swing of Messi's mop, and even Crystelle's psychic attack, in a fun (and entirely wordless) sequence.
  • Crafty and Nurse try coming up with their own Gemsonas while discussing the piece. Crafty's choice is...
    Crafty: A green diamond, because...(upward camera pan shot filled with hearts and a posing Crafty)...PERFECTION, am I right, ladies?

Main Show 66. - "Titans! Reboot!"

  • As indicated by the page image is a memorable Cutaway Gag: The Adequate Acquaintances, starring Bat Baby, Arm-Fall-Off Boy, Peter Porcupine, Snowflame, and guest-starring the Ultimate Warrior. Each of them are strange, obscure heroes that really shouldn't have any meaningful chemistry, and the gag leaves Nurse and Crafty absolutely weirded out.
  • Towards the episode's conclusion, Robin from the HBO Titans series crashes in through the ceiling to complain about not being included in the discussion. Nurse's solution is to drop the box office revenue from the Avengers franchise on him.
    Crafty: (Referring to the pile of cash) I'm keeping this.
    • DoJayMi gives Robin a hilariously impotent, high-pitched, and cracking voice, which just adds to the absurdity of his intrusion.

Top Ten Tub 10. - "Funniest Characters"

Chara-Cafe 10. - "Duck and Cover"

Questionable Qloset 4. - "Atop the 4th door"

  • After Crystelle reveals some interesting tidbits regarding Disgustilda, Disgustilda herself drops by. Somehow, she enters without using the Qloset's sole entrance, but someone helped her make it possible:
    Disgustilda: HELLO!!
    Crystelle: "Ah— you?! What... are you - How did you get in here?!"
    Disgustilda: "Oi, I thought you were supposed to know everything! I came in through the window!"
    Crystelle: "This... This is a closet. There aren't any windows."
    Disgustilda: "Yeah, I know mate—made it bloody difficult, that's for sure. But where there's a will, there's a way!"
    (Disgustilda peers outside the new window, where a stock image of a construction worker awaits her.)
    Disgustilda: "Thanks, Will!"
    Will: "'Salright, mate."
    (A bewildered Crystelle peers out at Will from behind Disgustilda. The two women then resume their conversation.)
    Crystelle: "I don't even... Okay, why are you here?"
    Disgustilda: "Do you have a lightbulb I could borrow?"
    Crystelle: "Ugh... Out with you!"
    (Using her magic, Crystelle makes Disgustilda disappear in a puff of smoke.)
    • The whole reason that Disgustilda is in search of a lightbulb is a Stealth Pun; earlier, Crystelle remarks that "not all the lights are on in [Disgustilda's] head."

     Disney Month 

Questionable Qloset 5. - "The Little Purple House"

Top Ten Tub 11. - "Disney Characters"

  • When Mickey first appears, Messi swats him out of the bathroom before he can finish his greeting. Crafty then arrives and reveals he was expecting Mickey to guest-star in this episode, and Messi tries her best to look innocent.

Chara-Cafe 11. - "I'MA VAMPIRE!"

  • As Pepper criticizes companies who overcommercialize their IPs, she briefly turns away from Crafty, upon which a pile of Dr. Crafty merchandise emerges. Crafty hurriedly hides the items before a completely oblivious Pepper faces him again.

Main Show 67. - "Epcot Escapades"

  • For the entirety of Disney Month, Starting here, Crafty hires a patsy to document his experiences at the various Disney parks. The Patsy turns out to be Alex himself—the viewers get a taste of his sense of humor when he's not acting.
    • Alex goes through the park for five minutes, and he's already so, so bored. He laments this while sprawled out face-down on a park bench.
    • Apropos of nothing, Alex suddenly has a Sonic the Hedgehog hat on. Even he can't seem to believe that he found one:
      "Why're you looking at me for? I've got no words."
    • Alex finds some creepy-looking miniature dolls:
      Alex: "I can safely say without a doubt these are probably the scariest toys I have ever seen in my life."
      (There's a Smash Cut to a much bigger doll with a similar design.)
      Alex: "I lied! This is the scariest thing in the park!"
      (The background noise cuts out as the camera zooms in on the doll's eyes.)
    • Later, he has some nice summaries for the Disney topiaries he comes across:
      • For Elsa and Anna: "This is the plot of the sequel right here! She got turned into ice in the first one; now she's been turned into a tree!"
      • For Goofy: "Oh my god, Poison Ivy turned everyone into TREEEEES!!"
      • For Snow White: "This is what happens when the Evil Queen gives her a cursed tomato instead of an apple."
      • For Kermit, he sings: "It's not easy, being green... having to spend each day—literally—made out of leaves!"
    • "We've arrived in Germany... the Dark Souls of the theme park!"
  • The one aspect of the park Nurse praises most is its food and wine, especially during its annual festivals, Epcot's most active days each year. She concludes with this gem:
    "You should truly never underestimate the power of alcohol, my friends!"
  • Figment makes a surprise appearance, and he immediately starts annoying Crafty and Nurse. What pushes Nurse over the edge is when Figment suggests a ship between the two hosts:
    Nurse: "NO! We are NOT doing this. Get back here, you mental miscreant!"
    Crafty: Um, yeah! You tell him, Nurse! (He quietly addresses the audience.) I have no idea what's happening."

