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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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     Season 2 Premiere Month 

Main Show 27. - "New Season, New Friends"

  • Twice, whenever he says the word "Queen," Crafty is swarmed by a pack of Ugandan Knuckles.
  • The topic of anatomy studies triggers Crafty's traumatic memories of his college art class. Apparently, he didn't know that most models in these courses tend to be naked; he quickly found out after wondering aloud why this new guy is wearing a robe.
  • When describing Pepper's physique, Nurse struggles to get the words out. Aku swoops in for a second to finish the sentence for her:
    Nurse: "Well, she's very similar to me, 'cause... uh, she's, ahhh... hmmmm..."
    Aku: "EXTRA THICK!"
  • After spending the segment complaining about Pepper's presence in the castle, Nurse gets some unintentional payback for her hostility when she slips on Pepper's ink puddle.
  • In her introduction, Messi immediately starts hitting on Nurse the moment she sees her. Her approach leaves Nurse absolutely spellbound, and it sets the groundwork for more of Messi's flirting for later.

Chara-Cafe 1. - "Salt and Pepper"

  • This first Chara-Cafe design is inspired by the planet Saturn. However, due to scripting mistakes, Pepper accidentally calls her Jupiter, leading to two split-second disclaimers to appear to correct the mistake in post-production. The first disclaimer is rather modest, but the second one is heralded by an alarm sound, takes up the whole screen, violently shakes, and bears red text reading the following:
    "SATURN! NOT JUPITER! Crafty doesn't know astronomy..."
  • In the conclusion, the audience gives Pepper a standing ovation for her first episode. She's so overcome with joy and embarrassment, that she barrels into Crafty as she sprints off-screen. The doctor is knocked to the floor, and he's very woozy:
    "Urgh... Cleanup, aisle two!" (thunk)

Top Ten Tub 1. - "Original Characters"

  • Right off the bat, Messibelle's job as a maid comes into conflict with her very nature; as she explains to Crafty, every time she cleans up one patch of slime, she discovers a new one right behind her.

Main Show 28. - "Pros and Comms"

Main Show 29. - "A Well Slimed Machine"

  • Crafty and Nurse's discussion quickly turns to Crafty's fear of blobs and why he keeps Messi around despite it—or, rather, because of it. In doing so, they both end up traumatized by the sudden appearance of Mr. Blobby.
    Nurse: "Well, in any case, I’d say you almost seem to be getting over your fear of slime creatures. I mean, you keep Messi around, don’t you?"
    Crafty: "Well... Messibelle is different. I couldn’t possibly throw her outside—or very bad things would happen."
    (There’s a cut to some footage showing the phone booth death scene from The Blob (1988). The footage returns to Crafty and Nurse.)
    Nurse: "I’d imagine that sexy outfit you dressed her up in helps, too."
    Crafty: "It helps that she doesn’t look like... him."
    (Blobby himself appears, snarls at the duo, then promptly vanishes. Crafty and Nurse look mortified.)
    Nurse: "O-OKAY! Maybe we need to take a break and talk about something else?!"
    Crafty: "YES. PLEEAASE!"

Main Show 30. - "Monty Python and the Holy grail War"

  • As one might guess from the title, the whole shtick of the episode is Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and as such there are tons of references. A few notable bits include, but aren't limited to:
    • The very setup, where Crafty and Nurse ride up to the Castle using coconuts.
    • Jeanne d'Arc in the role of The French Knight, complete with an outrageous (and incongruously masculine) accent.
    • The "Knights of Weeb" make a guest appearance to defend moe anthropomorphism as an art style/storytelling technique.
    • Crafty gets around d'Arc by summoning his Decidueye, brought to him thanks to a Swellow carrying its Poke' Ball.
      Nurse: "Hang on! How can a Swallow carry a Poke Ball?"
      Crafty: "Hey, makes more sense than a coconut!"
    • Despite Crafty's best efforts, the Grail is seemingly absent from an otherwise vast hoard of treasure. At first, it seems like Crafty's about to settle for the usual 'friends along the way' cliche'... until he turns around and declares a plastic red solo cup as the Grail. Nurse is quick to point out the anachronism.

     Fakémon Month 

Main Show 31. - "A Fresh Starter"

  • A quick cutaway shows what the Pokemon Nurse and Crafty caught in the last Pokemon month have been up to: playing cards...or at least, attempting to.
    Alolan Ninetales: Is this really how the game is played?
  • This quick exchange has Crafty suddenly putting down Nurse out of nowhere:
    Crafty: "We're going to be talking about Pokemon starters! And today, we're going to be the professors!"
    Nurse: "You mean...we get cool tree names!?
    Crafty: "No. And besides, you'd be named after a bush."
  • Crafty rambles on and on about how he chose the "best" starters... He later picks it up again word for word.
  • Another quick exchange results from Darksylvania breaking up a spat between Nurse and Crafty.
    Nurse: "Well, it was HIS fault for starting it!"
    Crafty: "Haha! A pun after my own heart! I'm not even mad!"

