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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.
Crafty: "Relax, everyone! I think it's good that she still has some fight in her!"
Nurse: "But if she keeps beating up the other drivers, that won't help the traffic move any faster..."

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     Season 4 Premiere Month 

Main Show 5. - "We're Back! A Crafty Story!"

  • The episode begins with another one of Crafty's dream sequence, much like the Season 3 premiere. He's once again waiting in a boat out at sea for Sasha. Unlike the last time this happened, Crafty's lazing about in the boat with some amusingly impatient body language, with a foot kicked up and his hands tucked behind his head.
  • When their conversation comes to Crafty's Infinium Heart, both Crafty and Sasha come to the conclusion that he got it back when they made love. Sasha realizes this first, but it takes Crafty a few seconds, upon which he talks about the heart as if it were an unplanned pregnancy.
    Crafty: "Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh... Y’know, in hindsight, probably should've used protection."
  • As the art footage progresses, Crafty decides to show off how his friends have improved since Season 3 by recording them with a camera in their workspaces. Despite clearly being in the same room as his friends, Crafty acts like he's observing them alone and from a distance. Everyone rolls with it despite their confusion.
    • During this bit, Crafty catches Pepper in the middle of cooking. Inexplicably, a recipe that she's following calls for two liters of oranges—not orange juice, but solid oranges.

Chara-Cafe 13. - "La Lamia, Do Doo Do Doo Doo"

  • The zoologist's solution to the animal rampage is to abruptly shove every single one of them into the same cage. It's an amusing contrast to her bubbly personality.

Main Show 76. - "As Seen on DVD"

  • The DVD cover depicts every member of the Crafty Crew tangled up in some film reel. Nurse is glaring at Crafty, who smiles sheepishly and is likely the one who got the Crew into this mess. Everyone else looks uncomfortable in their own ways... except for Messibelle, who can't seem to get enough of her predicament.

Top Ten Tub 13. - "Crafty Idol"

  • For this episode, Crafty and Messi introduce the next top ten fan characters on an American Idol parody. Because they need three judges to complete the reference, the two have enlisted Disgustilda to help them commentate. Just about everything that comes out of her mouth is pure gold.
    • Felicia, the #5 contestant, immediately wins over the three judges with her cute demeanor and appearance. When Messi asks for Felicia to act as her grandma, the already elderly Disgustilda asks for the same. Felicia is happy to oblige, nonetheless:
      Crafty: "S-so! Ahem... What are you hoping to do for Crafty Productions?"
      Felicia: "Ohhh, I'm just a simple old sheep who makes lots and lots of sweaters. So if anyone is ever cold in your drafty castle, I'll be more than happy to make a special sweater to warm your bodies and your hearts."
      Messi: "Can you be our grandma? Like... All of our grandmas?"
      Disgustilda: "MINE, TOO!"
      Crafty: "I'm fairly certain you already are a grandma."
      Felicia: "Awww, here!"
      (Felicia starts tossing sweaters left and right.)
      Felicia: "You get a sweater! And you get a sweater! And you get a sweater!! Everyone gets a sweater!!"
    • Mortimer, the #3 contestant, reaches for a package in front of him... And the judges immediately misjudge it for something else. Nobody directly says what they thought it was until Disgustilda shatters any semblance of subtlety.
      Mortimer: Oh, that reminds me! I got a package—"
      Crafty and Messi together: NOOOOOO!!
      Mortimer: "—to deliver to Crafty."
      (All three judges sigh in relief.)
      Disgustilda: "OH, THANK GOD! I THOUGHT HE MEANT 'PENIS!!'"

Main Show 77. - "Player Select"

  • To everyone's shock, the tender Pepper's favorite fighting game series is the ultra-violent Killer Instinct. Pickles, meanwhile, enjoys something else, and it's so startling for Pepper that she questions the game's legality.

Questionable Qloset 7. - "Migraine Over Matter"

Main Show 78. - "Happy Crafty Day!"