Main Show 68. - "Hollywood Hilarity"

Main Show 69. - "Animal Kingdom Antics"

Main Show 70. - "Magic Kingdom Mania"

     Hero Month 

In General

  • Throughout the arc, Pro Hero Present-Mic makes small, cameo appearances. While he generally doesn't directly participate in the action (with one notable exception in Part 2), nor does he have any speaking lines, it's still fun to see what he gets up to in the background.
  • For some delicious catharsis, Mineta gets swiftly punched by Tsui's tongue (which, by the way, is accompanied by a Yoshi sound effect) every time he starts acting lecherously.

Spinoff Special

  • Pepper suddenly gets the idea to hold a crossover with her accompanying coworkers, and she stumbles a bit getting her segment started:
    Pepper: "Hey, there's an idea!"
    Messibelle: "Huh?"
    Pepper: "I mean, it's not like we have much else to do right now, and it's been a while since we got to hang out with each other. So... why don't we do a show together?"
    Messibelle: "Together?"
    Crystelle: "All at once?"
    Pepper: "Y-yeah! It'll be like a big crossover special!"
    Messibelle: "It would beat sitting around and moping, that's for sure."
    Crystelle: "Very well. Let's do it."
    Pepper: "Yay! Well, if nobody else minds, I'll go first. It's time for the Chara-Cafe... or um... the... Dungeon... Deli?"
    (Pickles raspberries in disapproval.)
    Pepper: "Oh, come on. I know it was bad, but..."
    (Pickles raspberries in disapproval again as the scene fades to black before the Chara-Cafe intro plays.)
  • Messi and Pepper start the Top Ten Tub episode off with The Question. Or rather, they try to—Pepper misunderstands and keeps wondering if Messi's trying to ask her something. Crystelle, after a long few seconds of this exchange, steps in for Pepper to move the video along.
    Messi: "Starting us off at Number Ten: The Question!"
    Pepper: "What's the question?"
    Messi: "Not what. 'Who.'"
    Pepper: "Who's the question?"
    Messi: "No, I was asking about The Question."
    Pepper: "That's what I asked! What's the question?"
    Messi: "I already said it's who, not what!"
    Pepper: "And I already asked, who's the question?!'"
    Messi: "THE QUESTION!!"
    Pepper: "Y-yes! What is it?!"
    (Crystelle teleports Pepper away and takes her place.)
    Crystelle: "Uh... Maybe I should cover this one, being the queen of questions, after all."
  • Unsettling as Crystelle's mental breakdown is during the Questionable Qloset episode, there's something hilarious about how it was induced by the prospect of Disgustilda becoming a legitimate threat.

Main Show 71. - "I Need a Hero Academia" Part 1

  • After failing to kill Crafty with his first attack, Bakugo incredulously blasts him in the face repeatedly as everyone else marvels at how Crafty keeps surviving.
  • Iida grows increasingly angry and confused over the plot of Oumagadoki Zoo. At one point, there's even this fun little exchange:
    Iida: *after finding out the zoo's animals become anthropomorphic at night* ...Oh, that makes sense.
    Tsuyu: It does?
    Iida: NO, IT DOESN'T!
  • Crafty dreads how the board of education deals with fictional schools in adventurous settings. Cut to a board member conversing with Dumbledore:
    Board Member: "So, let me get this straight. You want us to fund your Dry Wizard Cap event?"
    Dumbledore: "Yes."
    Board Member: "... An event that subjects children to fighting unarmed against ferocious dragons?"
    Dumbledore: "Yes."
    Board Member: "... Drowns their loved ones in mermaid-infested lakes?"
    Dumbledore: "Yes."
    Board Member: "... And forces them in mazes that induce schizophrenia?"
    Dumbledore: "Yes."
    (For a while, both men just stare at each other in silence.)
    Board Member: "Does it get corporate sponsors?"
    (Dumbledore's now wearing a cloak bearing several fast food restaurant logos)
    Dumbledore: "Yes."
    Board Member: "You drive a hard bargain, Dumbledore, but you've got a deal!" (Dumbledore leaves.) "Now, who's the next candidate?"
    Kaiba: "Seto Kaiba, how're you doin'? Okay, sparing the details, have I got the high school concept for you!"
    (Kaiba pulls up a whiteboard that says "SCREW THE EDUCATION, COME PLAY CARD GAMES" beside a hurried sketch of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.)