Main Show 32. - "Life as a Teenage Pokémon"

  • Darksylvania shows up first to introduce the episode...until Crafty shows up and shoves him off screen, that is.
    Crafty: You DARE! That's my bit! Get your own!
  • Between talking points, Crafty tries to sell the writers on cutting off access to heat, food and pay in a bid to increase their loyalty (completely missing the moral of Ash and Charizard's arc in the Orange Islands). They don't take kindly to it, and take their revenge the best way they can:
    Darksylvania: You know, you should be very nice to your writers.
    Nurse: I completely agree!
    Crafty: Me too! And I have a collection of pink plushies that I snuggle every night! (beat) I'd thank you to stop making me say strange things!

Main Show 33. - "All Grown Up"

  • Crafty asks the in-universe audience for a show of hands for who picked Charizard in Red and Blue as their first starter as kids. So many hands shoot up that Nurse has to sweep them all back off-screen.

Main Show 34. - "Super fighting monsters! MEGAMON!"

  • Some of the highlighted favorite Mega-Evolutions include the likes of Mega-Blastoise, Mega-Gengar, Mega-Blaziken, and Mega-Steelix. Nurse is so won over by Mega-Steelix' bejeweled design that she chases after it, forcing Crafty and Darksylvania to chase after her.
    Nurse: But Crafty, it's so shiny and beautiful, I just want to have it on a ring!
  • Darksilvania tries making a snide remark under his breath, which causes his text to shrink. A confused Crafty is quick to notice the change:
    Crafty: "You speak in textboxes! You don't need to whisper!"
  • The conversation turns to the commentator's least favorite Mega Evolutions. Darksilvania speaks up first:
    Darksilvania:Mega Manectric just looks like something the artist’s 9-year-old child drew.”
    Crafty:What a load of bollocks! Look at that cool lightning bolt!
    Nurse: “I always thought you were twenty-nine going on nine!”

Top Ten Tub 2. - "Best Pokemon Designs"

  • The number one pick is Buzzwole, and boy, does Crafty have a field day with this entry, going on about it like he's hyping up a famous pro wrestler.

Chara-Cafe 2. - "Send in the Clowns"

  • Pickles speaks up when Crafty doesn't give him a proper introduction. It's a typical, understated raspberry, but judging by Crafty's and Pepper's expressions, Pickles likely said something pretty bitter.
    Crafty: "Fiiiine..." (Then, with a voice withering with sarcasm...) "... and Pickles as well."
  • Crafty immediately goes to uncover the Mimikyu that appears, only because Pepper says she thought it was cute. It turns out the Pokémon is Ronald McDonald in disguise, which gives Crafty a heart attack.

     Nintendo Month 

Chara-Cafe 3. - "Journey to the Forbidden Water Temple"

Top Ten Tub 3. - "Smash Newcomers!"

Main Show 35. - "Aqua Marina"

Main Show 36. - "Those Wascally Wabbids"

Main Show 37. - "Dongs Out for Donkey Kong"

Main Show 38. - "The Legend of Lonk"

     Beach Month 


  • Surprisingly, for a show that loves its cheesy puns, Crafty and Pepper deliberately avoid using the word "catfish" in a certain idiom:
    Crafty: "Well, clearly the fish is out of the bag."
    Pepper: "The, um, Mermaid to be precise."
  • Pepper's involuntary bloating is pretty silly. It's first introduced when she and Crafty muse over her genes possibly accounting for pufferfish DNA. Pepper doubts it at first, but some piping falls from the ceiling and she puffs up in surprise. Both of them are bewildered!
    • She bloats again when Sebastian confronts the duo. This time, she accidentally uses it to become a battering ram, blasting forward thanks to expelled air and swiftly throwing her attackers out of the castle.
  • During the confrontation, Crafty calls out for Nurse to take care of Sebastian and his crew. Meanwhile, she's made her way to the lab upstairs, but she soon comes across a group of pirates frolicking about. Nurse just takes one look and runs for the hills.

Top Ten Tub 4. - "Aquatic Characters!"

  • Crafty recounts the time he traded in ALL of his Skylander figures to the local Gamestop store... which consisted of an entire truck's worth, to the despair of the poor employee taking them in... and what more, Crafty had the audacity to ask what the trade-in value was. Maybe it's because of this then that we get a disclaimer saying that Gamestop no longer accepts trade-ins NFC figures.
  • The number one choice, Sidon from Breath of the Wild, pops in again, and his sheer charisma not only affects Crafty but also Messi, the resident lesbian, so much so that her ovaries pop (the fact that she has ovaries at all is surprising in and of itself)!

