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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.
"Oh-huu~! Ohhh yeah… That’s some good voltage~..."

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     Season 1 Premiere Month 

Main Show 1. - "The Dreadful Doctor"

  • Crafty has this to say about himself and his plans for world(wide web) domination:
    Crafty: "Some called me crazy. Others called me mad. The rest kicked me out of art college because apparently creating a mural of world conquest and burning your foes to ashes doesn't get you a passing grade!"

Main Show 2. - "The Worst Nurse"

Main Show 3. - "The Dubious Duo"

Main Show 4. - "The Cretinous Critters"

     Gaming Month 

Main Show 5. - "A Lovely Day for Meihem!"

Main Show 6. - "ORA ORA ORARMS!"

Main Show 7. - "IT'S YA BOI!!!"

Main Show 8. - "Kids or Squids"

     Fiona Frightening Month 

Main Show 9. - "A Frightening Beginning"

Main Show 10. - "Rocky Horror Slicture Show"

Main Show 11. - "Fanboy and the Furious"

Main Show 12. - "A Song of Ice and Fire"

     Season 1 Commission Month 

Main Show 13. - "Original Characterror!"

  • Crafty flings out bill after bill, wondering how the utility companies could have possibly found his secret lair. He's at least aware of the reason for why the electric bill is so high and brings it up to Nurse, who claims it was for 'medicinal purposes'. The page image would argue otherwise.

Main Show 14. - "The Monster, the Sniper, and the CLOD!"

  • This episode sees the birth of a running gag: with tons of now-sentient art clogging up his workspace, Crafty shoves it all into storage. There, one of the pieces, that of the Junkrat from Episode 5, makes a suggestion:

Main Show 15. - "One Piece, Two Piece, Red Piece, Blue Piece"

  • Crafty decides to eat what he believes to be a Devil Fruit that he found in the trash. It gives him the "power" to spew out half-digested food and stomach acid all over the lab.

Main Show 16. - "This Episode... Has No Weaknesses!"

  • Crafty's lost his boot polish, and in his mind, there's only one reason:
  • It's only at the episode's end when the boot polish tin is rediscovered. Dio himself freezes time and claims credit... but then Homura Akemi, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Hiro Nakamura from Heroes show up one after the other, freezing time as they go, up until Crafty ends the gag to spare his editor the heart attack...which the editor experiences anyway.

     Pokémon Month 

Main Show 17. - "Flying Type is the Word"

  • Crafty and Nurse's venture into the outside world is...not up to a smooth start, what with Crafty getting attacked by a swarm of Beedrills.
    Crafty: "Not the Beedrills! NOT THE BEEDRILLS! They're in my eyes! MY EYES!"
    Nurse: "Really, Doctor? You're wearing goggles!"
    • Fortunately, Nurse is able to save Crafty thanks to a hand can of RAID.

Main Show 18. - "Feelin' Thot Thot Thot"

Main Show 19. - "I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Type"

  • Crafty and Nurse enter the 'Cave of No Return' in search of a nefarious Pokemon rumored to be inside, as explained by the Narrator. However, a Dark Mage pops up and asks a pertinent question:
    Dark Mage: "Wait, if it's a Cave of No Return, how does anyone know what's inside it?"
    Narrator: "Well, where would you expect there to be a nefarious Pokemon, I don't (Butterfree flies by)ing know!"
  • Crafty's solution to capturing the ghost-type Mismagius has less to do with strategizing, and more with delegating the work to The Ghostbusters.

Main Show 20. - "You're as Cold as Ice Type"

  • As Nurse discusses how thick Alolan Ninetales' hair is, Crafty gets assaulted by Thicc memes. Just before he's knocked out cold, Crafty reveals this:
  • He makes a similar remark later after getting knocked down again:
    "They're trying to take my tortillas!"
  • Crafty's ego starts to get territorial when guest host Steven Kelly takes the spotlight and analyzes the Alolan Ninetales Gijinka design. When Kelly starts softly hitting on Nurse, Crafty finds the means to distract him...
    Crafty: "HEY! Is that Tim Curry over there??"
    (Dr Frankenfurter flies by making the laugh from It (1990).)
    Kelly: "WHAT?? Wait! Mr. Curry! I have so many questions! Does the Frankenfurter ensemble still fit? What was it like working with Miss Piggy?"

     HalloWinter Special 

Main Show 21. - "Grease Frightening"

  • After returning from their Pokemon Journey, Crafty is all too ready to start off on celebrating Halloween. Nurse, however, informs him it is in fact, December...and a despairing 'NO!' is heard around the world.
    • The real-world reason for such a drastic delay? Hurricane Irma.
      Crafty:: "CURSE YOU, MOTHER NATURE! I hope you get meteorological menopause!!"
  • Nurse's Greaserized Sandy outfit is indeed electrifying...enough to fry Crafty into a blackened crisp.

Main Show 22. - "Danse Macabre"

Main Show 23. - "Street Frighters"

  • During Crafty's "First Drafts" speech, the English flag appears behind him, even though there's nothing patriotic about the subject matter.
  • Jedah shows off his legal team during the Jedah & Jedah Law Services advertisement. Among the Ace Attorney characters who are at least decently skilled, one member sticks out: Lionel Hutz, the legendarily incompetent lawyer from The Simpsons. His presence implies very poor things about Jedah's own competence.

Main Show 24. - "Hocus Mansion"

  • After their return, the Sanderson Sisters set their sights on Nurse, with every intent to eat her. Their seductive tone, however, gives Nurse the wrong idea of what that actually means.

Main Show 25. - "Too Ghoul for School"

  • Disgustilda makes her sudden, unexpected debut here, and she's every bit as weird and hilarious as you'd expect. She has a rather... offbeat plan for taking over the world, somehow concluding that merely intruding upon the castle will allow her to do so. Crafty quickly has enough and has Nurse summon Goozie to chase Disgustilda out.

Main Show 26. - "The Gift that Keeps on Grieving"

  • The post-credits stinger sees an alternative take on The Nightmare Before Christmas where Jack stumbles through a door with a Jolly Roger on it. It turns out he's discovered Talk Like a Pirate Day.


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