Main Show 72. - "I Need a Hero Academia" Part 2

  • The first minute and forty-two seconds consist entirely of Class 1A testing Crafty's 'endurance quirk' the only way they know, as Yaoyozoru puts it, "using him as a human punching bag", to hilarious results. They use everything from blasting him into the ground, hitting him with sonic waves, electrocuting him, and even shooting him with a friggin' bazooka. Despite their concern, none of their attempts seriously damage Crafty, to the classmate's utter bewilderment at his sheer endurance. Even so, Crafty comically howls in pain after every blow.
  • After Crafty explains his history with Nurse, some of the Class 1-A girls come up and tearfully hug him out of sympathy. In response, Crafty makes a squeaky-toy noise and his eyes bug out and go slightly askew. Yaoyorozu also takes time to apologize for using the bazooka on him earlier, which sounds hilarious out of context.
  • When discussing costume design for heroes, special attention is given to Bakugo's hero outfit...more particularly to the butterfly clip that he wears in his hair. Much roasting ensues, both figurative and literal, from both Crafty and Todoroki of all people, much to Bakugo's chagrin.
    • On that note, Hatsumi realizes the visual pun in Bakugo's gloves:
      Hatsumi: "Oh! I just got it! HAND grenades! Hahaha...I see what you did there, Horikoshi!"
  • Screw's tablet bears a few amusing Easter Eggs:
    • The tablet itself has a Lemon logo on its casing, no doubt referencing the acronym of E.V.I.L. (Every Villain Is Lemons).
    • As Screw thumbs through her tablet, she stops on a page containing data on Crafty's cohosts. Messibelle's information is a goldmine: her sex is listed as "Yes Please," one of her weaknesses is "Hot Girls," and her age, appropriately enough, is listed as "1," which looks jarring next to the other details.

Main Show 73. - "I Need a Hero Academia" Part 3

  • Fifteen hours on an airplane forces Class 1-A to entertain themselves on the way over, as they discuss in the episode's opening. It turns out that Bakugo, the one with the shortest fuse, was entirely preoccupied by the Sisyphean task... of opening a packet of airplane peanuts. One that he's still determined to open, even after landing in Florida.
    Yaoyozuru: "What he lacks in patience, he more than makes up for in tenacity."
  • Upon returning to the US, Crafty realizes there is only one person who could possibly help them infiltrate the castle: Disgustilda, because SHE originally owned the castle. Disgustilda herself reveals as much through a flashback, which is presented to the viewers as a silent film.
    Iida: "IS THIS TRUE, CRAFTY!?"
    Crafty: "No, of course not!... My mustache was much larger!"
    • The dialogue implies that Disgustilda made a point to describe Crafty with a mustache for some reason. It also reveals that Disgustilda's retelling of the story is exactly how it played out, making it that much more amusing.
  • All-Might makes an appearance in this episode (which is weird, since Crafty notes he was never actually on the plane to begin with)! His actual participation in the commentary, however, is limited to one talking point (about him, naturally); up until then, he's preoccupied with the Dipping Dot's he's discovered, and shares with Midoriya, Uraraka, and Kirishima before Crafty pulls him away.
  • Crafty and Class 1A all pair up in tents for two for the night before the siege...all except Mineta...who had to bunk with Disgustilda. His door slam that morning and the look of horror on his face are all that's needed to say the unthinkable things he saw in there.
    Minteta: "...Never...again!"
    Sero: "Oh, man! That's almost TOO cruel."
    Jiro: "You know you're talking about Mineta, right?"
    Sero: "I said ALMOST."
    • Linkara's surprise cameo, as he starts off with his usual comic introduction...only for Crafty to interrupt by 'borrowing' his giant robot.