  • Nurse urges Crafty to go outside so she, unbeknownst to him, can prepare for the show's anniversary celebration. He's very resistant at first since he wants to draw, but Nurse has her way... by chucking him out of the castle. Crafty spends the next several minutes suffering in the Everglades.

Shake-Up Salon 1. - "A Pollo Loco Premiere"

  • Stylene observes that the castle is still labeled as Disgustilda's on the front door, implying that, of all the possible renovations the Crafty Crew could have made to the place, that was the one thing they never changed.

     Season 4 Commission Month 

Main Show 79. - "Is That a Castlevania Reference?"

  • Alucard—the one from Hellsing—returns, still fuming about his loss to Dio in their Death Debate. Crafty suddenly shuts him up by whipping him with the Vampire Killer, causing Alucard to burst into flames like an enemy from the first Castlevania game.

Chara-Cafe 14. - "Dog Days"

  • Still operating without an oven, Pepper is forced to rely on store-bought, pre-made foods to get by. Crafty is still ignorant of the loss of her oven, but Pepper isn't willing to explain the issue at first. So, for much of the episode, Pepper performs some amazing mental gymnastics to explain why she has a box of Chips Ahoy cookies.
    • It starts when Pepper introduces the concoction for the episode, a scene which has its own excellent moments:
      (Pepper's holding a locket housing a picture of herself and her oven as if it were her one true love.)
      Pepper: "So long, girl. I knew you well... May we meet in another life."
      Crafty: "Hey, Pepper, who are you talking to?"
      Pepper: "*Sigh*... Just an old friend."
      Crafty: "All right, then! Say, what's on the menu for today?"
      Pepper, putting the locket away: "Ahem. Uh, you mean for the show, or to eat?"
      Crafty: "Yes."
      Pepper: "Right, um... Oh, right! Today, we're going to be designing a female femme-noir anthro character, as requested by the Patrons."
      Crafty: "Ohhh, I love it! And for dessert?"
      Pepper, wincing: "Right... Um... about that..."
      Crafty: "I'm sure you baked up something delicious in preparation for today's episode!"
      Pepper: "Yup! I sure did!"
      (Pepper hands Crafty a box of Chips Ahoy cookies.)
      Pepper: "Here... Dig in."
      Crafty: "Ohhh, I see..."
      Pepper: "So, about that new—"
      Crafty, completely sincere: "These look great! I didn't know you were also a graphic designer! You made this box, too?! Unbelievable!!"
      Pepper: "*Sigh*... Sure! Yup! That's what happened!"
      Crafty, still sincere: "You impress me more and more every day. Now, back to the plot."
  • The discussion of who constitutes as a furry soon summons Jedah. Through some strange wordplay, he's able to stand his ground and contribute his argument before Crafty can do anything.
    Jedah, appearing in a puff of fire: "Now, hold your horses! Are we talking about definitions in this court of law?"
    Crafty: "Well, there isn't really any law being discussed here, and... pretty sure this isn't a courtroom."
    Jedah: "Actually, by technicality, tennis courts count!"
    Crafty: "This isn't a tennis court, eithe—"
    Jedah: "My serve!"
    (Jedah summons a tennis racket and swats Crafty out of the room with it.)
    Jedah: Fifteen love! Now, where was I...?"

Main Show 80. - "Gotham Girls Night"

  • Towards the episode's end, Nurse realizes the whole point of the episode (redesigning established characters) is Stylene's thing, and wonders where she's gone off to. It turns out she's on a date...with The Penguin from Batman: The Animated Series, and is none too happy about it.
    Penguin: Okay, so I know I don't look exactly like my Tinder profile picture...