Main Show 39. - "The Beachles"

  • The piece Crafty draws showcases the hosts playing Volleyball... with a barbed iron ball. A ball which Nurse has already spiked into a now unconscious Crafty as Pepper and Messibelle look on in abject horror. What's more, judging by how all three girls are on the opposite side of the net, it's implied that the game was a 3-on-1, with Crafty paying the price for his overconfidence.

Main Show 40. - "Dumb Dingies"

  • Crafty constantly flaunts that his chibi art piece is the best out of the four, seemingly just to get under Nurse's skin. Too bad she and the other girls chase him down at the end.
  • During Pepper's piece, Crafty introduces "superdeformititis" with a heartfelt speech about the condition... and that donations to fund research for the condition go directly to his Patreon, exposing the whole thing as bunk.
    • It takes only a short time for Pepper to realize that she stumbled into a grifting attempt. For the brief seconds she isn't aware, however, she's legitimately invested in and concerned about the phony condition, even shedding tears during Crafty's speech.
  • After Messi lusts after her own chibi, Crafty eventually asks why she would even dare:
    Messibelle: "Oh! Is it my turn now? She looks so... succulent~.""
    Crafty, clearly uncomfortable: "Well, she's not a cactus."
    Messibelle: "And if she was, she could prick me any time she wanted~."
    Crafty: "... By Mendele! You need to get your thirst under control; I just started drawing her! And besides, why in the bloody hell would you lust after yourself? It's just a chibi!"
    Messibelle: "Because... chi-bi dead sex-seh~..."
    (Here, the camera zooms in on Messi while text appears to enunciate each individual syllable in Messi's sentence, really driving the pun home. When she finishes, the camera zooms out to show Crafty stewing in offended silence.)
    Crafty: "... COPERNICUS! That's the worst pun I've ever heard, and it's not even mine!"
  • There's a brief post-credits scene where Disgustilda appears to join in on the Summer fun. Not only is she late (the Crafty Crew already had their trip to the beach), but she shows up in her own swimming attire, fully intending to gross everyone out.

Main Show 41. - "Bikini Bodies"

  • Nurse flies off the handle as she describes how certain artists draw breasts.
    Nurse: "For some reason... So. MANY. PEOPLE. Draw BALLOONS instead of ACTUAL BOO—"
    (Crafty tosses a computer monitor at her, which instantly calms her down—complete with a Windows startup noise!)

Main Show 42. - "It Puts the Lootbox on its Legendary Skin"


     Fighting Month 

Chara-Cafe 5. - "Best Skullgirl"

  • After discussing Dias De Los Muertos dances, Crafty tries to prove to Pepper that he knows how to dance:
    Pepper: "These dances evoke passion and energy, making it one of the most exhilarating art forms to witness, both visually and audibly. The rich history unfolds with every stomp of the feet, every strum of the musician's guitar, and clap of the singer's hands."
    Crafty: "Sounds easy enough!"
    Pepper: "Oh! Are you a dancer, Doctor? I had no idea!"
    Crafty: "Well, let's just say, back in my day, I knew how to get down!"
    Pepper: "I'm not following..."
    Crafty: "What? You know, like... 'Get down!'... 'Boogie!'... 'Jive!'... 'Freestyle.'...... 'Charleston.'....... 'Harlem Shake?'"
    Pepper: "Are... Are those dances? Those just sound like made-up words."
    Crafty: "Of course, they're dances! Here, I'll prove it. Nurse! Cue the disco ball!"
    (Chic's "Freak Out" starts playing as the disco ball appears and Crafty starts dancing. However, because of limited resources, the "dancing" consists of him swinging punches from side to side.)
    Pepper: "Oh, n-no no. D-Doctor, I-I believe you!"
    (Crafty comes to a halt, and the ball falls and breaks.)
    Pepper: "... But we really do need to stay on track. Perhaps you can show me another time?"
    Crafty: "Fiiine. I was just trying to lighten the mood."
    Pepper: "It was a good effort, much like the efforts of many fighting game companies to incorporate dancing into their rosters!"
    Crafty: "I can't tell if that was a smooth segue or not."
    Pepper: "It was smoother than your dance moves."
    Crafty: "... Point taken."
    Pepper: "I only tease, Doctor."
    • Consider also: Crafty's dancing was so poor, that Pepper couldn't resist snarking about it.
  • Jedah unexpectedly appears after Pepper's candy stash is stolen. After Jedah waxes lyrical to her about how effective his services are, Pepper gets her hopes up:
    Pepper: So you'll go get my candy back?
    Jedah: "What? Oh, heavens no. I'm a lawyer, not a policeman."