Main Show 74. - "I Need a Hero Academia" Part 4 (Part 1)

  • Bakugo dispatches some Doc-Drones during the "Holding Out For A Hero" scene by evoking Puss in Boots. Bakugo infatuates the drones with a bishie look, sparkles included, before shouting "DIIIEEEE!!!" and giving them a big explosion.
  • Running out of talking points, Crafty reluctantly brings up shipping. He hears someone stampeding over to join in on the conversation and looks apprehensively towards the opposite side of the screen. Then, he's completely blindsided when Mina and Toru trample him from behind as they enter. After extremely slowly getting back up, Crafty makes a snarky remark:
    Crafty: "I feel like I opened Pandora's Box, but instead of nightmarish wrath, it's girlie gossip..."

Main Show 74. - "I Need a Hero Academia" Part 4 (Part 2)

  • The explosive impact of Crafty's final punch knocks Disgustilda—and somehow only Disgustilda—off-balance. She can barely regain her footing until the force dissipates.
  • After the fight, the Crafty Crew finally reunites. Messi approaches first, then Crystelle, and it suddenly gets sweeter and funnier when Pepper comes in. She’s large enough to wrap the rest of the crew in a single hug of her own, and so tightly that everyone looks at her either in bewilderment or mild confusion. And she’s blasting tears hard.

     Patreon Episodes 

Patreon 3. - "Here we go!"

  • Given that the episode's subject matter is all about Nintendo's Mario, Crafty assumes there will be no need to recap Mario's origins and history, unless there happens to be someone who's lived under a rock for thirty-five years. A man who's lived under a rock for thirty-SIX years arrives on the scene.
  • Crafty, quite literally, bumps into the Super Crown. Before Nurse can explain what it is, Crafty goes ahead and puts it on, triggering a Sailor Moon-style transformation sequence and the reveal of Crafette. Nurse simply can't handle the change, leaving Crafette to try to reverse it on her own.
    Nurse: "Cute boy? Cute girl? I'll take BOTH, please!"

Patreon 4. - "Some Assembly Required"

  • When Crafty struggles to figure out where the girls have gone off to, he finds something...
    Crafty: Hello, what have we here?...A note! Wait, but behind that, a letter!...and there's also this message from Nurse!"

Patreon 5. - "She's back... In pink?"

  • Professor Merry's return, crashing through the roof and ready to get right back at her fanfics as if nothing happened; heck, she spent her time in orbit planning more fanfic material just for the occasion.
    Professor Merry "I LIIIIIIIIIIVE!"
  • Crafty's attempts at driving off Merry are thwarted first by Nurse's absence, thanks to a convenient Frankenstein monster convention, and secondly by his own greed as Merry wafts a fresh check in front of him. He comes CLOSE to resisting until she threatens to commission Shadman instead.
  • Nurse Mille's design, particularly the brightly colored worms poking in and out of her skin, prompts Crafty to wonder whether or not she's a fan of Ooogie Boogie or Linkin Park. Cue Oogie Boogie crashing in while rocking out to "Crawling" before Merry swats him into a green splat.
    Merry: "See, Crafty? This is how you get ANTS!"
  • This time around, the pieces consist of artwork of Nurses Worse and Mille having a girls' day together, including a special swimsuit segment. While Merry intends it as titillating fanservice, Crafty is otherwise completely oblivious. Needless to say, Merry is outright flabbergasted.
    Merry: "For CRYING OUT LOUD! No wonder your Nurse is bi!"
    Crafty: "What??"
  • One wouldn't expect Merry's fantasies to have any basis in reality...but as soon as Nurses Millie and Worse lay eyes on each other, they actually manage to hit it off rather well!
  • The episode closes out with a surprise bit of karma; Crafty, being through for the day, declares he's off on a brunch date with Molly, Merry's partner, recounting how she asked him out with flashbacks in the style of a romantic "visual novel" of all things. Merry does not take this well.

Patreon 6. - "Now it's S(he)Hulk Time!"

  • Tasked with redesigning She-Hulk in a new style, Crafty and Nurse design a version of Jennifer Walters as a personal fitness trainer instead of an attorney. This raises the question of who could help the superbeings in the Marvel Universe with their legal troubles. Cut to Jedah acting as a defense attorney for Loki in "Ace Attorney".
    Jedah: "...And to end my closing statement, I can safely say that, even though he led an alien invasion of New York, and tried to assassinate his father and brother multiple times, the God of Mischief should be exempt of all charges because he has a sympathetic backstory and some girls think he's kind of attractive!"
    (The Judge declares Loki guilty anyways.)
    Jedah: "I don't understand! Five years ago, that would have worked!"
    (Loki chucks his Mind Staff at Jedah.)


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