Top Ten Tub 14. - "Original Characters R3"

Main Show 81. - "Fly Me to the Sailor Moon"

  • After Craftette discusses why there's no harm in reconciling with one's femininity, Nurse congratulates and unintentionally flirts with her:
    Nurse: "Aw, Crafty! That was beautiful! I mean, um, Craftette!"
    Craftette: "*Chuckles*... Oh, Nurse. You can call me whatever you want."
    Nurse: "How about mine?"
    Craftette: "What?"
    Nurse, blushing: "What?"
    (Both of them awkwardly walk offscreen.)
  • After the art is completed, Craftette wants to return to being Crafty. Unfortunately, neither she nor Nurse can remove the Super Crown. What follows is a sequence of Nurse wailing on Craftette to get the crown removed, and the dialogue between them is extremely suggestive.
    (The camera is zoomed in to focus on the door to the lab, where Messi peeks in to see what the commotion is all about. She looks turned on.)
    Craftette: "Come on, Nurse! Put your back into it and pound my face already!"
    (Nurse obliges, and Messi's face lights up in recognition upon realizing what's going on.)
    Craftette: "OWW!! Sodding... Bumblehot... This isn't working."
    (The camera cuts to focus on Messi, slowly backing away from the door. She is accompanied by the other cohosts. Pepper and Crystelle look confused, while Stylene looks bored out of her mind, reading a magazine.)
    Craftette: "Try another position."
    Nurse, a little too happily: "Okay! Just one more! Maybe if I do it from behind!"
    Craftette: "Nurse, no!!"
    (There's a crash and the sound of some clucking chickens. By this point, almost every cohost leaves the scene in embarrassment... except for Messi, whose mind is running wild with the dialogue she's hearing. The instant she leaves the screen, Stylene returns to drag Messi away.)

Questionable Qloset 8. - "ENDGAME SPOILER!"

Main Show 82. - "Old Project, New Look!"

  • Once again, Crafty revisits his Green Detective project, but far from willingly; after shattering the film-noir effect on the bar, Nurse has to drag him away from his alcohol, even conking him out briefly to get him back on the set.

Shake-Up Salon 2. - "Jupiter? I Hardly Know Her!"

  • Right from the get-go, Stylene matches wits with Crafty pretty handily. Their back-and-forth manages to get under Crafty's skin, to glorious effect.
    Stylene: "Well, since we're working on a Sailor Moon character, I was just getting all excited!"
    Crafty: "Didn't think you were a fan of the series."
    Stylene: "'Ey, it's about magical women; I'm a magical woman! Only makes sense I'd at least watch the show!"
    (Crafty snickers.)
    Stylene: "You got somethin' funny on your mind, Doc?"
    Crafty: "Oh, nothing. I'm just picturing ten-year-old Stylene in her pink footie pajamas, glued to the television."
    Stylene: "The same way ten-year-old you was glued to the tube with your Power-Ranger dolls?"
    Crafty: "THOSE WERE ACTION FIGUR— I mean... I'm very mature."
    Stylene: "Says the man dressed as a mad scientist talking to a witch?"
    Crafty, warningly: "What did I say about meta?"
    Stylene: "How 'bout we bring this conversation back to earth and start on the redesign? I can't wait!"
    Crafty: "Guess you could say you're... over the moon?"
    Stylene: "More like... drops of Jupiter."
    (Crafty frowns at the blatant oneupmanship as the scene transitions.)

     Sonic Month 

Main Show 83. - "My First OC"