Top Ten Tub 5. - "Fighting Game Characters!"

Main Show 43. - "Banjo Kazooie VS Yooka Laylee"

Main Show 44. - "D.Va (Overwatch) VS Mechanica (ARMS)"

Main Show 45. - "Dio (Jojo) VS Alucard (Hellsing)"

Main Show 46. - "Yugi (Yugioh) vs. Sakura (Cardcaptors)"

     Yu-Gi-Oh Month 

Top Ten Tub 6. - "Best Yugioh Monsters"

  • To give the viewers a closer look at the details of El Shaddoll Construct's card art, the art itself comes out of the card and flies toward the camera, shoving poor Messi into the screen. The adorably surprised look she gives as she slides off is the icing on the cake. Yet somehow, Crafty remains unaffected, continuing his discussion unperturbed.

Chara-Cafe 6. - Black Magic Woman"

Main Show 47. - "The Foreshadow Game" Part 1

  • Upon meeting the Bakura-possessed Nurse for the first time, Crafty is utterly none the wiser. At first, he just assumes that Nurse is roleplaying, then he assumes that Nurse changed her gender identity. Frustrated, Bakura cuts his gloating short and sends Crafty straight to the Shadow Realm—then Crafty panics.
  • On two occasions, Crafty launches into a rant surrounding certain Yu-Gi-Oh shows or mechanics he doesn't like. Both times, Messi pulls a lever to release something to calm him down. The first is a deluge of water, but the second is... Pepper's fridge.

Main Show 48. - "The Foreshadow Game" Part 2

  • While stuck in the Shadow Realm, Nurse relates a story about how Crafty would kill her pet spiders when she entered the room, though he didn't know they were her pets. It's is indeed sick, but we do get this exchange:
    Nurse: "My little Tater-Tot had a collar!"
    Crafty: "How was I supposed to know spiders don't wear collars!?... They could've been kinky spiders!"
  • During the discussion of favorite deck types, each of the ladies, one after the other, admit they've all had some of Crafty's personal candy stash at one point or another.

Main Show 49. - "The Foreshadow Game" Part 3

  • Crafty attempts to introduce Yugi's star monster card (Dark Magician) as the subject of the talking point...but Pepper and Messi assume he's talking about Kuriboh, much to the Doctor's frustration.

Main Show 50. - "The Foreshadow Game" Part 4

  • During the discussion of the various Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist's ace monster cards, Crafty questions Yusaku Fujiki's credentials as a hacker. At that point, Sombra from Overwatch arrives on the scene. Crafty and Co. realize that she could potentially help them escape the Shadow Realm, only for her to translocate away, right as Crafty jumps after her in desperation, hurting his...
    Crafty: OW!...My pride.
  • Nurse's reaction to the Magician of Black Chaos:
    Nurse: Tall skinny guy in tight TIGHT leather!...I'll be in my shadow bunk!" (Absconds with the screencap of Magician of Black Chaos).

     Patreon Episodes 

Patreon 1. - "Patreon Palava!"

  • One of Merry's commissioned pieces involves Mr. Blobby, and when Crafty figures this out, he abruptly tries to end the episode. Merry swats the end-card out of the way each time, so he eventually resorts to putting up other shows' credits sequences instead, all while Merry continues shoving them away. This sequence lasts for a while until the editor, audibly gasping for breath, begs for Crafty to stop.
  • Crafty wonders how Merry broke into the castle. Merry coyly explains that she has her ways, and a cutaway gag shows her asking Disgustilda for help.
    Disgustilda: "And after step two, you just take a spoon, and you start diggin'!"
    Merry: "That. Is. GENIUS!!"
  • While Crafty creates a game night piece where he, Nurse, and Molly participate, Merry makes a pun too poor for Crafty to handle, so he throws his dragon die.
    Crafty: "Well, I suppose it could've been worse. Could've been Monopoly."
    Merry: "Don't you mean... Molly-poly?"
    (Crafty Facepalms.)
    Merry: "Ah-ha! Next you're going to say 'Roll for Dragon!' Wait, WHAT?!"
    Crafty: "Roll for dragon!"
    (His roll summons Mega Charizard X, who chases Merry about the lab. Merry tries to reason with the dragon as she's being chased, while Crafty chuckles as he watches the chaos unfold.)
    Crafty: "Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm! Anyone want some eel-o pie?"
    Disgustilda, suddenly dropping in: "Blimey! I'd love some, squire!"
    (Crafty wordlessly rolls for another dragon. This time, it's a Garchomp, who happily chases Disgustilda out of the lab.)

Patreon 2. - "Breaking the Youtuber's Code"


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