  • The girls hold an overly melodramatic intervention for Crafty, right out of a cheesy soap opera. The reason for said intervention? With his revisiting of old projects, including redrawing his first Sonic OC for the episode itself, they fear he's succumbed to...cringe addiction!
    • At some point, Messi and Pepper enlisted a 'cringe therapist' to come and counsel Crafty. What they got was Knuckles the Echidna, and all he does is insult Crafty's bird OC.
      • The only team member who doesn't find the situation troubling is Stylene. Crystelle whisks her away with magic.
  • To demonstrate how common and widespread Sonic OCs are in general, Crafty demonstrates by pulling up images of OCs from Google using his and Nurse's names. Nurse gets upset when she observes that the artist drew breasts, only to censor them. She demands that they be free for all to see, and she becomes so mad that she actually exposes herself on camera in protest. She is thankfully censored while doing so, but YouTube still briefly intervenes.
    Crafty: "Oh hey, this one’s actually not that bad!"
    Nurse: "Speak for yourself!"
    Crafty: "Huh? What’s wrong?"
    Nurse: "The artist drew boobs just to censor them. This doesn’t make any sense! If they’re going to draw them, let them be loud and proud! FREE THE TITTY! FREE THEM I SAY! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!"
    (Nurse flashes her breasts, and they’re thankfully censored by two pictures of a booby and titmouse, respectfully.)
    Crafty: "WAIT, NURSE, NO—"
    (A notice appears, explaining that the video is taken down for violating YouTube’s terms of service. Thankfully, the Crew is back on the air soon after.)
    • Fortunately the show gets back on track, but even then Nurse isn't satisfied, so she goes off to Twitter (directed there by Messibelle after she lists off the platforms that don't allow breast exposure).
  • At the end of the episode, Crafty and Nurse are able to persuade the others that cringe culture is dead... and then Crafty entertains the idea of revisiting an old novel project of his. He's swiftly dogpiled for this.

Main Show 84. - "Original Episode, Do Not Steal"

  • Crafty comes up with a plan to shake the cringe off of himself by putting the spotlight on other people's Sonic OCs. He lists off platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Deviant Art, Fur Affinity, and Ink Bunny—but it's the last one that triggers a horrified reaction from Nurse: it's the infamous drawing of Tails on a bench that precedes an extremely unsafe for work comic. After she flashes back to the comic, Nurse throws the computer desk across the room, and she finishes the job with a pistol.
    Crafty: "Nurse, you're lucky I already sent out the messages to people before you did that, or else I would have been very mad."
    (Crafty casually sips from his coffee cup.)
    Nurse: "You don't know what felony you just committed!"
    • It doesn't end there, however, as once Nurse learns that Crafty invited other people's Sonic OCs over, she rushes to nail the door into the lab shut. It fails spectacularly once the OCs arrive.
  • Two blatantly unimaginative Sonic OCs with robotic text-to-speech voices elaborate on their motivations:
    (Nurse yeets Sonack off stage. Later, Sonack returns briefly for one last declaration.)
    (Later, Crafty finds a plush Sonic OC, and he starts tinkering with it to figure out what makes it and others like it so appealing to Sonic fans.)
    Plushy Sonic: "LOVE SPEED! WORSHIP SPEED! CONSUME SPEED! Speed speed speed speed..."

Chara-Cafe 15. - "Over the Moonsault"

  • Pepper tries her hand at guessing what ails Crafty this episode:
    Pepper: "What is this deep-rooted, serious issue? Break up? Girl trouble? Baking accident—wait, no, that's me."
    • When Crafty finally confesses (he simply has too many Sonic OCs), Pepper responds thusly:
    Pepper: "Doctor. You can't be serious. THAT is your problem?!"
  • An Incineroar appears at the end of the episode. It suddenly starts mauling Crafty, likely because it recognized, unbeknownst to Pepper, that this Crafty was an imposter. When a shocked Pepper rushes off to find help, she runs into the real Crafty—quite literally. She barrels straight into Crafty and sends them both falling to the floor, but both of them get back up as if nothing happened.

Top Ten Tub 15. - "Worst Sonic Characters"

  • The No. 6 entry goes to Charmy the Bee...who swarms around the room chattering in an annoyingly high-pitched voice for eight seconds before Crafty flattens him with a flyswatter.
    Crafty: Need I say more?
  • Messi expresses her confusion at Crafty's choice for the No. 1 entry on the list, Froggy, pointing out that he's not even a real character. However, it's not Froggy as a character that earned him a place on the list; rather it's the flashback to hours of excruciatingly painful gameplay trying to get the amphibian to bite the fishing lure that sends Crafty into a silent breakdown.

Shake-Up Salon 3. - "The BIG Problem"

  • Duke Crocodile and Scout the Werepup make their first appearance since their debut in The Top Ten Tub, guarding against any intrusive Sonic fans. They even lampshade their extended absence for the major events as such:
    Duke: "Okay, Doc wants us to make sure the castle's safe, and that no bad guys gets in here!"
    Scout: "Like how we stopped all those robots?"
    Duke: "Well, as one-off gag characters, our existence depends on whether or not we're included in the script, mostly reliant on my dumb but lovable persona, and your small and fiery demeanor playing into the structure of the episode."
    Scout: "Quite astute of you, Duke!"
    Duke: "No thanks, I'll have the salad."
    (Scout groans.)
  • Stylene plays a bit of a guessing game as to who the character they're redesigning is:
    Stylene: "So who's in the chair today, Doc? Fanservice the Bat? Try-Hard the Edge-Hog? Muscles the Leg Day?? KEVIN??"
    Crafty: "WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT—(clears throat) No no, someone else."
    Stylene: "Well, so long as it ain't Big the Cat..."
    Crafty: "...Well..."
    Stylene: "AW, NEWT EYES!"
    Crafty: "Yeah, by Patrons' vote, it's Big the Cat."
    Stylene: "Let's just get this over with."
    Crafty: "That's what most people say when it comes to Big the Cat's stages!"
    Stylene, muttering under her breath: "Don't murder your boss again, don't murder your boss again..."
    Crafty: "Wait, what??"
  • Crafty notes how out of place a dim-witted cat looking for his pet frog is in a world riddled with giant mechs, mystic gems, and time travel, comparing it to a musical number in a Godzilla film. A music video featuring footage from Godzilla vs. Hedorah pops up in response.
  • Fully impressed with their redesign, Crafty and Stylene speculate on how different Sonic Adventure could've been had this version been in the game. Specifically, they imagine a scene where their version meets Sonic by saving the blue hedgehog from an enemy monster. Things get a bit...fanficy, for lack of a better word:
    Sonic: You guys are way cooler than my other friends!
    (A cut shows just about every other Sonic side character standing by, quietly insulted as crickets chirp.)
    Sonic: Wanna go with me, fight evil, save woodland creatures, maybe get hoverboards, and also go into space where we can breathe for some reason?
    Big: Aye, that sounds like a grand adventure, lad!
    Sonic: Sounds like a plan to me! Let's do it to it!
    (The flashback ends; apparently, the fantasy is just too good for Crafty, who Stylene has been watching with concern.)
    Stylene: "... You okay, Doc?"
    Crafty, enraptured: "If only... If only..."
  • At the end of the episode, Stylene fangirls away with Vector the Crocodile, leaving Crafty behind. Duke takes on the job performing a lovely solo of Ave Maria! ...and then he's knocked out.

Main Show 85. - "Gotta Sell Fast!"

  • For the first time, Crafty creates a trio of Sonic OC's to be publicly auctioned off after the episode's airing, to give people a chance to see the adoptables before placing their bets. Crafty's wording initially leads Nurse to think they're going to pit the OCs against each other, something that piques Crafty's interest initially...
    Nurse: "Doctor, NO! We are not making our cute characters fight!"
    Crafty: "Oh, so Smash Bros. can do it, but I can't?!"
    Nurse: "We can't go down that road again, not after the last time!"
    Crafty: "Fair point. So many orphans..."

Main Show 86. - "Let's. Get. Metal..."

  • As dark as Metal Crafty is, it's still a bit hilarious that his entire reason for wanting to kill Crafty is because he was forced to watch endless reruns of the Dr Crafty Show.
  • Confronted by a homicidal, blood-soaked robot duplicate of himself that's disabled Nurse, Crafty utilizes a temporary solution to buy time to come up with a plan: slamming a large red button labeled "In Case of Mid-Season Plot Point", launching a large spring-loaded boxing glove to punch Metal out of the Lab.
  • While the emergency lockdown procedure frightens and confuses the other co-hosts, Stylene's reaction is noticeably different:
    Stylene: "I dunno, ladies, this salon seems WAY more homey to me for some reason!"

Questionable Qloset 9. - "ADnDiction"

  • Crystelle recounts how Crafty got into Dungeons and Dragons. Of particular note is how quickly and thoroughly he got sucked into it, even after getting warned by Hitennorouni about it.
    Crafty: "I've subscribed to DnD Beyond, bought almost every sourcebook, created over a hundred new characters, binge-watched Critical Role within a week, and lost a night of sleep to Mollimauk's death!"

     High School Month 

In General

  • One would assume that, given the trip is from Florida to Portland (Oregon or Maine is never made clear), the bus ride would be a straightforward trip...and yet, the Crafty Crew manage to wind up everywhere from Hogwarts in Scotland, to Ouran High School in Japan, not to mention all the various locales in the Top Ten Tub list, and all of it in an aging prison bus! One can only imagine how the route would look on a map...

Main Show 87. - "Late for Crafty School!"

  • Starting off on the cross country trip to his and Nurse's old high school, Crafty decides to focus on a High School AU version of the cast. While Crafty and Nurse base their designs off of their canon high-school-year designs, the other co-hosts have their own suggestions, as none of them have ever attended high school.
    Crystelle: "I would make a convincing librarian."
    Pepper: "Oh! Can I be the lunch lady?"
    Messi: "Make me a cheerleader!"
    Stylene: "I can be the school bi--!"
    (Crafty shoots Stylene a glare.)
    Stylene: "... delinquent."

Chara-Cafe 16. - "School is the Bomb"

  • The inciting conflict for the episode is that while Crafty may have left college, it turns out that the only thing standing in his way of truly graduating is a missing piece of homework. If he doesn't complete it, he'll get detention (Crafty explains to a confused Pepper that it was a VERY strict school)! While he completes it by the episode's end, he still serves detention for not remembering to put his name on the sheet.
  • One particular aspect Crafty and Pepper bring up is a lemon for the school emblem. This is because, as we all know...
    Narrator: "Every. Villain. Is. LEMONS!"
  • It turns out that if it was up to Pepper, she would have chosen to go not into culinary school, but music school. This way, she could learn to play the most majestic of instruments: the harmonica and the kazoo.
  • Pepper and Crafty start to come up with some backstory elements for their nonbinary villain student character towards the end. The initial ideas start off cute and silly, but then Pepper's inner fanfic writer begins to show as she spontaneously imagines a scenario where she and Crafty basically raise the new character as their child. Crafty has to rein her in before going too far, although he feeds into it.

Main Show 88. - "Host Club Hysterics"

  • The episode kicks off with Stylene falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into a statue of the Ouran Host High Club. Her reaction is quite nonchalant.
    • It's also worth noting the dream that Pepper had prior to being jolted awake, as well as the questions it might raise:
      Pepper: "NO! I didn't mean to set the forest on fire! It was an acc—Oh! Good morning everyone! Crazy dream last night!"
  • Honey sneaks in, and with his childlike appearance and attitude, the Crafty Crewmates mistakenly believe that they've landed near an elementary school. Then a flurry of rose petals sweeps in, along with the rest of the Ouran Host Club. Their bishōnen aesthetic and presentation even manage to visibly affect Messi... before she sobers up and asks what grade they're all in.
  • Crafty and Nurse's reactions to realizing where they've landed are mirror opposites; Crafty reacts in dread, while Nurse is... well, very excited.
  • Kyoya calculates the cost of repairing the damages to the statue at a staggering one hundred million yen (about $877077.60 in American dollars). The Crafty Crew is astonished at the astronomical cost (Crystelle especially if her reaction is to be believed). Thankfully, Haruhi comes in as the voice of reason and helps both parties agree for Crafty and Nurse to develop a replacement statue to repay the debt. Fortunately, the Crafty Crew comes up with a replacement, but as a suspicious Crafty shoos the crew back onto the bus to drive away, the Host Club takes a closer look and discovers that they've been scammed.
    Haruhi: "Wow, not bad. This thing looks pretty..."
    (The cardboard cutout of the statue falls over.)
    Haruhi: "... Flat."

Top Ten Tub 16. - "Teachers/Mentors"

  • The No. 5 spot is taken by Master Shifu from the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Crafty muses on whether Pepper has gone through similar training, and we see Shifu restraining a livid Pepper from a massive pile of candy.

Main Show 89. - "Roses are Red, Black, White and Blue"

  • Stylene gives in to her road rage and steps outside to take it out on the other drivers. The rest of the Crafty Crew, however, largely ignore the flames growing outside of the bus as they discuss what to draw next...up until Stylene begs them to let her back in when the other drivers join forces against her.

Shake-Up Salon 4. - "Butch Hartman. That's the Joke"

  • Stopping by Casper High, Stylene assumes the place is literally a high school for ghosts and barges in. The ordinary students in turn assume she is a ghost trying to summon ghost minions and flee in terror.
    Crafty: Next time, check if it's a ghost school before you go pulling stunts like that.
  • Throughout the speed draw, the Box Ghost keeps popping in. Stylene is able to repel him two times (first with a spell, then with an oversized hairdryer), but only the redesigned Danny Phantom himself can drive off the Box Ghost a third time.

Main Show 90. - "School Days of Yesterpast"

  • At last, the Crafty Crew arrives at the old high school to search for evidence... except that it's Friday, and the school is closed. Stylene's solution is brutally simple: use a crowbar to smash in the window and get through that way.
    Pepper: "Wait. I just realized it's Friday today, so everyone probably went home for the weekend by now. How are we supposed to get in if there are no school staff left to open the doors for us?"
    Stylene, presenting a crowbar: "I miiiight have an idea..."
    (Stylene's coworkers look extremely uneasy, but they still follow her as she smashes her way into the school.)
    Crystelle: "... Yep. Definitely saw this coming."
    Messi: "Like we had any other options? Don't forget: we are still villains—technically."
  • As the art production begins, Pepper expresses anxiety about breaking and entering into a high school. Messi does NOT help with that.
    Pepper: "Good gravy! I don't like this at all! It feels so...illegal!"
    Messi, playfully: "Oh it most definitely is! If we get caught, we're gonna get put in jail!"
  • Messi is so disgusted by the poor janitorial job at the school (going so far as to describe it as a hive mind for germs) that she feels compelled to clean up the halls while they're there.
  • In Nurse's flashback, the art teacher seems to have drawn two apples and a banana paired together on her blackboard. It's the very same visual euphemism used to illustrate Crafty's college art class trauma in "New Season, New Friends."

Questionable Qloset 10. - "Kerchoo"

  • The first card drawn is The Hermit, with a question regarding Disgustilda's knitting practice, and whether she sells any of her knitting work online. As if on cue, Disgustilda herself crashes in to hawks her products. She set up shop on a bastardized Etsy called (verbatim) "Sketchy Dot Com," run by a soulless corporation—one who suspiciously denies dealing out NFTs, all while confusing Crystelle for Crafty.
    • After banishing Disgustilda away, Crystelle muses on who could have possibly set up that particular website. However, she immediately realize that, of course, Jedah would be behind it.
  • Crystelle denies any interest in shapeshifting: that is Stylene's job, as demonstrated by her shapeshifting into Christopher Walken for Crafty's amusement.
  • Answering a question about Crafty's plans to attend any conventions, Crystelle explains that any previous plans were halted by... 'the incident'. This summons the guest of the episode, whose weirdness leaves Crystelle gobsmacked before she tries regaining control.
    (A Smash Brothers intro card appears as Cera strikes a pose, with the subtitle "CERADUST! Respects Women's Rights" appearing to his right. With a record scratch, things return to normal.)
    Ceradust: "... Because I remember 'The Incident.' It was very terrifying, it was very traumatic, and my toe never recovered... BUT since I'm here, good day, fair maiden! I simply wanted to take a moment of your time to ask if you knew anything regarding whether or not the Dr. Crafty timeline had any connections to the hit anime Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Because I know—I KNOW, for a fact—that since Nurse Worse has the ability to SING, that means she can use a Symphogear. And frankly, I KNOW that this is going to be one of her new powerups to come in the later seasons."
    Crystelle, finally contemplating what in the hell is going on: "Oh-hohoho, no. I am not having my show crashed twice in one episode!"
    (Rather than teleport him away, Crystelle tosses Ceradust out of the bus, leaving a hole.)
    Crystelle: "These non-sequiturs only get worse and worse around here... Anyway, to put it simply, we're hoping to try and go to the next MomoCon once current affair at the time of this video become more safe to do so. We may be content creators, but we're not that stupid."
    Ceradust, breaking back into the bus: "AH-HA! WEAR A KID AND VACCINATE YOUR MASKS!!"
    Crystelle: "Begone!"
    (Crystelle teleports Ceradust away.)
    Crafty: "Who was that just now?"
    Crystelle: "The worst. Kind. Of YouTuber."
    Crafty: "Oh god, a reaction channel?!"
    Crystelle: "Worse. A Commentator!"
    Crafty: "Gross. So, where'd you send him?"
    (It turns out that Crystelle sent Ceradust to Radiator Springs. He takes a moment to regain his bearings.)
    Ceradust: "... I KNEW IT!!"
    (Back in the bus, an exasperated Crystelle holds her head.)
    Crystelle: "You... don't want to know."
  • Not long after his first break-ins, Ceradust returns one last time, riding atop of Lightning McQueen to taunt Crystelle. It doesn't go too well for him.
    Crystelle: "Thank you all for joining me with this road-show edition of the Questionable Qloset. I just hope next time I don't get this many interruptions."
    (Something smashes in a window on the bus.)
    Crystelle: "What the—?"
    (It's Ceradust, riding proudly atop of Lightning McQueen to deliver one last jab at Crystelle, peering out at him from this new hole in the bus.)
    Ceradust: "Guess you can say these nonsequiturs are DRIVING you CRRRRAAAAZZZYYYYY!! STYLENE SUPREMACY!! NOTHIN' BAD EVER HAPPENS TO THE CERADUST— AH!!"
    (McQueen suddenly flips over on top of Ceradust. Before the episode closes, the show lingers on the crash as the resulting noises subside.)

     Halloween Month 

Main Show 91. - "Don't Drink and Draw"

  • Out of all the fan-voted characters, making Yami Yugi a mummy was too good an opportunity to pass up, and it also gave Crafty an excuse to indulge his inner Yu-Gi-Oh fanboy. This manages to tie in to the ending gag; he steals enough candy from the Halloween bowl to get hyped up on sugar enough that he actually believes he IS Yami Yugi, and Nurse has to tie him up in ropes to restrain him.
    (He's so tied up however, that he ends up falling to the floor like a tree).

Chara-Cafe 17. - "SPAAAAACE"

  • Pepper makes her entrance trying to imitate a ghost wail. It's really the expression she puts on that makes it hilarious (though Pickle's utter LACK of one makes for a bit of unintentional nightmare fuel).
  • Crafty's ego gets a bit wounded, here; he assumes that Pepper's dressed up as him, but she explains that her outfit is supposed to be Dr Doofenshmirtz...then he has to rush to rip off the pink apron with 'Check Out These Buns!' written on it when Pepper asks about it.
  • Crafty and Pepper start debating on what exactly makes a witch, well, a witch. They initially lean towards aesthetics...but then Jedah pops up to put their Space Witch on trial! The procedure is very nonsensical, and is only settled by determining whether she weighs less than a duck...which she passes (though Crafty quietly points out that they ARE still in space...)

Main Show 92. - "Crawling in My Legendary Skin"

Top Ten Tub 17. - "Scariest Animated Characters"

Main Show 93. - "The Villainous Turnabout"

Shake-Up Salon 5. - "InsectSmoothie"

Main Show 94. - "Crafty Horror Picture Show"

Questionable Qloset 11. - "Revolving Door"


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